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    Support the Little League Baseball World Series with Custom Labels

    Support the Little League Baseball World Series with Custom LabelsLittle League World Series Kicks Off in Pennsylvania

    Unlike the Major League Baseball World Series, which only includes teams from North America (the American League and the National League), the Little League World Series actually includes teams from countries across the globe - Japan, Uganda and Venezuela among them. Of course, given that baseball is considered to be America's pastime, there's no shortage of U.S. teams involved in the competition either. This year, the eight American teams participating hail from California, Kentucky, Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Texas. Use Sports Stickers to Show Support The Little League World Series, which is being held in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and runs through the end of the month, pits the best of tomorrow's big-leaguers against each other. Parents and local communities may not be able to play the games for the kids - however much they want to - but they can show their support with a wide range of sports stickers and labels. Everything from window decals to custom labels are available through Lightning Labels, and supporters eager to declare their allegiance sooner rather than later need not worry, as Lightning Labels can turn around product orders in as short a time as 48 to 72 hours following proof approval. Why Buy Sports Labels from Lightning Labels? There are a lot of options out there for people interested in buying sports labels, but Lightning Labels understands that a great label needs to be eye-catching, vivid and durable - not only on the day recipients first receive it, but every one after that. This aspect is especially important when families, friends and other members of Little Leaguers' communities are rallying around the kids from their hometown teams as they face stiff competition in Pennsylvania.

  • Label Printing Still in High Demand

    Judging A Book By Its Cover
    Labeling has long been one of the more important aspects of brand management, as it essentially works as the most consistent form of communication between a company and customers purchasing items off shelves. Even when a business does not have great name recognition, it can make waves and push revenues higher through the use of customized and engaging labeling strategies for its products and services, standing out in the crowd of competitors at major retail locations. 

    This is one of the many reasons why firms continue to invest in top-of-the-line labeling products, as competition among goods suppliers is certainly beginning to heat up amid the economic recovery. When a business does achieve the goal of making its labels more catchy and conspicuous, its products become more likely to be purchased even when marketing programs fail to reach the individuals before they enter a store. 

    Proof in the Pudding
    The Jakarta Post recently reported that virtually every major segment of the retail sector continues to be driven by labels, and part of the driving force in this trend is the fact that targeted branding is rising in prominence. Simply put, segmenting consumer markets and working to provide the highest-quality prospects with the most tailored and progressive experience is proving to be one of the best methods to maximize profit margins today. 

    To accomplish this goal, though, companies will need to ensure that they are comprehensively managing the image of the brand among prospects and current clientele, and this ties back into the creation of labels for the products themselves. According to the news provider, when targeting efforts are managed properly, organizations will be more likely to enjoy stronger conversion rates and loyalty despite generally lower visibility in the overall marketplace. 

    The source argued that while so many of the more prominent trends in brand management have been focused upon digital advertising competition, the companies that will sustain and grow in the coming years will have placed an emphasis on strategies that "win where shoppers make decisions." This, for obvious reasons, includes the labels that represent the products on the shelves in retail locations, and might be why the market for such goods is on the rise. 

    A Massive Market
    MarketsandMarkets recently released the results of its latest research into the industrial labeling market, and found that spending on these products will rise at a compound annual growth rate of roughly 4.4 percent between now and 2020. As a note, the researchers included everything from branding labels and chemical-related labels to warnings and inventory tags in their aggregation and analysis of the data. 

    According to the analysts, the market will reach a total size of $51 billion in annual global investments by the end of the decade, showing that labels are still in high demand. Businesses that have not put much effort into their labeling strategies should certainly do so soon. 

  • One retailer's progressive labeling adjustment

    The Times They Are A-Changin'
    Although many of the recent national headlines regarding labels have been reserved for the food and agriculture industries, other sectors are beginning to take different approaches to these types of matters. No matter which industry one might be investigating, the demands, expectations and preferences of clientele are shifting rapidly, and businesses that do not transform alongside their customers will likely fail to remain relevant over time. 

    From a younger generation stepping up as the biggest piece of the puzzle in terms of workforce and consumer landscapes to the much broader line of communication channels that have connected so many individuals, the times are changing. One of the bigger news stories in the retail sector over the past few weeks involved the decision by one of the largest companies in the business to take a different approach to its toy labeling strategy, which might reverberate elsewhere ahead of the holidays. 

