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    Evanston Set to Do Away with Car Sticker Requirement

    In a recent meeting, officials in Evanston, Ill., which is located roughly 15 miles north of Chicago, discussed plans to eliminate a city car sticker requirement. Currently, residents acquire new custom window stickers every year when they renew their vehicle registration and pay the "wheel tax," Evanston Now reported. This year's stickers featured the wording "Celebrating 150," as well as the city's founding year.

    However, since the city purchased license plate recognition solutions in 2012 for parking enforcement, officials can scan plates to determine whether vehicle owners reside in Evanston and if they've paid the annual tax, Rickey Voss, parking manager, stated

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  • DIY Food Labels Give Products A Marketing Boost

    DIY food labels from Lightning Labels Fall craft festivals are a great opportunity to boost brand marketing with DIY food labels.

    Fall is officially here, and as consumers shift gears to look for unique products this season, millions will visit craft fairs in the coming months. As such, it's a great time for vendors to consider giving their DIY food labels an upgrade. These events and similar outdoor fairs and festivals offer businesses and individuals a great opportunity to spread the word about their products, whether they're baked goods like pies, cookies and candied apples or jarred yummies like jams and jellies.

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  • Custom Stickers Help University Police Mitigate Underage Drinking

    In a recent interview with The Rice Thresher, Rice University Police Department Chief Clement Rodriguez confirmed the institution will continue requiring students 21 and older with out-of-state identification cards to acquire and place a small custom sticker on their IDs if they wish to consume alcohol at campus events. The customized stickers are blue and in the shape of an owl's head.

    Rodriguez stated the adhesive requirement is aimed at curbing the use of false IDs, which are often created for states other than Texas. Police and other ID-checkers often aren't familiar with out-of-state licenses, making them easier to be accepted as legitimate ones

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  • Dietary Supplements Labeling Requirements - a guide

    Dietary Supplements Labeling Requirements From Lightning Labels Need help with dietary supplements labeling requirements? Ask us!

    A dietary supplement labeling guide is an important part to any nutraceutical product, as it shows buyers the ingredients of whatever it is they are purchasing. Many people are very interested in what their dietary supplements contain for health reasons as well as body-conscious initiatives, and they want to make sure the product will fit their regimen. Product packaging is the main component when shoppers look to buy these supplements, and the best and most accurate label can make or break a company's sales.

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  • Confusion Surrounding Labels on Food Products Cause Massive Food Waste, Report Finds

    A new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic stated every year, Americans waste 160 billion pounds of food. One of the main reasons why is because consumers misread labels of food products.

    The vast majority of consumers reportedly throw out food unnecessarily because they misunderstand the "sell by," "use by" and "best by" dates on product packaging. The report noted that a lack of standardization in certain aspects of food label printing has led to inconsistencies among producers, and consumers often misinterpret labels and toss food that is otherwise safe to eat

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  • Louisiana Parish Arrests Mother and Son for Allegedly Producing Fake Car Stickers

    After discovering a slew of fraudulent car stickers, law enforcement officials in the Ascension Parish, La., area arrested a 61-year-old woman and her 31-year-old son last week for producing the phony inspection adhesives, according to The Advocate, a local newspaper.

    Last week, Louisiana State Police, the east Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office and the state Department of Environment Quality reportedly uncovered more than 200 fake customized stickers. The discovery kicked off efforts to track down people who are driving illegally and those who are intentionally hiding their vehicles' safety and emissions issues, the newspaper explained.

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  • How to design a food label that gets noticed

    Even though we're supposed to adhere to the old cliché, "don't judge a book by its cover," when it comes to products like food most people are initially drawn in by the label. If you know how to design a food label that's special it's sure to set your product apart:

    Eye catching: The label needs to instantly grab someone's attention. Boring labels get passed right by in favor of something more intriguing. Designing a label that draws a customer in ensures your label will help make a sale or make a gift recipient happy.

    Specific: Labels are not the place to ramble or load up images.

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  • Bumper Stickers Encourage Local Tourism on Florida Island

    Residents of Anna Maria Island, situated off the west coast of southern Florida, are using bumper stickers to spread awareness of the economic benefits of welcoming non-resident visitors to local beaches. The customized stickers feature the wording, "AMI Day Tripper."  

    In an interview with The Bradenton Herald, Debbie Pinkley and Charmian Miller explained the customized stickers started out as a joke and evolved into a campaigning tool to encourage local officials to adopt measures that promote tourism.

    Car Bumper Stickers Aim to Clarify Residents' Stance on Day Visitors
    Miller told the newspaper the initiative to encourage local tourism with car bumper stickers began after she read a letter to The Herald stating Mayors SueLynn of Anna Maria Island and Carmel Monti of Holmes Beach wanted to limit access to local beaches to residents.

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  • Familiarity Breeds Contentment in Packaging Design

    custom labels from Lightning Labels When designing custom labels, give careful thought to timeless versus trendy in packaging design.

    Trendy vs. Timeless. Hostess Twinkies, Pepto-Bismol, and Arm & Hammer baking soda are three examples of products whose traditional label look and packaging design continues to draw the marketplace today. They’re well established and readily recognized. It wouldn’t make sense (at this point at least) to “fix what isn’t broken.”

    However, if your product or company is a more recent entrant into the marketplace, give careful thought to timeless versus trendy—consider the demographics and psychographics of your marketplace in your effort to design an enduring brand loo

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  • State Legislature Extends Car Sticker Benefits for Hybrid Vehicle Drivers

    The California State Legislature recently passed a bill that expands off of previous legislation granting hybrid-car drivers the ability to drive in the carpool lane by placing a special car sticker on their vehicle. Green customized stickers for plug-in hybrids and white stickers for electric cars - both of which allow cars to travel in the carpool lane no matter how many passengers they're carrying - were set to expire in 2016, but the new bill extends them until 2019.

    According to ABC News's Fresno, Calif., affiliate KFSN-TV, green vehicles emit 34 percent fewer green house gasses and 75 percent less smog compared to regular cars

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