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    New Product Categories Rely on Informative Labels to Educate Potential Customers

    Informative Product LabelsCustom Labels  Help Explain New Products to Customers

    Whenever a new product comes to market, it is likely there will be some consumer confusion - custom labels can help brand manufacturers educate potential customers on what the product actually does. It is crucial that labels are informative, or else buyers may walk away without knowing how they can use particular products. Innovation plays an important role in today's business world, with some of the most successful companies across the globe being the ones that continually come out with products that change customers' lives. According to research from McKinsey, more than 70% of senior executives say that innovation will be one of their top drivers of growth over the next three to five years, which illustrates how important this factor is to many companies. The problem with innovation is that it is not always apparent to customers. There was a time where people did not understand why they would want a personal computer in their homes, now most people own at least one (on top of miniature personal computers such as tablets, phones and other smart devices). Product manufacturers play an important role in explaining why new items are so beneficial to shoppers, as that will drive subsequent sales. There are numerous ways product manufacturers can inform customers of the values of their new, innovative products. Infomercials, advertisements, live demonstrations, YouTube videos - these are all effective means of engaging prospective buyers. However, at the end of the day, when people walk into the store and have not heard of a particular product, there is one last bastion brands can use to bolster awareness: product labels.

    Spreading the Word with Product Labels

    Although many companies often regard product labels as promotional components, that does not mean they cannot also serve as educational pieces. Although manufacturers may not have a whole lot of room to talk about their goods, a simple description on the product label itself can go a long way in giving customers a quick overview. The description itself should serve as a way to promote the good and give customers a general idea of what purpose products serve. Descriptions are promotional in nature and look to put the product in the best light possible. Instructions are often where companies will deliver information to customers. Step-by-step instructions should be written for something with no base knowledge of how to use a product correctly to ensure no one is overlooked. Brands do not want prospective customers to misuse their goods, as that may hinder opportunities for repeat sales.

    New Products are Key to Driving Business Growth

    Companies rely on new products to reinvigorate interest in a brand or to establish companies as leaders in specific industries. As they go about developing these new products, it is crucial companies incorporate informative labels to ensure customers do not purchase items without knowing how to use the goods effectively.

  • New Court Case Stresses the Importance of Accurate Prescription Labels

    Custom Labels for Drugs Must be Updated
    Medicine is an always evolving field, and if a recent court case tells drug makers anything, it is that their custom labels must also change in tandem with prescriptions. recently reported on the Weeks v. Wyeth case, which reaffirmed that patients are allowed to sue drug manufacturers if their medicine labels mislead doctors.

    All prescriptions must have labels that list the dangers and side effects of taking certain pharmaceuticals - this is pretty straight forward. It gets more complex when researchers discover new risks associated with the drug, as the label must be continually updated.

    Label requirements cause even more problems when it comes to generic drug makers, who must convince the Food and Drug Administration that their versions of medicine are the bio-equivalent of the brand drug. If it is not, the FDA will not approve it. At the same time, generic drug manufacturers are not permitted to alter the label by law, which can lead to problems when the brand maker updates the labels but the generic lags behind.

    Keep Compliance in Mind
    Certain types of custom labels for specific products must contain key points to remain compliant with laws and regulations, it is crucial product manufacturers keep that in mind.

  • Origin of Product Labels Must Be Transparent

    Capitalizing on Regionalism with Custom Labels
    People like to buy foods and other goods from local vendors, which is why many look at custom labels to try to identify the point of origin of the product in question. Some people are even willing to pay a premium price for such items. Unfortunately, this leads some companies to try to misrepresent where commodities are from.

    Maggie Beer, an Australian entrepreneur, was recently found guilty of doing this by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Her products, which range from ice cream to aged red wine vinegar, did not claim to be from a specific area, but they did list particular areas in their names. For example, one product featured the tagline "a Barossa food tradition," which suggested the product was made in the Barossa Valley.

    Smart Company reported that Maggie Beer Products is already working with the ACCC to develop new custom labels that more accurately represent the products.

    Be on Point with Custom Label Accuracy
    The takeaway here is that transparency is critical when it comes to creating custom labels. Whether intentional or not, misleading customers can lead to big trouble down the line.

  • Custom Labels Help Shoppers Make Informed Purchases

    People Demand Custom Labels
    People are growing more concerned about the ingredients in their foods. For this reason, custom labels are a must for any food and drink product.