    Breaking Down Barriers
    The Washington Post recently reported that Target has decided to cease its gender-specific toy labeling practices, instead making each item clearly available for boys and girls. The news provider argued that this is considered to be a good move for the retailer in some circles, but others believe that it is worthy of more debate, calling the action ridiculous or outrageous. 

    Now, retailers do always need to walk a fine line, especially one as big as Target, as it is nearly impossible to make everyone happy all the time. However, this particular move appeared to only create anger and lament among some of the more extreme individuals out there. 

    The source pointed out that one leader of a religious association argued that gender-neutrality is against the Bible. Still, The Washington Post stated that Target's actual strategy does not leave much room for uproar, as it is only ending the segregation of toys in accordance to gender and instead organizing its inventory by category, such as themes. 

    At the end of the day, Target appeared to get more praise than backlash for this decision, meaning it effectively understood its customer base and acted in such a way to make as many clients happy as possible. 

    Lessons Learned
    Labeling will often be more important to a brand's image and performance than leaders might think at first, even when a business is operating outside of the food and beverage industry. Custom label systems and efforts such as Target's to create new trends in the retail sector can be a highly advantageous endeavor as long as the company does its homework and creates the stickers in an informed and intelligent fashion. 

    Competition continues to heat up in retail and elsewhere, which makes thinking outside the box with respect to marketing, product placement and other sales-related matters vitally important. 

  • Our Exclusive Gold Poly Material Will Give Your Labels A Premium Look

    Our Exclusive Gold Poly Material Will Give Your Labels A Premium LookUse Premium Labels to Go for the Gold

    Whether you're eager to infuse a sense of luxury into your line of custom bath and body products or simply want to make your wine bottles stand out from the others sharing the shelf, adding a little extra elegance with premium labels can go a long way. Even a small splash of gold adds a touch of class and an innate sense of quality that will quickly make your offerings seem more appealing to consumers, especially in light of the fact that gold comes with such positive associations.

    Gold Poly Labels Present A Golden Opportunity

    Gold is synonymous with concepts like royalty, opulence and prosperity, so it makes sense that gold poly labels would invite the same mental connections on the part of the customer. Think about it: When a kid does a great job in school, he or she gets a gold star, and when someone wins first place in a competition, the accolade comes with a gold medal. In short, shoppers are hard-wired to respond favorably to gold and its majestic associations. If you want to make your products seem desirable and even present them as rewards for consumers looking to treat themselves, there's no better approach than incorporating some gold into your stickers and labels.

    Why Use Custom Gold Poly Labels from Lightning Labels?

    The material we use to make our custom gold poly labels is unique to Lightning Labels. It is suitable for most labeling applications and needs to be laminated to ensure its regal, metalized finish stays crisp and bright. Select a glossy laminate for some added shine, or go to the matte for a more understated sense of class.

  • August is National Water Quality Month - Get Your Water Labels Ready

    August is National Water Quality Month.Are Your Water Labels Optimized for August?

    What do water labels have to do with August? According to Holiday Insights, as well as being National Golf Month (time to perfect your swing!), National Picnic Month (watch out for ants), Family Fun Month (make the most of those last few precious days before the kids go back to school) and Peach Month (because, quite simply, yum), August is also National Water Quality Month.

    Why Use A Water Quality Label?

    If you sell bottled water from an untainted source, there's no time like the present to proudly declare that fact by way of a vibrant and professional-looking water quality label. After all, according to a statistic from the United States Environmental Protection Agency cited by nonprofit news outlet GoodSpeaks, 4 in 10 American waterways have issues with water quality. This means that for many people, accessing non-polluted water may not be as easy as they thought.

    Warn Against Pollution With Water-Resistant Labels

    So, where does all this water pollution come from, and how can you educate the public about its origins using water-resistant labels? Consumers tend to point the finger at factories and manufacturing plants, illegal dumping and big business, but at least some of the blame lies closer to home. A fact sheet compiled by Clean Water Action lists a number of ways individuals can reduce the water pollution coming from their homes. The environmental organization's numerous recommendations included:

    • Steering clear of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
    • Selecting nontoxic household products.
    • Avoiding antibacterial soaps and cleansers.

