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    Custom Food Labels Can Help Score Sales During March Madness

    As basketball fever sweeps across the country in anticipation of March Madness, many fans are having parties that center around watching the game with friends, and manufacturers are encouraged to customize their custom food labels in preparation for game-watching gatherings. As most college hoops teams have a special place in consumers' hearts, it may be a good idea to make some limited-edition labels that commemorate the March Madness tournament. Staying on top of trends that are important to consumers can help a company stand apart from the competition.

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  • Colors Used on Custom Product Labels to Evade Regulations

    It has been a long, vitriolic and cumbersome fight between federal regulators and tobacco companies in regard to custom product labels. The more restriction the government puts on tobacco labeling and packaging to discourage consumers from smoking, the more BIg Tobacco finds a way around it.

    The most recent labeling technique to skirt federal laws was recently profiled in a study by the Harvard School of Public Health. In it, researchers looked at how tobacco companies have seemed to cut corners on federal regulations banning cigarettes from carrying labeling that identifies the product as "light" or "mild

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  • March Madness Brackets and Custom Beverage Labels Go Hand-in-Hand

    custom beverage labels for March Madness


    Lightning Labels, a custom label and sticker printing leader, encourages manufacturers to prepare for the big games starting this month - and not just by filling out March Madness brackets. As consumers and basketball fans prepare for one of the most exciting sports events of the year, many plan to host or attend parties to root for their favorite teams with family and friends. To get products in front of sports fans and be a part of the madness, producers and business owners should consider printing custom beverage labels that guarantee their drinks are a staple for game-watchers and basketball fans Continue reading >
  • NJ Business Shut Down By FDA Over Bad Custom Food Labels

    Business know they have to have correct information on custom food labels - or else. One New Jersey-based business found that out that hard way after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered a bakery to close its doors after food labels were found to be wildly inaccurate and a source for potential consumer danger.

    Butterfly Bakery was forced to shut down operations after an FDA investigation into some of its products found foods labeled as "sugar-free" actually contained sugar, while others had fat content well above what was listed on labels.

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  • Plaintiffs Allege Alcohol Content is Wrong on Custom Beverage Labels

    No major name brand wants to get caught up in a legal fight over the honesty of custom beverage labels. Well, everybody but Anheuser-Busch, which recently took some beer-drinkers to task after they filed a suit against the company alleging mislabeling.

    Specifically, the plaintiffs accused Anheuser-Busch - the American brewery that is part of the multinational Anheuser-Busch InBev - of watering down beer. The class action lawsuit filed in California said Anheuser-Busch overstated alcoholic content on popular brews like Budweiser and Michelob.

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  • Maps Highlight Hidden Local Gems on Custom Stickers

    Maps are a tourist's best friend, and now, so too are custom stickers. At least that's applicable in Taipei, where local officials have launched a new campaign aimed at boosting tourism by providing sightseers with sticker maps to use while visiting the Asian city.

    The Taipei city government's Department of Information and Tourism kicked off the initiative by introducing its Taipei Design Map, a set of five free stickers that double as maps of the city's layout. The maps were also created to publicize favorite local establishments and landmarks tourists might not know about and feature designer clothing stores, boutique hotels, eateries and various attraction

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  • State Senate Passes Measures on Asbestos Custom Warning Labels

    Custom warning labels on home building supplies are a must to protect consumer health. That's especially important in regard to products that contain potentially hazardous materials, but do not disclose that information labels. In an effort to rectify that situation, Washington lawmakers recently passed a measure that would require such supplies to display warning labels that the product might contain asbestos.

    The legislation, passed by a 47-2 margin in the Washington State Senate, requires labels to be placed on home building products like shingles and caulk if the items contain asbestos.

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  • Put a Spring in Your Custom Labels and Stickers for Products

    As more sunshine starts streaming through the windows and brightly colored eggs and holiday products fill store shelves, Lightning Labels is delivering seasonal tips to help readers spring forward with ease and aplomb.

    With spring holidays approaching, many manufacturers are making spring-themed custom labels and stickers for products for Easter, Passover or simply to decorate products with fresh, updated designs.

    Whether a business or manufacturer chooses to focus on a specific holiday or the spring season in general, the simple act of touching up labels with on-trend seasonal elements shows customers the product is up to date, relevant and new

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  • FDA Head Says Rules for Custom Food Labels May Be Delayed

    Every food that a consumer purchases comes fit with nutritional information on custom food labels. However, there is one notable exception to the rule: food ordered at restaurants. Eateries were not previously required to display nutritional labels for menu items, but the Affordable Care Act of 2010 changed all that.

    However, implementing that healthcare reform stipulation has proved to be a pain for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which recently admitted developing rules for the label change and preparing establishments to comply has "gotten extremely thorny.

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  • Study Shows Green Custom Food Labels Perceived as Healthier 

    A researcher from Cornell University recently conducted a study that showed that candy bars with green custom food labels are perceived as being healthier than ones with red labels, regardless of the nutritional content. The research, conducted by assistant professor of communication and director of Cornell's Social Cognition and Communication Lab, Jonathon Schuldt, suggests that that the same amount of attention put into calorie content might be needed when choosing the design and color of calorie labels.

    Schuldt told the Cornell Chronicle that although more calorie labels are now placed on the front of the packaging for sugary snacks, he believes there is not yet enough oversight regarding labels, especially since the calorie label's color choice can potentially mask unhealthy foods

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