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    Illinois City Retires Car Sticker Requirement

    Evanston Set to Do Away with Car Sticker Requirement

    In a recent meeting, officials in Evanston, Ill., which is located roughly 15 miles north of Chicago, discussed plans to eliminate a city car sticker requirement. Currently, residents acquire new custom window stickers every year when they renew their vehicle registration and pay the "wheel tax," Evanston Now reported. This year's stickers featured the wording "Celebrating 150," as well as the city's founding year.

    However, since the city purchased license plate recognition solutions in 2012 for parking enforcement, officials can scan plates to determine whether vehicle owners reside in Evanston and if they've paid the annual tax, Rickey Voss, parking manager, stated.

    City Will Continue Providing Stickers to Those who Request Them
    While the new cameras and software that let Evanston law enforcement scan plates will allow residents to forego purchasing city stickers for their cars, people will still need to acquire parking permit stickers. 

    Additionally, residents have expressed concern that without a registration sticker, their vehicles will get ticketed when they park in Chicago. According to Evanston Now, Voss reassured meeting attendees traditional car stickers will still be available to residents who want them.

  • 3 Ways DIY Food Labels Shine at Fall Fairs with Professional Printing

    DIY Food Labels Give Products A Marketing Boost

    DIY food labels from Lightning Labels Fall craft festivals are a great opportunity to boost brand marketing with DIY food labels.
    Fall is officially here, and as consumers shift gears to look for unique products this season, millions will visit craft fairs in the coming months. As such, it's a great time for vendors to consider giving their DIY food labels an upgrade. These events and similar outdoor fairs and festivals offer businesses and individuals a great opportunity to spread the word about their products, whether they're baked goods like pies, cookies and candied apples or jarred yummies like jams and jellies. As crafters of all kinds prepare to showcase their products, effective brand marketing should be at the top of their minds. One of the best ways to promote a product is through its label. Custom food labels, as well as stickers and packaging for other goods, can do far more than inform shoppers of what products are. The can attract attention from passersby - which is especially important at craft fairs - and tell them all about your brand. As more vendors choose to design product labels themselves, they can count on the digital printing services provided by Lightning Labels to guarantee their goods are embellished with packaging that is both effective and cost-efficient. While people who sell at fairs, festivals and other similar events can choose from a variety of options when designing their product labels, here are three ways DIY labels can help your brand stand out at the next craft fair:

    1. Transparent Adhesive Labels Let Your Product Speak for Itself:

    One of the best ways to promote a product is by giving consumers a visual taste of it. Transparent adhesive labels let shoppers actually see your goods, making them ideal for clear containers containing edibles like intricately designed cookies, pies and other baked goods. Transparent adhesive labels may be clear, but that doesn't mean their design should be minimal. Have fun with colors and images that echo your brand's identity.

    2. Place A Unique Message on Rectangle Stickers:

    When working with Lightning Labels, crafters can choose from a variety of label shapes and types, and rectangle stickers are a great option for those looking to a convey a message on their product packaging. Whether you're looking to include a brand slogan, a humorous product description or information about recommended use on your product labels, you don't have to worry about the print being too small or blurry for consumers to read. Using digital printing technology, Lightning Labels can place clean, legible type in a variety of font types on all labels.

    3. Try Something New with DIY Food Labels:

    A craft fair can be the perfect sales space to test new marketing tactics. Because Lightning Labels sticker and label printing is done digitally, you don't have to worry about the extra costs of traditional label creation. That means you can order any number of labels for your products, and purchasing a small batch is just as economical as ordering a large one. This fall, consider trying different shapes, colors and label materials to see what works best for your brand.

  • Rice University Uses Custom Stickers on IDs to Ensure Legal Alcohol Consumption

    Custom Stickers Help University Police Mitigate Underage Drinking

    In a recent interview with The Rice Thresher, Rice University Police Department Chief Clement Rodriguez confirmed the institution will continue requiring students 21 and older with out-of-state identification cards to acquire and place a small custom sticker on their IDs if they wish to consume alcohol at campus events. The customized stickers are blue and in the shape of an owl's head.

    Rodriguez stated the adhesive requirement is aimed at curbing the use of false IDs, which are often created for states other than Texas. Police and other ID-checkers often aren't familiar with out-of-state licenses, making them easier to be accepted as legitimate ones.

