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    Custom Stickers With A 'Made In the USA' Label Can Attract Customers

    custom USA stickers for packaging Tell consumers exactly where products are made with custom USA stickers.
    If your products are manufactured in the states, you should consider how custom stickers featuring a made in the USA label can improve your brand image and expand awareness of your items. Labor Day is coming up and consumers appreciate patriotism year-round, whether it happens to be Memorial Day, Independence Day or time for school to start again. In fact, coupled with their love for America, increasing economic, social and environmental concerns have led many people to only shop for and use products that are manufactured stateside. Continue reading >
  • 'Expiring' Labels For Expiring Medication

    In an attempt to dissuade people from using medications that have expired, self-expiring labels - as they're called - visually transform once a product has reached its expiration. According to Red Dot, a nonprofit that recognizes design achievements in various industries and gave self-expiring labels an award, the packaging graphically changes to display a "Not fit for consumption" message that includes universal warning signs in regional languages.

    The organization explained consumption of expired medications is a major international problem. Often times, people ignore drug packaging, or dates are printed too small, fade as the product ages or aren't seen for other reasons, making these markings ineffective.

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  • Push for More Regulation For Nutraceutical Labels

    Sens. Dick Durbin of Illinois and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut recently introduced a bill that would mandate the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to implement stricter guidelines regulating dietary supplement nutraceutical labels.

    A press release about the legislation explained recent research suggests public knowledge about supplement safety is lacking and there is little regulation in place requiring manufacturers to provide certain information before selling their products in stores and online. The source suggested the FDA often doesn't learn about dangerous supplements until a consumer suffers negative side effects.

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  • Custom Product Labels Give Pet Brands a Purr-fect Look

    custom product labels for pet products Consumers seek specific qualities when reading custom product labels for pets.
    Lightning Labels, custom label and sticker printing leader, is excited to explain how custom product labels can flaunt the qualities pet owners seek out when shopping for their fury friend. When it comes to the bond a person shares with his or her dog, cat or other pet, it's important to note how central a role these animals play in the lives of their owners. People consider their pets a member of their family and they want to take care of them in the best ways possible. Continue reading >
  • Vintners Receive Awards for Wine Label Art at International Competition

    The San Francisco International Wine Competition recently announced winners in a variety of categories, including wine label art. According to the competition's website, the event is the largest of its kind in America and was judged by 52 wine experts ranging from food and beverage writers and editors to industry buyers, retailers and restaurateurs.

    A press release announcing the end of the competition stated 4,539 wines from 1,400 wineries, 30 countries and 29 states within the U.S. were considered. The event featured awards for best tastings, as well as many for label design.

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  • Study Finds Transparent Product Packaging Labels Impact Eating 

    A recent study published in the American Marketing Association's Journal of Marketing set out to find how transparent product packaging labels affect snacking habits. Researchers concluded that items wrapped in clear packaging elicit a different response depending on their size and healthiness.

    Professor Xiaoyan Deng from Ohio State University's Fisher School of Business and Raji Srinivasan of the University of Texas' McCombs School of Business placed study participants in front of a television screen. The subjects were told they'd be evaluating advertisements on TV while they watched a show

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  • Spruce Up Summer and Fall Marketing with Custom Window Stickers

    custom window stickers for promotions Storefront windows are a great place to put static cling decals and custom window stickers.
    Boosting your outdoor marketing tactics with custom window stickers is one of the best ways to take advantage of warm weather this summer and into the fall. During the warmer months, people are out and about frequently, whether they're shopping, taking walks, heading out for an outdoor activity or going on long drives. With clear weather on your side, there's no reason not to reap the benefits of summer and fall with window stickers that catch consumers' eyes. Continue reading >
  • Teens Use Custom Product Stickers to Fight Underage Alcohol Consumption

    Last week, a group of teenagers in Grass Lake, Mich., went around to various retailers and placed custom product stickers on alcohol on store shelves with the intent of discouraging shoppers from purchasing such items for people younger than the legal drinking age, MLive reported.

    The activity, called "Project Sticker Shock," was led by the Most Kids Don't campaign, which works with 160 students at nine schools in Jackson County, Mich., to educate them about making healthy, legal choices and to encourage their peers to do the same.

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  • Montgomery Businesses Call for Anti-Gun Stickers

    Business owners in Montgomery County, Ala., have ordered more than 3,000 anti-gun stickers through the local sheriff's department to let patrons know about their establishments' firearm policy.

    The move to acquire and post these stickers on store and office doors has been prompted by the recent passing of a local law mandating that businesses cannot prohibit loaded guns on their property as long as they remain locked in a car, explained.

    "We have requests for literally hundreds of them," Montgomery County Sheriff D.T. Marshall told the source, referring to the anti-gun stickers.

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  • Illinois City Officials Question Car Sticker Program

    Municipal decision-makers in Des Plaines, Ill., located roughly 20 miles southwest of Chicago, are debating the effectiveness of the city's car sticker program. These stickers must be purchased for all vehicles registered or stored in the city.

    According to The Chicago Tribune, vehicle sticker sales decreased an average annual rate of 1.2 percent between 2008 and 2012, and the average revenue generated through the initiative dropped 5.1 percent.

    "I question whether this program is a good idea at all," Ald. Jim Brookman said at a Des Plaines Finance and Administration Committee meeting, the newspaper reported

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