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    QR Codes May Save Lives: Mercedes-Benz Launches Custom Car Stickers

    Custom Car Stickers May Help First Responders

    Mercedes-Benz recently developed custom car stickers with a digital element to make it easier for emergency workers to understand vehicle features in case of an accident. The automobile manufacturer created QR codes with the vehicle's information to aid first responders in rescuing individuals from the car.

    The QR codes include car elements that can help emergency workers determine the best plan of action. Mercedes-Benz reports the QR codes contain the location of the battery, gas tanks and electric cables, as well as others.

    Emergency Workers Can Receive Information From Small Custom Stickers 
    According to BBC News, the small custom stickers can significantly decrease the amount of time between first responders arriving at a crash site and rescuing individuals from their damaged vehicles.

    Emergency workers are required to call in the vehicle's license plate to acquire the necessary information. By sticking QR codes in strategic areas, such as underneath the automobile's gas tank cover, first responders will be able to scan the code using a portable device and receive the information instantly. Mercedes-Benz said the company hopes the digital stickers will save lives and will not patent the technology.

  • Taipei Ensures Product Safety with Heart Labels on Food Products

    Vendors Put Safety Labels on Food Products After Inspection

    The Taipei city government recently issued safety labels on food products to increase consumer awareness about a common food additive. According to The Taipei Times, the city government has started to investigate food and beverage vendors in food courts to ensure their goods are free of an industrial food additive. The vendors are now required to pass an inspection that ensures their products do not contain maleic anhydride-modified industrial starch, which is a chemical often added to food as a preservative and flavor enhancer.

    Taipei City's Department of Health examined 465 vendors who sell the eight types of starch goods where the industrial starch is commonly found. Of the vendors, only 244 received the certification, according to The Taipei Times.

    Small Custom Stickers on Food Certify Safety 
    The city affixes heart-shaped small custom stickers on certifications to ensure that the vendor's product is free of maleic anhydride-modified industrial starch. The Taipei Times reports that many times, the vendors are unaware the chemical element is present in their foods, and the city health department hopes the new measure will assist vendors in seeking compensation from illegal manufacturers. 

  • Budweiser Bowtie Packaging Design Puts a Crimp In the Competition

    Sometimes Packaging Is the Creative Design

    Budweiser New Design


    When marketing your product, a key challenge always is to make your brand memorable—particularly in crowded marketplaces that can obscure all but the most outstanding looks. Budweiser has scored a bullseye with its latest packaging design—which is really more engineering than anything else. The iconic bowtie logo, used since 1956, has been memorialized into a crimped can that bows in the middle. It won’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the new package ties to the Budweiser brand. It’s a stroke of genius in an advertising industry that too often creates expensive, elaborate messaging that few associate with the product. How many times have you been asked about a particular commercial, only to respond that you vividly remember everything except for the brand being advertised? Geico created the gecko to indelibly drive product recognition. Now Budweiser has done the same with its bowtie package. How you can achieve the same feat in your marketplace, understanding that most don’t have a Budweiser-sized budget or long-lived iconic image to reinforce the effort? 1. Study your shape. As Budweiser has so dramatically demonstrated, you don’t have to stick with the same product container shape as everyone else. While its effort required years of research and refinement, and actually uses double the aluminum of traditional beer cans, you don’t have to necessarily spend a fortune to make a splash. Review the latest and greatest in container packaging and work with your graphic design/engineering team to create some shapes. This can be fun and doesn’t obligate you to go into production. 2. Leverage your label. In tandem with container shape selection, look at label possibilities. While the container itself may not be that unusual, combined with an intriguing label it can take on a life of its own. Play with different label materials, colors, shapes and special effects to see what may be possible. It doesn’t always have to be complicated. Think about the simplicity of the Apple logo. 3. Create your “con”-emoticon, icon, some type of memorable mascot, or inviting image that will make it hard to forget your brand. Is there anyone who doesn’t associate the gecko with Geico? They famously took an animal name that sounded very much like their corporate name, and voila! Where are there similar opportunities with your brand, company name, and the like? To get the creative juices flowing, think out of the box a bit. Chrysler, in its desire to be viewed as reinventing itself in a more glamorous light, could consider the chrysalis, the cocoon from which the caterpillar emerges as a butterfly. While the term is somewhat esoteric, the fact that the two words share their first five letters opens up an immediate opportunity for brand identification. And the visuals of a beautiful image emerging from its cocoon bring to mind many design possibilities. 4. Put it all together. With all this creative output on display, decide what’s feasible in light of logistics, budgets and other pragmatic considerations. You may discover that the greatest, most memorable packaging/design idea just won’t cut it in your real world environment. Or, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that your most outlandish design is in fact very doable. And persevere. If, for example, that incredibly appealing label won’t work with your machine application protocols, keep working with concepts to see what may be more compatible.