    A recent article from The New Yorker makes it clear just how big the paranoia is among buyers. Columnist Michael Specter recalled a recent visit to a local farmers market, at which one customer grilled the owner of the stand. She asked whether the apples for sale were grown with genetically modified organisms and when the seller told her no, she asked how he could be sure when there were no labels on the fruit.

    According to the source, genetically modified apples do not exist, but this clearly illustrates just how important labels are. With the right product labels, brands may be able to dispel much of this paranoia.

    Custom Product Labels Promote Transparency
    Food brands can clearly display important disclaimers and claims on their labels, which help customers make informed decisions. Simple claims such as "low fat" or "GMO free" not only bolster transparency but may also help companies stand out from competitors on shelves.

  • The Gluten-Free Movement and What it Means for Food Producers

    Gluten-Free LabelsGluten-Free Food Product Labels are Everywhere

    Not too long ago, it would have been difficult to find food product labels marked "gluten-free" in the grocery store. However, a stroll through the aisles of your local grocery store and it has become increasingly apparent that more food manufacturers are feeling the need to differentiate their products. This trend is not just limited to the United States, either. An article from the Telegraph noted how everything from cereal bars to biscuits seem to feature gluten-free labels, while restaurants are even modifying their menus to carry gluten-free alternatives of popular menu items. Although some gluten-free producers initially came out with these goods because of the autoimmune disorder, Celiac Disease, not everyone buying these items are those who suffer from the condition. In fact, many people are switching to gluten-free diets just because they think it is a healthier way to live, with celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow publicly putting their children on a no-gluten diet. The evidence is not simply anecdotal either. One 2013 study from the NPD Group suggested that approximately one-third of adults in the United States want to be free of - or at least significantly cut back on - gluten intake. In fact, more than 200 million restaurant visits include a gluten-free order. "Today, increasingly more of us want to avoid gluten in our diet and right now it is nearly 30 percent of the adult population… and it's growing," added Harry Balzer, chief industry analyst at NPD. "This is the health issue of the day."

    Gluten-Free Labeling as a Money Maker

    With so much interest brewing in these products, manufacturers may be able to generate more sales with gluten-free labeling. By labeling their products as such, brands may be better able to capture the interest of potential customers. Of course, new rules from the Food and Drug Administration have set a clear definition of "gluten-free," so food manufacturers must be careful when labeling their products as such. Failure to comply may lead to other issues down the line.

    Custom Food Labels Promote Gluten-Free Foods

    If companies do produce goods that qualify under the gluten-free definition, however, they should work with a printing company to get custom food labels that promote that aspect of their products.

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  • Personalized Wine Bottle Labels Can Enhance Wedding or Event Favors

    Personalized Wine LabelsPersonalized Labels in High Demand for Upcoming Weddings

    Engaged couples spend a lot of time and effort planning the perfect wedding, so why not dedicate the same amount of attention to creating personalized labels for wine bottles? This is a question many engaged couples may ask themselves over the next few months. According to statistics published by Sound Vision, August, September and October are three of the most popular months of the year to get married, so many soon-to-be-married couples will have their minds on wedding preparations. More than $72 billion is spent annually on weddings, with the average budget cresting the $20,000 mark. Wine is an important part of weddings, as it is the drink of choice for many people attending these events. Wine Folly suggests that couples should purchase approximately one bottle of wine per every two guests, which can quickly reach in excess of $1,000 if engaged couples invited upward of 100 people.

    Why Personalized Wine Labels are Perfect Additions to Any Wedding

    Because weddings are all about the couple getting married, it is not unusual to see people opt for personalized wine labels that are designed to fit the motif of the wedding. The engaged couple may have a favorite bottle of wine, but in the interest of keeping with the theme of the wedding, standard labels may not be suitable for the event. Personalized labels can be customized to fit the specific needs of the wedding, featuring specific patterns, colors, inspirational quotes, unique congratulatory messages and anything else imaginable. This allows couples to truly embrace the spirit of the wedding by crafting a label that reflects the mood of the celebration.

    Custom Wine Labels on a Budget

    Weddings are expensive but that does not mean custom wine labels need to be. By working with a label printer, young couples can produce appealing custom wine labels that will fit the mood of any type of wedding. By working with a custom label printing company, couples are also rest assured they get high-quality labels that can easily be affixed to their wine of choice. Additionally, working with a printing company ensures that couples will get their labels in time for the special event. Digital printing technology allows machines to manufacture custom labels quickly and effectively for any deadline.

