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    This month, a number of food and nutraceutical products were recalled due to undeclared ingredients and other issues. The following items were among them.

    Ranch Salad Dressing from Pinnacle Foods Group
    Parsippany, New Jersey-based Pinnacle Foods Group recalled more than 8,600 cases of its Wish-Bone Ranch Salad Dressing due to mislabeling. The company issued the voluntary recall after a consumer pointed out that bottles produced on April 23 and labeled as being filled with ranch dressing actually contained another of its products, Wish-Bone Blue Cheese Dressing. Egg, an ingredient in the blue cheese dressing but not the ranch variety, was not listed in the nutritional information section of the label, as the packaging incorrectly pertained to the ranch flavor.

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  • The Numbers Problem
    Product labels on foods are supposed to make things easier for consumers, but they can sometimes end up doing just the opposite. According to Neha Khandpur of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health's Department of Nutrition, studies have indicated that the numbers and percentages prevalent on many food stickers and labels tend to confuse consumers, which may result in shoppers making unwise product and portion selections.

    "If we can come up with strategies to improve consumers' ability to understand the labels' content, it will mean that a huge segment of the society that previously was not able to access that information will now understand it and, we hope, make healthier food choices for themselves," said Khandpur, as quoted on the School of Public Health's website.

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  • Make your Independence Day Festivities Unforgettable. Add Uniqueness to a National Holiday with Fourth of July Labels

    American adults spend an average of $68 on barbecue and picnic provisions for the July Fourth holiday, and people across the nation consume approximately 150 million hot dogs as part of the festivities, according to a USA Today infographic. Fourth of July labels are a creative and inexpensive way to make your family picnic or cookout stand out from the rest, both on Independence Day itself and in attendees' memories for months and years after.

    In terms of design, custom labels and stickers for the Fourth of July can be as basic or complex as each family wants.

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  • Update Nutraceutical Packaging to Attract Those Eager to Lose Weight. Body-Conscious Americans Seeking Nutraceutical Products for Summer

    Losing weight was Americans' most common New Year's resolution for 2015, according to Marist Poll. With the official first day of summer just around the corner and numerous areas of the country already enjoying sunshine and high temperatures, many individuals are scouring the shelves for nutraceutical products to assist them on their journeys toward attaining a beach-ready body.

    In a bid to attract these consumers, companies in the nutraceutical sector may want to update their packaging for the summer months. However, before they make any moves to update their custom labels and stickers, they must ensure any and all proposed changes comply with federal regulations.

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  • Back-to-School Selling Starts NowCustomized Stickers from Lightning Labels are a Valuable Asset for Any Educational Institution

    School may be the last thing on kids' minds at this time of year, but for adults, June marks the beginning of the bustling back-to-school selling season. There is no time like the present to order customized stickers and labels to promote and support sports teams, associations, clubs and events.

    Just like in the retail sector, the quality of custom labels and stickers can speak volumes about the subject of the promotion itself, whether it's an artisanal candle or a school sports team. Given this connection, Lightning Labels strives to print professional-grade, vibrant, durable labels to help cast back-to-school promotion in the best light.

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  • Deploy Father's Day Labels to Help Consumers choose Gifts.Use Custom Labels to Remind Consumers about Father's Day

    Stores that have not yet designed, ordered and deployed custom labels and stickers in time for Father's Day still have a window of time in which to do so, but the clock is ticking. Father's Day may not be until June 21, but holidays have a tendency to sneak up quickly, taking both companies and consumers by surprise. For proof, look no further than the greeting card aisle the night before Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day… and the list goes on.

    When it comes to shopping for Dad, many consumers are stumped, which is where Father's Day labels can come in handy.

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  • (Virtually All) Made in the USA
    Sandwiched between Memorial Day at the end of May and Independence Day at the beginning of July, June is a month in which many consumers' thoughts turn to patriotism. Most people assume that purchasing goods emblazoned with a "Made in the USA" label means they are supporting the American economy as a whole and the American manufacturing industry in particular, but is that actually the case?

    According to guidance published by the Federal Trade Commission, products that feature the label must be all or virtually all made in this country.

    "'All or virtually all' means that all significant parts and processing that go into the product must be of U.

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  • Prepare For Wine Harvesting Season. Before Wine Harvesting Season Begins, Lock Down Label Designs

    Wine harvesting season doesn't begin until late summer, but it's never too early to prepare by designing and ordering custom product labels. In a recent article, we delved into what it takes to design an appealing wine label and found that color, simplicity vs. complexity and ostentatiousness vs. refinement all play a significant role in the process. Speaking with Lettie Teague, wine columnist for The Wall Street Journal, veteran label designer Bob Johnson noted that aesthetic strategies differ in accordance with price ranges - for instance, simple packaging is associated with products on the low and high ends of the pricing scale, while the labels on mid-range bottles tend to be more ornate.

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  • Undeclared Allergens Still a Leading Reason for Recalls If you took a random sample of recent food product recalls issued by the United States Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service, chances are good that a significant percentage of them would pertain to undeclared allergens.

    The dangers of allergic reactions are well-documented, specifically those that occur in response to the eight major allergens: milk, eggs, fish, peanuts, shellfish, soy, tree nuts and wheat. In fact, the most extreme form of reaction, anaphylaxis, is described by the National Library of Medicine's Medical Encyclopedia as "severe" and "life-threatening.

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  • What's in a Label? When consumers are scanning store shelves and deliberating over which bottle of wine to select, how large of a part do labels play in their decision-making process? Lettie Teague, wine columnist for The Wall Street Journal, recently set off to find out.

    Teague discovered that although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wine label design, certain conventions have developed over the years. She outlined her findings in an article for the news source published earlier this month.

    3 Tenets of Wine Label Design According to veteran label designer Bob Johnson, color palette, typeface and paper quality all play significant roles.

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