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    Meat Company Addresses Ingredient Concerns on Food Product Labels

    Meatpacking Company Will Add New Words to Its Food Product Labels
    Cargill, one of the nation's largest meatpacking companies, will add a note on food product labels indicating which items contain "finely textured beef," The Associated Press reported. Other meat companies use the ingredient to achieve the correct balance of fat. However, several companies were forced to address its use on food label printing when ABC News referred to the ingredient as "pink slime" in a series of stories about one beef company, which eventually lost a great deal of business as a result, according to agriculture news website Farm and Dairy. 

    Cargill Discusses Finely Textured Beef on Custom Food Labels
    The company likely addressed the use of finely textured beef on its custom food labels as a result of ABC News' stories. To educate the public on this ingredient, Cargill created a website called Ground Beef Answers, which will present information about the safety of finely textured beef. The company has said that this product is completely safe for consumption. In addition, the ingredient, which is derived from beef trimmings, contains 100 percent real beef. By providing more information about these components, the company hopes to inform consumers who may have been turned off by ABC News' coverage.

  • Custom Wine Labels Get an Upgrade at UK Grocery Store

    Grocery Chain in UK to Add Calorie Information to Custom Wine Labels
    U.K.-based supermarket chain Sainsbury's will start to include calorie content on its custom wine labels. The store conducted a survey that found that 85 percent of consumers in the country aren't aware of the number of calories in a glass of wine, Daily Mail reported. According to the charity Drinkaware, a 250 ml glass of wine with 13 percent alcohol by volume can contain about 228 calories. That's roughly the same as a serving of ice cream or fish fingers, the news source said. Beginning in early February, the chain will begin a new wine bottle label printing campaign in which they will inform consumers of the calorie content in a 125 ml glass of wine.

    Store Enhances Personalized Wine Bottles With Calorie Information
    The same survey from Sainsbury's found that 66 percent of consumers wanted to know how many calories were in the wine they were drinking, leading to the chain's new personalized wine bottles, according to British news source The Telegraph. The initiative is part of the grocery store's effort to promote healthy choices for consumers, a move that England's Public Health Minister Jane Ellison also supports.

  • DIY Weddings: Personalized Labels and Stickers Add Appeal

    DIY Wedding Labels Make Your Day Truly Unique

    DIY wedding labels from Lightning Labels DIY wedding labels can make your big day more unique.

    For individualists, DIY wedding labels are the best way to put a personal flourish on the big day. Whether you are trying to save some money or simply enjoy having creative control over planning the event, printing personalized labels can have a great effect on the overall look of the gathering. With wedding labels, you can create a beautiful, cohesive look that is also cost-effective. These labels can be used for a variety of different purposes, from decorations to letters. For instance, many couples like to use personalized wedding champagne labels to dress up the bubbly and make it their own. DIY wedding labels can also be used on place mats and party favors. No matter how you choose to employ DIY stickers, they make your day more special.

    Personalize Your Beverage Selection with DIY Labels for Wedding Drinks

    Open bar or no, DIY labels for wedding drinks make imbibing more fun for everyone. To make the beverages uniform, add a personalized label to beer, wine and even water bottles. Alcoholic beverages often have interesting labels, but they probably won't fit in with the greater color or design scheme of your event. Make them blend in attractively by adorning them with a label of your choosing. Water bottles are another smart item to provide. People tend to get thirsty at weddings because of all of the dancing. Make sure your guests are comfortable. Outfitting your bottles with event-specific labels makes them a nice keepsake for guests as well. Providing some labeled soft drinks can be a nice touch as well.

    Find Creative Uses for DIY Wedding Stickers

    Use DIY wedding stickers to communicate with wedding guests. Another fun, creative and  inexpensive idea to implement in weddings is to bring in social media. Use your stickers to inform friends and family of a hashtag they can use when posting pictures on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Integrating social media is a fun and free way to engage with guests, but first you need a good way to tell them about your plan. Personalize weddings with custom labels by putting stickers on mailings, such as save the dates and other letters. Include a hashtag you've picked out so that your guests can start buzzing about their excitement in the days leading up to the big event. After it's all over, you can compile photos added by guests into an album and make it accessible to everyone online.

