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    Make Your Next Event a Splash with Personalized Water Bottle Labels

    Beverage LabelsWater Bottles Don't Just Hydrate

    Events can be enlightening and engaging gatherings of some brilliant minds, but at the same time, attendees can become thirsty after all that talking. This is why so many events and conferences keep participants hydrated by passing out (or selling) water bottles to attendees. However, these water bottles serve multiple purposes - they should not just be used for quenching the thirst of those at events. Companies can actually use water bottles as marketing and branding pieces at events, establishing themselves as thought leaders. When people walk by the venue, or if attendees bring their water bottles elsewhere, everyone will know which organization is handling the event due to the personalized labels featured on the containers.

    Customized Water Bottle Labels Promote a Brand

    Event holders should look into customized water bottle labels as a means of reinforcing their brand messaging. At events and conferences, everyone needs to stay hydrated, it helps them remain alert and aware. By using custom water bottle labels, brands can get free advertising among event attendees as well as when people walk by the venue, bolstering brand exposure for a significant margin. The big upside to customized water bottle labels is that they are cost effective marketing tools. Organizing or sponsoring an event, particularly a large-scale industry conference or something similar, can be expensive. However, handing out water bottles with branded labels can be done for a fraction of the cost, which can be crucial for businesses on a tight budget. They do not need to spend big to leave a mark in their industries.

    Bottle Labels Design Tips

    That being said, crafting water bottle labels is not as easy as it may seem. Water bottles are stored at a variety of temperatures - they may be shipped in the back of a hot truck and then stored in cool freezers. They could also be carried around in coolers that fill with water as the ice melts. Labels must be designed with all of the environmental factors in mind. If the adhesive melts in high temperatures, the adhesive could melt and the label bubbles. In cold temperatures or watery environments, labels are liable to slip off. Brands must keep this in mind as they choose the adhesive and paper liners for their water bottle projects.

  • Frozen Pretzel Dog Sales Iced as Product is Recalled

    Incorrect Custom Labels May Result in Product Recalls
    City Line Foods, a Pennsylvania-based food brand, is being forced to recall more than 1 million pounds of product after it was discovered the custom labels did not make note of a specific allergen contained in the ingredients.

    MCall reported the Food and Drug Administration recalled the product on Saturday as it contained soy lecithin, an allergen not listed on the packaging's ingredients label. More than 1 million pounds of product, dated as far back as Feb. 14, 2014, will be taken back by the brand. City Line Foods products span popular brands, such as Auntie Anne's All Beef Classic Pretzel Dogs to Nathan's Famous Pretzel Dogs.

    As Chris Kresser explained, soy lecithin is an additive found in many products in the food supply, ranging from salad dressings to tea bags. However, it can trigger an allergic reaction in some people, which is why companies using soy lecithin must disclose it in the ingredient lists featured on packaging and labels.

    Accurate Custom Labels Prevent Damaging Recalls
    Product recalls due to errors on packaging labels can be particularly costly. In this specific instance, the recall may even have a negative impact on Auntie Anne's pretzel stores, commonly found in malls, airports and other venues worldwide, even though products sold at these venues have accurate labels. People may hear about the recall and avoid these products in the future.

    Executing a product recall can be a costly endeavor, as it requires the manufacturer to replace the good and may even hold them responsible for any damage caused by the recalled good. This is why it is crucial that brands work with a trustable custom label printing company as they produce their goods, as it may help them avoid such recalls.

  • Time is Running Out! Prepare for the Black Friday Rush with Holiday Themed Product Labels

    Holiday LabelsHoliday Product Labels are Perfect for Capitalizing on Black Friday Sales

    Although Black Friday is just a few short days away, there is still time for brands to print holiday product labels for their goods. Black Friday is one of the biggest sales holidays of the year, with millions of Americans shopping online and in physical retail stores to get the gifts they need for their loved ones. Savvy product manufacturers can capitalize on this sales holiday by creating limited-runs of goods complete with special labels. Last year, as many as 141 million Americans shopped across the entirety of Thanksgiving weekend, with more than 92 million doing so on Black Friday itself, the National Retail Federation reported. Estimated expenditures across the weekend eclipsed $400 per person, with total retail spending increasing 3.9 percent to $602 billion nationally. Clearly, there is a lot of fervor around Black Friday, and by making special themed products for the sales holiday, product manufacturers may be able to benefit from the increased shopping activity.

