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    Drug Manufacturer Issues Recall At this time of year, many people in the United States are ramping up their efforts to lose weight in a bid to make good on their New Year's resolutions to transform into healthier, happier versions of themselves. Some of these individuals go beyond more traditional approaches, such as developing exercise regimens and adhering to healthier diets, to get a boost of the pharmaceutical variety - namely, weight-loss drugs such as Belviq, also known as Lorcaserin HCI, which is manufactured by Arena Pharmaceuticals.

    During the Switzerland-based pharmaceutical company's last quarterly conference call, its senior executives revealed that more than 5,000 prescriptions for Belviq were being written per week and sales of the drug had hit $16.

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  • Promotional StickersCustom Labels Help Solidify the Brand

    When business leaders think about creating a world-renowned brand, they may not immediately think of custom labels as being a pivotal tool to achieve that endeavor. It is easy to think about creating the perfect product, identifying new markets or crafting the most memorable logo. But in reality, promotional stickers can go a long way to helping companies reinforce their brand once they have done that basic legwork. Think of it this way - when people walk down the aisles at their favorite store, are they reading every single label and looking at each individual sticker? The answer to that question is no - shopping would take entirely too long if people went by each row carefully scrutinizing each product.

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  • Custom Jar LabelsJar Labels Are a Must for Canning Projects

    Canning is an effective means of preserving food, often for upward of three years, and to ensure people and brands know what is in the container, jar labels are absolutely essential. With the winter now upon us, canning is a great way to heat up the home - the canner generates a tremendous amount of heat, which can make for a cozy house. But on top of that, it also helps people preserve food, which may result in fewer trips to the grocery store, and no one wants to brave wintry storms just to head to the store. However, when it comes to storing jars of preserved goods, the contents of these containers can quickly become confusing.

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  • Window DecalsWindow Stickers Give Businesses Another Avenue to Promote their Products and Services

    Window stickers are nothing new. Since people have had cars, many motorists have used window stickers to promote their values and send messages to others on the road. This can serve as some great promotion for businesses along the way, helping these firms gain some additional exposure by piggybacking off of the support of some of their most loyal fans, who love their brands enough to put window stickers on vehicles.

    And, truth be told, window stickers may wind up being tremendously powerful as promotional assets.

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  • Food Labels Fail to Disclose Peanut Allergens
    Pennsylvania-based Fresh Food Manufacturing is being forced to recall nearly 36,000 pounds of chili following a revelation related to the potential presence of peanuts in the products. The recall went into effect after a spice supplier working with Fresh Food Manufacturing alerted the chili producer that the cumin it provided may have been contaminated with peanut allergens. Because the products do not generally contain peanuts, their labels don't warn consumers about the allergens' presence.

    Consumers Urged to Check Labels
    As a news release from the United States Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service detailed, the affected products were Giant Eagle Market District Firehouse Chili with Beans, Good Cents Chili with Beans and Market District Firehouse Chili with Beans.

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  • Food Industry Nutirional LabelsRestaurant Labels Provide Clarity in the Kitchen

    People are becoming more health-conscious, and food service industries will be in a better position to serve these individuals by utilizing restaurant labels. A survey conducted by the International Food Information Council found that 71 percent of consumers believe healthfulness is a major factor in which food items and beverages they decide to purchase. "While people's attitudes about healthfulness in their food and beverage purchases and consumption alone don't necessarily mean we are a healthier country today than we were a year or two ago, it could signal that we are moving in the right direction," said Marianne Smith Edge, senior vice president for nutrition and food safety at the International Food Information Council Foundation.

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