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    Create Your Own Labels for Christmas Candles

    Create Your Own Labels for Candles This Holiday Season

    create your own labels for candles Create your own labels to help sell candles this holiday season.
    If you create your own labels for candles, consider taking advantage of the sales opportunity the winter holidays provides. Whether you sell candles in retail stores across the country or at craft fairs and farmers markets, seasonal marketing can help boost your products' visibility in the coming weeks. Around Thanksgiving, consumers are looking for products that either make great holiday gifts or play a role in festive celebrations. Christmas candles are a popular purchase this time of year, and with the right labels, you'll see shoppers flock toward your product offerings.

    Create Your Own Candle Labels with Top-Quality Labeling Solutions

    When you create your own candle labels, you get to decide exactly what they'll look like. Lightning Labels' printing ensures every detail you put into your design is reflected in your labels. Every shade of color is printed clearly, and graphics and text are clean and crisp. While holiday shopping trends can boost the number of consumers seeking Christmas candles, they also mean greater competition. Your products need to stand out from other candles, and high-quality, professional labels will help them do this. In addition to offering customizable, industry-leading candle label solutions, Lightning Labels guarantees a speedy turnaround and a fair price. It's not too late to make holiday labels for your candles.

    3 Tips for Designing Christmas Candle Labels

    No matter the size of your marketing budget, Lightning Labels can help you make eye-catching Christmas candle labels that reel in consumers this holiday season. Here are three ideas to help inspire a unique design for your holiday candle labels: 1. Include Festive Colors and Graphics: Whether you're adding a festive touch to an existing label design or revamping your entire product packaging for the holidays, it's a good idea to incorporate seasonal imagery and colors on Christmas labels. 2. Use Impactful Text: Because candle labels won't provide a lot of marketing space, you have to use them widely. Make sure the wording you choose to include on Christmas candles is strategic; opt for highly descriptive language, but maintain brevity. 3. Boast Your Candle's Best Attributes: Is your candle made from all-natural ingredients? Was it manufactured sustainably or with respect to fair-trade standards? Because this information is important to consumers today, make sure it's communicated effectively on your labels.

  • Labels Play Many Marketing Roles

    Labels In Storytelling, Shelf Impact, Brand Recognition…

    custom labels from Lightning Labels MarketingWeek magazine details the weighty burden that packaging (and therefore labeling) plays in product marketing and consumer sentiment. Among the areas tying into packaging and custom labels are storytelling, brand recognition and shelf impact.

    Ed Woodcock, strategy director of Australian beauty brand Aesop, explains his view of this multifaceted role in an article published recently in MarketingWeek. He notes, “When a shopper is weighing up what to buy, it’s packaging that prompts the pivotal ‘moment of truth.’”

    He then details a New York Times columnist wanting to demonstrate how “story” impacts consumer assessment of value: “…it’s not just products in themselves that we value, but also the story that goes with them…So he decided to conduct an experiment.”

    Woodcock then tells the tale of the columnist purchasing 100 worn-down items from flea market and thrift shops, then paired each with talented writers tasked with telling a short story about the object to give it new meaning. “The results were astounding,” writes Woodcock. “The average rise in value was 2,700 per cent. A 33c mallet sold for $71. A 25c plastic banana fetched $76.”

    Adds Woodcock, “The experiment is a reminder that branding is much like storytelling. Brands attribute meaning to objects and charge otherwise functional products with emotion, much like the stories in the experiment. Marketing is a form of storytelling…It’s a nice anecdote, but what’s this got to do with design?...The obvious answer is that packaging should tell a story…”

    Can Product Packaging Tell A Story?

    He elaborates, “Ask any designer if packaging can tell a story, and the unequivocal answer will be: ‘Yes, of course!’ By means of colour, visual metaphor, symbol, texture and materials, you can create a mood and a feeling…copywriters can add an engaging tone of voice.