    Christmas-Themed Label Ideas for Black Friday

    Black Friday is considered to be the start of the holiday season, so brands making special packaging may want to consider Christmas-themed labels. These labels will be topically relevant and help bring holiday cheer to shoppers. Christmas labels could feature any number of different imagery or text - the key is presenting these elements in a way that will convey the feeling of the holidays. Snow-covered landscapes, Christmas trees, reindeer and sleighs, wrapped gifts, candles - these are all common motifs used on product packaging to ensure customers realize certain goods are of the holiday-inspired persuasion. For some products, holiday labels are important because they visually tell customers what type of item it is. For instance, holiday-themed labels are frequently found on winter lagers or eggnog to help differentiate them from standard brews or dairy products. For other product categories, themed labels may just be a fun way to celebrate the holidays and get in the Christmas spirit.

    Festive Labels Do Not Take Months to Print

    Although the holidays are essentially upon us, it is not too late to print festive labels. Digital printing is a technique many label and sticker companies use to produce labels quickly, particularly for limited runs, and is perfect for festive packaging needs.

  • When Less is More

    Custom Labels Do Not Need to be Complex to Grab Customers' Attention There is a common expression that suggests less is often more, and this is no more true than when it comes to custom labels and product packaging. Many companies are under the impression they need vibrant, colorful packages that pop out on the shelf in order to catch prospects' interest, but that is not necessarily the case. In some instances, that may be the best approach, but in others, a more subdued label may be ideal.

    Take, for example, Rhyton Cretan Thyme Honey. The honey won a premium-quality specialty gastronomic product award in the Great Taste Awards of 2014, which Packaging Europe described as the Oscars for food items. While the quality of the product itself was great, most brands understand that an eye-catching label is necessary to draw the interest of potential buyers as well.

    Fortunately, Rhyton Cretan Thyme Honey was an award-winner on that end as well. Packaging Europe reported the honey's label was recognized by the international FINAT Label Competition for its packaging. The label employed only two colors, which helped the brand promote the honey as a luxury product. Additionally, the label used a silver substrate for moisture-resistance and wipeability.

    Remember that Less is More As brands look to design a signature look for their products, it is crucial they keep Rhyton Cretan Thyme Honey in mind. As that brand proved, product packaging does not need to be gaudy and over the top to leave a mark - sometimes, a little bit of simplicity can go a long way, particularly for companies looking to establish a luxury feel.

  • Custom Stickers Add Cheer to Company Holiday Gifts

    Custom Holiday StickersHoliday Gifts for Employees Can Add Up

    With November already upon us, many people are scrambling to buy holiday gifts for their friends, family members, coworkers and others in their lives. This includes businesses as well - they realize that recognizing their employees for a year of hard work has real benefits, and so many purchase presents for employees as a way of rewarding them. noted the average business spends $75 per employee during the holidays for parties and gifts, but that figure has the potential to balloon out of control if firms get too swept up by holiday cheer. At the end of the day, organizations do not need to spend a boatload on gifts for employees, but going the extra mile and giving them something special can make a world of difference.

    Custom Stickers Do Not Have to Be Expensive Projects

    One way brands can give employees something to remember is by utilizing custom stickers. By replacing product labels and stickers with a personalized version, companies can make their gifts more unique.

    For example, instead of giving workers a chocolate bar with the regular wrapping, perhaps offer up a custom label with their picture or name. Businesses could even include a personalized message, commending them for a specific task done earlier in the year or simply appreciating them for their continued hard work. This makes a seemingly normal gift more meaningful and can add a sentimental edge.

    Of course, a candy bar is only one example. Businesses could also use custom labels and stickers on other products, such as bath soaps, wine bottles and water bottles. The key is personalizing these products with messages and imagery, all while utilizing the company's branding as well.

    Holiday Stickers Add More Flair to Gifts

    If companies want to go all out for their gifts, they could even use holiday stickers to add another layer of flair. In addition to personalized content, holiday-themed imagery such as snowflakes or wrapped presents could be added. This shows recipients that companies did not simply dig some branded merchandise out of the closet and give it to them as a gift.

    Regardless of which approach brands want to take, the key is making a meaningful gesture toward employees. Even the small things count when it comes to making workers happy.

  • Product Warning Labels Protect Children from Safety Hazards

    Custom Warning LabelsHousehold Warning Labels Help Protect Children

    Household warning labels are crucial for not only ensuring products are used correctly, but also helping prevent accidental injuries or sickness among children. For adults, it is often easy to think of the home as a safe place - we are aware of the products stored in the home and ideally know how to use them appropriately. However, when children are added to the mix, the home can suddenly become a potentially deadly place. Perhaps kids could get into areas they should not be and gain hold of products that could harm them. Or adults could potentially misuse a product that could cause sickness among children because the dosage or requirements are different. Teenagers could even wind up misusing products because they are not aware of side effects - one common combination is the mixing of bleach and ammonia when doing chores such as cleaning the bathroom, which may result in toxic gases. Either way, adults need to think twice about the safety of their own homes when children come into the equation. Even if they know how to safely use products (which is not even a guarantee in the first place), it is highly likely their kids may wind up injuring themselves accidentally by misusing particular goods.

