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    Just Mayo, a vegan mayonnaise product, has run into some legal trouble in recent weeks. The New Jersey Law Journal reported that Unilever, owner of popular mayo brands such as Hellman's and Best Foods, filed a law suit against Just Mayo for false labeling. While Unilever quickly withdrew the suit against Hampton Creek, that does not mean Just Mayo is out of the woods yet.

    Hampton Creek founder and CEO Josh Petrick said the company will not be substantially changing the product's label or how it is advertised. However, the size of the word "just" may be increased to promote transparency.

    Unilever had numerous problems with Just Mayo's label, notably the claim of superior taste but also with the classification of the product

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  • Custom Water Bottle LabelsCustom Stickers Bolster Brand Awareness at Conferences

    Custom stickers are effective tools for promoting brand awareness at events. With the end of the 2014 approaching and the beginning of 2015 just a few weeks away, it is time for many brands to begin looking at upcoming trade shows and other events. These conferences are the perfect places for professionals to interact with relevant prospects, spread the word about upcoming products and services, and establish their employers as thought leaders within particular industries by hosting pertinent discussions.

    Trade​ shows are in fact highly effective venues at which personnel can encourage interest in products and servi

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  • Customized Hot Sauce LabelsCustom Labels Help Light Sales Charts Ablaze

    People are increasingly staring at custom hot sauce labels whenever they open their pantries. Over the past decade, hot sauce has gone from being a relatively niche condiment to by the far the most popular one in the United States. Quartz reported earlier this year that the United States hot sauce market has actually grown more than 150 percent since 2000, which is more than several other leading condiments combined. The big game-changer has been millennials' affinity toward spicy food, most notably (but not limited to) buffalo wings. They love a couple of dashes of hot sauce on whatever they eat.

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  • Custom Bath and Body Product LabelsCustom Beauty Product Labels are the Perfect Place for Flaunting Quality Ingredients

    Many people are looking carefully at their custom beauty product labels before buying bath and body goods. They realize some of these items may contain hazardous chemicals and ingredients, such benzoyl peroxide and phthalates, and many popular web blogs and other sources have advised against using goods with these ingredients. At the same time, many bath and body products use high-quality ingredients that consumers are looking for. Our bodies absorb up to 60 percent of what we put on our skin, according to Mind Body Green, so while many customers are wary of hazardous additives, they are also looking for goods that make use of healthy ingredients as well.

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  • Warning Labels Help Parents Keep Children Safe 'Tis the season to be jolly, but if toy and game product manufacturers do not properly label their goods, the holiday season can turn sour quickly if injuries occur. While toys and games are designed for children, that does not always mean they are safe - they may feature small parts that can pose as choking hazards or otherwise jeopardize users. This is why it is crucial these items are labeled properly so parents can take the right course of action when supervising children.

    Many retailers are even taking a stand and not stocking toys and games that do not feature comprehensive safety warnings.

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  • Top Wine Label TrendsWine Bottle Labels Make or Break Sales

    Packaging is crucial for any product, but there is no category of goods in which it is more important than wine bottle labels. Although people often say that one should not judge products superficially, many wine fans do just that when it comes to making purchases at liquor or grocery stores. However, crafting a wine label is a complex process - vintners cannot just make a label and be done with it. They need to carefully consider target audiences as well as the values and messages of their own brand.

    Here are a few wine label trends that brands should consider:


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  • Outstanding Warning LabelsWarning Labels are Necessities on Many Household Products

    While most products are perfectly safe when used correctly, there is always the chance that someone could get hurt if they use certain items incorrectly. Perhaps the person is inexperienced in using the product or are children who do not know any better. Either way, it is critical that household products have noticeable warning labels to ensure proper usage and prevent people from accidentally harming or exposing themselves to dangerous chemicals or other hazards.

    However, as Visual Expert explained, the problem with many warning labels is that they do not always work the way they're supposed to.

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  • False Claims on Product Labels Lead to Statewide Ban
    The New Jersey Office of Weights and Measures recently announced a statewide ban of more than one dozen motor oil products after internal tests discovered each brand did not conform to the viscosity claimed on the label. These motor oils were often billed as being low-cost alternatives to more expensive oil products, but if used, they may wind up doing more harm than good to customers' motor vehicles, the Cliffview Pilot reported.

    The banned products cost between $3 and $4 per quart bottle, but retailers found selling them after the statewide ban will be fined for a $100 civil penalty per each bottle sold.

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  • Personalized Holiday StickersCustom Gift Stickers Make a One-of-a-Kind Present

    People always strive to be unique with their presents for others and custom gift stickers is one way they can do just that. Perhaps people are crafting a homemade gift or they just want to add a bit of flourish to a gift they bought at the store. Customized stickers, which can be attached to gifts in fun and creative ways, may feature personalized messages, unique images and other visual elements to really tie the gift together.

    Brainstorming Stickers for Christmas Presents

    If people have never made customized labels before, they may be drawing blanks trying to come up with stickers for Christmas presents.

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  • Informative Product LabelsCustom Product Labels are Perfect for a New Year

    A new look is perfect for a new year, and custom product labels are ideal for brands looking to turn the page on 2014 and open a new chapter. Whether brands want to launch new items or simply aim to refresh their image for 2015, packaging is often the best place to start as it helps companies make the optimal first impression.

    New Product Labels for Any Occasion

    There are numerous reasons brands may want to rethink their packaging and print up some new product labels. Here are a few common reasons companies take a look at their labels:

    • Product differentiation: If a product package does not jump off the store shelf and leave a mark on customers, brands may want to reconsider their labels.
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