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    Custom Bakery LabelsCustom Bakery Labels Help Bakers Stand Out in a Crowd

    Thanks to Cottage Food Laws, individuals are allowed to operate bakeries from their homes and sell  products to others, and custom bakery labels are crucial to improving sales. Whether people want to hit farmers' markets, sell goods straight from their homes or head online to reach a national audience, custom bakery labels can help brands achieve the professional look they need to really catch the eye of prospective customers. Farmers' markets are the perfect place for young bakeries to start looking for buyers. They allow bakers to get in-tune with the local community and interact with people face-to-fac

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  • Custom Jar Labels Make Turn Homemade Goods into Professional Products
    If people want to take their homemade products to the next level, custom jar labels are the perfect way to do it. Americans are getting increasingly crafty, growing their own vegetables, making their own food, brewing their own beer and otherwise producing homemade goods. Not only is this a fun activity that friends and family members can do together, it can also be an inexpensive way to get food items, drinks and other products you'd otherwise have to purchase.

    Several studies conducted by food groups have noted the surge in popularity associated with homemade good production.

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  • It's no secret that people have become more attentive to how the food they eat is made, grown, processed and otherwise produced. In that regard, they want clear labels that make all the information about the product in question apparent so they can improve their purchasing decisions.

    As such, food manufacturers and growers have begun to promote various facts about their food on labels, such as making "humane" and "sustainable" claims on meat packages. Although these statements are supposed to be regulated to curb and dishonesty or inaccuracy, a new report conducted by the Animal Welfare Institute found the U

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  • Expiration Dates On Custom Food Labels May Be Misleading There is consistent controversy over whether consumers should abide by the expiration or "best by" dates on custom food labels. According to Time Magazine, U.S. consumers throw out 25 percent of the food that enters homes. Out of fear of illness, many Americans will toss products that have passed the date on food product labels, but this may not be necessary. European countries are presenting a paper that will address the issue of wasted food as result of date labeling, Reuters reported. The paper asks the European Commission to debate whether products with long shelf lives should include a "best before" date at all.

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  • Kraft Custom Food Labels Blunder Causes Mass Recall
    Kraft Food Group's custom food labels did not accurately reflect the product inside. As a result, the company had to recall about 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners, according to Chicago Tribune. Rather than containing the Classic Wieners, as the food product labels indicated, the packages consisted of Classic Cheese Dogs, which are made with milk. Since the ingredient is a known allergen, the company had to take measures to prevent consumers from getting sick.

    Custom Labels and Stickers Must Indicate Known Allergens
    The custom labels and stickers issue was discovered by a consumer in mid-April, Tech Times reported.

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  • Ommegang Decides to Print Beer Labels with Names from Game of Thrones  HBO and New York-based Ommegang brewery have teamed up to print beer labels that have names inspired by the popular television show. The most recent custom beer labels came as a result of a Facebook poll on Brewery Ommegang's wall. The poll also determined what type of beer the next collaboration would be, Brewbound reported. Customers chose an Abbey Dubbel, which is a classic Belgian style. The central imagery on the label will be a double-headed coin, which represents a token given to one of the characters in the show

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  • Could Gluten-Free Bath and Body Product Labels Be the Next Trend?
    While gluten-free food is taking off in the U.S., some companies should consider putting this designation on bath and body product labels as well. While Celiac disease is relatively common phenomenon at this point, there are some people who aren't comfortable applying gluten products topically either. Skin care ingredient product stickers often list gluten ingredients, but they have names like "hydrolyzed wheat protein or Sodium Lauroyl Oat Amino Acids, according to The International Dermal Institute. As the trend takes off, companies may start making more skincare products that are gluten fre

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  • National BBQ MonthMake DIY Food Labels for National Barbecue Month

    May is National Barbecue Month and brands can benefit from DIY food labels. Even without the designation of being the official month for barbecues, May is the perfect month to emphasize outdoor eating. In mid-spring, the weather is finally warm enough that consumers can make cookout plans without worrying it will be too chilly. Best of all, Americans love grilling. A survey from the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association found that 81 percent of Americans find it to be easier than making a typical meal, from cooking to cleaning up. From barbecue sauce to veggie burgers, the right DIY food labels can make shoppers more likely to pick up your products before heading out to the neighborhood barbecue.

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  • BBQ Sauce LabelsBBQ Sauce Labels Are the Finishing Touch on Packaging

    When it comes to the cookout, the sauce is the most important thing to many consumers, which is why you need to put extra effort into BBQ sauce labels. Americans don't need a whole lot of convincing to head outdoors as soon as the weather is appropriate. They've got the meat, vegetables, grill and sunshine. Now all shoppers need is the right barbecue sauce to make the experience just right. If you've been to the grocery store lately and taken a look at the shelves, you know there's often a lot of competition where BBQ sauce is concerned.

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  • Wineries Can Benefit From Creative Custom Wine Labels A new wine company in Napa is making headlines with its custom wine labels. Rather than a traditional design that states varietal, vin​eyard location and brand, the labels simply have what the company is calling a "flavor palette," U.K. beverage industry magazine Harpers reported. Uproot's personalized wine bottles use infographic-like blocks to express the flavor profiles of each bottle of wine. The size of the block demonstrates the prominence of the flavor, while the color denotes what type of flavor it is.  For instance, the Sauvignon Blanc has a large light green block that represents melon notes and a smaller dark green segment to portray hints of fresh cut gras

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