    Safety Labels and Stickers Bolster Hazard Awareness

    While product manufacturers cannot be there in person to ensure proper use of products, they can boost awareness of potential hazards through safety labels and stickers included on packaging. Many people look at labels and stickers as they dig through cabinets and cupboards to find the right items. By including warning labels on these goods in a prominent fashion somewhere on the label, brands can bolster awareness of proper use. If companies are really concerned, they could even highlight product warnings with bolded fonts, unique background colors and graphical images (such as skulls and cross bones). This may help draw attention to safety warnings, usage instructions and other important points.

    Custom Labels Keep Users Safe

    If there are some safety concerns that brands have regarding the applications of their products, there is no better way to promote these issues through custom labels. This ensures that hazards are well known to the buyer, who can then ensure any kids in the household are kept safe as well.

  • High-Quality Bath & Body Labels Reflect the Excellence of Your Product

    Bath and Body Product Labels Must be Pristine

    While presentation is important for any consumer good, bath and body product labels are particularly crucial to the success of brands in this category. This is because loyalty tends to be scarce when it comes to this product category - people tend to buy whatever is on sale or attracts their attention, according to one study conducted by Mintel and reported by GCI Magazine.

    Because people have such little regard for bath and body product brands, that means every time they need to buy a new item in this category, it is a new opportunity for companies to make a sale. This means they need to have standout packaging, as this can help attract the customer's attention and may encourage them to think about purchasing select products over others.

    Considering the potential market of health and beauty products, companies in this category need to make labels a priority. Not only do labels and packaging contain crucial information such as ingredient lists and usage instructions, but they also play an important role in terms of leaving positive impressions on potential customers.

    Quality Custom Labels, No Matter Dry or Wet

    One of the issues that many bath and body care product manufacturers encounter when producing their quality custom labels is the fact that packaging must be able to withstand a variety of storage conditions. For example, shampoo labels need to look pristine while sitting on dry shelves, but they also need to stand strong even while in wet showers.

    If label adhesive gets loose while wet, or if the paper liner itself wrinkles or rips, the product itself not only looks unprofessional, but it could also lead to incorrect usage. For example, if the labels for conditioner and shampoo products fall off, people may wind up using each of the items incorrectly.

    In that regard, careful consideration must be made when designing bath and body care product labels. It is not like designing more conventional packaging - these labels must stand firm to ensure the brand looks professional before, during and after use.

    Partner with the Right Printer for Customized Product Labels

    If bath and body care manufacturers want to print the perfect customized product labels, they should work with an experienced printer. The small things - such as understanding the needs of bath and body label companies and the perfect liner to withstand showers - often come naturally to professional printers, and help ensure brands do not print labels that will come off easily.

  • Choosing the Right Colors to Achieve Brand Success

    Colors Brand SuccessCustom Product Labels Need to Make Effective Use of Colors

    When companies are thinking about redesigning their custom product labels, the first thing they need to look at is their use of colors. Although many brands may not realize this, color is actually a tremendous tool when it comes to conveying meaning and messages in a nonverbal way. Each and every color can convey something different, particularly when used in different combinations or by a specific brand. Empower Yourself With Color Psychology, a website that focuses on the different meanings of colors, noted how even a single color can allude to multiple messages. As the source noted, someone wearing red could want to give off the message that he or she is ready to take action or perhaps feels passionate about what he or she is doing on that given day. Perhaps the individual is even feeling angry or fiery for one reason or another. Think of a label as clothes for a product. Packaging similarly conveys various messages based on the item or brand in question. By choosing the right colors and matching them to the appropriate brand or product, companies will be better positioned to engage prospects.

