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    Keep up With Summer Skin Care Trends With Customized Cosmetic Labels

    Summer's here, and manufacturers in the personal care industry can take advantage of the spike in beauty product sales in the coming weeks by revamping their marketing strategy with customized cosmetic labels. The change in temperatures means shoppers across the country are altering their personal care routine by adding products that will keep their skin healthy and boost their appearance this summer. To guarantee your items become part of consumers' everyday primping, catch their attention with attractive, unique cosmetic product labels.

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  • Food Product Labels on Processed Goods Misrepresent Items

    A new marketing trend for pre-packaged food product labels promotes the items as all natural, when they may be no different than other processed goods. According to Massachusetts-based news station WWLP, the advertising strategy is the latest way for food manufacturers to depict their food as organic to entice sales.

    However, the news station reported that many of the items under consumer scrutiny contain the same levels of sodium and sugar as their non-organic counterparts. 

    According to Self Magazine, pre-packaged foods often contain hidden calories, ingredients and chemicals.

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  • Customized Cosmetic Labels Can Help Brands Beat the Heat of Competition This Summer

    Denver, CO, (June 25, 2013) - Lightning Labels, custom label and sticker printing leader, is excited to announce summer is here, and now's the perfect time to glam up products with customized cosmetic labels. Personal care and beauty manufacturers can expect a surge in sales as consumers gear up with items for the season.

    The warmer months are a busy time of year for these businesses. Whether shoppers are looking to protect themselves from the sun or glam up their appearance for summer events and vacations, manufacturers have to be on their game if they want to take advantage of the incredible sales opportunity that summer has to offer.

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  • Coffee Giant Launches Calorie Labels on Food Products Nationwide

    Health-conscious consumers can now know exactly how many calories are in their favorite Starbucks items, thanks to customized labels on food products. The corporation decided to place calorie counts on all of its goods across the U.S. to create more nutritional visibility for its customers. 

    Mary Wagner, senior vice president of global research and development for the Starbucks Coffee Company, said the nutritional facts on product labels and menu boards display the company's dedication to consumer health and wellness.

    "Menu labeling is yet another step to extend our commitment to wellness, ensuring our customers and partners (employees) have the information they need to make informed decisions and understand all the ways that they can customize their Starbucks beverages to be within their desired calorie range," Wagner said in a recent company press release.

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  • New Database Provides Information about Labels of Food Products

    The U.S. National Institutes of Health recently launched a database for consumers, researchers and medical professionals to search and organize labels of food products. According to NIH, the Dietary Supplement Label Database allows individuals to look up approximately 17,000 dietary supplements, such as vitamins, herbs and minerals. The database lists product contents as well as additional information about proper supplement use. 

    The database is a result of consumer demand for increased visibility about dietary supplements

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  • New York Citizens Institute Custom Round Stickers For Protection

    Staten Island homeowners saw an increase in residential burglaries after Hurricane Sandy, but launched a new measure to divide residents from tourists - color-coded custom round stickers for cars. According to NBC New York, many neighborhoods developed a program to separate residents from tourists after concerns were voiced about home thefts from non-residents.

    After the number of reported burglaries rose in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, homeowners decided to band together and create an initiative to identify local residents from out-of-town vehicles or those who relocated to the neighborhood.

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  • Crank up the Heat at Summer Barbecues and Events with Custom Hot Sauce Labels

    hot sauce labels from Lightning Labels Custom hot sauce labels can heat up sales numbers this summer.
    Is is time you revamped your hot sauce labels with a packaging makeover? As temperatures rise, consumers across the country are celebrating the summer season with festive cookouts and barbecues. They're looking for fun, new products to complement their favorite dishes and if your hot sauce products are packaged with custom labels that draw attention, you're sure to see sales spike in the coming months. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, hot sauce is among the top-selling condiments in the United States Continue reading >
  • Wedding Water Bottle Labels from Lightning Labels

    Product Description

    Weddings are an exciting time for many couples, their friends and family members, and wedding water bottle labels are a budget-friendly addition to the day’s festivities. Do-it-yourself projects are all the rage in the wedding world because they add memorable touches that tell the couple’s story, but most turn out to be costly endeavors and take precious time to pull off. What bride or groom needs the added stress? Thankfully, one-of-a-kind wedding water bottle labels won’t break the bank and are completely customizable, perfect for even the most unique weddings and special e

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  • Bottled water labels from Lightning Labels

    Product Description

    Bottled water labels can adhere to beverage labels and contain just about anything you want – a company logo, organization mission statement, even a custom monogram during wedding season – and, thanks to the experienced team at Lightning Labels, are 100% customizable. These labels may affixed to water bottles of all shapes and sizes and be used by businesses, individuals, organizations, schools and clubs as part of fundraising efforts, favors or a marketing push to bring the organization to the forefront of people’s minds and turn up brand or cause awareness.

    It goes without saying that the top priorities for most businesses are to increase attention and sales, which can be done with the help of custom bottled water labels or other custom beverage labels.

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  • Bakery Labels from Lightning Labels Bakery Labels

    Product Description

    Whether you’re an award-winning pastry chef, a recreational baker or someone who just enjoys buying, gifting – and yes, eating – baked goods, custom bakery labels from Lightning Labels offers plenty of great options for your treats and sweets.

    Small bakeries, large food product manufacturers and individuals looking for a bit of customization for the baked goods they made with love can all benefit from custom bakery labels. What better way to display your message, product type and health or ingredient information than on attractive, eye-catching labels that look as good as the food they are affixed to?

    What Adhesive Backed Labels Can Do For Your Baked Goods

    But the value and benefits of labels for your baked goods don’t end with the products! Lightning Labels delivers even more value to its customers, including:

    • Free ground shipping in the U.
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