  • Personalized Beverage Labels and Stickers Help Your Event Stand Out

    Custom Beverage Labels & StickersWhat Makes for a Memorable Beer Label?

    When event organizers look to create a memorable theme, sometimes custom wine labels are just what the doctor ordered. Whether planners are holding a wine tasting event, music concert, business conference or anything in between, a special label is perfect for tying everything together under a single, unique theme. Branding is important for any organization, and a branded wine label is just another way for firms to generate additional exposure for their companies and products.

    Taking a Look at Top Custom Labels

    Bottle labels are effective branding tools because everyone can see them clearly. This is perfect for social events - anyone holding a bottle of water, looking at the wine selection or taking any other similar action will be able to see the brand sponsoring or hosting the event. People walking by can quickly determine which event the person is participating in thanks to the label on the bottle they are holding. For example, say a company is holding a networking event in a hotel. If the bottles people are drinking out of feature the organizer's brand, the label may pique the interest of people who are not a part of the event if they interact with attendees. Plus, the label serves as an effective way to supplement the theme of the event in question. If organizers are trying to achieve a specific theme, unbranded labels may prevent them from reaching that end goal. A corporate holiday party, for example, may want to use labels wishing employees a happy New Year and feature the company logo instead of utilizing a conventional branded label. Events are the perfect time to consider custom labels, as they can be used to really drive home the theme the organizer is trying to get across and make the get-together a truly memorable experience.

    Custom Stickers are the Perfect Supplement for Bottle Labels

    Bottle labels are just one of the many ways businesses can celebrate particular event themes. Custom stickers can also help with the matter. Tailor-made stickers can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from floor or wall decorations to memorabilia given away by event participants. Organizers looking to hold the perfect event should consider a custom sticker and label printing company to ensure their labels and stickers are of a high caliber.

  • EPA Takes Another Look at Insect Repellant

    Custom Labels Help Customers Use Products More Effectively
    When people use protective sprays, whether to block harmful UV rays or prevent bugs from biting them, it is often difficult to determine when to reapply the product. There often aren't many telltale signs, besides noticing more bugs or similar indicators. This can lead to overuse of these products, which can be harmful in itself.

    Informative Labels Take Out Guess Work
    The Environmental Protection Agency hopes to prevent overuse of sprays and repellent by forcing manufacturers to include informative labels. Sprays will now have to say how many hours of protection people can expect from a single application.

    "By providing vital information to consumers, this new graphic will help parents, hikers and the general public better protect themselves and their families from serious health threats caused by mosquitoes and ticks," said Jim Jones, assistant administrator of the EPA's Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention.

    Although many companies consider product labels as advertising pieces, manufacturers should also ensure people use their goods correctly and safely by including usage directions and other important information.

  • The Best Beer Labels to Showcase Your Brand

    Custom Beer LabelsWhat Makes for a Memorable Beer Label?

    There are thousands of different beer brands across the globe, which makes the beer label an important tool for differentiating one product from another. Between people making their own brews at home and the top beer manufacturers in the world, people have a wide array of options. With the right label, however, brewers can improve their ability to stand out from the crowd. While brewers may use secret recipes to craft their own beers, there is no magic formula for designing the ideal label. Every company has its own approach, which makes label design vital to success. Taking a Look at Top Custom Labels Prime Social Marketing recently took a look at some of the top custom labels for beers, which should illustrate just how varied some of the designs are. For example, Rogue's labels and packaging feature sharp, contrasting colors with stylized cartoon figures. This creates a label that's easy to spot from a distance and is sure to catch customers' eyes. Conversely, the Great Divide's labels make text the centerpiece instead of figures or colors. The positioning and sizing of the words when combined with the font make for an interesting design. The takeaway here is that there is no "right way" to make a beer label,- it's up to the brewer to come up with a creative solution that encapsulates the brand's identity and conveys it in an effective way. When trying to reach new prospects, the label may be what makes the first impression. It doesn't matter how good a beer tastes, if the label isn't getting people to buy it, the customer will never know. Working with a Printing Company to Produce High-Quality Beer Stickers Designing beer stickers is only the first step - printing a high-quality label is also vital. If brewers don't work with a professional label and sticker printing company, they may wind up with a label that looks slightly different than what they expected. Simple variables, such as the adhesive used to affix the label to the bottle or the paper liner leveraged, can alter the color and quality of the label. By working with an experienced printing company, brewers can rest assured their label looks exactly how they designed it and reduces errors.

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