    Owl Stickers Must Be Used by all Non-Texas Residents
    In addition to requiring out-of-state license holders ages 21 and older to place owl stickers on their IDs, the university police is mandating international students put the adhesives on their passports or other government issued identification.

    While some students see the requirement as reasonable, others believe it doesn't completely resolve the issue of underage drinking. College student Katie Specht told The Rice Thresher some Texas residents who are underage may use their older siblings' IDs.

    "I don't think it's fair to say that just because an ID is from Texas [means] it's not fake," Specht said.

  • Dietary Supplements Labeling Guide & Requirements

    Dietary Supplements Labeling Requirements - a guide

    Dietary Supplements Labeling Requirements From Lightning Labels Need help with dietary supplements labeling requirements? Ask us!
    A dietary supplement labeling guide is an important part to any nutraceutical product, as it shows buyers the ingredients of whatever it is they are purchasing. Many people are very interested in what their dietary supplements contain for health reasons as well as body-conscious initiatives, and they want to make sure the product will fit their regimen. Product packaging is the main component when shoppers look to buy these supplements, and the best and most accurate label can make or break a company's sales. The labels can be creative or straightforward, but they need to be clear, concise and on every supplement the store sells. The best way for dietary supplement brands to sell their products and get people to invest in them long-term is to be honest and offer the best information possible right on the label. This will not only grab their attention but inform them about the supplements the brand offers and how it will give them the benefits them desire. The custom labels are easy to read and can also be creative to attract the customer's eye and make them want to learn more about what the supplement can offer.

    How to Adhere to Dietary Supplements Labeling Requirements

    Many people are looking to enhance their diets and make a healthy lifestyle a priority, meaning companies can benefit from high-quality dietary supplement labeling guides. It's important for dietary supplement businesses to be able to clearly communicate the benefits and ingredients of their products, and an FDA dietary supplements labeling guide will allow them to do so in a cost-effective way that also follows FDA procedures. While it is important to create exciting labels, companies also need to think about how the information on their dietary supplements follows industry regulations. Having a dietary supplement labeling guide will allow them to do just that.

    Lightning Labels Can Help You Adhere to Dietary Supplements Labeling Requirements

    Complying with dietary supplements labeling requirements can be made easy using a Lightning Labels high-quality materials. Total customization includes a variety of materials and finishes, including sizes and shapes with a seemingly endless choice of colors. For more information or to place an order, visit our vitamin bottle labels page. Or simply visit our Custom Label Quote page for an instant online quote! Lightning Labels uses state-of-the-art digital printing technology to produce orders both small and large at competitive prices. We provide affordable, full-color custom labels and custom stickers of all shapes and sizes, a full line of custom packaging products, and top-of-the-line, personalized customer service. Visit Lightning Labels on the web today for the best prices on any size order for high quality, state-of-the-art custom label printing, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Labels on Food Products Lead Americans to Waste Food

    Confusion Surrounding Labels on Food Products Cause Massive Food Waste, Report Finds

    A new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic stated every year, Americans waste 160 billion pounds of food. One of the main reasons why is because consumers misread labels of food products.

    The vast majority of consumers reportedly throw out food unnecessarily because they misunderstand the "sell by," "use by" and "best by" dates on product packaging. The report noted that a lack of standardization in certain aspects of food label printing has led to inconsistencies among producers, and consumers often misinterpret labels and toss food that is otherwise safe to eat.

    In addition to causing damage to the environment, this trend is also leading consumers to overspend on groceries.

    Report Suggests New System for Food Product Labels 
    To combat the negative effects of food waste, the report recommended food product labels adhere to new, uniform language standards that would clearly explain what dates mean and provide other food safety information. In addition to making "sell by" invisible to shoppers, the study suggested differentiating between quality- and safety-based dates.

  • Mother and Son Accused of Producing Fake Car Stickers

    Louisiana Parish Arrests Mother and Son for Allegedly Producing Fake Car Stickers

    After discovering a slew of fraudulent car stickers, law enforcement officials in the Ascension Parish, La., area arrested a 61-year-old woman and her 31-year-old son last week for producing the phony inspection adhesives, according to The Advocate, a local newspaper.

