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    Manufacturers Selling Goods in Some States May Need to Update Their Custom Labels
    Manufacturers of food and drink items that use genetically modified organisms may soon need to update their custom labels if they sell goods in Oregon and Colorado. Voters in these two states will soon get to decide whether these brands must reveal whether these modified ingredients are used in their products, The Wall Street Journal reported.

    Some of the commonly sold goods that may contain GMOs include corn, sugar beets and soybeans. These products are often altered to improve their resistance to pesticides, which allows farmers to ensure pests and insects do not wind up consuming and ruining the crop before it is ready for harvest.

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  • Nutraceutical ProductsCustom Labels Help Nutraceutical Brands Stand Out in the Crowd

    Although the dietary weight-loss supplement industry may be incredibly competitive, it is not impossible for nutraceutical brands to leave their mark if they have the right custom labels. According to Today's Dietitian, American consumers spent as much as $30 billion on dietary supplements in 2011, particularly products that promised to help them lose weight. In fact, approximately one-third of people making serious attempts to lose weight have turned to various supplements to help them achieve their goals. These products are particularly popular among young Americans, which makes the supplement market a lucrative venture for many companies

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