    How Colors Affect the Perception of Brand Labels

    So, how does the use of particular colors modify the messages being nonverbally conveyed by brand labels? Here is a quick run down of some of the most popular colors, as noted by Changing Minds:

    • Red: Red tends to embody energy and passion. This is a great color for brands that want to be perceived as being bold and strong - perfect for dietary supplements, pipe cleaner manufacturers, hot sauce and other similar commodities.
    • Pink: The color pink is generally associated with femininity and love. Products designed for women, such as female razors or beauty products, tend to use labels accented by the color pink.
    • Orange: Orange tends to convey a sense of affordability and low cost. Because of this, orange labels are perfect for budget-priced products, such as a store-brand of a name-brand product.
    • Purple: The color of royalty and elegance, purple is best used for high-end products that want to convey a sense of luxury and sophistication - you might see top-shelf spirits use the color purple to accent their labels.
    • Green: Durability, reliability and environmental friendliness. Product manufacturers producing all-natural goods that are safe for the environment often use the color green with their labels.
    • Blue: Honor, trust and loyalty. Brands that want to embody trustworthiness and security will use the color blue in their logos or on their product labels. For instance, banks and home security products may feature this color.

    Print Online Product Labels to Get the Best Colors

    Regardless of which colors are used, it is critical that brands contract a professional printing company to produce their product labels. This will help them avoid the issue of their labels coming out with the wrong colors. One of the worst things that could happen is designing a product label, only to have the hues be slightly off on the finished version.

  • Prepare for Holiday Gift-Giving with Custom Wine Labels

    Holiday Custom Wine LabelsPersonalized Wine Labels Bring Gifts to the Next Level

    Homemade gifts are always appreciated, but going the extra mile by adding personalized wine labels can leave an even bigger impact on the recipient.

    Think of it this way - if people have ever received a homemade gift before, it is generally obvious because it comes in nondescript packaging. While it takes time to make these goods, subconsciously, homemade gifts may send the message that givers did not try as hard as they could have when getting a gift for the other person.

    However, professionally printed, personalized labels can bring the gift to the next level. These labels and stickers can take the gift from a homemade project to something very near a professional level. It shows that the present was not something that the person had lying around and decided to repackage at the last moment as a gift. Instead, personalized labels make it clear the gift giver went through the effort to create a present specifically designed for the other person.

    Custom Wine Labels Transform Holiday Gifts

    With the holidays coming up, custom wine labels should be incorporated to any homemade wine projects gift givers may consider. Many people enjoy crafting their own wine or perhaps they just want to give a bottle to their friends with their own unique spin on it. Custom wine labels are perfect for the occasion, allowing gift givers to add an extra level of polish to their gift.

    Whether they want to invent a creative brand for their wine or simply want to create a personalized label with the recipient's name, a message, an in-joke or anything else, custom labels are the best way to do this. Customized wine labels can feature anything that a customer may want to put on it, such as funny imagery or their own logo.

    Labels for Wine Bottles Will Not Break the Bank

    While printing custom labels for wine bottles may sound like a time-consuming, costly endeavor, it actually is not a big deal at all. By working with a professional label printing company, anyone can print the perfect label for their wine gifts.

  • Holiday Themes Help Candle Makers Get Seasonal

    Customized Candle LabelsCandle Labels Help Manufacturers Fit Every Holiday

    Candle labels do more than convey information about a product, they also help manufacturers position their candles for specific seasons, holidays and other themes. Take one look at the next two months and it will become quite apparent there are numerous occasions that may call for specialized candles. For instance, orange and black candles may be perfect for Halloween celebrations. Advent candles are a common decoration in advance of Christmas, while menorah candles play a pivotal role in the observance of Hanukkah. Whether it is a religious celebration, a holiday or simply a way to commemorate the passing of seasons, there are candles can be used for numerous occasions.

    Print Custom Candle Labels to Celebrate the Times

    Candle makers will want to take advantage of seasonal events, and the best way to do this is to print custom candle labels. Labels can be updated quickly and seamlessly to fit any event, whether it is Halloween, Christmas or anything else. For example, updating a label with a picturesque, snow-covered landscape can help drive home the message that a specific candle is made for winter. Conversely, an orange and black label with spooky graphics may convey the notion that a candle is perfect for Halloween party decorations. Candle manufacturers can combine these labels with specific seasonal scents or wax colors to create total package candles designed for specific holidays. Although many businesses like to think of their packaging as being more or less permanent and do not want to update it frequently, label printing is actually quite cost-effective, and being seasonal with designs may actually generate a few additional sales along the way.

    Personalized Candle Labels for Specific Events

    Of course, along with the change of seasons comes reason to celebrate, and personalized candle labels may be perfect for any occasion. Perhaps a business is holding an office New Year's party or a religious organization is gathering attendees to observe a specific event such as Christmas. Candle labels can be personalized for these specific events, featuring the brand name and insignia of the company holding the event, the names of guests (perfect for assigning people to specific tables) or any other specific information on them. This will help organizations create a branded event instead of using generic labels.

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