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    Brands Need to Respond Quickly to FDA Nutrition Facts Label Update

    FDA nutrition facts labels The FDA nutrition facts label requirements will soon be revised.

    The U.S. FDA nutrition facts label change will soon affect custom food labels. The Food and Drug Administration recently submitted changes in labeling guidelines to the White House. While it's not yet clear what businesses should expect from the new rules, brands always need to be ready to implement new federal labeling guidelines. Since knowledge about nutrition has increased since the early 1990s when the requirements were introduced, it makes sense to update them.

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  • Should Caffeine Content Be Included in Custom Beverage Labels?

    There is no federal regulation for listing the amount of caffeine on custom beverage labels. However, new research from American University in Washington, D.C., suggests that drink companies should pay more attention when it comes to including the content of the drug on product stickers. Researchers determined that some individuals are so dependent on caffeine that they suffer symptoms of withdrawal when they don't have it, Science 20 reported. Because caffeine is often a big part of the customs and routines that make up everyday life, its negative impact is often overlooked, according to Laura Juliano, the lead author of the study.

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  • Use These Essential Oil Labeling Ideas to Increase Brand Recognition

    essential oil labeling ideas from Lightning Labels Use essential oil labeling ideas to increase awareness of products.

    Use essential oil labeling ideas that will establish you as a dependable brand. Many shoppers may not know how to use essential oils or what they can be used for. When shopping, these consumers may pass right by items if they aren't provided with some information on the benefits of these products. Essential oil labels should help consumers make an educated purchase.

    How to Label Essential Oils

    Take a moment to consider another perspective to gather ideas for how to label essential oils.

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  • Food Product Labels for Humane Animal Care Receive New Standards
    Human Farm Animal Care announced new rules for food product labels that indicate animals were either "free range" or "pasture raised." HFAC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals by creating standards and certifications for their treatment. Currently, no consistent legal definition for these terms exists, which means consumers can't always trust that custom food labels are authentic, according to Packaging Digest. For instance, the U.S. Department of agriculture says that free range means birds have access to the outdoors, but it doesn't make it explicit how much space the animals have or how often they are outside

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  • Nutrition Information Requirements on Custom Food Labels May Soon Change
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently announced it will be updating regulations for custom food labels. Although the official rules haven't been released yet, brands will soon have new requirements to consider when labeling a product. Since users are paying more attention to nutrition information than ever before, it's important that labels provide the resources consumers need to make educated purchases. An Agriculture Report cited by The Associated Press determined that 42 percent of working adults use the nutrition panel "always or most of the time" in 2009 and 2010, an increase over the previous survey.

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  • Be Clear in Labeling Lotion Bottles

    lotion bottles for labeling from Lightning Labels Ingredients are an important consideration when labeling lotion bottles.

    When labeling lotion bottles, being as transparent as possible will help you gain customer loyalty. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of what components go into the products they are purchasing.

    Not all companies can make their lotions all-natural, but being upfront about ingredients can help put customers at ease. Custom lotion labels should be an informational resource for shoppers.

    Lotion Label Design Ideas to Help Highlight Ingredients

    If you're looking for lotion label design ideas, consider indicating what ingredients are for and making this section prominent.

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  • Valentine's Sticker Printing Increases Winter Sales

    chocolates for Valentines sticker printing Make sweets gift-ready with Valentine's sticker printing.

    During the coldest months of the year, Valentine's sticker printing can help give brands a boost. After the holidays are over, sales tend to slump for a while. Luckily, Valentine's Day gives consumers and businesses a reason to get excited about purchases again. From chocolates to cakes, sweet treats are likely to be in high demand as shoppers look for the perfect presents for children, significant others and family. Valentine-themed labels for cookies or brownies are sure to be a hit.

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  • Design Lip Balm Labels to Sell Your Products

    how to design lip balm labels from Lightning Labels Design lip balm labels to help sell more lip balm when consumers need it most.

    Make a miniature advertisement for your brand and products when you design lip balm labels.

    During the winter, lip balms undergo heavy use. Cold weather causes chapped lips, so people are going to be using these items more frequently.

    Since lip balms will frequently emerge from pockets to soothe chapped lips, these little items will be highly visible for the next few months. It's a good idea to create custom lip balm labels that act as an advertisement for your company.

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  • Grow Sales by Labeling Bath and Body Products for Valentine's Day

    bath and body product labels from Lightning Labels Labeling bath and body products for Valentine's Day could increase sales.

    Labeling bath and body products for Valentine's Day can help increase brand presence. While many consumers rush straight to the candy aisle in early February, there are many other gifts that are appropriate for this season. Put some effort into designing bath and body product labels for Valentine's Day and shoppers will be more likely to consider these products for presents.This holiday has become a major gift-giving holiday, according to the National Retail Federation, so you can encourage consumers to get more creative with their purchases.

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  • Make Lotion Labels for Winter

    lotion labels from Lightning Labels for healthy skin Make lotion labels that help promote healthy skin.
    It's a good idea to make lotion labels that emphasize skin care during the winter. Throughout cold-weather months, skin irritation is bound to occur. Hands can get dry and faces can become chapped from chilly wind. Use rectangle lotion labels to indicate how your product is beneficial during this time of year. Most consumers seek out lotion because they need it to soothe irritation. Make sure your label emphasizes how your product will help customers feel better. Since space on lotion labels is often limited, it's important to determine what aspect of your product you'd like to focus on. Continue reading >
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