    “So, yes, packaging can tell a story. But it has a lot of other responsibilities too; not least shelf impact, product delivery and brand recognition…One of the primary functions of packaging is to help consumers make a choice at the shelf. It prompts a ‘moment of truth’. Many of the choices we make at the supermarket shelf are habitual: we like what we know…But charge a brand with enough meaning and emotion, and consumers can be persuaded to make a change…”

    Given the many hats that packaging and labels can wear, it’s important to carefully think through development of these critical elements—not just throw something together as an afterthought. As Woodcock points out, “Packaging is often your brand’s most important medium.”

    This is all great food for thought. To get from thought to action, first decide priority. While storytelling, brand recognition and shelf impact are all vitally important, what’s your top concern today? Then, decide how the other areas can support the process.

    For example, let’s say your shelf impact isn’t where you want it to be. Will a new label design help you better stand out from the crowd? How can you ramp up overall brand recognition with an indelible tie to the label, so that people seeing your product(s) on the shelf will have an “aha” moment? What stories can you create that also tie to the labeling, further enhancing shelf recognition?

    Think About What You Want Your Label Design To Do

    Rethinking your label design in light of its weighty role in marketing your product? When you’re ready to go, we’re ready to help you get there.

  • Calorie Label Stickers to be Placed in Britain Staircases

    Calorie Label Stickers Encourage Stair Use

    Trial research recently conducted in London revealed label stickers placed in stairwells listing how many calories people are burning as they ascend steps may encourage greater stair use. According to British newspaper The Telegraph, researchers placed custom labels listing calorie counts in the stairwells of three large office buildings. They determined that these stickers increased the number of stair users in the buildings by 29 percent.

    The results of the trial have led a country-wide initiative to place similar stickers in the stairwells of buildings across Britain.

    Customized Stickers Reflect National Push for Health Awareness
    The project to place customized stickers on stairwells is being led by StepJockey, a health-focused startup. The business's website explains climbing stairs is considered "vigorous exercise," and burns more calories per minute than jogging. 

    The sticker initiative is based on a type of behavioral economics called "nudge theory."

    "Anything that gets people more active and helps tackle obesity is a good thing in my book," said London Mayor Boris Johnson, according to The Telegraph. "This initiative is a great mix of old-fashioned common sense and smart technology to track and incentivize."

  • Get Nutraceutical Labels In Time for Holiday Sales

    Prepare Nutraceutical Labels for the Holiday Season

    nutraceutical labels from Lightning Labels Shoppers will pay special attention to nutraceutical labels after New Years.
    The end of the year is not too far off, which means supplement and vitamin makers should consider revamping their nutraceutical labels to attract shoppers with New Year's resolutions. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, brands that aren't already thinking about their holiday marketing strategy could be missing out on an important opportunity to jumpstart sales. While health and dietary products may not yet be top-of-mind for consumers seeking holiday gifts for their loved ones, millions of shoppers with health-related resolutions will be looking for products that can help them achieve their goals. With the right custom nutraceutical labels, brands can ensure their vitamins and supplements satisfy consumers' demands for healthy products. According to an infographic from, an online investment platform, nearly half of Americans make New Years resolutions. Forty-seven percent of these individuals set goals to improve themselves in some way and 38 percent make resolutions related to weight. In the weeks leading up to New Year's Eve and for months after the holiday, consumers will pay special attention to product labels. With the help of Lightning Labels, brands can create custom nutraceutical stickers that grab shoppers' attention and turn them into buyers.

