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    Beverage LabelsWater Bottles Don't Just Hydrate

    Events can be enlightening and engaging gatherings of some brilliant minds, but at the same time, attendees can become thirsty after all that talking. This is why so many events and conferences keep participants hydrated by passing out (or selling) water bottles to attendees. However, these water bottles serve multiple purposes - they should not just be used for quenching the thirst of those at events. Companies can actually use water bottles as marketing and branding pieces at events, establishing themselves as thought leaders. When people walk by the venue, or if attendees bring their water bottles elsewhere, everyone will know which organization is handling the event due to the personalized labels featured on the containers.

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  • Incorrect Custom Labels May Result in Product Recalls
    City Line Foods, a Pennsylvania-based food brand, is being forced to recall more than 1 million pounds of product after it was discovered the custom labels did not make note of a specific allergen contained in the ingredients.

    MCall reported the Food and Drug Administration recalled the product on Saturday as it contained soy lecithin, an allergen not listed on the packaging's ingredients label. More than 1 million pounds of product, dated as far back as Feb. 14, 2014, will be taken back by the brand. City Line Foods products span popular brands, such as Auntie Anne's All Beef Classic Pretzel Dogs to Nathan's Famous Pretzel Dogs.

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  • Holiday LabelsHoliday Product Labels are Perfect for Capitalizing on Black Friday Sales

    Although Black Friday is just a few short days away, there is still time for brands to print holiday product labels for their goods. Black Friday is one of the biggest sales holidays of the year, with millions of Americans shopping online and in physical retail stores to get the gifts they need for their loved ones. Savvy product manufacturers can capitalize on this sales holiday by creating limited-runs of goods complete with special labels.

    Last year, as many as 141 million Americans shopped across the entirety of Thanksgiving weekend, with more than 92 million doing so on Black Friday itself, the National Retail Federation reported.

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  • Custom Labels Do Not Need to be Complex to Grab Customers' Attention There is a common expression that suggests less is often more, and this is no more true than when it comes to custom labels and product packaging. Many companies are under the impression they need vibrant, colorful packages that pop out on the shelf in order to catch prospects' interest, but that is not necessarily the case. In some instances, that may be the best approach, but in others, a more subdued label may be ideal.

    Take, for example, Rhyton Cretan Thyme Honey. The honey won a premium-quality specialty gastronomic product award in the Great Taste Awards of 2014, which Packaging Europe described as the Oscars for food items.

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  • Custom Holiday StickersHoliday Gifts for Employees Can Add Up

    With November already upon us, many people are scrambling to buy holiday gifts for their friends, family members, coworkers and others in their lives. This includes businesses as well - they realize that recognizing their employees for a year of hard work has real benefits, and so many purchase presents for employees as a way of rewarding them. noted the average business spends $75 per employee during the holidays for parties and gifts, but that figure has the potential to balloon out of control if firms get too swept up by holiday cheer.

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  • Custom Warning LabelsHousehold Warning Labels Help Protect Children

    Household warning labels are crucial for not only ensuring products are used correctly, but also helping prevent accidental injuries or sickness among children. For adults, it is often easy to think of the home as a safe place - we are aware of the products stored in the home and ideally know how to use them appropriately. However, when children are added to the mix, the home can suddenly become a potentially deadly place. Perhaps kids could get into areas they should not be and gain hold of products that could harm them. Or adults could potentially misuse a product that could cause sickness among children because the dosage or requirements are different.

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  • Bath and Body Product Labels Must be Pristine

    While presentation is important for any consumer good, bath and body product labels are particularly crucial to the success of brands in this category. This is because loyalty tends to be scarce when it comes to this product category - people tend to buy whatever is on sale or attracts their attention, according to one study conducted by Mintel and reported by GCI Magazine.

    Because people have such little regard for bath and body product brands, that means every time they need to buy a new item in this category, it is a new opportunity for companies to make a sale.

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  • Colors Brand SuccessCustom Product Labels Need to Make Effective Use of Colors

    When companies are thinking about redesigning their custom product labels, the first thing they need to look at is their use of colors. Although many brands may not realize this, color is actually a tremendous tool when it comes to conveying meaning and messages in a nonverbal way. Each and every color can convey something different, particularly when used in different combinations or by a specific brand. Empower Yourself With Color Psychology, a website that focuses on the different meanings of colors, noted how even a single color can allude to multiple messages.

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  • Holiday Custom Wine LabelsPersonalized Wine Labels Bring Gifts to the Next Level

    Homemade gifts are always appreciated, but going the extra mile by adding personalized wine labels can leave an even bigger impact on the recipient.

    Think of it this way - if people have ever received a homemade gift before, it is generally obvious because it comes in nondescript packaging. While it takes time to make these goods, subconsciously, homemade gifts may send the message that givers did not try as hard as they could have when getting a gift for the other person.

    However, professionally printed, personalized labels can bring the gift to the next level.

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  • Customized Candle LabelsCandle Labels Help Manufacturers Fit Every Holiday

    Candle labels do more than convey information about a product, they also help manufacturers position their candles for specific seasons, holidays and other themes. Take one look at the next two months and it will become quite apparent there are numerous occasions that may call for specialized candles. For instance, orange and black candles may be perfect for Halloween celebrations. Advent candles are a common decoration in advance of Christmas, while menorah candles play a pivotal role in the observance of Hanukkah. Whether it is a religious celebration, a holiday or simply a way to commemorate the passing of seasons, there are candles can be used for numerous occasions.

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