    Last week, Louisiana State Police, the east Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office and the state Department of Environment Quality reportedly uncovered more than 200 fake customized stickers. The discovery kicked off efforts to track down people who are driving illegally and those who are intentionally hiding their vehicles' safety and emissions issues, the newspaper explained.

    Large Number of Fraudulent Stickers for Cars Led to Arrest
    Lt. Col. Bobby Webre, chief criminal operations for the Ascension Parish sheriff's office, told The Advocate deputies had issued more than 100 misdemeanor citations to drivers with fraudulent stickers for cars. From these citations, officials said they learned where the fake stickers were coming from.

    Deputies searched the home of the two suspects and found a computer, printer and scanner, as well as 140 phony stickers and $4,000. The mother was arrested on 120 counts and her son was arrested on 19.

  • How To Design A Food Label | How To Design Food Labels

    How to design a food label that gets noticed

    How to design a food label with Lightning Labels Design custom food labels for increased sales.
    Even though we're supposed to adhere to the old cliché, "don't judge a book by its cover," when it comes to products like food most people are initially drawn in by the label. If you know how to design a food label that's special it's sure to set your product apart:
    • Eye catching: The label needs to instantly grab someone's attention. Boring labels get passed right by in favor of something more intriguing. Designing a label that draws a customer in ensures your label will help make a sale or make a gift recipient happy.
    • Specific: Labels are not the place to ramble or load up images. Keep it simple and specific to the product. This will help whoever is reading the label from losing focus
    • Easy to read: Don't make a label that's challenging to understand. Descriptions should be short and simple in a font that's clearly legible.

    Learn how to design food labels that pop

    When deciding how to design food labels, remember they should be colorful but you don't need to use every color at your disposable. Choose colors smartly and make sure they tie back to what you're labeling. You can play off of a theme or incorporate colors of the food.

    Click to read our "Top 10 Product Label Artwork Mistakes" free for a Tweet!
    Nutritional information is important, especially if you're selling products. There needs to be information like how many calories there are per serving the food, sugar and carbs​ content and other nutritional requirements. Labels can correspond to the time of year. If it's around the holidays, you can use colors or images that relate. Same goes for seasons. It it's spring, pastel designs might make more of an impact than heavier brighter colors because lighter shades are associated with the season.

    Designing food labels should be fun

    Designing food labels doesn't have to be a chore. This is a project you can have fun with and take pride in.

    • Creativity: Labels should show some personality. Tap into your creative side and it will come through in your finished product.
    • Customization: The labels, again, should be a reflection of you. While it's important to keep others in mind, especially for selling, if the labels are a reflection of yourself, it will connect people to the product.

    For more information or to place an order, visit our printable food labels and custom food labels pages. Or simply visit our Custom Label Quote page for an instant online quote! Lightning Labels uses state-of-the-art digital printing technology to produce orders both small and large at competitive prices. We provide affordable, full-color custom labels and custom stickers of all shapes and sizes, a full line of custom packaging products, and top-of-the-line, personalized customer service. Visit Lightning Labels on the web today for the best prices for high quality, state-of-the-art custom label printing, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

  • 'Day Tripper' Bumper Stickers Support Tourism in Southern Florida

    Bumper Stickers Encourage Local Tourism on Florida Island

    Residents of Anna Maria Island, situated off the west coast of southern Florida, are using bumper stickers to spread awareness of the economic benefits of welcoming non-resident visitors to local beaches. The customized stickers feature the wording, "AMI Day Tripper."  

    In an interview with The Bradenton Herald, Debbie Pinkley and Charmian Miller explained the customized stickers started out as a joke and evolved into a campaigning tool to encourage local officials to adopt measures that promote tourism.

    Car Bumper Stickers Aim to Clarify Residents' Stance on Day Visitors
    Miller told the newspaper the initiative to encourage local tourism with car bumper stickers began after she read a letter to The Herald stating Mayors SueLynn of Anna Maria Island and Carmel Monti of Holmes Beach wanted to limit access to local beaches to residents.

    SueLynn stated she was misquoted, explaining she was hoping to spread awareness of the need for visitors to respect the beaches and city regulations.

    Meanwhile, in hopes of encouraging tourism on the island, Pinkley and Miller are selling the 'Day Tripper' stickers for $3.