    3 Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Nutraceutical Stickers

    As the winter holidays approach, brands looking to revamp their product packaging shouldn't wait any longer to order nutraceutical stickers. When designing labels for the winter shopping season, there are several considerations to keep in mind: 1. Embrace the Season with Holiday Labels: For products hitting store shelves in the coming weeks, consider adding a little seasonal cheer with holiday labels that embrace winter colors. Lightning Labels' four-color printing process can create stickers and labels in an incredible variety of hues. 2. Speak to Eco-Conscious Consumers on Nutraceutical Labels: Healthy living isn't the only thing on consumers' minds. Green-minded shopping practices have become mainstream, and many people strive to only purchase items that have been made with the Earth in mind. Especially if they've made a resolution to be more eco-conscious, consumers will respond well to green packaging. Lightning Labels offers several eco-friendly sticker and label materials to choose from. 3. Highlight Important Information on Nutraceutical Stickers: Come the first of the new year, shoppers will be reading product labels thoroughly as they seek out items that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Put an emphasis on ingredients, health benefits and other important information on nutraceutical stickers. Lightning Label's digital printing services allow brands to place small, yet clean and legible print on any product label.

  • Custom Vitamin Labels: Design Your Own Labels to Sell Your Products' Health Benefits

    Design Your Own Labels in Time for Cold and Flu Season

    design your own labels with Lightning Labels Lightning Labels can help you design your own labels for vitamins.

    If your business manufactures vitamins and supplements, you can design your own labels to take advantage of an important sales opportunity in the coming months. While fall is most often associated holidays, cold-weather festivities and preparations for winter, it can also signal the beginning of a different kind of season: cold and flu season.

    The flu epidemic hits every year, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it's practically impossible to determine how severely the virus will spread. While flu season usually reaches its peak in January or February, an outbreak can occur as early as October and the epidemic can continue through May. Because last year's flu season was particularly harsh, consumers are likely more conscious of the disease than ever before. People are shopping for products that can help them maintain good health, and custom vitamin labels that are unique and informative can make your products stand out from competitors.

    In late January, a contributor for Forbes pointed out how the strong flu season was an incredible sales period for pharmacies and over-the-counter cough- and cold-product makers. Whether you make full-spectrum multivitamins or sell herbal supplements aimed at improving immune systems, you can achieve similar results this year by marketing your products effectively with custom labels.

    3 Tips for Designing Custom Vitamin Labels

    While your products may be small, likely the amount of information you want to provide consumers is not. Maximize the space your product packaging provides with custom vitamin labels that reflect your brand's quality, as well as your products' preventative or healing powers. Here are three tips to consider when creating custom labels for vitamins and supplements:

    1. Partner with a Label-Printing Expert to Create Vitamin Bottle Labels:

    Especially if you're designing labels yourself, it's important to work with a label printer that can accommodate all of your needs. Lightning Labels has extensive experience with vitamin bottle labels and offers several reliable label material options, including removable and squeezable ones, as well as various polypropylene options. Additionally, our diversity of label shapes and sizes are sure to match all items in your product suite.

    2. Strive for Quality with Labels for Vitamins:

    The vitamin and supplement market is large, and as cold and flu season approaches, competition will be particularly aggressive in the coming months. You need a custom label that stands out to ensure your goods don't blend in with the rest of the products on store shelves. Lightning Labels digital printing ensures your design looks professional and reflects the quality of your ingredients. We offer a seemingly infinite range of colors to choose from and our printing process captures even the most minute details in designs to create labels that are a cut above those on competitors' goods.

    3. Set Your Products Apart with Custom Label Printing:

    While a quality label can help your products stand out on store shelves, you need a design that captures shoppers' attention. Whether you're looking to market your offerings temporarily for cold and flu season or are seeking new long-term product packaging, it's important to know what your competitors are doing e then head in a more innovative direction. For example, in addition to listing ingredients, consider explaining how the most active ones can help boost immunity or soothe cold symptoms. For vitamins aimed at children, you can add cartoon graphics fun facts. With Lightning Labels' labeling solutions and printing service, your options for how to design labels to create something unique are limitless.

  • Calif. Legislation Requires New Outdoor Stickers on Boats

    California Creates New Outdoor Stickers for Boats to Fight Mussel Infestation

    Faced with a worsening mussel infestation in local waters, the California Department of Motor Vehicles is mandating that boat owners place a new outdoor sticker on their vessels beginning in 2014. The customized stickers will cost $16, a fee that will be used to fund grants from the State of California Department of Boating and Waterways, according to Lake County News, a local online publication. These grants will be given to organizations fighting quagga and zebra mussel infestations.

