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    Meatpacking Company Will Add New Words to Its Food Product Labels
    Cargill, one of the nation's largest meatpacking companies, will add a note on food product labels indicating which items contain "finely textured beef," The Associated Press reported. Other meat companies use the ingredient to achieve the correct balance of fat. However, several companies were forced to address its use on food label printing when ABC News referred to the ingredient as "pink slime" in a series of stories about one beef company, which eventually lost a great deal of business as a result, according to agriculture news website Farm and Dairy.

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  • Grocery Chain in UK to Add Calorie Information to Custom Wine Labels U.K.-based supermarket chain Sainsbury's will start to include calorie content on its custom wine labels. The store conducted a survey that found that 85 percent of consumers in the country aren't aware of the number of calories in a glass of wine, Daily Mail reported. According to the charity Drinkaware, a 250 ml glass of wine with 13 percent alcohol by volume can contain about 228 calories. That's roughly the same as a serving of ice cream or fish fingers, the news source said. Beginning in early February, the chain will begin a new wine bottle label printing campaign in which they will inform consumers of the calorie content in a 125 ml glass of wine.

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  • DIY Wedding Labels Make Your Day Truly Unique

    DIY wedding labels from Lightning Labels DIY wedding labels can make your big day more unique.

    For individualists, DIY wedding labels are the best way to put a personal flourish on the big day. Whether you are trying to save some money or simply enjoy having creative control over planning the event, printing personalized labels can have a great effect on the overall look of the gathering. With wedding labels, you can create a beautiful, cohesive look that is also cost-effective. These labels can be used for a variety of different purposes, from decorations to letters. For instance, many couples like to use personalized wedding champagne labels to dress up the bubbly and make it their own.

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  • Alcoholic Beverage Companies Can Now Put Nutritional Information on Custom Beer Labels 
    In the spring of 2013, the U.S. Treasury's Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved an initiative that will allow alcoholic drink producers to put nutrition data on wine and custom beer labels. This is the first time labels of this kind have been approved for wine, beer and spirits, New York Daily News reported. However, the nutrition content on print beer labels will still be voluntary. Consumer groups and liquor companies both lobbied for the change. Shoppers wanted more transparent information, while beverage companies wanted to use low calories and carbs as a selling point.

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  • Printing Clear Stickers Inspires Consumer Confidence

    printing clear stickers with Lightning Labels for products and packaging Printing clear stickers lets consumers see exactly what they're getting.

    Brands can ensure shoppers know what they're getting by printing clear stickers. Custom clear stickers allow companies to display their branding information as unobtrusively as possible, giving the consumer a bigger view of the item they're buying. Sometimes the best-selling point for an item is the appearance of the product itself. If food items look great, there's no reason to cover them up. Cupcakes, cookies and candy are all enticing in appearance, so it's counterproductive to cover them up entirely, or to just provide a picture on the box when the real thing looks better.

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  • Many Ways to Use Custom Labels and Stickers

    Custom labels and stickers are an incredible tool for schools, businesses, government agencies, and organizations. With the added flexibility of Lightning Labels’ digital printing process – including the ability to print varying design elements like consecutive numbers or people’s names on a single print run – there are now even more uses for custom printed labels and stickers. Institutions and organizations of all kinds have been using custom labels and stickers for many years. But as label printing technology evolves, so do the uses and applications of custom printed labels and s

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  • Custom Wine Labels May Not Truly Reflect Alcohol Content According to Director of Robert Mondavi Institute Center for Wine Economics Professor Julian Alston, these beverages may have up to 10 percent more alcohol than custom wine labels indicate. The alcoholic content of wine has risen about 0.5 percent over the past 20 years, Australian news source Noosa News stated. This means when companies print wine labels, they could be incorrect. Alston said that a number of elements could have contributed to the change. For instance, wines made from grapes with a higher sugar content have been in greater demand over the past few decades, which leads to more alcohol after fermentation

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  • Advocates Want Sugar Content Warnings on Custom Beverage Labels

    California senator William Monning wants to require warning messages for sugar-loaded custom beverage labels. Drink producers would need to note on custom printed beverage labels when drinks with added sweeteners contain 75 calories or more in every 12 ounces, Fox News reported. According to Monning, there is research concluding that consuming too much added sugar leads to the development of serious diseases. The proposed label would state the connection between added sugar and obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. Since tobacco and alcohol products are required to have warning labels, sodas and other sugary drinks should follow suit, said Monnin

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  • Food Industry Strives for Voluntary GMO Labeling
    In light of national consumer interest in genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the food industry is advocating a new plan for GMO labeling in food products. Many states are introducing legislation that would impose labeling requirements for ingredients that are genetically modified. For instance, Arizona is considering an initiative that will require food companies to indicate GMOs in packaging. The same bill would also require producers to demonstrate if animals had been fed GMO ingredients, the Arizona Daily Sun reported. There is little science that proves GMOs are unsafe, according to Label & Narrow We

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  • Use Personalized Labels for Events to Make the Day Special

    personalized labels for events Use personalized labels for events to make your event truly unique.

    Whether you're a professional wedding planner or just doing it yourself, personalized labels for events are a great way to make unique decorations. There are many elements that go into turning a venue into a festive environment for a wedding party. Aside from place mats and name cards, you have to remember to keep your guests comfortable with beverages on hand. Wedding water bottle labels are a nice way to dress up plastic and make it celebration-ready. There are myriad ways to use stickers and labels to liven up a big event.

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