  • Trendy vs. Timeless: Brand Longevity Drives Packaging Design

    Familiarity Breeds Contentment in Packaging Design

    custom labels from Lightning Labels When designing custom labels, give careful thought to timeless versus trendy in packaging design.
    Trendy vs. Timeless. Hostess Twinkies, Pepto-Bismol, and Arm & Hammer baking soda are three examples of products whose traditional label look and packaging design continues to draw the marketplace today. They’re well established and readily recognized. It wouldn’t make sense (at this point at least) to “fix what isn’t broken.” However, if your product or company is a more recent entrant into the marketplace, give careful thought to timeless versus trendy—consider the demographics and psychographics of your marketplace in your effort to design an enduring brand look. Obviously, this requires some savvy and, typically, investigation of your marketplace(s) to see what might resonate. Here’s the rub: Many products have many audiences, often very different. For example, strong buyers of a particular nutraceutical labels can span myriad age groups, economic strata and the like. While the common bond is the purchase of your product, those who haven’t yet become buyers need to be approached in ways that appeal to their buying preferences. Younger buyers may want a colorful, trendy brand look that makes a bold statement, while older consumers may seek a more clinical look and feel that imparts professionalism and a no-nonsense approach. How do you design a label that can adequately address multiple audiences? Or, do you need to create different designs to target each substantive audience? As a practical matter, the latter can be extremely costly—in terms of resources, time and money. Plus, it can dilute brand recognition. Conversely, the one-size-fits-all approach may not resonate with some would-be buyers.

    Given these pragmatic constraints, here are label design tips that can bridge the gap:

    1. Survey existing customers (or likely prospects if you’re a start-up) to determine likes and dislikes around graphics and branding. As part of this process, establish why they bought and continue to buy your product line. Try to get answers to such questions as: Do different audiences buy because of reputation first, with label appearance playing a role chiefly as an identifier and supplier of needed information? Do some people buy because of your label look and feel, while others buy for other reasons? What are potential upsides and downsides of changing your branding, including label look? Do they seek information that you’re not currently providing on your label? Do they want that information on the label itself, or is placing a QR code/website address on the label linked to more in-depth information the preference? 2. Conduct Internet research to address consumer buying habits and preferences (both in general and for nutraceuticals specifically) based on a variety of demographic and psychographic data. Then, overlay this general information with your existing buyers to see where the dots connect and where they don’t. It’s probable that, unless you’re willing to create different label looks to market to numerous audiences, you’ll have to prioritize your hierarchy of importance. 3. Test out perceived preferences via focus groups representing different audiences to see how the resulting one-size-fits-all branding and messaging grades out across a range of buying habits, preferences and needs. While formal focus groups can yield a variety of meaningful insights, informal testing through your existing networks of friends, family and colleagues also can be revealing and valuable. Based on the results of your testing—both formal and informal—you can fine-tune your approach for the larger marketplace. Armed with all this information, you can then design labels that reflect your findings.

    Custom Labels Can Make Or Break Product Appeal

    What’s in a custom label? A lot of potential profits. Labels are one of the most valuable tools a company has to make its case to the marketplace. So, it’s wise to think long and hard before slapping just any label on your product. We will be happy to help you develop custom label solutions that best meet your needs.

  • Calif. Extends Car Sticker Carpool Incentive for Hybrids

    State Legislature Extends Car Sticker Benefits for Hybrid Vehicle Drivers

    The California State Legislature recently passed a bill that expands off of previous legislation granting hybrid-car drivers the ability to drive in the carpool lane by placing a special car sticker on their vehicle. Green customized stickers for plug-in hybrids and white stickers for electric cars - both of which allow cars to travel in the carpool lane no matter how many passengers they're carrying - were set to expire in 2016, but the new bill extends them until 2019.

    According to ABC News's Fresno, Calif., affiliate KFSN-TV, green vehicles emit 34 percent fewer green house gasses and 75 percent less smog compared to regular cars.

    "California has always been leading the way when it comes to lowering our carbon footprint," Assemblyman Richard Bloom said. "These standards entice Californians to utilize the most environmentally friendly vehicles." 

    Opponents Worry Custom Stickers for Green Vehicles Will Worsen Traffic
    While many support initiatives to incentivize green lifestyle choices, some opponents to the renewed legislation believed custom stickers that allow hybrids and electric cars to travel in carpool lanes may worsen congestion.

    Assemblyman Tim Donnelly told KFSN he'd rather encourage Californians to carpool.

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