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    Wine, alongside candy and flowers, is one of the most common Valentine's presents out there.As Valentine's Day Approaches, Shoppers Scan Wine Bottle Labels for Inspiration

    With the most romantic day of the year just a couple of days away, people are wracking their brains - and examining wine bottle labels on the shelves - to come up with the perfect Valentine's Day gift ideas for their other halves. Wine is synonymous with romance - especially pink varieties, such as rosé and White Zinfandel. As Wine Vibe explained, rosé is most commonly made by adding red grape skins to juice for just long enough that the liquid turns dusky pink. If the skins aren't taken out in time, the pastel hue quickly turns into a passionate red.

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  • Food Allergens Should be Listed on Product Packaging
    Food allergies are no laughing matter, with a significant number of people being hospitalized each year due to allergic reactions. It is absolutely vital for the safety of customers that all food and beverage products disclose a complete list of ingredients used in the creation of these goods so people can avoid consumables they are allergic to.

    Yet seemingly every month, there are recalls because product packaging does not fully disclose ingredients, which leads to costly recalls of thousands of dollars worth of food. Most recently, J & B Sausage Co.

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  • Farm Issues Recall Following Inspection
    Jefferson, Wisconsin-based River's Edge Farm Market recently issued a voluntary recall after the state's Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection identified a label printing issue with some of its snack sticks, the Daily Jefferson County Union reported.

    Affected products included:

    • 6-ounce honey ham snack sticks
    • 6-ounce garlic snack sticks
    • 8-ounce plain snack sticks
    • 6-ounce jalapeno and cheddar snack sticks
    • 6-ounce barbecue snack sticks
    • 7-ounce Sticks–N-Curds
    • Knockwurst of various weights

    The recall pertained to approximately 106 pounds of snack sticks sold at 12 of the 17 gas stations that stock River's Edge items.

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  • GMO Labels Would Let Consumers Make Their Own Decisions
    We recently reported on a push by a group of Arizona lawmakers to require the inclusion of some foods' genetically modified statuses on their labels. State Representative Juan Mendez, the primary author of House Bill 2462, maintained that consumers have the right to know whether the products they buy have undergone genetic engineering, but what do the nation's shoppers think?

    As The Associated Press recently reported, two-thirds of Americans who participated in a poll conducted by the news source in partnership with research consultancy The GfK Group agreed with Mendez - no matter if they're opposed to eating genetically engineered food or not, they believe labels should include information about whether products contain genetically modified organisms or were grown from seeds created in labs.

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  • Labels on laundry products don't always tell the whole story, but many consumers are taken in by their deceptive language, TODAY recently reported.

    "Don't blindly believe the big words on the front label that get you to buy without thinking," author Linda Cobb, a.k.a. the Queen of Clean, told the news source. "Words like 'safe,' 'natural,' 'green' and 'oxygen-based' are buzz words to get you to feel safe buying products labeled that way."

    Does 'Non-Toxic' Mean 'Safe'?
    A good example of a word that might not mean exactly what you think it does is "non-toxic." Typically, shoppers regard a product that's labeled "non-toxic" as being harmless.

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