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    Custom Wine LabelsThe Perfect Wine Bottle Label is Key to Piquing your Customers' Interest

    It can take months to craft the perfect bottle of wine, and vintners should also be devoting just as much time to the creation of wine bottle labels if they want their end products to sell. Make no mistake, a well-made wine bottle label plays a pivotal role in helping wineries catch the eyes of prospective customers. In a crowded liquor store, wine labels are often the only differentiating factor between products. If people aren't looking for a specific brand, they'll naturally be attracted to the wine with the most interesting label - that's just the way people work, we're visual by nature.

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  • Holiday Product LabelsHoliday Product Labels can Drive Seasonal Sales

    When it comes to improving sales of seasonal items, holiday product labels can play a pivotal role in helping customers identify these items on store shelves. Seasonal items are popular among customers. This is part of the reason why there is such fervor around products such as Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte or McDonald's McRib - these products are only available for certain time periods, and as such, people feel compelled to buy them to avoid missing out. As Changing Minds noted, this comes down to behavioral science. Scarcity signals something about the product in question - when there is less of it available, people feel the need to get the product while they still can.

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  • Holiday Candle LabelsCandle Labels Set the Mood During the Holidays

    Candles are an important part of the holidays, and by crafting appealing candle labels, makers can generate more sales during this time-frame. Whether the candles are for religious celebrations or simply to set the mood around the house, candles are often important centerpieces during the holidays. "A molded candle can light up a room even after the flame is out," suggested Martha Stewart. "They're ideal as a centerpiece for the holiday table or as a gift for a dear friend."

    Custom Candle Labels Turn a Hobby Into a Gift

    If people are looking for a low-cost gift this holiday season, candles with custom candle labels are perfect.

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  • custom e-cigarette labelsCustom E-Cigarette Labels are Pivotal in a Growing Market

    So, what makes for the perfect custom e-cigarette label? The straightforward answer is there's no magic recipe you can follow to guarantee your product's success in a burgeoning market. In fact, one look at some of the top e-cigarette brands referenced by Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews, makes it quite obvious there is no formula - each company has its own unique product label and packaging. In a growing market, standing out is critical. If you look at other popular product categories, it's quite easy to see that differentiation is key.

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  • E-Cigarette LabelsE-Cigarette Labels are a Must to Stand Out

    To capitalize on the recent popularity of e-cigarettes, manufacturers will need to take another look at their e-cigarette labels to ensure they capture consumers' attention. The e-cigarette business is booming. As WBOY reported, many smokers have turned to e-cigarettes because of the numerous perceived advantages associated with them. For example, in many cities, smoking is banned indoors. However, because e-cigarettes are vapors, smokers can use them to get around such bans. Others have cited health benefits due to the lack of hazardous chemicals.

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