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    New Year, New Labels: Update Your Nutraceutical Labels to Appeal to Weight Loss Resolutions

    2015-Nutraceutical-labelsDesign New Nutraceutical Custom Labels for 2015

    A new calendar year is the perfect time for companies to rethink their custom labels. For businesses, a lot of changes can occur over the course of a year, and they may look to expand to new target markets, roll out innovative products, remove outdated offerings and make a number of other changes. New custom labels are a great way to make that clean break and reset the brand image. When it comes to nutraceutical companies, the new year is the perfect time to revise product labels. People often make various health-related New Year's resolutions - perhaps they want to lose weight, get in shape or put on some muscle. Those are all common resolutions, but many of these people may not know where to start or which products they need to embark on their journeys to fulfill their goals. Seasonal custom labels may lead people down the correct path while also establish the nutraceutical company in question as an industry thought leader. In that regard, the product label is not only beneficial as a marketing piece to generate sales, but a necessity for inspiring loyalty in customers who will come back to the brand for future purchases.

    Custom Labels Must Be Made for the Target Audience

    When nutraceutical brands rethink their custom labels, it is pivotal they keep their target audiences in mind. For example, a supplement manufacturer may have a very specific audience to consider - weight lifters, people on diets and other health-conscious individuals. This affects the claims that are featured on labels, imagery used and other prominent packaging elements. However, if nutraceutical companies want to do a special, limited-run release - for instance, targeting people making new years resolutions - they need to rethink their approach to label designs. Resolution-makers may not be well-acquainted with supplements, vitamins and other dietary consumables. Product labels should reflect that by perhaps being easier to understand - featuring less jargon and containing more detailed usage instructions geared toward people who may be new to the fit lifestyle.

    Nutraceutical Labeling for All Occasions

    Regardless of whether supplement companies want to update their nutraceutical labeling for New Year's or any other event, they must keep the target audience in mind. This will help them craft the most relevant packaging and maximize their appeal to customers.

  • Grow your Brand with Customized Wine Bottle Labels

    Custome Wine Bottle LabelsPersonalized Wine Labels Grow Vintners' Brands

    Just as vintners labor tirelessly over their latest batch of wine, so too should they spend the necessary amount of time developing their personalized wine labels. In the absence knowledge, people often look at wine labels as a means of learning about certain brands. A creative wine label that is not only expertly designed aesthetically but also conveys all the necessary and required information can be a great asset for any burgeoning brand to leverage. When it comes to a high-end products such as wine, the brand name matters significantly. Unlike other products, particularly goods such as paper towels that are primarily for utilitarian purposes, wine attracts a certain breed of consumers. To them, wine is a part of their persona, and one study conducted by French Wines with Style even came to that direct conclusion. "They say you can tell a lot about someone from their favorite tipple, and it seems that it is definitely the case when it comes to wine," a spokesperson from the company told the Daily Mail. "From the study, it looks as though those with certain personality traits are drawn to certain styles of wine." This is why it is so important that vintners keep their brand positioning in mind. When people find brands they like and speak to them as individuals, they are likely to become repeat buyers in the future.

    Custom Wine Labels are Where the Branding Starts

    Of course, there are a number of important factors to consider when selecting a wine, but vintners should not underestimate the value of custom wine labels. People will look for they type of wine, where it is made, its age, what ingredients were involved in the making of each bottle and other crucial information. All of this data can be printed straight on the wine label. The front of the label is where vintners get to promote their brand. Everything from the imagery and font used to the promotional ad copy written to sell the bottle to consumers needs to be designed with the target audience in mind.

    Printing Labels for Wine Bottles

    Because labels for wine bottles are so crucial for establishing a brand, vintners should work with experienced label printing companies to ensure they come up with high-quality labels that put their brands in the best light.

  • Transparency an Area Where Many Brands Fall Short

    Custom Labels are the Perfect Assets to Disclose Vital Information
    Establishing a strong brand is pivotal for the success of any company. This helps businesses develop a relationships with customers and establish themselves as trustworthy industry thought leaders. Unfortunately, brands are falling short in a number of different areas, which leaves them unable to forge the tight-knit relationships with customers they desire.