    If you sell nontoxic products, appeal to shoppers' concern for the environment by making sure they know how your wares can help them avoid polluting the water in and around the area they call home. Of course, household cleaners and bath and body products tend to get wet with some regularity over the course of their useful lives. With this in mind, it's important for manufacturers to invest in water-resistant labels. By deploying durable stickers and labels, it's easy to ensure the information printed on the items' packaging remains as crisp, bright and legible as it was on Day One. Browse Lightning Labels' selection of label materials and laminates to find the perfect fit for your product. August may already be half over, but with Lightning Labels' lightning-fast turnaround, you'll soon be set for the rest of the month.

  • It's Not Too Early to Start Thinking About Custom Holiday Labels

    It's Not Too Early to Start Thinking About Custom Holiday Labels Now is the Time to Prepare Winter Holiday Labels and More

    The sun is up, the sky is blue and the winter shopping season is the last thing many people think about at this time of year - unless they celebrate the unofficial Christmas in July holiday, of course. However, at least as far as retailers are concerned, now is the perfect time to start thinking about everything from winter advertising campaigns to holiday labels. According to the National Retail Federation, more than half of retailers surveyed in conjunction with the creation of the organization's 2015 Retail Holiday Planning Playbook said they began planning for the 2014 winter holidays in June of last year or before. This makes sense given that the end-of-year shopping season generates nearly one-fifth of total retail sales for the year, according to a separate NRF consumer trends report, and getting an early start on preparations may help companies get a larger piece of that pie. What's more, the Playbook revealed that the 2014 holiday season saw a 4 percent uptick in sales, culminating in $616.1 billion in total. This bodes well for 2015 - provided, of course, that retailers are up to the challenge.

    Why Do Custom Holiday Labels Give Retailers an Edge?

    Custom holiday labels are a great way to:

    • Promote the identity of a brand
    • Attract customer attention.
    • Give shoppers a sense of the quality experience they will have with a product.
    • Jazz up the usual label designs for the winter season.

    The winter holidays are filled with anticipation for consumers, whether they celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or something else. They tend to associate certain color schemes and items with this time of year, so retailers eager to capture some of this excitement and redirect it to their products might want to consider changing up their labels to incorporate these seasonal aspects. Why not adopt a red-and-green color scheme in honor of Christmas, or add items like snowflakes and sprigs of mistletoe to your logo or label design? It's important to keep in mind that certain alterations lend themselves better to some designs than others. For instance, including snowflakes in a geometric pattern might throw off a label's balance, but using holiday colors could be extremely successful. In contrast, a design that depicts a house, a tree or another outdoor object would be the perfect candidate for adding snow to roofs and branches, thereby making the design more authentic for the time of year.

    Get the Word Out About Your Holiday Label Changes

    By its very definition, a holiday label is temporary, and this time crunch can serve you well in terms of marketing. Be sure to let your customers know that your products will be sporting limited-edition labels for the duration of the holiday season. Some will head to your website or brick-and-mortar location to check out the new packaging, which gives them the perfect excuse to look through your offerings and get some of their seasonal shopping out of the way sooner rather than later.

  • Food Labeling Legislation's Strange Reception

    Controversy Surrounds Labeling Laws
    In what has become one of the more spoken about topics on Capitol Hill in the past year, the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act has continued to fan the flames among opponents. At the same time, though, big names in Hollywood and beyond are beginning to advocate for the standards that were passed not so long ago - although it is not yet clear which side is the right one for individuals who are fighting for the people. 

    Perhaps because of how novel of an idea this legislation has been, given the fact that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has long kept to itself when it comes to labeling, the law itself is being questioned by those who are still very much supportive of the general concepts. However, like many other pieces of legislation to pass through the U.S. government, controversy abounds thanks to the finer points within the statutes that appear to be somewhat questionable.

    Don't Tread on Labels
    The Statesman Journal recently took an interesting approach to analyzing the government's Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act, stating that it might do more harm than good in the grand scheme. Finding an individual who would argue that this law is completely unnecessary in its very essence would be somewhat difficult, as it has become abundantly clear that consumers and advocacy groups want more thorough and accurate information about the food and beverages they ingest. 

