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    Pesticide Product Label System Continues to Change
    Misreading pesticide product labels can cause significant damage to farmland and consumer health. The Pesticide Product Label System (PPLS) from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is regularly updated with new labels and pesticide usage guidelines. Improperly applying insecticides and other pesticides can be hazardous to the environment and endangered species, but the frequent adjustment to regulations can cause severe issues for crop farmers.

    According to Agri-View, a Wisconsin agriculture site, the labeling changes can cause difficulties for farmers who are used to applying pesticides to crops in a certain way.

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  • Hybrid Car Window Stickers Under Question

    Since the Energy Policy and Conservation Act was passed by Congress in 1975, car window stickers designating the vehicle is within the required fuel economy standards have become the norm. The recent prevalence of hybrids has brought emissions and fuel economy testing back into the open. Ford has come under scrutiny in California about its classification of hybrids, with the claimant citing misleading advertisements.

    Custom Car Stickers On Hybrids Fail Fuel Economy Tests 
    According to Car and Driver, a California law firm cited Consumer Report magazine's fuel economy testing of the Ford Fusion and C-Max Hybrids, which found the vehicles were below standard ratings, despite their custom car stickers saying otherwise

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  • Custom Color Labels Could Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

    What if there was a way for custom color labels to remind consumers to turn off equipment after use? According to Environmental Leader, a sustainability news site, one company is encouraging the use of color-coded stickers on equipment that uses high levels of energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    Sustainability Dashboard is a company that creates tools for organizations to boost their energy efficiency. The company seeks cost-effective techniques that businesses can adopt to reduce their carbon footprints, and color-coded stickers are part of the company's initiative toward a greener environment

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  • Country of Origin Meat Custom Food Labels Cause Concern

    The ongoing saga of custom food labels on meat products is set to close by May 23.

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture implemented a requirement in 2009 for all meat labels to include the product's country of origin. The rule was put in place to create transparency for American consumers about their meat products, but Canada cites the rule has resulted in a drop of Canadian cattle and pig imports into the country. 

    Decline of US Meat Imports Due to Labels of Food Products 
    According to Reuters, Canada and Mexico went before the World Trade Organization to dispute the labels of food products within the U.

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  • 'Intel Inside' Custom Product Stickers Not On Apple Technology

    Back in August 2007 during a Q&A, the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs said the company would not place custom product stickers from Intel on Apple products that included Intel technology. Now, years later, Intel is on the decline and is manufacturing chips for mobile devices. Intel refused to provide chip processors for Apple's iPhone and has now become a competitor in the technology.

    Digital Product Labels On iPhones May Have Helped Intel The move by Apple to not include the "Intel Inside" digital product labels and the decline of the PC chip business is forcing Intel into a tight financial spot, according to The New York Times.

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  • No More Eye Strain In California Thanks To New Product Labels

    California residents no longer need to strain their eyes to read prescription product labels. The state Senate passed a bill that prohibits pharmacists from using font smaller than 12-point on prescription labels to ensure consumers can read drug information. 

    According to The Los Angeles Times, senate bill 205 was introduced by Democratic state Sen. Ellen Corbett after 60 percent of consumers surveyed by the state Board of Pharmacy asked for larger print on prescription labels.

    Larger Custom Labels on Prescriptions May Mean Bigger Bottles 
    Not all Californians see the enhanced custom labels on prescriptions to be an improvement

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  • FDA Revamps Sleep Medication Product Labels

    The U.S Food and Drug Administration decided to implement changes to product labels of commonly prescribed sleep medications. The FDA approved revisions to the labeling of zolpidem items to warn patients about possible next-morning impairments after using the drugs. Zolpidem products, such as Ambien, Ambien CR and Edluar, are extended-released medications that can hinder an individual's ability to drive or perform other activities that require the person's complete attention.

    Custom Labels for Products Get Dosing Recommendations
    The FDA says that applying custom labels for products with known risk of decreased alertness will increase consumer awareness about the medication.

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  • Food Product Labels Misclassified Candy As Vegan

    Food product labels are extremely important for many consumers with allergies to common food ingredients. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently recalled Go Max Go Foods candy bars for mislabeling products as dairy-free, despite being produced on equipment shared with dairy goods. According to the FDA, the front label of the vegan bars said the candy was dairy-free when it had been cross-contaminated during production. 

    Recall Caused by Personalized Candy Stickers
    Go Max Go Foods utilized product personalized candy stickers that misrepresented its ingredients, according to the FDA.

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  • Custom Labels and Stickers Make Products Timely, Attractive and Beach-Bag Friendly

    Denver, CO, (May 21, 2013) - Lightning Labels, a custom label and sticker printing leader, reminds manufacturers and consumers that although spring weather may have just kicked in, scorching summertime heat is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate the season and keep products cool than printing custom labels and stickers?

    "Summertime means a lot of things to different people - beach weather, vacations, breaks from school, events that encourage people to spend time outside - so manufacturers have to make sure their products are ready for their consumers' desires in the coming months," said AnneMarie Campbell, Business Development Manager at Lightning Labels

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  • UK Designers Renew Customized Wine Bottle Labels

    Winemakers in the United Kingdom found a new way to reinvigorate their brands - customized wine bottle labels. According to The Drinks Business, a wine industry news site, designers in the U.K. have taken on wine labels to create packaging that attracts shoppers.

    Wine sales are set to rise within the country throughout 2013, according to The International Business Times. The new label designs might help winemakers boost consumer awareness about their brand and increase revenue.

    Printed Wine Labels An Integral Part of Winemaker's Budgets Abigail Barlow, director of Barlow Doherty Creative, told The Drinks Business winemakers are starting to budget for printed wine labels.

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