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    Custom Food Product LabelsHow Do Independent Product Labels Square Up Against Those of Big Brands?

    When shoppers are scanning grocery shelves, brand awareness can be a major contributor in terms of which items they pick, but independent product labels might actually have an advantage compared to the packaging used by national brands. Why? Products that people don't recognize represent a breath of fresh air amid the usual suspects with their well-known labels - and sometimes, an unfamiliar company name or packaging design turns out to be just the ticket for companies that are eager to set their products apart from the pack.

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  • custom product labelsSo, You're in the Market for New Labels...

    Whether you're debuting a never-before-seen product or simply think it's time to give your current wares a fresh lease on life, creating new labels and stickers is a great way to attract consumers' attention and differentiate your offerings from those of your competitors. This rule holds true whether you sell wine, beer, hot sauce, bath and body items, nutraceuticals, food products…the list goes on.

    When it comes to producing high-quality, vibrant, durable labels, Lightning Labels has you covered - but before you're ready to print your new packaging, you need to come up with an eye-catching and informative design.

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  • use labels to promote heart-healthy nutritionClear Food Labels Are Especially Important During American Heart Month

    February is American Heart Month, so it's likely that a number of shoppers will be paying more attention than usual to food labels while browsing at grocery stores over the next couple of weeks. For some consumers, the heart-healthy behaviors they adopt during February will stick after the month draws to a close and they'll develop more long-term commitments to checking lists of ingredients before placing products in their carts. So, how should people in the food and beverage industry respond to shoppers' American Heart Month-fueled inquisitiveness about what goes into the items they're considering buying? Two words: clear labels.

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  • California State Senator Rallies Behind Healthy Label Legislation Inspired by the labels on cigarettes that alert consumers about the dangers of smoking, California State Senator Bill Monning is pushing for the inclusion of similar warnings on the packaging of soft drinks and other sugary beverages.

    Monning's crusade began last year, when he introduced Senate Bill 1000 to mandate the inclusion of such labels on soda, sweetened tea, sports drinks and energy drinks. His goal was to ensure shoppers were aware that these types of beverages can contribute to certain health problems. After being passed by the State Senate, the proposed legislation was halted by the State Assembly Health Committee, but the Carmel Democrat was undeterred.

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  • promote your brewery with standout beer bottle labels

    Certain beer brands are as renowned for their bottle labels as they are for the taste of their brews. Consider Rogue Ales' distinctive historic and occasion-themed stickers, Anchor Steam Beer's hand-drawn motif (with, of course, the company's namesake anchor front and center) and Magic Hat's trademark psychedelic designs. In short, if your brewery wants to attract attention from shoppers at retail locations, you'll face stiff competition from rival drinks.

    The Ingredients of Standout Beer Labels

    So, what qualities make for great beer labels? To enjoy optimal results, you need to find a balance between attracting consumers' attention and getting across all the information they're looking for in a format that's as easy to digest as the beer itself.

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  • Quality labels can make one product stand out above the rest.Don't Let Limitations Compromise Your Custom Labels

    Small-business owners and hobbyists who sell their products on the side typically don't need an enormous quantity of custom labels, nor are they working with the seemingly unlimited budgets enjoyed by their larger competitors. Limiting factors like these often result in entrepreneurs taking DIY approaches to packaging that may leave their wares appearing a little lackluster on the labeling front.

    Whether consumers are browsing shelves in-store or meandering past stalls at their local farmers market, good-quality, high-resolution labels will always stand out above the rest.

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  • If you're looking for a way to separate your wedding from the rest, consider favor stickers.Make Your Wedding Stand Out with Favor Stickers

    If you're looking for a way to separate your wedding from the rest, consider favor stickers. According to the latest statistics from XO Group, which created well-known wedding website, couples are spending more per guest in order to create an experience to remember. In 2013, nearly one-third of the 13,000 brides and grooms who took part in XO's annual Real Weddings Study reported providing "additional guest entertainment." That being said, don't think you have to break the bank with expensive pre- and post-ceremony events to make your wedding stand out from the crowd - a small yet meaningful touch like affixing custom labels to favors can also do the trick.

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  • Retailers in Hot Water Over Supplement Labels
    Accuracy is an important element of all product labels, but it is especially critical with regard to the packaging of items intended for human consumption, such as food, beverages and nutraceuticals.

    It's the last category that has presented some trouble for four big-name retailers: Target, GNC, Walgreens and Walmart. As The New York Times reported, the New York State Attorney General's Office recently sent cease-and-desist letters to the quartet, demanding that they stop selling a number of their dietary supplements. Why? A series of tests conducted by the AG's office revealed that some of the supplements were missing contents listed on their labels, while many also included undeclared allergens.

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  • Chicken and Beef Products Recalled Following Label Snafu Food manufacturer Sentry Food Solutions recently implemented a recall affecting several of its chicken and beef products. The announcement was made following the discovery that a known allergen was not listed on the items' labels, which constituted a contravention of the labeling laws set by the United States Department of Agriculture.

    According to a press release from the Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service, the Tucker, Georgia-based company first became aware of the misbranding as a result of a notification from its spice supplier.

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  • A nice, long bath represents a well-deserved and restorative treat any time of year, whether it's snowing outside or the sun is beating down on your bathroom window.Cosmetic Labels Should Change With the Seasons

    The bold, vibrant hues on your cosmetic labels that were responsible for grabbing shoppers' attention in the summertime are unlikely to have as positive an effect in the bleak midwinter. Why? Consumers aren't exactly looking for bright colors to complement their summer glows at this time of year - they're more preoccupied by the basics, such as making sure the cold doesn't dry out their skin or chap their lips. With this in mind, consider using restorative colors like soft, warm pastels to catch customers' eyes in the winter months and set your products apart from the rest.

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