  • Miller64 Will Include Nutrition Information on Custom Beer Labels

    Alcoholic Beverage Companies Can Now Put Nutritional Information on Custom Beer Labels 
    In the spring of 2013, the U.S. Treasury's Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved an initiative that will allow alcoholic drink producers to put nutrition data on wine and custom beer labels. This is the first time labels of this kind have been approved for wine, beer and spirits, New York Daily News reported. However, the nutrition content on print beer labels will still be voluntary. Consumer groups and liquor companies both lobbied for the change. Shoppers wanted more transparent information, while beverage companies wanted to use low calories and carbs as a selling point.

    Miller64 Implements Nutrition Data on Custom Beer Bottle Labels
    While the new rules have been in place for several months, Miller will be the first business to include voluntary nutrition information on custom beer bottle labels. A recent press release from the company stated they are proud to be the first U.S. beer that will feature more detailed information on bottles. The company can now use the beer's low-calorie content to gain an edge on competitors. The new rules will help consumers make more informed decisions about which drinks to consume.

  • Printing Clear Stickers: Advantages of See-Through Stickers

    Printing Clear Stickers Inspires Consumer Confidence

    printing clear stickers with Lightning Labels for products and packaging Printing clear stickers lets consumers see exactly what they're getting.

    Brands can ensure shoppers know what they're getting by printing clear stickers. Custom clear stickers allow companies to display their branding information as unobtrusively as possible, giving the consumer a bigger view of the item they're buying. Sometimes the best-selling point for an item is the appearance of the product itself. If food items look great, there's no reason to cover them up. Cupcakes, cookies and candy are all enticing in appearance, so it's counterproductive to cover them up entirely, or to just provide a picture on the box when the real thing looks better. For other products, shoppers want to make sure they are really getting what they pay for. Sometimes packaging prevents consumers from examining the product, and this can be a deterrent to purchasing. Clear stickers allow brands to make a product their own without the label getting in the way of the overall look.

    Get Creative with Custom Clear Stickers

    Using custom clear stickers can create unique effects that wouldn't be possible with a more traditional label. You can use a clear sticker on the front of a transparent bottle that allows shoppers to see the back of the label on the other side of the container. Then, you can use this space for some interesting artwork. Sometimes layering a clear sticker over other materials can create a really interesting look. For gift-ready packaging, brands can wrap an item in attractively colored paper and finish it off with a clear branded sticker. Once again, clear stickers can also provide vital information without getting in the way of an item that is vibrantly colored or attractive in its own right. A clear sticker displays brand information while creating a sleek no-label appearance that is perfect for making items look great.

    See-Through Stickers Are Versatile

    See-through stickers are a price-efficient solution for custom food labels, but they can be applied to many different types of products, like bath and body items. Instead of printing directly onto product boxes, printing clear stickers is often a more effective way to achieve the same look. For items in certain kinds of containers, it is probably the only way to achieve a label-free appearance. In addition to putting them on products, companies can put them to use for correspondence purposes. When sending out promotional mailings, businesses can use a clear sticker to seal the envelope. See-through stickers add a unique touch to many products.

  • Custom Labels & Stickers for Schools, Government Agencies & Organizations

    Many Ways to Use Custom Labels and Stickers

    Custom labels and stickers are an incredible tool for schools, businesses, government agencies, and organizations. With the added flexibility of Lightning Labels’ digital printing process – including the ability to print varying design elements like consecutive numbers or people’s names on a single print run – there are now even more uses for custom printed labels and stickers. Institutions and organizations of all kinds have been using custom labels and stickers for many years. But as label printing technology evolves, so do the uses and applications of custom printed labels and stickers. Astute administrators will recognize the cost-cutting potential and flexibility of utilizing Lightning Labels’ products for a variety of new purposes.

