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    2015-Nutraceutical-labelsDesign New Nutraceutical Custom Labels for 2015

    A new calendar year is the perfect time for companies to rethink their custom labels. For businesses, a lot of changes can occur over the course of a year, and they may look to expand to new target markets, roll out innovative products, remove outdated offerings and make a number of other changes. New custom labels are a great way to make that clean break and reset the brand image.

    When it comes to nutraceutical companies, the new year is the perfect time to revise product labels. People often make various health-related New Year's resolutions - perhaps they want to lose weight, get in shape or put on some muscle.

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  • Custome Wine Bottle LabelsPersonalized Wine Labels Grow Vintners' Brands

    Just as vintners labor tirelessly over their latest batch of wine, so too should they spend the necessary amount of time developing their personalized wine labels. In the absence knowledge, people often look at wine labels as a means of learning about certain brands. A creative wine label that is not only expertly designed aesthetically but also conveys all the necessary and required information can be a great asset for any burgeoning brand to leverage. When it comes to a high-end products such as wine, the brand name matters significantly. Unlike other products, particularly goods such as paper towels that are primarily for utilitarian purposes, wine attracts a certain breed of consumers.

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  • Custom Labels are the Perfect Assets to Disclose Vital Information Establishing a strong brand is pivotal for the success of any company. This helps businesses develop a relationships with customers and establish themselves as trustworthy industry thought leaders. Unfortunately, brands are falling short in a number of different areas, which leaves them unable to forge the tight-knit relationships with customers they desire.

    A recent report from Edelman noted many of the ways in which brands are failing to reach customers' expectations, and one of the leading areas was transparency. Whereas 68 percent of respondents said open communication and transparency about how products and services are sourced and made was important to them, only 15 percent believed that brands followed through in that regard.

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  • A Mistake on Product Labels Results in Recall
    Ikea, the Swedish furniture retailer, was recently forced to recall pasta products in Singapore due to incomplete custom labels.

    The Straits Times reported that two variants of Ikea's pasta products shipped to market with no mention of the fact that they contained soy as an ingredient. This oversight could have put people with soy allergies in danger, inducing reactions if those products were consumed. Customers who bought the mislabeled pasta products are being encouraged to bring them back to their local Ikea stores for full refunds.

    Why Product Recalls are Detrimental for Brands
    Product recalls, particularly for something as petty as mislabeled products, should be avoided at all costs.

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  • Personalized Stickers

    Personalized Stickers for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Personalized stickers can be used by a wide variety of charities to help build awareness for their cause and may aid them in fundraising, getting people involved as volunteers and other such mission-critical tasks. When it comes to charitable foundations, garnering exposure is key to success and powers all of their other activities. With Breast Cancer Awareness Month currently ongoing, charities should be actively considering the goals of their current initiatives and then considering what they can do to achieve these objectives.

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  • E-cig Labels Contain Wordy Warnings to Potential Buyers Tobacco companies do not have the greatest reputation when it comes to being honest with customers, but it seems they may be turning a new leaf when it comes to the sale of E-cigarettes. The Washington Post recently reported that several major tobacco brands are actually including warnings on their E-cigarette product labels that are longer than what is required of them.

    One spokesperson from Altria told the news source this was part of an initiative to "openly and honestly communicate about health effects" of E-cigarettes, which have gained a lot of traction in recent years.

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  • Many Distilleries are Not Transparent with Product Labels. Product labels often have a big impact on purchasing decisions when it comes to liquor. People like to support local breweries and distilleries, and they also care deeply about other aspects, such as the age of the spirits or how it was made. All of this information can generally be found by quickly looking at product labels.

    However, the Denver Post recently reported that many startup distilleries​ are ,being deceptive about this information by misrepresenting key facts about their spirits. Liquor is increasingly being produced in industrial factories in major producer states such as Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee and is then being rebranded as "local.

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  • Promotional Product LabelsPromotional Stickers Help Brands Get off on the Right Foot

    People are often told not to judge books by their covers and should regard quality over everything else, but when it comes to promotional stickers and brand labels, that may not be the case. In lieu of any other information, labels and stickers are often product manufacturers' best ways of garnering shoppers' attention and making positive first impressions.

    Food Navigator reported on a study conducted by researchers Simone Mueller and Gergely Szoinoki, who found that various label cues actually have a strong impact on how people evaluate goods.

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  • Breast Cancer Custom StickersPromote Breast Cancer Awareness Month Activities with Custom Event Stickers

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means many businesses will participate in activities designed to bolster exposure for preventive measures and raise money for research for breast cancer. Custom event stickers can be used by companies for a variety of purposes, whether they are sold to customers to raise donations or printed for promotional purposes.

    The Different Ways to Utilize Awareness Stickers

    Awareness tickers can be placed around stores as decorations to remind customers of Breast Cancer Awareness Month products and services.

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  • Health and Beauty Product LabelsBeauty Product Labels Add a Layer of Class

    Health and personal care products are all about image, so it only makes sense to craft sleek and sexy health and beauty product labels that further amplify the perceived value of such items. This is true of any health and beauty goods, whether they be soap, shampoo, lipstick or anything in between. Health and beauty product manufacturers rely extensively on brand appeal to engage prospects. Depending on the target audience, brands could position their beauty products as being high-value for low cost, luxury products designed for specific customers or general personal care items

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