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    Labeling for Gift Giving: Labeling Candles and Soap as Gifts

    Custom Candle LabelsSpring Is the Time to Start Labeling for Gifts

    When labeling for gifts this spring, be sure to appeal to the gift buyer, not just the recipient. While you have to keep the final consumer in mind during the packaging design process, it's important to remember who will actually be purchasing products intended as gifts. To make sure your products appear to be good choices for presents, you may have to call attention to various holidays on the label. A lot of gift-giving takes place in the spring months, so making soap stickers and custom candle labels could be a smart way to grow sales. Remember Father's and Mother's Day are coming up, as well as graduations and all kinds of other spring events, including birthdays and anniversaries.

    Always Consider Labeling Candles for Gifts

    Labeling candles for gifts is never a bad idea because these are the most versatile presents of all. No matter what the occasion, a candle is an appropriate gift. People are often in the position of attending a party for someone they don't know all that well. They may want to bring a gift to express their thanks for being invited. A candle is a good option because it creates a nice ambiance that can be enjoyed by everyone. Indicate on the label space that candles could be an excellent choice for a graduation or birthday present. While shoppers may be more familiar with their parents' interests, a candle is also a great addition to a Mother's or Father's Day gift bag. Just remember - a nice label can help shoppers consider your product for a gift when they may not ordinarily do so. Better yet, you may remind them of an important event that have forgotten to start shopping for.

    Start Labeling Soap for Gifts In the Spring

    Labeling soap for gifts is a smart business strategy as well. Custom candle labels are a good idea, but soap is another desirable spring gift. Fragrant products like candles, soaps and body products are a nice idea this time of year, because the air will soon be filled with the scents of spring. Floral aromas are always some of the most desirable for these items, so spring is an ideal time to market these scents. Soap is a fantastic gift idea because it's something everyone uses. For men, you may want to tone down the florals and go for something more spicy, but there's no reason not to promote soap as a gift for Father's Day or for graduation.

  • Supreme Court Asks If Minute Maid's Custom Bottle Labels Are Misleading

    Coca-Cola Accused of Having Misleading Custom Bottle Labels
    POM Wonderful is suing the soda company, claiming the custom bottle labels for Minute Maid Juice are misleading, reported Reuters. When labeling a product, companies have to be careful that packaging accurately reflects the contents of the container. On the other hand, Coca-Cola argued, its labels are fully compliant with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements. The juice in question is labeled as "Pomegranate Blueberry Flavored Blend of 5 Juices," but the recipe is only 0.3 percent pomegranate and 0.2 percent blueberry.

    Transparency Is the Best Policy on Custom Labels for Bottles
    One of the issues with Coca-Cola's custom labels for bottles is that the label has a large picture of a pomegranate and blueberries on the front, but in actuality, these ingredients are not a large component. Seth Waxman, one of POM's lawyers, said evidence demonstrates that one-third of consumers who look at the label think that blueberry and pomegranate are the primary ingredients in the juice, The New York Times reported. While the labels meet FDA requirements, higher court justices still questioned whether the labels could be cheating consumers into buying the product without really knowing what was in it.

  • Labeling Baby Shower Gifts and Party Favors

    Prepare for the spring season by labeling baby shower gifts.Labeling Baby Shower Gifts For Spring

    Spring is a season of growth and renewal, and a perfect time for to consider labeling baby shower gifts. No matter what trimester you're on, springtime is an ideal time for a baby shower. With the weather finally clearing up and the scent of flowers in the air, this is the perfect season to make lasting memories. Trees are budding and signs of life are finally blooming after the long, cold winter. Customizing labels for a baby shower is a great way to make the day even more special for the mother. Start thinking about what you're going to need now, from baby shower water bottle labels to party favors. Nearly every party element can benefit from a personalized label. Best of all, when outfitted with custom stickers, ordinary objects become commemorative.

    Baby Shower Water Bottle Labels Make Hydration Fun

    Even the simple process of staying hydrated can be festive with baby shower water bottle labels. While get-togethers of this kind often involve some kind of alcohol, it's unlikely that the pregnant host will be imbibing much, so printing customized bottle labels can make even the experience of drinking water fun and memorable. Having custom-made water bottles is fun for the guests, as well. Whenever you're hosting a large party, providing water for visitors can present a challenge. You may not have enough glasses or the sink may not be easily accessible. Water bottles are a good solution, and they may even be special enough to take home. You don't have to stop at water bottles either. Guests may be able to enjoy specially made beer or wine bottles, which can also be taken home as a keepsake.