    The sticker mandate is the result of legislation signed into law in 2012 by Gov. Jerry Brown.

    Custom Stickers Requirement Causes Confusion in Local County
    The new mandate to place custom stickers on boats has confused residents in Lake County, which requires vessel owners to put a separate, county-specific sticker on their boats.

    Scott De Leon, water resources director of Lake County, told The Willits News, a biweekly newspaper in Northern Mendocino County, that many residents have called his office asking whether purchasing the local sticker is necessary. He explained vessels placed in any water in the county must have an annually renewed sticker if owned by Lake County residents. All out-of-state boat owners are required to have a monthly sticker.

  • Florida Cattle Farmers Want to Embrace Local Product Labels

    Farmers in Florida Look to Put Local Product Labels on Foods

    The "Fresh from Florida" marketing campaign, led by the state's Agriculture and Consumers Services, aims to promote locally made foods with custom product labels. Certain produce grown in the state, such as oranges and tomatoes, are already packaged with these food product labels, as are more atypical items like alligator, according to The Associated Press.

    Cattle ranchers are among local food producers looking to place "Fresh from Florida" labels on their products. However, because their beef products aren't made entirely in the state of Florida, these farmers may find it difficult to legally place local labels on their goods.

    Custom Food Labels Would Better Promote Products, Farmers Say
    The AP explained that while Florida is home to the country's 25 largest cattle ranches, farmers cannot use custom food labels calling their beef products local because they're finished and processed in other states.

    With more consumers looking to purchase goods made in their home states, Florida cattle farmers have asked agricultural officials to develop a custom label for beef from cows raised in the state.

  • French Police Catch Phony Custom Wine Labels

    False Custom Wine Labels Placed on Counterfeit Bottles

    The French police report they've caught two Italian wine merchants responsible for placing phony custom wine labels on bottles sold to consumers. Law enforcement officials stated poor-quality wines were packaged with custom wine labels claiming they were Romanee-Contee, a Burgundy that's known as one of the most expensive wines in the world, BBC News stated.

    By mislabeling cheap wine as a luxury product, the merchants were allegedly able to make roughly 2 million euros, or $2.7 million.

    French police launched an investigation after the vintners behind Romanee-Contee - a 12-bottle case of which was once auctioned for $297,000 - reported knock-offs of their product were being produced and sold.

    The fraudsters behind the wine scam reportedly created fake wine labels and then treated them with wax to make them look older and identical to real Romanee-Contee bottles.

    Counterfeits with False Wine Bottle Labels Potentially Still Selling
    France has requested the Italian men accused of selling the products with fake wine bottle labels be extradited. A French prosecutor told BBC other suspects are being sought after.

    The two merchants who have been identified are accused of selling 400 fake bottles, and French police believe many more phony wines are still on the market.

  • Poultry Company Sued for Misleading Product Labels

    Perdue Farms Faced With Lawsuit Alleging Product Labels Are Deceptive

    Perdue Farms, a poultry company based in Maryland, is facing a class-action lawsuit for allegedly placing false information on product labels. Florida resident Wendy Roy brought the suit against Perdue in a federal court. She argued that the custom food labels on certain products stating chickens were "humanely raised" are misleading.

    According to weekly newspaper Capital Press, the claim Perdue makes on its labels is based on guidelines from the National Chicken Council. Roy's complaint stated these recommendations promote "a system of mechanized brutality," and therefore are nothing close to humane.

    Company States Labels for Food Products Exceed Industry Standards
    In response to the lawsuit, Perdue said the information it includes on labels for food products is legitimate.

    "All of our chickens are raised cage-free on family farms," a statement from Perdue read, according to Capital Press. "They live in temperature-controlled housing with fresh air ventilation, where they are protected from disease, predators and the elements."

