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    Eco-Friendly Custom Stickers Used in Grass-Roots Cleanup Campaign

    One group in California has created a local controversy after members of the organization placed eco-friendly custom stickers on derelict properties. According to The Sacramento Bee, WTF Sacramento decided to create a grass-roots campaign to urge city officials to clean up blighted buildings. However, after placing a few stickers with the group's logo on some properties, the newspaper reported city residents and officials have asked the organization not to move forward with their plans.

    The movement began to get city hall's attention, according to local Fox-affiliate KTXL

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  • Labels on Food Products May Stop Children from Choking

    Choking incidents among children have decreased in recent decades due to warning signs on toys, but some doctors are urging for choking warning labels on food products as well. According to CNN, a recent study from researchers at The Ohio State University College of Medicine found safety labels on food may prevent injuries. The study examined emergency room visits involving choking incidents among children from 2001 to 2009, noting that an average of 34 children under the age of 15 were treated each day for food-related choking. 

    Some Food Products May Receive Hazard Warning Labels

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  • Country Employs Custom Product Stickers To Drive Tourism

    To generate additional revenue, Ecuador's tourism ministry has developed custom product stickers with digital codes that will be put on bananas as an advertising strategy for the nation. According to Fox News Latino, the South American country decided to take advantage of being the world's leading banana producer by employing a unique marketing campaign using the popular fruit.

    Ecuador created digital stickers with QR codes that tourists will be able to scan with their smartphones to gain insights into popular vacation spots.

    Digital Custom Printed Food Stickers on Bananas Promote Vacation Spots Fox News Latino reported the custom printed food stickers will be placed on all of the country's banana exports.

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  • Beer Bottle Labels Become GIFs on Tumblr

    Beer bottle labels from numerous alcohol manufacturers have received a special treatment online - they've been animated. According to Gizmodo, a gadget review and news site, media editor Trevor Carmick has created a blog called "Beer Labels in Motion," where he takes existing labels and brings them to life online.

    Orlando Weekly reported that the collection of animated images look real. Popular brewers like Dogfish Head, Miller Genuine Draft,  Yeti and Bitter American have received the treatment, and Carmick has promised more companies will have their beer labels become GIFs online

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  • Attract Consumers To Fertilizer Products with Printed Labels and Stickers

    Denver, CO, (July 30, 2013) - Lightning Labels, custom label and sticker printing leader, is encouraging fertilizer manufacturers to give their marketing tactics a reboot this summer with printed labels and stickers. The warmest season is a popular one for expert gardeners and novice home-growers alike, and fertilizer producers can take advantage of the trend by jumpstarting their branding campaigns with hot new product packaging.

    Because summer is the prime season for so many delicious fruits and vegetables, people across the gardening-experience spectrum are pushing up their sleeves and getting down and dirty in their yards

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  • Women Paid to Place Custom Stickers on Legs

    Advertisers use custom stickers every day for their marketing campaigns, but one company in Tokyo has asked young consumers to sell their skin as ad space. According to Codewit World News, thousands of young adults have enrolled their legs as advertising space in Japan since November 2012. Every day, the participants are each given a sticker to place on their limbs or face and must take a picture to put on social media to encourage the advertisement to spread online. 

    Cheap Custom Stickers Become a Fashion Statement 
    Codewit World News reported that "skinvertisement" with cheap custom stickers is more affordable for Japanese companies than traditional marketing methods and is quickly becoming a fashion in the country.

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  • Bilingual Warning Labels May Reduce Harmful Pesticide Exposure

    Being able to read product warning labels may improve farmworker conditions and workplace safety, according to a recent study. California-based news source KQED reported a new study from Farmworker Justice identified the need to alter current pesticide labeling standards to include hazardous chemical information in Spanish. With farmworkers receiving less education about workplace safety, advocates stated that if pesticides carried warning labels, employees would be able to better protect themselves.

    Advocates Suggest Breaking the Language Barrier with Custom Product Labels  KQED reported bilingual custom product labels will allow workers to understand how to safely handle pesticides.

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  • Research Shows Menu Food Product Labels Have No Benefits

    A recent study published in the American Journal of Public Health revealed food product labels on restaurant menus do not encourage healthy eating. According to CBS News, the research found transparency about product calories and nutrition did not prevent consumers from making unhealthy food choices.

    The researchers provided 1,094 consumers over the age of 18 with McDonald's nutritional information, finding that while many consumers are concerned about what is in restaurant products, when the information is provided they still choose calorie-laden foods.

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  • Voters Ask for Custom Stickers in NYC

    New York City is one of the only places in the U.S. where voters do not receive an "I Voted!" sticker, but a new initiative promises to start handing out post-voting custom stickers. According to The New York Times, city residents are unable to receive the traditional "I Voted!" sticker because the local Board of Elections does not distribute them at the polls. With the sticker being a mark of pride for many American voters, some NYC citizens came forward after the last election asking for the sticker.

    To counteract this, the city is instituting a sticker campaign among the five boroughs to create custom post-voting stickers.

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  • Stay on Top of Summer Marketing Opportunities with Essential Oil Labels

    Denver, CO, (July 23, 2013) - Lightning Labels, custom label and sticker printing leader, is reaching out to manufacturers in beauty, wellness and health industries with the opportunity to jumpstart their brand marketing with essential oil labels. Essential oils are known to alleviate stress and help users relax, which is exactly what summer is all about. The warm weather encourages many to get outside and take on healthier habits. By updating essential oil labels, manufacturers can show consumers how their products embrace the essence of summer and contribute to a relaxed, healthy lifestyle

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