    However, the news provider argued that this particular framework of standards is not necessary fair, and that many of the statutes released and followed by state officials across the nation will be hindered as a result. This is certainly one of those conversations that bring big government in Washington's challenges and potential issues to light, but is a bit more divisive in certain ways. 

    According to the source, the law will likely hurt smaller farmers - even those who have kept away from genetically modified ingredients for years, as they will need to put up the money necessary to get the accreditation through the new channels. Perhaps even worse, the Statesman Journal noted that larger agricultural operations with more money will likely have an easier time gaining the accreditation, even if they do in fact use GMOs in their supply chains. 

    Considering the fact that this law was primarily focused upon ensuring labels are accurate, specifically in terms of the use of GMOs, this issue is an important one to say the least. 

    Celebrities React
    People Magazine recently reported that the often outspoken Gwyneth Paltrow, along with several other individuals from Hollywood, have started to speak out against the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act in Washington. According to the news provider, Paltrow's constituency calls itself Just Label It, and believes the current legislation makes it highly unlikely that consumers will be able to clearly understand what is being incorporated into the food they purchase. 

    The group has gone so far as to re-name the act the "Deny Americans the Right to Know Act," the source explained, and affirmed that it needs to be changed soon to allow individuals to understand when GMOs are present and when they are not. 

    "I'm not here as an expert," Paltrow told officials in Washington, according to People Magazine. "I'm here as a mother, an American mother, who honestly believes that I have the right to know what's in the food I feed my family. I'm not an intensely political person."

    This law is likely to be even more widely discussed in the next few weeks, as August is Food Safety Month. 

  • Announcing Our 4th Annual Lightning Labels Photo Contest Winners!

    Don't Forget Back-to-School Labels This Shopping Season Facebook Voters Crown Label Contest's Top 5

    Back in May, we announced the kickoff of our fourth annual label contest and invited our customers to show off the product labels and stickers they printed with Lightning Labels. Once the submission period closed, fans of Lightning Labels on Facebook were encouraged to vote for their favorite product photos. With each entry more compelling than the last, there was some stiff competition, but voters were ultimately able to whittle down the options to five winners.

    Scentsational Soaps Claims Grand Prize in Image Contest

    Scentsational Soaps of California came out on top in our image contest and took home the grand prize - a Canon EOS Rebel camera. When she founded Scentsational Soaps back in 2007, Toushonta Hogan's wares were limited to glycerin soaps. Eight years later, she has transitioned into an expansive range of offerings that includes cold-pressed soaps, bath salts, body butter, sugar scrubs, candles, body mist and body souffle. Each product comes with a vivid label that describes the item not just with words, but also pictures. For instance, Scentsational Soaps' Caribbean soy candle label features palm trees backlit by a beautiful sunset, printed in vivid color by Lightning Labels.

    Candle-Makers Seize Second, Third Places in Lightning Labels Photo Contest

    Milwaukee Candle and Apothecary of Wisconsin, which won second place in the Lightning Labels Photo Contest, was awarded a 40-inch high-definition flat-screen TV. Meanwhile, third-place winner Art Scents of Hawaii got a Kindle Fire HDX. Like Scentsational Soaps, Milwaukee Candle's wares are more expansive than its name would suggest. In addition to candles, the company sells lip balm, aftershave, soap and more, all elegantly packaged by labels featuring refined designs. Art Scents is another business that sells candles, but with a twist: Every candle features art prints by business owner Chris Neil Conner. What's more, the containers are meant to last much longer than the candles themselves. Durability is a must in terms of this company's packaging, which makes Art Scents the perfect candidate for Lightning Labels' heat-resistant candle labels.

    Southern Girl Soapery and Sweet Tea Junkie Earn Lightning Labels Credit

    To round out the top five, Southern Girl Soapery of Arkansas and Sweet Tea Junkie of Florida received $500 and $300 in Lightning Labels credit. Southern Girl Soapery's handmade bath and body wares run the gamut from shaving products and bar soaps to body scrubs and creams, each infused with a little slice of the South. The rich colors and elegant fonts featured on Southern Girl Soapery's labels are a perfect extension of the company's brand. Sweet tea is another staple of the South, and Sweet Tea Junkie celebrates this delicious beverage by selling "tea shirts" and a range of premium, handcrafted blends. The teas' black labels combined with Sweet Tea Junkie's off-white logo and lime green text strike a balance between being refined and eye-catching. Interested in entering next year's photo contest and potentially nabbing one of these great prizes for yourself? Watch this space for details!