    A recent report from Edelman noted many of the ways in which brands are failing to reach customers' expectations, and one of the leading areas was transparency. Whereas 68 percent of respondents said open communication and transparency about how products and services are sourced and made was important to them, only 15 percent believed that brands followed through in that regard.

    Using Product Labels to Bolster Transparency
    Although there are plenty of avenues for brands to inform customers about how their products are sourced and made, one of the best ways of doing so is right on the product label. When customers are shopping at the store, they may not have a smartphone to research this information, but if it is included on the product labels, they will not have to think twice about making purchases.

  • Pasta Recalled Due to Label Snafu

    A Mistake on Product Labels Results in Recall
    Ikea, the Swedish furniture retailer, was recently forced to recall pasta products in Singapore due to incomplete custom labels.

    The Straits Times reported that two variants of Ikea's pasta products shipped to market with no mention of the fact that they contained soy as an ingredient. This oversight could have put people with soy allergies in danger, inducing reactions if those products were consumed. Customers who bought the mislabeled pasta products are being encouraged to bring them back to their local Ikea stores for full refunds.

    Why Product Recalls are Detrimental for Brands
    Product recalls, particularly for something as petty as mislabeled products, should be avoided at all costs. In the case of product label mistakes, it makes the company look disorganized and incompetent. Additionally, recalling products, having to repackage them all and send them back to market is a huge cost. Plus, if someone is harmed by a mislabeled product, it could result in a huge PR disaster for brands.

    Companies should work with a professional label printing company to ensure no mistakes with labels and stickers occur.

  • Raise Awareness for Your Charity with Personalized Stickers

    Personalized Stickers

    Personalized Stickers for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Personalized stickers can be used by a wide variety of charities to help build awareness for their cause and may aid them in fundraising, getting people involved as volunteers and other such mission-critical tasks. When it comes to charitable foundations, garnering exposure is key to success and powers all of their other activities. With Breast Cancer Awareness Month currently ongoing, charities should be actively considering the goals of their current initiatives and then considering what they can do to achieve these objectives. As The Guardian noted, many organizations actually do a poor job of setting goals for themselves, which results in them being unable to accomplish their objectives. These goals do not have to be overly technical - they can be as simple as a single sentence, such as maximizing event attendance. They do, however, have to be clear and actionable. In the previous example, charities can then go about finding ways to raise awareness of events and deploying initiatives to get people to come and participate.

    Utilizing Personalized Event Stickers to Accomplish Objectives

    Personalized event stickers can be used by charities for a number of distinct purposes and because they are so versatile and inexpensive to use, nonprofit organizations should consider all the different potential uses. For example, say charities want to sell products and donate the proceeds to breast cancer research and treatment. They can use product stickers to mark which items are a part of the promotion, which allows customers to pick the products that qualify if they want to contribute to the cause. Charities could also use specifically designed stickers for limited-run products that will only be sold during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Or, if charitable foundations want to promote an upcoming event, they could send personalized event stickers to people on their donation list via direct mail. This not only informs frequent donors of the upcoming event, but it also gives them a way to advertise the event to other people. For example, recipients could mount stickers on community event boards or place them on their equipment at work to raise even more awareness.

    Custom Stickers: The Perfect Solution for Charities on a Budget

    Perhaps the best thing about custom stickers in the context of nonprofit organizations is the fact that they are not expensive, yet they are incredibly powerful tools. Compared to other promotional mediums, such as radio or television ads, sending a few stickers to contributors on charities' lists is not very expensive.

  • Big Tobacco Looks to Promote Transparency with E-cig Labels

    E-cig Labels Contain Wordy Warnings to Potential Buyers
    Tobacco companies do not have the greatest reputation when it comes to being honest with customers, but it seems they may be turning a new leaf when it comes to the sale of E-cigarettes. The Washington Post recently reported that several major tobacco brands are actually including warnings on their E-cigarette product labels that are longer than what is required of them.

