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    Keep Customers After the Holidays Using an Interesting Label Design

    demonstrate the year-round appeal of products with promotional labels Keep customers after the holidays by demonstrating the year-round appeal of your products.

    Use an innovative label design to keep customers after the holidays are over. Once holiday shoppers have finished up their gift lists, sales can fall into a slump. However, with some creativity and thoughtful strategy, you can maintain interest in your products throughout the New Year using promotional labels.

    The transitional period after the holidays is a great time to introduce an interesting new design. Catch the attention of customers when they are expecting most brands will return from seasonal designs back to their traditional look.

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  • Customer Protests Influence Brands' Food Product Labels

    Because consumers are increasingly interested in the ingredients they see on food product labels, businesses are starting to remove some of the more controversial ones from their products. While these companies still affirm that their old product recipes are safe, they want to make sure their popularity doesn't decrease as a result of information on printed labels.

    High fructose corn syrup has drawn negative publicity in past years, causing concerned consumers to ask that businesses remove it from their products. Certain dyes and other uncommon ingredients, like crushed bugs have attracted similar attention

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  • Use Seasonal Beer Label Design Ideas to Target Different Groups

    beer label design ideas from Lightning Labels Use winter memories to come up with seasonal beer label design ideas.

    When coming up with seasonal beer label design ideas, it can help to think back to your favorite winter recollections and traditions.

    The holidays are a time to make lasting memories, so consumers are more likely to gravitate toward products that inspire some sort of nostalgia.

    Make the most of this by utilizing seasonal imagery on labels to target different demographics. Different groups will be interested in different imagery.

    Use personalized beer bottle labels to get consumers from varying demographics excited about your products.

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  • Create Custom Champagne Labels for New Year's No One Will Forget

    custom champagne labels for new years from Lightning Labels Create custom champagne labels for New Year's that make an impression after the holiday is over.

    Create custom champagne labels for New Year's Eve that will make drinkers remember your brand's name for the remaining 364 days of the year. New Year's Eve celebrations set the tone for the rest of the year. While your consumers are busy coming up with the perfect resolution, you should be designing a champagne label to inspire them. Custom champagne labels can charm customers on a holiday that is all about spending time with friends and family.

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  • Counterfeiter Made Custom Wine Labels to Resemble Rare Vintages 

    Rudy Kurniawan allegedly used a laser printer, sealing wax, stamps, old bottles and corks to create fraudulent custom wine labels in his home. If charged with illegal wine label printing, he could face up to 20 years in prison. Witnesses of the trial include wine experts from France and William Koch, a billionaire industrialist who states he was conned into paying $30,000 for what he thought to be a 1947 Chateau Petrus from Bordeaux.

    Kurniawan Responsible for 75 Percent of Forged Printed Labels for Wine Discovered by Detective
    Kurniawan allegedly sold legitimate vintages alongside his own printed labels so that he could pass off the fake bottles as spoiled or aberran

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  • Personalized Labels Give DIY Gifts a Unique Finishing Touch

    personalized labels for DIY gifts from Lightning Labels Customize baked goods and other items with personalized labels for DIY gifts.

    Send loved ones, friends and colleagues an extra special message this year with personalized labels for do-it-yourself (DIY) gifts. The holidays are approaching quickly, which means millions of people are working on their shopping lists.

    Instead of visiting stores during this busy season to purchase presents, many are choosing to make their own gifts. Hand-crafted presents adorned with personalized peel-off labels can really make an impact on gift recipients.

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  • Consumers Want More Information on Food Product Labels
    In a recent study from Cornell, researchers found that shoppers will pay more if food product labels indicate they are "free of" certain things, like genetically modified ingredients.

    Studying 351 subjects, the researchers found that labels "free of" an ingredient made even more of an impact if negative information about that ingredient was provided on the label. Study participants were given $25 to bid on a snack food of their choice, according to a news release from Cornell. Some of the custom food labels also stated "contains," which seemed to negatively impact certain purchasers

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  • 3 Ways to Promote Your Business with Holiday Labels

    holiday labels and stickers from Lightning Labels Promote your business with holiday labels on pre-wrapped gifts.

    It's easy to promote your business with holiday labels. The holidays are the busiest part of the year for many retailers, as well as the most important. This season provides countless opportunities to attract new customers. Millions of shoppers hit stores over Thanksgiving weekend, and that's only the beginning. According to the National Retail Federation, more than 140 million people shopped over the holiday weekend, up from 139 million in 2012. However, a lifestyle survey from DDB communications group determined the majority of shoppers prefer to buy gifts on nights and weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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  • Fast Label Printing for Last-Minute Holiday Labeling

    fast label printing for holiday gifts from Lightning Labels It's not too late to take advantage of fast label printing for holiday gifts.

    If you have yet to embellish your products with holiday-themed labels, partner with Lightning Labels for fast label-printing services to get your items shelf-ready in just days. Our advanced printing technology and rapid turnaround can help you get decorative labels in time for the peak of the holiday shopping season.

    While it may feel like the Christmas gift-buying season begins earlier every year, many people wait until the last minute to purchase items for their loved ones, friends and colleagues.

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  • Colorado Businesses May Soon Need Food Product Labels to Identify GMO Ingredients 

    A group in Colorado hopes to make it mandatory to indicate GMO ingredients in food product labels. Called Right To Know, the organization filled out preliminary paperwork to put a measure on the November 2014 ballot requiring food companies to put custom food labels on GMO products.

    State officials were set to review the language of the ballot question on Dec. 3, a necessary step before a petition drive may begin. Supporters of the bill will need more than 86,000 signatures to land a spot on the ballot, according to The Gazette, an Iowa-based newspaper.

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