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    Two Manufacturers Issue Recalls Due to Misbranding
    Bavarian Meats in Seattle and Caryville, Tennessee-based Campos Foods recently announced separate recalls in connection with the undeclared presence of two different allergens in their products.

    More specifically, Bavarian Meats failed to list soy lecithin as an ingredient on its Bavarian Brand Loaf label, while Campos Foods did not declare the wheat in its H-E-B Fully Cooked Thick N' Tasty Cheese Burgers or H-E-B Fully Cooked Thick N' Tasty Bacon Cheese Burgers.

    Bavarian Meats Recall Affects Four States
    The Bavarian Meats recall pertains to the company's branded lunch meat.

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  • Label-Related Recalls Not Only Limited to Food
    Many of the label-related recalls that hit the headlines involve food items. For instance, there was a case last month involving more than 14,000 pounds of chicken and beef products that had to be recalled by manufacturer Sentry Food Solutions following the revelation that one of the ingredients used may have been contaminated by peanut allergens. Earlier this month, however, a recall was announced that affected something decidedly larger than food packages - namely, cars.

    Label Inaccuracy Afflicts Mini Cooper Hardtop
    To be more specific, automobile manufacturer BMW is recalling more than 13,000 of its 2014-2015 Mini Cooper Hardtop two-door vehicles due to a labeling snafu that resulted in the wrong maximum capacity weight being printed on the cars' Tire Information Placards, according to a release put out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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  • Proposed Food Label Regulation Changes Could Shake Up Status Quo
    When it comes to designing food labels, there's a lot to think about. Design is an important element in terms of piquing the attention of shoppers, but complying with industry regulations and relevant legislation is just as critical.

    In a piece for Labels & Labeling magazine, Stephen Kaufman, CTO of global brand development company SGK, examined the implications of changes to the nutritional information label template proposed by the United States Food and Drug Administration last year.

    Out With the Old and In With the New
    The new format would require information about serving sizes, calorie amounts, daily nutrient value percentages and what nutrient values actually mean to be displayed more prominently.

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  • February saw several product recalls hit the headlines for label-related reasons, including the following:

    Sunset Farm Foods' and Michigan Brand's sausage products
    Valdosta, Georgia-based Sunset Farm Foods, recalled more than 42,000 pounds of link sausage products due to an undeclared allergen, according to a recent release by the United States Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service. The items, produced between Sept. 3, 2014, and Jan. 28, 2015, were shipped to consumers and retailers in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey and New York. They contain a known soy allergen that failed to be declared on their labeling.

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  • Wash Away the Winter Blues.How Can Bath and Body Labels Bust the Winter Blues?

    The winter blues are a real condition caused by changes in the amount of daylight, but taking a dip in the tub and using products emblazoned with warm and cheerful bath and body labels could be just the thing to help wash away that seasonal sadness - literally.

    It might sound trivial, but you'd be surprised what an effect something as small as a relaxing bath can have on a person's mood, state of mind and overall level of tension. When they go shopping for soaps, body washes, bath oils and other products to help lift them out of the winter blues, labels have an enormous impact on consumers' decision-making process.

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  • Celebrate Your ClubShow Your Pride with Club Stickers

    Whether you run a sports team, a society of "Star Trek" aficionados or anything in between, there's one thing your members are likely to embrace with open arms: club stickers. Everyone likes to be part of something bigger than themselves, and custom decals are a great way for people to proudly declare their allegiance to your group via everything from paper folders to car windows. Sometimes, a club owner may avoid looking into the option of creating customized sticker decals because he or she believes the organization's membership is too small to warrant the associated production expenses, but that isn't the case.

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