    Promotional Stickers, Parking Stickers, and More

    Branding and Promotional Stickers Custom promotional stickers can help create awareness of and show support for events, brands, and companies. From major sporting events to alumni organizations to favorite brands and products, promotional stickers can both spread the word and commemorate an event or organization.

    • Custom water or wine bottle labels for company events, trade shows, open houses and more.
    • Bumper stickers to promote your business, show school spirit or support your favorite cause.
    • Stickers and labels may be used as tokens of appreciation at college fairs when the institutions booth is visited, or as mini-prizes during fundraisers
    • Advertise initiatives people are not aware of, such as a charity drive during the holidays, or a book buy-back program at schools.

    Parking and ID Stickers Lightning Labels is proud to offer variable label and sticker printing, so that you can print label and sticker designs with variable elements – like names, titles, or numbers – on a single print run. This vastly reduces the expense and time it takes to print variable information on otherwise identical stickers.

    • Control parking access with personalized parking stickers
    • Asset management and identification for computer equipment, TV monitors and/or phone equipment
    • Individual ID’s

    Product Labels Product labeling is often the first thing that comes to mind and is a no-brainer for product-oriented businesses. But schools, universities, and non-profit organizations can also utilize our product labels for fund raising or selling their own branded products locally.

    • Jar labels for jams, jellies, sauces
    • Bottle labels for drinks like craft beer, wine, soda, bottled water or bath products like shampoo, lotion, and soap
    • Bag labels for baked goods, coffee, tea, candy
    • Schools and companies can also use these labels during events to brand and sell their own products, such as drinks, food, as well as school and office supplies and SWAG

    Custom Window Decals Custom window decals have many uses for both schools and businesses. They are great option to replace more permanent and expensive signage – they’re repositionable, cost effective, and professionally printed in full color and high resolution. Use custom printed window decals for:

    • Store fronts, sales, promotions wherever there is foot traffic
    • Clubs, associations, team support or employee recognition

    Lightning Labels is your source for professionally printed custom labels and stickers. Our quality products are backed by a 100% guarantee and personalized customer service to make ordering stickers and labels online as seamless as possible. We have a well-earned reputation for speedy delivery with a lightning-quick turnaround time and legions of satisfied customers. Get a free custom label printing quote today!

  • Some Custom Wine Labels Incorrectly State Alcohol Levels

    Custom Wine Labels May Not Truly Reflect Alcohol Content
    According to Director of Robert Mondavi Institute Center for Wine Economics Professor Julian Alston, these beverages may have up to 10 percent more alcohol than custom wine labels indicate. The alcoholic content of wine has risen about 0.5 percent over the past 20 years, Australian news source Noosa News stated. This means when companies print wine labels, they could be incorrect. Alston said that a number of elements could have contributed to the change. For instance, wines made from grapes with a higher sugar content have been in greater demand over the past few decades, which leads to more alcohol after fermentation.

    Personalized Wine Bottles May Inaccurately Estimate Alcohol Levels
    Alston's research, which covered data from Australia, Canada and the U.S., found that personalized wine bottles of whites and full-bodied reds were more likely to demonstrate a discrepancy. Wines with higher alcoholic content are more likely to underestimate on labels, while those with less tend to overestimate, Australian Broadcasting Company reported. Part of the issue is that labeling laws for wine are fairly lenient and tolerate a difference in what is stated on the label and what the product actually contains. While the 10 percent may seem significant, it's still within legal limits.

  • Calif. Bill Would Impose Sugar Content Warnings on Certain Custom Beverage Labels

    Advocates Want Sugar Content Warnings on Custom Beverage Labels

    California senator William Monning wants to require warning messages for sugar-loaded custom beverage labels. Drink producers would need to note on custom printed beverage labels when drinks with added sweeteners contain 75 calories or more in every 12 ounces, Fox News reported. According to Monning, there is research concluding that consuming too much added sugar leads to the development of serious diseases. The proposed label would state the connection between added sugar and obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. Since tobacco and alcohol products are required to have warning labels, sodas and other sugary drinks should follow suit, said Monning.

