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    Make Sure Your Candle Labels Hold Up to Heat

    candle-labels."Acknowledging the Importance of Heatproof Labels

    When it comes to packaging, some types of items come with pretty standard requirements - most food products, for example - whereas others have more specific needs, such as waterproof or heatproof labels. For instance, bath and body product labels need to be able to withstand contact with water and oils, while the stickers on candles must hold up to heat and be flame-resistant. As well as fulfilling practical concerns, custom labels and stickers need to be vibrant and high-quality in order to catch the attention of consumers.

    Strike a Balance with Custom Candle Labels

    As far as custom candle labels are concerned, enterprises that focus solely on the aesthetic aspect or safety considerations will likely miss the mark. The key is to find a balance between making labels attractive and functional. After all, a beautifully designed candle sticker that isn't wax- or heat-resistant could crash and burn - literally. By the same token, a fire-resistant label that lacks the "wow" factor required to pique shoppers' interest is unlikely to help a company become competitive within the candle marketplace, so the product's sales might go down in flames.

    Lightning Labels Understands Candle Labels' Unique Requirements

    Lightning Labels routinely provides candle labels for customers, so we can help you create the perfect design for your product while simultaneously ensuring the labels are safe, flame-resistant and able to withstand extreme heat. Our offerings are full-color and high-quality, which you can see for yourself by requesting some product samples before placing your order. Don't choose between design and safety - get both when you let Lightning Labels handle your candle stickers and labels.

  • Keep Your Branding Process Nimble: A Hard Lesson From the E-cig Industry

    branding-process-e-cig. For many organizations, branding and rebranding can be addressed in deliberate fashion over a period of months. But what happens when circumstances—such as unexpected passage of emergency legislation—force a very quick and unplanned turnaround? Just such an event is now happening in the electronic cigarette (e-cig) industry, where young children across the country have ingested the liquid nicotine used in e-cigs. In addition to repeated calls for child-proof packaging from a growing number of states, the federal government also is weighing in on the dilemma. The challenge doesn’t stop there. Many nicotine liquids are candy or fruit flavored and come in colorful packages that appeal to children. They also carry such names as Peppermint Patty, Bubble Gum and Caramel Surprise. So, along with childproofing, e-cig companies now face rebranding challenges to make the products less attractive to kids while continuing to draw adult buyer interest. Right about now, you may be wondering how this could possibly apply to you. Well, in our lightning-fast-changing world, no one can know for sure if or when their brand may come under attack. For example, it’s highly unlikely that the makers of pet food saw the specter of tainted ingredients that wound up harming and killing many animals. But, the time to face the potential need for rapidly changing branding, including labels and packaging, is long before anything occurs. Just as companies increasingly have reputation management crisis plans in place to address future negative reports and reviews, look at how a rapid rebranding process could unfold. Among the areas to address: 1. Fast-track team assembly/responsibilities. Determine what team members will oversee the effort. Establish pertinent task lists, deadlines, budget and how revisions and approvals will be fast-tracked. 2. Concept creation. Assign the appropriate team members to oversee the big picture of the rebranding effort. (It might even be useful to do some brainstorming sooner than later about what ideas could be in play for this effort, providing a jump start of sorts.) 3. Design and content development. Decide if/how to use in-house and/or contracted services to create what’s needed quickly. If time permits, consider holding a crowdsourcing competition to get outside ideas/input into the process—and perhaps get some positive social and mainstream media coverage at the same time. 4. Make sure that all printing and packaging systems can rapidly deploy. Digital label printing can provide the best option for quick turnaround (can be ready to ship in 1-2 days from receipt of approved artwork),offers cost-effective pricing in any quantity up to 10,000, and delivers quality comparable to or better than other forms of printing. In today’s dynamic marketplace where social media-fueled comments and reports can spread literally like wildfire in a matter of minutes, it’s important to get and stay way ahead of the game—even if you think you’re immune from emergent problems. You never know for sure.

  • Car Window Decals Help Promote Your Company on the Go

    Our custom window stickers and labels will always stay in place and come off cleanly.Custom Car Stickers: Subtle, Yet Effective

    Hiring people to become walking billboards can be a great way to improve your brand's visibility, but what if it doesn't quite fit with your company's style or simply exceeds your budget? Custom car stickers are a more subtle - yet just as effective - approach to on-the-go marketing. No matter whether vehicles are on the move, parked somewhere public while their owners are out and about or sitting back home in motorists' driveways, the decals affixed to them promote your enterprise in a highly visible way. What's more, this type of promotion has the potential to reach a lot of people but comes at a fraction of the cost of other methods of doing so, such as paying for a billboard or chartering a blimp.

