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    Lighting Labels Offers Holiday Label Design Tips to Make Products Extra Festive

    make holiday labels from Lightning Labels Use these holiday label design tips to expand your reach this holiday season.

    This holiday season, get ahead of the marketing game with holiday label design tips from Lightning Labels. This is the busiest time of the year for many retailers, novelty food makers and other businesses.

    On top of getting products on the shelves, you need put together a seasonal promotional scheme that will ensure shoppers notice your brand.

    Lightning Labels can help manufacturers large and small make their products command attention this holiday season with custom shape labels.

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  • Make Your Own Labels? Keep GMO Awareness in Mind

    food label requirements from Lightning Labels Be aware of food label requirements when you make your own labels.
    Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or engineered foods have become a hot-button issue among consumers across the country. If you make your own labels, you should be fully tuned in to new developments concerning the topic. Food Safety News recently explained that while many scientists and national and global health entities like the World Health Organization have deemed GMOs safe for consumption, other prominent health and nutrition experts state that eating them could have dangerous consequences that haven't been discovered yet. Continue reading >
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