    The newspaper stated a similar claim was brought against the company in 2011, the suit for which is still pending.

  • ‘Been there, done that’ Fuels Simpler Label Design

    Info overload drives less clutter, label design included

    Southern Girl Soapery label design Southern Girl Soapery's packaging showcases simplicity and clarity in label design.
    Twenty years ago, the ability of graphic designers to create drop shadows and graduated screens quickly and cheaply on a computer was a brand new shiny concept—so everybody did it. In part, its commonplace use is fueling the return to simpler, less cluttered design in general, including labels. That’s the opinion of Denver area designer Debi Knight, owner of Knight Design Studio, who’s spent more than three decades specializing in print graphic design. “Apple, for one, is into much simpler packaging. The trend is toward well-designed and straightforward pieces without a lot of bells and whistles,” notes Knight. “We’re bombarded with so much info minute-to-minute that there are only a few seconds to catch a reader’s attention. Simple design makes it easier to capture the essence of the meaning.” She adds that part of the appeal of simpler design is because it’s now a new trend, in contrast to the bells-and-whistles laden graphics spanning the last two decades.

    Trends in packaging: simplicity is hot

    A recent Packaging Digest article featuring Lisa Pruett of PaperWorks Industries Inc. agreed that simplicity is currently a hot design trend. The article cites a Food Institute report saying that consumer packaged goods marketers introduced almost 1,900 new products in 2012—numbers not seen since the recession. As a consequence, brand competition for consumer attention dollars is fierce. Pruett notes, “…Some brands are moving towards more minimalist look with fewer graphics and colors. This is a popular method for communicating that a product is wholesome or natural because consumers will associate the simplicity of the design with simple ingredients.” What is, or is not, front and center on the label itself is proving ever more important to consumer buying decisions. An article in points out, “Consumers are quite savvy; they aren’t just reading food ingredient labels, they’re beginning to read cosmetic ingredients and cleaning ingredients, as well. Be forewarned.” This supports the increasing importance of function over form, at least in some situations. Increasingly, it appears that consumers—although exceedingly time-challenged—will make the effort to understand what’s in a product before buying it. Case in point: When vetting nutraceutical labels, I generally go straight to the ingredients list and accompanying dosing information, then research anything that’s unfamiliar or controversial. As part of this process, I also read the label for correct spelling and the like. Unless a particular nutraceutical has been recommended by a trusted practitioner, misspellings and other label mistakes call into question the manufacturer’s quality control and attention to detail overall—and predispose me to pass on their product. On the issue of balancing form and function, Pruett weighs in, “With so many nutritional and added-value food and beverage products entering the market, packaging must be both eye-catching and adequately reflect health benefits.” Linking packaging and label elements to expanded online information and feedback also is revving up. Pruett notes, “Additionally, as consumers continue to educate themselves with online information, another trend we can count on will be the increased use of digital and social media to interact directly with the consumer, gauge real-time preferences and receive instant feedback. Brands will continue to use near field communication (NFC)—and more specifically, QR codes—to provide smart-phone carrying consumers quick access to product information and promotions.” Knight cautions that QR codes, while useful in principle, aren’t always panning out in practice. She notes, “From what I’ve read, many companies don’t plan out what the QR code goes to. They don’t bother to follow through with a really excellent landing page, which needs to offer the consumer something valuable. They take up valuable real estate on a label, plus elements in the QR code are busy, which contributes to the busy-ness of the label.”

    Ready to simplify your custom labels?

    The current “less is more” trend may have you thinking about simplifying your custom labels' look and content. When you’re ready to move forward, we’re here for you. To find more label design tips, visit Lightning Labels' Facebook page and stay on top of the latest packaging news and trends.  Also available on the page is a free download covering the basics for custom labels: see the icon for "6 Easy-to-follow Tips to Make a Statement with Colorful Custom Labels and Stickers".

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