    Why Use Custom Decals?

    Custom decals for vehicles are a great marketing tool because it's hard for other people NOT to look at them. Think about it: If you're driving behind a car that's sporting a promotional sticker on its back window, you'll probably give the decal at least a cursory glance. Moreover, if you're stuck in traffic or waiting for a light to change, chances are you'll probably take the time to study the sticker in greater detail. Let's face it, it's probably a lot more interesting than the mundane trees, road signs and other vehicles that surround you.

    Get Superior Window Stickers from Lightning Labels

    Window stickers of all kinds can look great for a little while after you affix them to your car, but sub-standard types may quickly begin to peel off - and, even worse, they sometimes leave behind a sticky residue that's unsightly and hard to get rid of. Annoying blemishes and low quality are hardly things you want your company to be associated with, which is where Lightning Labels comes in. Our custom window stickers and labels may feel the same as the familiar, traditional static cling variety, but they will always stay in place and come off cleanly when you remove them thanks to their ultra-removable adhesive. Moreover, it's possible to reposition them or add them to an entirely new vehicle without trouble, provided you apply them to a smooth, non-porous surface. Remember, these decals are for windows, so they should not be applied to the body of the vehicle.

  • Do Vitaminwater's Product Labels Amount to Misrepresentation?

    Vitaminwater Facing Legal Action Over Labeling

    Lawsuits contesting claims made on labels are nothing out of the ordinary, but legal action that challenges the very name of a product is a little more unusual.

    A class action suit was recently filed against Vitaminwater by Madison, Connecticut-based watchdog group Truth in Advertising, based on the claim that the product's name is misleading to consumers.

    Despite its healthy-sounding name, Vitaminwater - which is manufactured and distributed by Energy Brands, a privately owned subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company - contains approximately 30 grams of sugar per bottle, WTIC-TV reported. Earlier this month, the World Health Organization lowered its sugar intake recommendation to less than 50 grams per day and noted that a reduction to 25 grams would provide additional health benefits.

    Truth in Advertising contends that the amount of sugar in the drink is downplayed by its labeling, which places a heavy focus on the product's vitamin content. In actuality, according to the news source, water and cane sugar are the two most prevalent ingredients in Vitaminwater, while vitamins make up less than 0.5 percent of the product.

    A Necessary Balance
    Vitaminwater currently offers nine different versions of its product, each with a different benefit. Much like the Vitaminwater name itself, these variations' names also describe what they offer, such as "Revive," "Energy," "Focus" and "Defense."

    "What it claims to be is a healthy beverage that can help with your immune system, help with your eye health, keep you healthy," said Bonnie Patten, executive director of Truth in Advertising, as quoted by WTIC-TV. "If they wanted to be honest with us and not deceive us in the labeling, they would have to call this 'Sugarwater.'"

    That being said, Sally Lerman, a nutritionist at Connecticut's St. Francis Hospital, asserts that the small amount of vitamins in Vitaminwater is actually more beneficial to consumers than including more of the nutrients would be.

    "Vitamins, while they're good in small quantities, are not necessarily always good in larger quantities," she explained to the news source. "[Coca-Cola wants] to make sure that if you drink a bunch of [Vitaminwater], you're not going to become ill."

    The Question of Accurate Representation
    But what about the idea that the amount of sugar contained in Vitaminwater is being misrepresented? In a statement issued in response to the allegation, Coca-Cola defended its product labeling practices.

    "Vitaminwater is a great-tasting beverage with essential vitamins and minerals, and all ingredients are clearly and accurately stated on the label," Coca-Cola wrote, as quoted by the media outlet. "We respect the consuming public and believe they are fully capable of making their own decisions when all ingredients and calorie content are clearly stated on the labels. The fact is that Vitaminwater is a great product that is properly labeled and responsibly marketed."

    However, Truth in Advertising believes there is a case to be made for misrepresentation. The group plans to continue lobbying for a name change through a series of class-action lawsuits that may go national, WTIC-TV reported.

