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    Pictures Can Speak Louder Than Words On Stickers And Labels

    Lightning Labels Product Packaging Because packaging should reflect the quality of the product, images can help give consumers a better idea of what your product is all about.

    Lightning Labels, a custom label and sticker printing leader, encourages manufacturers to consider incorporating illustrations into label design to catch shoppers' attention and communicate information more effectively to consumers.

    Incorporating images into a product's packaging can serve a variety of purposes. Marketing professionals know that too much text can overwhelm consumers reading labels.

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  • Missouri Senate Considers New Food Labels

    Add Missouri to the growing list of states weighing legislation that would require GMO food labels on all qualifying products. A measure to do so was defeated in California in November, but since then, legislators in Connecticut, New Mexico and Washington have all approached the matter in some respect.

    The support for GMO labels has cropped up in Missouri after a state senator recently proposed new legislation that would require labels to be placed on all genetically engineered meat and fish raised and sold in Missouri.

    Failure To Display GMO Labels A Misdemeanour
    The legislation would not only require GMO food labels, but would also punish those who willingly eschew labeling requirements for genetically engineered meat and fish

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  • Braille Custom Stickers First Of A Kind

    A person usually needs to see custom stickers in order to read them. Unfortunately, those who are blind or visually challenged don't have the capabilities to read stickers, but that won't stop an innovative new approach from an Indian train company that will help the visually impaired use stickers to know where they're going.

    Indian Railways recently announced its plan to use braille stickers in passenger cars to facilitate easier travel for the blind and others with a visual handicap. An official for the state-owned company said the idea for braille stickers is the first of its kind in the nation and will likely be included as part of the railway's budget for 2013 and 2014

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  • Bill Proposes Video Game Warning Labels

    Warning labels are often affixed to products known to carry noteworthy heath implications. Alcohol and tobacco are most commonly subject to such labeling regulations, but newly proposed legislation would extend that requirement to include popular merchandise that may shock some.

    In part a reaction to the recent frequency of tragic mass shootings in the country, a bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives would mandate video games display a warning label cautioning purchasers and parents to possible effects video games would have on users.

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  • Agency Overhauls Energy Labels

    It takes constant compliance to keep up with new requirements for product labels. With the way the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has historically operated, businesses have to keep an eye out for new regulatory changes, like the one the FTC recently issued in regard to appliance energy data labeling.

    The agency recently announced it would require online retailers to post full label disclosure for energy performance on product websites. The FTC previously allowed businesses to include energy data in lieu of the full label physical retailers would have to display, but now requires them to post the label online starting January 2014.

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  • Harvard Research Shows Graphic Image Labels Effective

    Most consumers are familiar with product safety labels that carry text warnings from the surgeon general or some other government official. Smokers especially would recognize such labels, but they may have to get used to a different sort of label, as new research has found graphic images on cigarette packages are more effective than words.

    The Harvard School of Public Health recently conducted research on smokers' reactions to text and pictorial warning labels on tobacco packaging. After gauging the response of 3,300 smokers, the study found that "hard-hitting" images on warning labels were more impactful, credible and likely to curb the habit than text-only labels.

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  • Parliament Reavows Requirements For Labels

    Consumers don't just look to labels to see what's in the product they're buying, but also where it's from. However, buyers in the member states of the European Union have not been afforded that disclosure, and its legislative body is warning EU countries they need to step in line with labeling requirements.

    The European Parliament recently announced it has reinforced its view that country of origin labels need to be mandatory on products imported from third countries. Parliament members had objected to a planned European Commission move that would roll back "made in" regulations.

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  • Creating the Right Image for Nutraceutical Labels

    Beyond regulatory and legal disclosure requirements, there are other ways for nutraceutical labels to make a favorable impression on buyers. This is more about image conveyed than contents within.

    Quality Labels and StickersI recently embarked on an intense detox and weight reduction regimen that dictated the use of myriad homeopathic, herbal, vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplements. As someone who eyeballs ingredients rather closely to help ensure safety and effectiveness of what’s being ingested, I found myself reviewing a long list among nearly a dozen nutraceutical product

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  • Company Introduces First GMO Labels

    Usually, the discussion surrounding GMO labels has dealt with applying them to food products. However, the debate is now being expanded to include cosmetics after a skin care manufacturer recently became the first such company to include labels on products that denote the absence of any genetically engineered elements.

    Andalou Naturals said it partnered with the Non-GMO Project and has become the first personal care cosmetics brand to earn Non-GMO Project verification for its entire line of products. The organization is the only third-party verifier for non-GMO labeling in North America.

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  • Nutrition Food Labels Turn 20

    Food labels denoting nutritional values are ubiquitous. Most customers probably couldn't remember the last time they bought a product without at least noticing the table of nutritional information on its packaging. But food labels weren't always there.

    Surprisingly enough, federally mandated nutritional food labels have only been around for the last 20 years. Such labels celebrated their anniversary recently, after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a final rule for labeling on January 6, 1993. The initiative was part of the larger Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990, but nonetheless marks an important milestone in U.

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