  • Head to Lightning Labels for Back-to-School Stickers and Labels

    Don't Forget Back-to-School Labels This Shopping Season Don't Forget Back-to-School Labels This Shopping Season

    This time of year seemed so far away at the beginning of the summer, but for many families, school is already right around the corner. According to research by the National Retail Federation, back-to-school spending has increased by 42 percent over the past decade, and consumers' willingness to spend at this time of year has the potential to affect purchases of small things, such as back-to-school labels and stickers, to laptops, tablets and other big-ticket items. In fact, according to the NRF's Back-to-School Spending Survey, the average family with kids in grades K-12 will spend $630.36 over the course of the back-to-school shopping season, investing in supplies such as folders and writing implements as well as apparel, shoes and electronics. The NRF went on to note that many families who splurged last year are tightening their purse strings in 2015, determining that much of what they purchased as brand new in 2014 is still in good working order. "As seen over the last 13 years, spending on 'back to school' has consistently fluctuated based on children's needs each year, and it's unlikely most families would need to restock and replenish apparel, electronics and supplies every year," noted Matthew Shay, president and CEO of the NRF. "Parents this summer will inventory their children's school supplies and decide what is needed and what can be reused, which just makes good budgeting sense for families with growing children."

    Need Durable Back-to-School Stickers? Lightning Labels Can Deliver

    Although items themselves may be in good enough condition to last for at least another semester, a year of wear and tear can really do a number on the labels that kids use to distinguish their possessions from the similar or even identical belongings owned by their classmates. This is where back-to-school stickers and labels from Lightning Labels come in. Lightning Labels offers a range of materials and laminates to keep labels durable and vibrant throughout the academic year and beyond, at low minimums that fit into families' back-to-school budgets.

    Don't Forget to Add Sports Team Labels to the List

    Many kids heading back to school for the fall semester aren't only preparing for classes, but also the kick-off of the fall and winter sports season, which encompasses football, soccer, basketball and more. Sports team labels are a great way for players to not only identify their uniforms and equipment, but also to proudly show off their status as part of the team. According to the NRF survey, three in 10 families (30.3 percent) with children in grades K-12 will wait until one to two weeks before the semester begins to start their back-to-school shopping. According to Pam Goodfellow, principal analyst with Prosper Insights & Analytics, which conducted the study on behalf of the NRF, parents who put off shopping will use conveniences such as same-day delivery to ensure they get everything they need in time for the first day of school. This can quickly get expensive, but ordering from Lightning Labels is one item on families' back-to-school checklists that won't break the bank. Following proof approval, Lightning Labels can turn around orders within 48 to 72 hours, helping even the most last-minute shoppers slide in under the wire.

  • Use Custom Packing Tape to Personalize Shipments, Reinforce Branding

    Use Custom Packing Tape to Personalize Shipments, Reinforce Branding. Customized Packing Tape Can Make Your Packages Pop

    If you're eager to make your company's shipments distinctive without laying down a huge investment, you should consider using customized packing tape. Tape may be necessary to protect shipments, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring! Thanks to customized packing tape, your customers will no longer have to squint at the return address on a package to figure out where it's from. Instead, they'll be able to easily determine what's inside based on your brand's one-of-a-kind logo, color scheme, name, slogan or another such identifier.

    Get Ahead of the Game With Custom Shipments

    Enterprises that don't prioritize custom shipments distribute goods to people's houses in default packaging that's either plain brown or features the logo of the shipping company, such as FedEx, UPS or USPS. The items inside the envelope or box may be unique, but customers still need to inspect the container that holds them before realizing what's inside. In contrast, businesses that jazz up their packaging with custom tape get instant recognition from the recipient, as well as the opportunity to reinforce their branding.

    Find the Custom Tape You Want With Lightning Labels

    Lightning Labels offers a lot of options for people in search of personalized labels and stickers, and custom tape is no exception. Place your order according to your color, length and size specifications, choosing from a white or clear background with up to three spot colors that can come in lengths of 55 or 110 yards and widths of 2 or 3 inches. If you're running a small enterprise, you'll be glad to know that we offer low minimum quantities - in fact, you can order as little as one case.

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