    Custom Labels for Baby Showers Create Lasting Memories

    These events don't happen very often, which is why making custom labels for baby showers could be a great way to ensure the party remains in the mother's mind forever. You can use custom product labels for gifts or for other party essentials, like goodie bags. There's no better way to thank your friends and loved ones for attending than providing a goodie bag with an appropriate baby shower label. There's no reason you can't customize the whole event. Labels and stickers don't necessarily have to be baby-shower themed to be attractive and exciting. Spring themed labels for gifts and water bottles can make a design scheme cohesive and seasonal.

  • Hot Cocoa Mix Is Recalled After Leaving Known Allergens Out of Custom Food Labels

    Custom Food Labels That Leave Out Known Allergens May Be Recalled
    The company that produces AH!LASKA, an organic cocoa non-dairy chocolate mix announced a recall because it left an allergen out of the custom food labels. While the product is supposed to be dairy-free, a test found the presence of milk in the product, a press release from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reported. Indicating allergens when food label printing is important, even when the food is produced in a facility that also processes allergens such as certain nuts and soy. When products contain milk, eggs, fish, shellfish or wheat they are also required to alert consumers on the packaging.

    Food Product Labels Must Thoroughly Indicate Allergens
    Because some people have serious reactions when they eat certain foods, all food product labels on products that contain known allergens must report them. When an allergen accidentally ends up in the final product, the result is a recall. The product in question is Lot #380, with a best by date of April 2015, the news source indicated. Anyone who has purchased this particular lot can return the product for a full refund.

  • GMO Information on Custom Food Labels Could Soon Be Up To FDA

    New Bill Could Prevent States from Creating Their Own Laws Regarding GMO Custom Food Labels
    Legislature recently introduced to Congress by U.S. Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo of Kansas may keep states from making their own laws concerning GMO ingredients on custom food labels. Reuters reported that close to 24 states have already considered such provisions, which would require companies to include components from genetically engineered crops on printed labels and stickers. Pompeo says that the differing requirements across the states make it difficult to maintain an effective food system in the U.S.

    Under the Proposed Law, FDA Would Determine GMO Rules on Food Product Labels
    The bill, called "The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act," would give the U.S. Food and Drug Administration the power to govern GMO information on food product labels. The FDA would also be required to conduct safety reviews for companies that want to label products as including or not containing GMO ingredients, Wisconsin agriculture news site Agri-View reported. The proposed law would also make it necessary for companies to notify the FDA when they develop new biotech seeds, allowing the administration to sign off on it before finished products go to market.

  • Whole Foods Is Updating Custom Food Labels to Reveal Non-GMO products

    Whole Foods will Indicate GMO Products on Custom Food Labels By 2018, Whole Foods Market has claimed it will alert customers to GMO ingredients on custom food labels. While many consumers are advocating for brands to start labeling GMO products, there is still no legal requirement mandating that companies reveal these ingredients when food label printing. According to environmental new site Ecorazzi, Whole Foods has been criticized in the past for labeling foods as natural. While many consumers assume this label indicates products are GMO-free, this is not actually the case. Identifying GMO ingredients will be another step toward greater transparency for shoppers.

    Food Product Labels at Whole Foods Will Call Attention to Non-GMO Products Rather than indicating GMO ingredients, the upscale grocery store chain will use food product labels to call attention to products that are GMO free. According to the company's website, they will require all suppliers and partners to label products containing GMO ingredients. This means the absence of a label will inform consumers that the product does contain GMOs, One Green Planet reported. Many other countries are starting to introduce legislation governing the use of GMO products.

  • Labels for Graduation Gifts and Parties

    Create Labels For Graduation Gifts to Grow Sales This Spring
    Matriculation season is fast-approaching and creating labels for graduation gifts could be a good way for brands to gain sales as the weather gets warmer. From stickers for gift bags to graduation water bottle labels, making themed favors is a smart idea in the coming months. College, university, high school and possibly even younger students will all be getting their degrees, which means there will be commemorations taking place across the country. Parents, friends and loved ones will be excited to have gatherings in honor of the students who have worked to hard to get through the school year. For brands that make beverages, candies and other items that typically show up at celebrations, making graduation-themed products could be the perfect way to boost sales as the summer begins.

    Make Graduation Water Bottle Labels to Keep Party-Goers Hydrated
    Graduation water bottle labels can make even the barest necessities look like party favors. Most celebrations will include some alcoholic beverages, but keeping water on hand can help keep your guests happy and engaged in the festivities. Encourage party planners to pick up packages of water bottles by making them graduation-themed. These aren't just useful for parties - colleges and universities can also provide them for students to sip on during the long ceremony or give them out afterwards. The recommended amount of water per day is eight glasses no matter what the circumstances. With the champagne and other beverages being passed around, chances are more hydration will be necessary. There's no reason water bottles can't be festive, too!