    One spokesperson from Altria told the news source this was part of an initiative to "openly and honestly communicate about health effects" of E-cigarettes, which have gained a lot of traction in recent years.

    Although E-cigarettes may still result in addiction to Nicotine, many industry experts have suggested they may be healthier because people are inhaling a less-harmful vapor. Some organizations have even claimed E-cigarettes could be used to help wean people off conventional cigarettes, although there is little evidence to support this assertion.

    Promoting Transparency with Product Labels
    At the end of the day, it is in the best interests of companies to be open with customers through product labels. Trust is often the cornerstone of any healthy relationship, and this concept greatly applies to brand-customer connections. By being straight forward on product labels about any potential harmful side effects, companies ensure customers are aware of the risks and make the best choices for themselves.

    This goes for any company that produces goods that could potentially harm customers, whether they be making medication, cigarettes, unhealthy food, insect repellant or anything else. Transparency is critical, and customers deserve to know if their health is at risk.

  • Transparency Issues Plague Liquor Product Labels

    Many Distilleries are Not Transparent with Product Labels.
    Product labels often have a big impact on purchasing decisions when it comes to liquor. People like to support local breweries and distilleries, and they also care deeply about other aspects, such as the age of the spirits or how it was made. All of this information can generally be found by quickly looking at product labels.

    However, the Denver Post recently reported that many startup distilleries​ are ,being deceptive about this information by misrepresenting key facts about their spirits. Liquor is increasingly being produced in industrial factories in major producer states such as Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee and is then being rebranded as "local."

    The draw is obvious - a startup company does not often have the resources to wait years for liquor to mature into a premium product. Instead, the distilleries cropping up around the country are just purchasing their liquor from other producers and passing it off as their own.

    "This whole thing is like comparing an air-guitar player to a real guitarist," Rory Donovan, co-founder of 9-year-old Peach Street Distillers in Palisade, told the news source. "One of them is pretending to be the other."

    The Consequences of Misleading Product Labels
    Although there may be a financial incentive to misrepresent booze with inaccurate product labels, doing so has an immense consequence. Some distilleries are already facing class-action lawsuits for their shady label practices and recovering from such fiascoes will take years to come. Customers will have a hard time believing the same company in the future.

    Brands should always have the consumer's best interests in mind, and that starts by utilizing ethical labeling practices.

  • 3 Tips for Maximizing First Impressions for Promotional Product Labels

    Promotional Product LabelsPromotional Stickers Help Brands Get off on the Right Foot

    People are often told not to judge books by their covers and should regard quality over everything else, but when it comes to promotional stickers and brand labels, that may not be the case. In lieu of any other information, labels and stickers are often product manufacturers' best ways of garnering shoppers' attention and making positive first impressions. Food Navigator reported on a study conducted by researchers Simone Mueller and Gergely Szoinoki, who found that various label cues actually have a strong impact on how people evaluate goods. The report focused primarily on wine bottles, but product manufacturers from a variety of industries may be able to learn from the study. Essentially, label style and design played a significant role in people's assessment of products and brands, and were even more influential on purchase decisions than blind taste tests. This was particularly the case in young consumers with no experience with buying wine - they did not know what to look for in terms of where the beverage was made or other key facts, so labels were actually tremendously important in piquing their interests. Because product stickers and labels are so important to establishing brand connections, here are three design tips to get companies started: 1. Custom Logo Stickers Must Keep the Target in Mind Who are companies trying to reach with their custom logo stickers? Different label designs can radically shift the message brands are sending to prospective customers. Using different colors, imagery, fonts and other aspects can completely reposition a product in the mind of customers. Vibrant, loud colors and cartoon-inspired graphics may make an item appeal to children, whereas more subdued imagery with minimal design work can make the same product seems luxurious. 2. Custom Decals Need to Be Professional By working with experienced printing companies in the production of custom decals, businesses can rest assured they are getting the best labels for their products. There are a lot of considerations that must be must be taken into account, ranging from budget to where the item will be stored. 3. Ensure Labels Meet Regulatory Standards Although not really a design tip, it is crucial to ensure that companies consider any regulations when creating their labels. No one wants to fabricate the perfect label, only to find out they forgot to include room for an ingredient list.

  • Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Custom Stickers

    Breast Cancer Custom StickersPromote Breast Cancer Awareness Month Activities with Custom Event Stickers

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means many businesses will participate in activities designed to bolster exposure for preventive measures and raise money for research for breast cancer. Custom event stickers can be used by companies for a variety of purposes, whether they are sold to customers to raise donations or printed for promotional purposes.

    The Different Ways to Utilize Awareness Stickers

    Awareness tickers can be placed around stores as decorations to remind customers of Breast Cancer Awareness Month products and services. For example, Forbes reported that Panera Bread offers customers its seasonal Pink Ribbon Bagel during October, which helps the brand raise $1.3 million annually for charities. Stickers could be posted as decorations around the store to ensure people are aware of the product and know how the funds from the purchase are used. They could even be posted near the checkout so people waiting in line can rethink their order to get the special bagel. Panera could also send stickers straight to customers as an additional measure to drive awareness. Customers could post these stickers around the workplace (with permission) or the house to ensure everyone knows about the Pink Ribbon Bagel. Of course, Panera is not the only business that does special things to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, all companies could use awareness stickers as a means to promote events and activities, whether they are holding some sort of specific event or are simply selling special merchandise and giving the proceeds to charities. It does not matter whether companies sell clothes, wine or anything else - stickers are great tools for bolstering awareness.

    Printing Customized Stickers for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Although October is already underway, it is not too late for brands to print customized stickers to help drive awareness for themed product offerings and events. This is particularly the case for events happening later in the month. Digital printing companies such as Lightning Labels offer numerous services that can help brands print limited-run stickers quickly and effectively so they can still promote product offerings and events without breaking budgets. Although these stickers are produced promptly at value price points, they are also high-quality offerings that are sure to garner the attention of any customer that happens to see them.

  • Professional Labels Improve the Quality of Health and Beauty Products

    Health and Beauty Product LabelsBeauty Product Labels Add a Layer of Class

    Health and personal care products are all about image, so it only makes sense to craft sleek and sexy health and beauty product labels that further amplify the perceived value of such items. This is true of any health and beauty goods, whether they be soap, shampoo, lipstick or anything in between. Health and beauty product manufacturers rely extensively on brand appeal to engage prospects. Depending on the target audience, brands could position their beauty products as being high-value for low cost, luxury products designed for specific customers or general personal care items. Regardless of who companies are trying to reach, establishing a brand that speaks directly to customers is paramount. Establishing a brand takes place in multiple phases. It might start with seeing an advertisement on television, getting a free sample in a magazine or in any number of places. However, it all solidifies when customers get to the store and start browsing the health and beauty aisle. This is where the product label comes in - it helps to reaffirm people's pre-conceived notions of the brand. Everything from the color used on the label to the claims made on the packaging can influence customer purchase decisions. A well-designed product label that communicates a company's brand value to customers can be just what organizations need to tip the scales in their favor.

    Health Product Labels are About More than Good Looks

    There is no denying that the aesthetic appeal of health product labels is crucial to piquing the interest of prospective customers. However, it is also critical that these labels contain all the necessary information required by regulatory bodies. This may include ingredient lists, usage instructions, manufacturer contact information and other crucial tidbits. Although all this content is often required by law, beauty product companies should want to include it simply because it allows customers to make better purchasing decisions. No brand wants customers to buy one of their offerings and have an allergic reaction because they were unaware of the ingredients contained in the bottle. Not only will angry customers be less likely to buy a product from another line of offerings, they may even give the company bad reviews.

    Custom Labels are Effective Advertising Pieces for Any Product

    Whether beauty product manufacturers are small-time organizations selling goods locally from their own homes or major corporations, custom labels are critical when it comes to personal care goods. They not only help convey brand values but also enable firms to communicate important information about the contents of products. If brands want to make the best first impression, they need to take a long, hard look at their custom labels and ask if they are doing an adequate job. If they are not, it may be time to get in touch with a printing company to get custom labels that will fit the bill.

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