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    Create Your Own Labels for Candles This Holiday Season

    create your own labels for candles Create your own labels to help sell candles this holiday season.

    If you create your own labels for candles, consider taking advantage of the sales opportunity the winter holidays provides.

    Whether you sell candles in retail stores across the country or at craft fairs and farmers markets, seasonal marketing can help boost your products' visibility in the coming weeks.

    Around Thanksgiving, consumers are looking for products that either make great holiday gifts or play a role in festive celebrations.

    Christmas candles are a popular purchase this time of year, and with the right labels, you'll see shoppers flock toward your product offerings.

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  • Labels In Storytelling, Shelf Impact, Brand Recognition…

    custom labels from Lightning Labels MarketingWeek magazine details the weighty burden that packaging (and therefore labeling) plays in product marketing and consumer sentiment. Among the areas tying into packaging and custom labels are storytelling, brand recognition and shelf impact.

    Ed Woodcock, strategy director of Australian beauty brand Aesop, explains his view of this multifaceted role in an article published recently in MarketingWeek. He notes, “When a shopper is weighing up what to buy, it’s packaging that prompts the pivotal ‘moment of truth.’”

    He then details a New York Times columnist wanting to demonstrate how “story” impacts consumer assessment of value: “…it’s not just products in themselves that we value, but also the story that goes with them…So he decided to conduct an

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  • Calorie Label Stickers Encourage Stair Use

    Trial research recently conducted in London revealed label stickers placed in stairwells listing how many calories people are burning as they ascend steps may encourage greater stair use. According to British newspaper The Telegraph, researchers placed custom labels listing calorie counts in the stairwells of three large office buildings. They determined that these stickers increased the number of stair users in the buildings by 29 percent.

    The results of the trial have led a country-wide initiative to place similar stickers in the stairwells of buildings across Britain.

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  • Prepare Nutraceutical Labels for the Holiday Season

    nutraceutical labels from Lightning Labels Shoppers will pay special attention to nutraceutical labels after New Years.
    The end of the year is not too far off, which means supplement and vitamin makers should consider revamping their nutraceutical labels to attract shoppers with New Year's resolutions. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, brands that aren't already thinking about their holiday marketing strategy could be missing out on an important opportunity to jumpstart sales. While health and dietary products may not yet be top-of-mind for consumers seeking holiday gifts for their loved ones, millions of shoppers with health-related resolutions will be looking for products that can help them achieve their goals. Continue reading >
  • Design Your Own Labels in Time for Cold and Flu Season

    design your own labels with Lightning Labels Lightning Labels can help you design your own labels for vitamins.

    If your business manufactures vitamins and supplements, you can design your own labels to take advantage of an important sales opportunity in the coming months. While fall is most often associated holidays, cold-weather festivities and preparations for winter, it can also signal the beginning of a different kind of season: cold and flu season.

    The flu epidemic hits every year, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it's practically impossible to determine how severely the virus will spread.

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  • California Creates New Outdoor Stickers for Boats to Fight Mussel Infestation

    Faced with a worsening mussel infestation in local waters, the California Department of Motor Vehicles is mandating that boat owners place a new outdoor sticker on their vessels beginning in 2014. The customized stickers will cost $16, a fee that will be used to fund grants from the State of California Department of Boating and Waterways, according to Lake County News, a local online publication. These grants will be given to organizations fighting quagga and zebra mussel infestations.

    The sticker mandate is the result of legislation signed into law in 2012 by Gov.

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  • Farmers in Florida Look to Put Local Product Labels on Foods

    The "Fresh from Florida" marketing campaign, led by the state's Agriculture and Consumers Services, aims to promote locally made foods with custom product labels. Certain produce grown in the state, such as oranges and tomatoes, are already packaged with these food product labels, as are more atypical items like alligator, according to The Associated Press.

    Cattle ranchers are among local food producers looking to place "Fresh from Florida" labels on their products. However, because their beef products aren't made entirely in the state of Florida, these farmers may find it difficult to legally place local labels on their good

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  • False Custom Wine Labels Placed on Counterfeit Bottles

    The French police report they've caught two Italian wine merchants responsible for placing phony custom wine labels on bottles sold to consumers. Law enforcement officials stated poor-quality wines were packaged with custom wine labels claiming they were Romanee-Contee, a Burgundy that's known as one of the most expensive wines in the world, BBC News stated.

    By mislabeling cheap wine as a luxury product, the merchants were allegedly able to make roughly 2 million euros, or $2.7 million.

    French police launched an investigation after the vintners behind Romanee-Contee - a 12-bottle case of which was once auctioned for $297,000 - reported knock-offs of their product were being produced and

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  • Perdue Farms Faced With Lawsuit Alleging Product Labels Are Deceptive

    Perdue Farms, a poultry company based in Maryland, is facing a class-action lawsuit for allegedly placing false information on product labels. Florida resident Wendy Roy brought the suit against Perdue in a federal court. She argued that the custom food labels on certain products stating chickens were "humanely raised" are misleading.

    According to weekly newspaper Capital Press, the claim Perdue makes on its labels is based on guidelines from the National Chicken Council. Roy's complaint stated these recommendations promote "a system of mechanized brutality," and therefore are nothing close to humane.

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  • Info overload drives less clutter, label design included

    Southern Girl Soapery label design Southern Girl Soapery's packaging showcases simplicity and clarity in label design.

    Twenty years ago, the ability of graphic designers to create drop shadows and graduated screens quickly and cheaply on a computer was a brand new shiny concept—so everybody did it. In part, its commonplace use is fueling the return to simpler, less cluttered design in general, including labels.

    That’s the opinion of Denver area designer Debi Knight, owner of Knight Design Studio, who’s spent more than three decades specializing in print graphic des

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