    Graduation Party Labels Make the Experience More Fun
    There are a number of different products that make celebrations more fun, so why not put graduation party labels on all of them? Water isn't the only thing people will drink at a celebration. Try making other custom beverage labels for events. Soda, wine, beer and especially champagne bottles can be oriented toward graduates, and so can ice cream, baked goods and other sweets. No successful party is complete without party favors, so creating some matriculation-themed packages of candy or toys can encourage party planners to thank guests with a little something. Brands can print labels for thank you cards for when the celebration is over.

    On the other hand, graduation season isn't just about parties, but gift-giving, which means that anything from body products to candles could be packed with a graduation theme. Make sure to cover all the angles when preparing for graduates this spring.

  • Green Packaging Practices: 4 Sustainable Product Label Materials

    time-to-go-greenUse Green Packaging Practices to Communicate Earth-Friendly Missions

    When you make environmentally friendly products, it's important to support these efforts with green packaging practices. To help companies with green missions achieve their goals, Lightning Labels has four different sustainable materials for eco-friendly labels: EarthFirst PLA, Recycled Kraft, Recycled Vellum and BioStone. With Earth Day coming up on April 22, now is the ideal time for brands to try out a new labeling strategy to prepare. Changing labels can get shoppers' attention, and green labels are a good way to promote environmentally sound practices. When you use an eco-friendly option from Lightning Labels, you can include a note about packaging on the label to inform customers that they are making a smart choice.

    EarthFirst PLA and BioStone are Sustainable Product Labels

    Lightning Labels offers several options for sustainable product labels. Made from stone rather than trees, BioStone is the most ecologically friendly of Lightning Labels' materials. This label base is fully compostable and biodegradable, which makes it perfect for composting, an attribute that will appeal to many consumers. It also has good ink adhesion, so you won't have to compromise on appearance.

    Lightning labels was one of the first digital printers in the U.S. to offer the option of EarthFirst PLA, which looks like the popular white BOPP material. The appearance is similar enough that many can't tell the difference. However, EarthFirst is made from corn instead of petroleum.

    Try Kraft or Vellum for Recycled Labeling Materials

    Lightning labels also provides excellent recycled labeling materials, such as Kraft and Vellum. Both are made completely from post-consumer waste, making them a very sustainable option for labeling. They are also suitable for machine application. Vellum is a white material that creates an excellent base for most labeling strategies. The Kraft material creates an earthy, organic look that will be appealing to many consumers who are concerned about the environment. A label like this can automatically signal to customers that your brand supports green practices.

    With Lightning Labels' high-quality selection of eco-friendly labels, any company should be able to find a packaging strategy that reflects its brand. From an earthy appearance to a label that no one would even guess was recycled, Lightning Labels can help companies select the right materials for each product. Green labels send a message that companies are truly committed to sustainable practices.

  • FDA Combats Antibiotic Resistance With New Product Label Printing Guidelines

    FDA Introduces Voluntary Guidelines for Antibiotic Product Label Printing
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is unrolling a voluntary initiative to change the way antibiotics are referenced in product label printing. Many experts are worried about the effect that certain drugs fed to livestock are having on human resistance to antibiotics. These antimicrobials are sometimes fed to animals, because they help animals to gain weight faster while eating less food. To prevent development of human resistance, experts are saying these microbial ingredients should only be used for animal welfare when absolutely necessary. As a result, the FDA has asked drugmakers and animal health companies not to print labels for medically significant antibiotics that contain references to animal production.

    Companies Are Expected to Comply With New Regulations for Custom Product Labels
    While the initiative is voluntary, the FDA hopes that all drug companies will get on board with the new guidance for custom product labels. If the labels do not contain references to animal production, it will become illegal for food producers to use them in this manner, according to a release from the FDA. The organization believes implementing voluntary guidelines to be the fastest way to enact change to the feed and animal production industries. 

  • Recalled Custom Food Labels Listed Inaccurate Ingredients

    Misprinted Custom Food Labels Cause Recall  
    A Colorado company is recalling its packaged fettuccine alfredo due to inaccurate custom food labels. The product is a dehydrated pasta made by American Outdoor Products, which is meant for backpackers, local news source eNews Park Forest reported. While the front label is correct, the back label was switched with the one for the company's Jamaican jerk style rice product, which meant that it failed to indicate certain ingredients the pasta product contained. The custom food label printing issue was reported by a retailer in Vermont, which notified the Colorado company.

    Brands Need to Be Careful with Food Product Labels
    Because the resulting food product labels failed to report known allergens, such as milk and wheat, the Colorado company recalled the products. According to news source the Virginian-Pilot, the product code for the mislabeled packages is 07/02/2020 and contain the product number P-4933 inside the U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection mark. So far no adverse reactions have been reported. However, it's vital that brands pay close attention to labeling products that contain known allergens to prevent any harm to consumers.

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