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    Poofy Organics showcases USDA-certified products

    Company experiences healthy growth offering best of the best

    Rutherford, NJ-based Poofy Organics was founded in 2006 following Kristina Gagliardi-Wilson’s mother getting a breast cancer diagnosis. Kristina’s entire family became determined to use completely toxic-free products. Unable to find any, she and her mother, Nella, decided to start their own company. Poofy Organics carries an extensive line of USDA-certified products, including baby products, body care, cosmetics, essential oils/blends, facial care, hair care, home products, remedies, bath salts, and mouth care.

    Among other family members involved in the operation are Kristina’s husband, brother, father, and kid

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  • Take Advantage of the Zodiac Signs to Personalize Your Products

    Get Your Scorpio Custom Labels Today!

    Zodiac signs and astrology at large have become more popular among consumers in the past several decades, and many individuals will look over their horoscopes on a daily basis, trying to align their lives with the stars above. One of the more important drivers of brand recognition and stature involves capitalizing upon opportunities to spread the word and connect the company's image to hot trends, and personalized custom labels can be a great way to do this.

    Customization has become a critical aspect of marketing and product management in the past few years, and companies can take a range of approaches to get these projects underway and in motion.

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  • Who Says Labels Have to be Boring?

    Standard, boilerplate labels have long been in use by a range of organizations, including food industry competitors, retailers and manufacturers, and will generally include the bare minimum of information related to products. While this can certainly get the job done, and some brands might want to keep their messaging and packaging as simple as possible, others do not have to remain one-dimensional when approaching their product labeling strategies today.

    Rather, before the holidays kick in, some business leaders should go outside the norm and begin to label their products with a bit more pizzazz, helping to give them the best possible chance of maximum revenue and brand recognition.

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  • Capitalizing On Eat Better, Eat Together Month

    How Will You Observe Eat Better, Eat Together Month?

    Food manufacturers, growers and sellers have been given many opportunities to boost awareness about their brands throughout the year given the increase in days, weeks and months devoted to one delicacy or another. However, October might be the most advantageous of all, as it is in close proximity to November and December, which tend to be the busiest times of the year for all types of sellers, and recently became Eat Better, Eat Together Month.

    This particular event is meant to build awareness regarding the importance of not only eating healthy, but also sitting down for meals with the whole family to strengthen the ties between relatives.

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  • Use Custom Stickers to Create Awareness for Your Fundraising and Charity Events

    Boosting Awareness with Custom Stickers

    Philanthropic companies tend to be a bit more successful in the brand management category than those that never embrace certain causes and charities, especially among the younger generation of consumers. As such, many firms have started to become more engaged in fundraising, charities and awareness events in the past few years than ever before, and some marketing techniques can help to boost the visibility of these initiatives more creatively.

    For example, leaders can begin to leverage custom stickers that are meant to not only help to position the brand alongside the charities and fundraising activities taking place, but raise awareness of those causes as well in one fell swoop.

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  • Fire Awareness Week is 10/4 to 10/10

    The Importance of Fire Safety

    Fire Awareness Week runs from October 4 through October 10, and companies can ensure that they are observing this event properly by putting an extra effort into educating their employees and customers through engaging strategies. According to the National Fire Protection Association, billions of dollars are lost to fires in the United States annually, and the damages incurred relate back to a range of factors.

    The agency argued that $329 billion dollars in total losses were accrued in 2011 alone, and pointed out that this is more than 2 percent of gross domestic product in the United States.

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  • Are you ready for Movember? Get your custom labels now!

    Movember's Custom Label Potential

    Movember is a relatively new movement that gained steam in the past few years, and involves the growing of beards among men in the United States - and some abroad - to raise awareness for men's health. Although it might seems strange at first, the melding of masculine facial hair styles and designs in a competition of sorts, and the need for men to get tested for serious afflictions, diseases and viruses, has actually accomplished a lot since the movement began.

    Companies can support these campaigns by leveraging Movember labels that at once align with their brand image and the Prostate Cancer Foundation's general awareness goals in November, and better position their stature in the market as a result.

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  • The overwhelming majority of news stories related to food and commodity labeling practices have been firmly focused on clear, accurate and responsible information sharing to the consumer marketplace, and for good reason as regulators work to boost safety across industries. However, that is only one of the many aspects that need to be covered when developing a label strategy for products of any kind, as they also need to pop a bit and catch the eyes of target markets. 

    Punchy, colorful and brand-consistent imagery can goes a long way toward boosting the speed with which items leave the shelves, and virtually any company that sells consumer products needs to ensure that its labels are getting the job done in this regar

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