    Look At Custom Labels In a New Light

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  • A Female Perspective? Women Read Labels of Food Products More Than Men

    Study Finds Men May Not Read Labels of Food Products

    Many customers have begun to look at the labels of food products to understand what they are consuming. However, there may be a difference between how women and men read nutrition labels. A recent study by the University of Alabama asked 573 males and 809 females between the ages of 19 and 70 about how frequently they read food labels. The study reported women utilize food ingredient stickers to make healthier decisions more often than men. 

    The study was published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the May issue of the Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences. 

    Food Sticker Labels Under Female Scrutiny 
    Health claims and the nutrition facts on food sticker labels are read more often by women than men, according to the study.

    For Phil Lempert, founder of the Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences, the findings correspond with his previous opinion regarding how females and males differ regarding their healthy choices.

    "This isn't a huge surprise," Lempert said. "But this reinforces that manufacturers and retailers should make labels, advertising and merchandising clear, concise and easy to read so that people can make informed decisions."

  • 'Ethical Choice' Custom Stickers Found to be Not so Ethical

    Dole Pulls Product with Custom Stickers

    Custom stickers on food that say products were made in ethical conditions have increased across the globe due to consumer demand. According to The New Zealand Herald, Dole has decided to remove its "ethical choice" stickers on bananas after a report commissioned by awareness group Oxfam New Zealand brought worker conditions on banana plantations into question. 

    Food Sticker Labels Removed After Research Surfaces 
    The news source reported that while Dole said it found errors in the report, the company has stopped placing "ethical choice" food sticker labels on bananas. The report said children younger than 15 were employed on Dole banana plantations and worked between eight and 12 hours a day. Dole replied the company would investigate the claims and act accordingly, but it disagrees with the challenge that the "ethical choice" labels were, in fact, unethical.

    Steve Barton, manager of Dole New Zealand, said consumers should not feel mislead by the stickers, but every effort will be made to ensure the company stays within ethical regulations.

    "While we welcome a dialogue with Oxfam, we are also proud of our efforts and reputation as a socially responsible and legally compliant company," Barton said. "Customers and consumers can be assured that we will continue to uphold the highest standards with or without the ethical choice label."

  • Get Custom Window Stickers Ready for Warm Weather

    People More Likely to Spot Custom Window Stickers in Summer Months

    Denver, CO, (May 28, 2013) - Lightning Labels, a custom label and sticker printing leader, encourages manufacturers and individuals to take advantage of the weather this spring and summer by printing custom window stickers that will boost marketing efforts. Now that the winter's chill and snow are distant memories, people are coming out of cold weather hibernation and spending more time outside - walking, running, driving and biking around town. What better and more cost-effective way to promote a business or organization's message than on custom window stickers?

    Custom Window Decals Turn Vehicles into Traveling Billboards It can be expensive to kick off an advertising campaign that promotes a message or cause, so why not turn the organization's truck or car into a roving billboard that attracts attention everywhere it goes? Schools, nonprofits and small businesses with tight budgets can stretch their dollars even further by selling or offering custom window decals to loyal customers and supporters - possibly as part of a fundraiser - to create a promotional fleet that beachcombers, bikers, community residents and other drivers on the road will see all over this summer.

    2 Ways to Make Custom Window Stickers and Window Decals Pop It's not difficult to design and print window stickers and decals with Lightning Labels, but that doesn't mean manufacturers and businesses shouldn't do their part in making the label designs pop. Here are two ways to make sure custom window stickers attract the right type of attention this summer:

    1. Color Choice is Key It's important to take color choice seriously when designing custom window stickers. They need to turn heads, which can be hard when affixed to one moving vehicle among many others, but using a few summer colors can do just that. Bright reds, oranges, cobalt blue and sunny yellows will be sure to stand out on the vehicles and on the road.

    2. Text Copy and Size Matters Unlike other custom product labels that can include small text, window stickers and decals are no place for copy and font that can't be easily read from a distance. Keep font size and weight on custom window decals in mind, and use to-the-point statements and information that can be understood in just a few seconds instead of wordy slogans and unnecessary jargon or insignificant details.

