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    Company Will Roll Out Front-of-Packaging Custom Food Labels On U.S. Products

    Considering how vital nutritional custom food labels are to making healthy diet choices, it's a serious concern when consumers find such labeling to be confusing. In a bid to help ease the burden of reading labels, Hershey's recently became the latest producer to overhaul its food labeling policies.

    The beloved company behind iconic chocolate confections recently announced it would begin labeling calories, saturated fats, sodium and sugar on the front of product packaging - an initiative that consumers can expect to see in their local grocery aisles by the second half of 2013.

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  • Beef, Pork Will Sport New Names on Custom Food Labels

    Consumers have seen the words "pork chop" on custom food labels since who knows when. But that won't be the case anymore after modifications to the Uniform Retail Meat Identification Standards ditched traditional names in favor of more descriptive ones.

    For instance, the next time consumers peruse their local grocery aisle, they won't see pork cuts labeled as pork chops, but rather "ribeye chops," "porterhouse chops" or "New York chops." The same goes for beef labels. No longer will products bear cumbersome labels like "beef loin top sirloin steak, boneless," instead, packaging will display simpler labels like "flatiron steak

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  • Poultry Firm Uses Custom Bumper Stickers to Raise Awareness

    Some custom bumper stickers about poultry might be a laughing matter - "Cluck if You Like Chicken!" - but that's not the case for Delmarva Poultry Industry.

    The Delaware-based poultry trade association recently announced it would distribute some 10,000 multicolored bumper stickers to association members and the general public at a number of upcoming events, including the Delmarva Chicken Festival and the Delaware State Fair.

    Custom Car Bumper Stickers Used to Educate Consumers Officials said the theme of the custom car bumper sticker initiative is "Our Farms, Your Food," a message DPI hopes will resonate with chicken-eaters.

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  • New Legislation Would Ban Packaging Without Warning Labels

    Connecticut lawmakers are once again on the hunt to require warning labels on food packaging. Previously, state legislators had been among the first to propose a GMO labeling bill; now, they are poised to vote on a measure that would ban food and drink products with packaging containing bisphenol A (BPA) unless such packaging has a clear warning label.

    The bill now moves on to The General Law Committee for further consideration. If passed, the bill would require that by January 1, 2014, food packaging containing BPA must "bear a label on the front of [the] package … in a clear, legible font of not less than twelve-point boldface ty

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  • Public Health Officials Want Menu Label Stickers for Sodium

    With implementation of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, Americans will begin to see label stickers for nutritional values appear on the menus of restaurants they dine in. Now, it seems as if our neighbors to the north are contemplating the same requirement.

    Recently, several Canadian media outlets have reported public health officials in the country have called on lawmakers to adopt proposals that would mandate sodium and other nutritional aspects of food be listed on menu labels.

    Food Sticker Labels on Menus Needed to Fight Obesity David McKeown, medical officer of health for Toronto, said food sticker labels denoting sodium content on menus is essential to fighting the growing challenge of obesity.

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  • Manufacturer's Custom Labels Misclassified Vehicle's Weight

    Southeast Toyota's inaccurate custom labels have caused the vehicle-maker to recall 19 models across the country. According to, the vehicles were mislabeled regarding their weight limits and could result in structural instability or tire failures. The stickers were found to be outside of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 110, which requires the labels be accurate within 1 percent of added weight.

    Inaccurate Car Stickers May Cause Injuries
    In total, 7,389 vehicles were recalled as a result of the misclassified car stickers

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  • Illinois Race Sports Custom Stickers Made by Radio Group

    The Boston Marathon bombing has caused marathons throughout the country to have custom stickers made in tribute to the victims. According to The News-Gazette, the Illini Radio Group already printed thousands of ribbon stickers for the upcoming Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon. The group will ask all marathon participants to sport the stickers at the race's two-day expo as well as at the starting line and at the State Farm victory bash.

    The group created the ribbon stickers to look like a shoelace with the word "Boston," and it plans to donate proceeds to The One Fund Boston.

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  • Bottle Label Warning Used to Deter Substance Abuse

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recently heard from physicians and others on the need for stronger warning language on opioid medication bottle labels. As it turns out, the FDA heard the call to action after it announced new labeling standards for a common opioid designed to ward off abuse of the drug.

    The FDA said it had approved new labeling policies for reformulated OxyContin, a new version of the drug that has a different formula than the original. The agency said the new bottle labels clearly alert users to the fact the new product features chemical properties that make it harder to abuse through injecting and snorting the drug.

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  • Redesign Nutraceutical Labels in Time for Bathing Suit Season

    Warm weather is quickly approaching, and consumers are looking to perfect their beach bodies by hitting the gym and eating healthier. As shoppers peruse food, drinks and supplements in store aisles and online, they're looking for products that will help them look and feel good this summer. With so many shoppers looking at product packaging this season, your nutraceutical labels will make or break your product's sales.

    Consumers want nutritional facts and ingredient information, and they're more likely to check out items that provide them in a clear, legible way.

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  • FTC Cedes Custom Car Sticker Power to EPA

    Vehicle owners often have to worry about custom car stickers like permit decals cluttering up their rear windshield. But car owners can take some solace in the fact that they'll have to deal with one less sticker used to denote fuel economy.

    Recently, the Federal Trade Commission announced it had updated its Alternative Fuels Rule. The tweaking of the rule phased out the FTC fuel economy sticker placed on alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) in favor of one currently being used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 

    Single Car Window Sticker Helps Compliance
    The FTC said the decision to require that only one car window sticker be displayed to denote fuel economy on AFVs was made with manufacturers in mind.

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