    Calif. Residents Favor Sugar Warnings on Custom Bottle Labels
    A poll conducted on behalf of private health foundation The California Endowment found that California residents approve of initiatives to put warnings on custom bottle labels. They also believe taxes on these beverages should be used to pay for school nutrition and exercise programs, according to the Press-Enterprise. Foundation Senior Vice President Daniel Zingale said that consumers will benefit from the additional information, as they did from the labeling of cigarettes. Some beverage companies are already implementing changes in this area, such as California-based CalBev, which began an initiative for more clarity on soda labels starting in 2010.

  • GMO Labeling Is a Hot Button Issue

    Food Industry Strives for Voluntary GMO Labeling
    In light of national consumer interest in genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the food industry is advocating a new plan for GMO labeling in food products. Many states are introducing legislation that would impose labeling requirements for ingredients that are genetically modified. For instance, Arizona is considering an initiative that will require food companies to indicate GMOs in packaging. The same bill would also require producers to demonstrate if animals had been fed GMO ingredients, the Arizona Daily Sun reported. There is little science that proves GMOs are unsafe, according to Label & Narrow Web. However, consumers want to know what is in the food they are consuming.

    Industry Leaders Question Food Label Requirements
    The state by state potential food label requirements are controversial, which is why food companies are proposing voluntary GMO labeling as an alternative. The Grocery Manufacturers Association, in partnership with 28 farm and food industry groups are pushing for legislation that would give companies a choice about whether to reveal modified ingredients or not. Other participants include the National Restaurant Association and National Beverage Association. The groups are advocating for the Food and Drug Administration to test the safety of GMOs, which has so far found no risks involved with these ingredients.

  • Make Memories by Creating Personalized Labels for Events

    Use Personalized Labels for Events to Make the Day Special

    personalized labels for events Use personalized labels for events to make your event truly unique.

    Whether you're a professional wedding planner or just doing it yourself, personalized labels for events are a great way to make unique decorations. There are many elements that go into turning a venue into a festive environment for a wedding party. Aside from place mats and name cards, you have to remember to keep your guests comfortable with beverages on hand. Wedding water bottle labels are a nice way to dress up plastic and make it celebration-ready. There are myriad ways to use stickers and labels to liven up a big event. Customized stickers can provide the personal touch that makes the day uniquely yours.

    Liven Up a Celebration By Creating Labels and Stickers for Events

    Creating labels and stickers for events is fun for all kinds of gatherings. Whether you're throwing a birthday party for a centenarian or celebrating a golden anniversary, customizing labels is the perfect way to make an event unique and memorable. Get creative by designing labels for wine or beer. Guests will be so tickled they may even want to take the empty bottles home with them as a keepsake. The design of the labels themselves is up to you. Creating labels that state the name of the couple that's celebrating, as well as the date and location are popular. These elements are what make labeled objects worth keeping. This information is often the central aspect of the design. Choosing a scripted font may eliminate the need for additional graphics. With so many other decorations at the event, simpler may be better.

    Get Creative With Personalized Labels for Event Planning

    Making goodie bags is a innovative way to use personalized labels for event planning. Party favors are a must whenever you have a large gathering. While the event itself is always fun, it's nice to show appreciation for all the loved ones who have taken the time to celebrate with you. Putting personalized stickers on party favors is a fun way to make these gifts look more cohesive and attractive. You can wrap items in colorful tissue and close them off with a personalized sticker or label. Of course, beverage labels are also a good way to handle other necessities, like seating cards and place mats. You can also use extras for thank you notes once the event is over. Store-bought cards can be quickly personalized with the addition of a thoughtfully-designed label.

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