  • Launching a New Product? Ask These 4 Custom Label Design Questions

    New product launch label design. The Importance of Label Design

    Launching a new product is a huge undertaking that involves everything from putting together a comprehensive marketing strategy to zeroing in on the perfect label design. Although there are a lot of different moving parts that must be synchronized to ensure a successful product launch, creating custom labels and stickers is arguably one of the most important components. At the end of the day, even though the old adage warns against judging a book by its cover, we all know that people tend to do this - and the same is true of consumers browsing products. With this in mind, it's critical for product labels to be the best they can be.

    Things to Ask When Designing Custom Labels

    When you're staring at a blank screen, it can be daunting to figure out how to begin designing the custom labels for your new product. Asking the following questions is a good place to start. 1. What do you need to include on the label? Product labels must include elements such as the brand's logo, your company's name and address, a list of ingredients, nutritional information and more. 2. What color scheme is suitable? You might already have a set color scheme that ties all your products together, but if not, think long and hard about aspects like the psychology of color and which hues will clash with your brand's logo. 3. What shape should the label be? If you're designing the packaging for a wine bottle, a label with a height that considerably exceeds its width will make the most sense. In contrast, for something like a candle, you'll want the label to be wider than it is tall. 4. Does the label need to meet any special requirements? Referring back to the example of a candle, it stands to reason that the stickers and labels adorning such a product should be flame-resistant and able to withstand extreme heat. Similarly, bath and body product labels must hold their own when exposed to water and oils.

    Turning Your Ideas for Product Labels into Reality

    After you've answered the questions above and the relevant people have signed off on your vision, it's time to bring those hypothetical product labels into the real world. Lightning Labels can take your design and turn it around in as little as 48 hours.

  • California Assemblyman Proposes Change to Toxicity Labeling Regulations

    Tightening Up Toxicity Warning Standards for Stickers and Labels
    Often, issues pertaining to the content of product labels involve companies presenting their products in a falsely positive light. For example, businesses may fail to include important information such as the presence of allergens or inaccurately represent their products by making unsubstantiated claims - for instance, asserting that the items offer health benefits that haven't been proven. Recently, however, a California assemblyman set out to address a situation that has resulted in some companies unnecessarily branding their products as toxic - in other words, casting their wares in a negative light when they shouldn't actually have to.

    As reported by the Sacramento Business Journal, Assemblyman Bill Quirk recently submitted legislation that would provide enterprises with a new means of testing products in order to potentially exempt them from the requirements laid out by Proposition 65, which mandates that they include toxic chemical warnings on stickers and labels. Quirk, a Democrat who represents the Golden State's 20th district, noted that if products contain levels of known hazardous chemicals that fall short of California's toxicity threshold, firms do not have to incorporate warnings about the poisonous nature of these ingredients on the items' packaging.

    Proposal Ignites Controversy
    Under Assembly Bill 543, companies would have the option to pay for scientific analysis of their products in order to determine whether the toxicity of their wares meets the threshold. The controversial proposal has attracted support and dissent from a number of organizations. The California Chamber of Commerce and the California Retailers Association back the bill, along with more than 80 other Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations, according to Consumer Product Matters. The media outlet itself, a publication of law firm Mintz Levin that covers product safety and consumer-related regulation and litigation, described Quirk's proposal as "a sane tweak" to the mandates of Proposition 65, which have been in effect for nearly three decades.

    Meanwhile, some other entities - including the Center for Environmental Health - have gone on record to state that they oppose the law.

    According to Michael Green, executive director of the CEH, the legislation would give companies the green light to hire private experts to conduct tests without public review. If these individuals' findings are challenged down the road, litigation will abound. Moreover, Green pointed out that a process for scientific analysis is already in place that involves the state's "safe use" determinations.

    Ensuring Clarity in Labeling
    Aside from misrepresentation, another significant problem associated with product labeling is vague or unclear terminology that can lead to consumer confusion. In a bid to address this issue, the state is working on drafting new rules and regulations with the goal of making chemical warnings "more meaningful to the public," the news source reported. The updated requirements would highlight common, dangerous chemicals - lead and mercury among them - by including specific warnings associated with the substances.