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  • Manufacturers Propose 'Made in California' Custom Labels for Products Created in State

    Custom Labels for Products Made in California Might be on Horizon

    The success of the "Made in America" custom labels for products manufactured within the country helped drive companies to come home to meet consumer demand for American-made products. Now some Californian manufacturers are urging the state legislature to adopt a "Made in California" bill to promote state-made projects. According to The Los Angeles Times, Democratic State Sen. Ellen Corbett proposed legislation that requires the governor's business development office to create a plan to promote the state's environmentally friendly policies, one of which is the new sticker.

    Products May Boost Awareness of State's Eco-Friendly Labels
    California takes pride in the state's commitment to create energy-efficient products that meet the standards for eco-friendly labels. The LA Times reports the legislation is currently before the Senate Appropriations Committee but might not be entirely feasible for the state, as many manufacturers work in multiple states. 

    Jock O'Connell, international trade expert with Beacon Economics, told the newspaper that the legislation is a good idea but would be difficult to enforce and regulate.

    "I really see a good intention here," O'Connell said, "but it's a piece of legislation that in practice is nearly impossible to implement."

  • Connecticut Passes Measure for GMO Labels on Food Products

    State Senate Mandates Special GMO Labels on Food Products

    Connecticut's state Senate recently passed legislation requiring genetically modified ingredients to clearly be part of specifically designated labels on food products. Food Safety News reports Connecticut is the second state to have part of its legislature to vote in favor of GMO labeling. The first state was Vermont; the state's House recently passed the measure, but the state Senate will not vote on the bill until next year.

    However, the legislation was drafted to not take effect until at least an additional three states passed similar GMO labeling bills, according to Food Safety News. There may be more issues with the complete passing of the Connecticut bill - it is now in the hands of state House Speaker Brendan Sharkey, who is not convinced the legislation will benefit the state.

    Food Product Labels Contemplated in Connecticut 
    According to The Associated Press, there is another law regarding food product labels currently in discussion in Connecticut, which would require five other states to also adopt GMO classifications. The measure would ensure the label "produced with genetic engineering" to be clearly seen on the packaging.

  • Anti-Smoking Product Stickers Drive Jakarta Citizens Away From Tobacco

    City Institutes Anti-Smoking Product Stickers on Transit

    Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, recently saw thousands of anti-smoking product stickers stuck on public transportation vehicles and bus stations. According to The Jakarta Post, representatives from the Coalition for a Smoke-Free Jakarta placed 13,000 anti-smoking stickers on public transit. The newspaper reports the Jakarta Transportation Agency and the public health faculty from the University of Indonesia support the measure.

    Anti-smoking advocacy has been on the rise throughout the country in recent years, resulting in a protest against a tobacco bill that sought to protect the nation's tobacco industry just last year. 

    Custom Warning Stickers Placed on Public Transportation in Jakarta 
    The coalition estimates members will plaster a total of 42,000 custom warning stickers on public minivans and buses as well as 24 public transit stations, according to The Jakarta Post.

    Drajad Adhyaksha, secretary for the Jakarta Transportation Agency, told the newspaper that citizens have asked for reminders not to smoke on public transit for some time.

    "Many have complained that no measures have been taken to prevent passengers and bus crew from smoking aboard public transportation," Adhyaksha said. "We need this to remind them."

  • Custom Product Stickers Get Upgraded Down Under

    Company Infuses NFC Technology Into Custom Product Stickers
    Near-field communication technology is on the rise among mobile devices, but one company is integrating the innovation into custom product stickers. TapNShow, an NFC marketing specialist, displayed NFC stickers at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, according to NFC World. 

    The stickers allow NFC-enabled devices to tap the stickers for custom web content and information. The stickers are infused with an NFC chip that companies can personalize as well as track how often consumers engage in the sticker's content.

    Small Customized Stickers By TapNShow Wow at Show 
    NFC World reports more than 50 exhibitors at the show utilized the small customized stickers to inform attendees about their company's offerings.

    Voodooo Rock Road was one of the exhibitors employing the stickers, and employee Mark Nicolls said the stickers added a digital element for consumers.

    "People would have a Rocky Road sample in one hand and their phone in the other," Nicolls said. "They'd tap the sticker and read about the entire gourmet range, allowing them to join our membership and order online - it added an extra dimension to the experience."

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