  • Refresh Your Product Labels with Vibrant Spring Colors

    Vibrant Spring Product Labels.Spring into Spring with Bright Labels

    After a long, cold winter, the first signs of spring come as a blessed reminder that the dreariness of the previous season won't last forever - and you can harness this sense of joy by revamping your product packaging with bright labels that rival the vibrancy of the newly budding flowers. But what if your part of the world is still experiencing the depths of winter? In this case, bright labels will act as a positive reminder of what's to come once the snow melts. Especially when it comes to this time of year, it's safe to assume that the brighter the label, the more attracted consumers will be to it. After all, colors that pop should prove to be a welcome respite from the grays and whites that dominated the outdoor landscape during the winter season.

    Make the Most of Colored Labels

    When you're infusing a splash of vibrancy into your colored labels, quality is imperative. Make sure the colors don't look washed out, clash with each other or inadvertently obscure important elements such as your company's logo or nutritional information. If you fail to take these aspects into consideration, your goal of attracting consumers to your product like hummingbirds to a flower will likely fall flat. That being said, if you order high-quality stickers and labels from Lightning Labels, you won't have to worry. Our high-resolution digital label printing ensures the finished product is as bright in person as it looked on the digital proof. Additionally, if you're concerned about fitting in large amounts of text, rest assured that our small type is still easily readable.

    Enjoy a Quick Turnaround on Your Product Labels

    Today is the first day of spring, so time is of the essence when it comes to getting your seasonal product labels ordered and mailed out to your business. Luckily, Lightning Labels is well-named: Following press approval, we offer a two- to three-day turnaround period for the vast majority of orders. If you're putting an emphasis on crispness and vibrancy at this time of year, you'll be glad to know that there are no added fees for unlimited color, as well as no setup fees or plate fees. Spring into spring with Lightning Labels and make sure your product packaging is popping.

  • Take Advantage of the New Laser Cut Labels from Lightning Labels

    New laser cut labels.Turn Your Visions of Custom Labels Into Reality with Lightning Labels

    Sometimes, companies come up with big ideas involving custom labels, only to be met with the news that they have to adjust their lovingly crafted concepts due to practical considerations on the label-maker's end. This isn't the case with Lightning Labels, as our innovative laser die-cutting technology creates labels in custom shapes and sizes with impeccable precision - and without die charges. Labels can then be finished with or without lamination, on rolls or sheeted. Additionally, we offer plenty of material options, which practically guarantees we'll be able to meet your needs without requiring you to compromise your vision. If you're thinking modern, minimalist and glossy, we've got it. Looking to hearken back to days of yore with faux parchment that gives an antique look and feel? We can do that too, and virtually everything in between. Most standard stocks are available, with the exception of vinyl and clear liners.

    The 411 on Our Laser Cutter

    If you're wondering how we're able to avoid saddling our customers with die charges, the answer is simple: Our new laser die cut technology allows us to avoid using the traditional die-cutting approach so there's no need to wait and pay for custom tooled dies. To put it simply, in lieu of plates, Lightning Labels transfers your image directly onto the label material using advanced laser technology. Everything we print is custom-produced and cut, which ensures we can deliver according to your specifications. When it comes to cutting the labels into their desired shape, our laser cutter burns off the pressure-sensitive face stock of the label without slicing through the liner, leaving you with precisely the stickers and labels you imagined, from the size and shape to the quality of the printing itself.

    Make Your Company Stand Out with Unique Labels

    There are many aspects that go into making unique labels. These include - but are by no means limited to - color, size, shape, texture and logo design. Our goal at Lightning Labels is to provide the custom labels you need to make your products stand out. This aim holds true regardless of whether you're selling bath and body products, nutraceuticals, food, wine or something else, or you simply intend to affix labels to promotional items such as lip balm and stickers. Turn your visions of custom labels into reality by getting in touch with Lightning Labels today.

  • Mislabeling Issue Could Sour Maple Syrup Sector

    Lax Controls Over Product Labels Threaten Famous Vermont Industry
    Without stronger product label enforcement by the United States Food and Drug Administration, maple syrup production in Vermont is becoming less sustainable. In fact, some people, including the state's senior U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy, have gone as far as to assert that the industry will be destroyed by impostors - products with packaging that falsely claims the presence of genuine maple syrup where there's none to be found.

    "Unless there is really strong action against some of these people, [the situation is] going to destroy something that's not only part of the culture of our state but is a very important industry in our state and one where some very, very hard-working people, through no fault of their own, are wiped out," asserted Leahy at a recent Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing on the fiscal 2016 budget, as quoted by the Burlington Free Press.

    FDA Aware But Constrained, Commissioner Claims
    FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, who was also in attendance at the subcommittee hearing, said that although her agency is aware of the problem, its powers are limited. More specifically, she explained that the FDA monitors the marketplace and conducts inspections, but it is also required to rely on consumer reports of mislabeling and other impropriety.

    "Certainly the issues around being able to pursue all of the misleading and false claims has been one that has been challenging for us in areas that range from food products to drugs to dietary supplements to cosmetics," she acknowledged, as quoted by the news source.

    Hamburg pointed to a 2012 case in which a Rhode Island man was prosecuted for misrepresenting his products as pure Vermont maple syrup following a consumer complaint, noting that "actions like that send a message."

    According to the news source, members of the public who wish to register complaints about mislabeled foods, such as products that claim to contain maple syrup but don't, should contact their region's FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinators.

    Syrup Industry on the Rise - Along with Threats to its Longevity
    A separate article by the media outlet noted that Vermont produces approximately 40 percent of the total maple haul in the United States every spring, with the syrup accounting for about 1 percent of sweeteners consumed in North America, according to a study by the International Maple Syrup Institute.

    Although maple syrup's modest share of sweetener consumption has been on the rise for the past several years, gradually eating into corn syrup's significant lead, mislabeling isn't the only problem facing the industry. The Asian longhorned beetle poses a threat to the sugar maple trees that produce the syrup, while the Amynthas agrestis earthworm is depleting the calcium-rich soils in which the trees grow. Changes in weather patterns are another concern for producers, the Free Press noted, with a plethora of variables at play including elevation, rainfall levels, slope, solar exposure, tapping history and unusually timed cold snaps.

  • Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Personalized Beer and Wine Labels

    Lucky for beverage companies eager to incorporate a little St. Patrick's Day cheer into their wine and beer bottle labels, you don't have to be from the Emerald Isle to celebrate the holiday.Customize Your Wine and Beer Bottle Labels in Honor of St. Patrick's Day

    Lucky for beverage companies eager to incorporate a little St. Patrick's Day cheer into their wine and beer bottle labels, you don't have to be from the Emerald Isle to celebrate the holiday, despite the fact that it's rooted in Irish tradition. What's more, you don't even need to have so much as a drop of Irish blood running through your veins. In fact, a study by the National Retail Federation revealed that more than half (55.5 percent) of adults in the United States celebrated St. Patrick's Day in 2014. Celebrators spent an average of $35 per person last year, with much of this money no doubt going toward alcohol.

    Across America, individuals and companies alike get festive every March in anticipation of the big day, which always falls on the 17th day of the month. People take part in parades, wear silly hats and sunglasses, and eat food that would typically have no business being green - at least not if it were still safe to eat! For many people, alcoholic beverages are a central part of celebrating the holiday, so make sure your beverage company is prepared with custom labels from Lightning Labels.

    Why Design Special Beer and Wine Bottle Labels?

    It's safe to assume that most people are aware St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, so why design beer and wine bottle labels to reflect this fact? Taking this approach isn't as much about alerting people that the holiday is coming as it is about integrating your brand into the festivities.

    Think about it: If shoppers are scanning shelves for the perfect beverages to help get their St. Patrick's Day parties started, they'll probably gravitate toward cans and bottles with custom labels and stickers that resonate with their intentions. Ultimately, forging a connection with consumers can be a powerful marketing tactic - what better way to go about this than to bring the designs of your custom labels in line with a holiday your customers are eagerly anticipating?

    Is It Too Late to Order Holiday Stickers?

    If the onset of March caught you by surprise, you may be wondering whether you have enough time to order custom labels for a holiday that's just days away. This type of quick turnaround might be a problem for some companies, but not Lightning Labels - after all, the word "lightning" is part of our name. You can usually expect us to turn around orders for custom stickers and labels in 48 to 72 hours following digital printing press approval.

    That being said, don't assume that the speed at which we process orders leads to any compromise in quality. On the contrary, we are known to deliver high-resolution, vibrant, crisp-looking labels printed on durable material that will stand up to the cold of the fridge or the heat of the bar. Put in your order today and get ready for the St. Patrick's Day rush.

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