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    Poofy Organics showcases USDA-certified products

    Poofy Organics showcases USDA-certified products

    Company experiences healthy growth offering best of the best

    Rutherford, NJ-based Poofy Organics was founded in 2006 following Kristina Gagliardi-Wilson’s mother getting a breast cancer diagnosis. Kristina’s entire family became determined to use completely toxic-free products. Unable to find any, she and her mother, Nella, decided to start their own company. Poofy Organics carries an extensive line of USDA-certified products, including baby products, body care, cosmetics, essential oils/blends, facial care, hair care, home products, remedies, bath salts, and mouth care.

    Among other family members involved in the operation are Kristina’s husband, brother, father, and kids. The company name was inspired by her daughter, Mariah, known as Poofy.

    “We promise to avoid toxic ingredients such as synthetic fragrance, parabens, triclosan, PEGs, Triethanolamine, Oxybenzone, GMOs and other harmful chemicals! We use recyclable and biodegradable packaging and never EVER test our products on animals. Our products are safe for our world, children, pets, and expectant mothers,” notes Kristina.

    She adds, “Becoming USDA organic basically makes us put our money where our mouth is. There are very few companies that are USDA certified. Other certifications are less stringent. Anyone can say ‘organic,’ but it doesn’t prove anything. We list every ingredient. We make everything by hand at the facility. We don’t use third-party manufacturing or formulation. Everything is here and shipped from here. And, we’re on the USDA website, enhancing ability of people looking for products like ours to find us. Along the way, we educate consumers where possible, and maintain total transparency.”

    Relationship with Lightning Labels, the Custom Product Label Specialist

    Kristina points out, “I love Lightning Labels…and their free ground shipping. We’ve been with them a long time. There are very few companies where you can go online, order, and you’re done. I go online, the quote is right there, and I upload files. This is so convenient, and label quality is good. I haven’t found anyone that compares. To sum it up, Lightning Labels is convenient, high quality, quick service, and professional…and they’re always improving—such as the new website for easier ordering.”

  • Take Advantage of the Zodiac Signs to Personalize Your Products

    Take Advantage of the Zodiac Signs to Personalize Your Products

    Get Your Scorpio Custom Labels Today!

    Zodiac signs and astrology at large have become more popular among consumers in the past several decades, and many individuals will look over their horoscopes on a daily basis, trying to align their lives with the stars above. One of the more important drivers of brand recognition and stature involves capitalizing upon opportunities to spread the word and connect the company's image to hot trends, and personalized custom labels can be a great way to do this.

    Customization has become a critical aspect of marketing and product management in the past few years, and companies can take a range of approaches to get these projects underway and in motion. Personalized labels are perhaps among the more simplistic and quick methods of doing so, as the process does not require a complete reinvention of the products themselves, but rather puts a nice spin on the packaging customers see in the stores.

    Zodiac Labels at a Glance

    The trickiest part about incorporating Zodiac labels into a product management strategy will be the understanding of the target customers involved, as there are 12 signs that cover the entire year. However, the research and development aspects of these projects can represent exceptional opportunities to connect with customers even before the first label is printed, as companies can survey their marketplace and find out more about their target prospects.

    Most simply, custom Zodiac labels can be used on products that are specifically made for a certain customer, or even in situations where the company wants to show appreciation for an individual through the delivery of a free product. In fact, a common recognition and retention tool is to offer customers free goods on their birthdays, and incorporating a Zodiac-themed label on that item can go a long way toward boosting the relationship between the consumer and the business itself.

    This is not to say that business leaders cannot go another few steps into more advanced territories, though, as the glory of custom labels is that so many different objectives can be met with these marketing tools.

    Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

    Marketers and brand managers who have been around for a while know that, when it comes to sales and corporate stature in the marketplace, companies tend to get what they give. This is why taking unique approaches to relatively standard matters such as packaging labels can have a bigger impact on the bottom line than many firms might know, and customization with Zodiac symbols and other popular imagery can be just the ticket to boost revenues.

    However, with all of the work that will be done to iron out the strategy, business leaders will want to ensure that they choose a label service provider that can speedily deliver the products and get the printing done properly. Lightning Labels is a leader in this field, and can help you get more out of your custom Zodiac labeling strategies.

  • Glam Up Your Holiday Labels with Satin Cloth Material

    Glam Up Your Holiday Labels with Satin Cloth Material

    Who Says Labels Have to be Boring?

    Standard, boilerplate labels have long been in use by a range of organizations, including food industry competitors, retailers and manufacturers, and will generally include the bare minimum of information related to products. While this can certainly get the job done, and some brands might want to keep their messaging and packaging as simple as possible, others do not have to remain one-dimensional when approaching their product labeling strategies today.

    Rather, before the holidays kick in, some business leaders should go outside the norm and begin to label their products with a bit more pizzazz, helping to give them the best possible chance of maximum revenue and brand recognition. In these instances, they might want to think about using holiday labels made from various materials, including satin, to really separate themselves from competitors in their respective marketplaces.

    Adding a Tactile Edge

    Labels will tend to only target one of the average consumer's senses, and while sight is sometimes plenty, there is something to be said about adding to the feel of the items with a rewarding texture such as satin. Simply put, there are likely very few businesses that actually take this approach, and doing so can quickly improve the stature of a branded product on the shelves and in the hands of shoppers sifting through their various options in a given store.

    Custom holiday labels can be designed to also have a visual edge on the competition, but the tactile feel of more unique ones might just work to keep the brand and the products themselves in the minds of consumers for longer periods of time. Considering the fact that the busiest shopping days and weeks are right around the corner, now would be the best time to get moving on these projects and establishing the right balance for design and texture.

    Satin cloth labels will be better-suited to some products compared to others, including home goods and furnishings, clothing, special holiday food packaging and toys. On the other hand, virtually any product can be made more engaging when the company puts an extra effort into the marketing and placement of the products, and this can be quickly handled when working with the right label service provider.

    Customized Holiday Labels

    Now, some products will simply not have any different packaging or labeling when the holidays roll around, and this is a missed opportunity among manufacturers and retail firms given consumers' gravitation toward specialty items. What's more, if providers of similar products do indeed go above and beyond the call of duty with respect to their packaging and labeling, they will likely be more successful in terms of brand recognition, loyalty and revenue growth this holiday shopping season.

    Working with a specialized, reliable labeling service provider like Lightning Labels can help ensure that all of the effort put into these projects comes back with speedy and preferable returns both in November and beyond.

  • Capitalizing On Eat Better, Eat Together Month

    Capitalizing On Eat Better, Eat Together Month

    How Will You Observe Eat Better, Eat Together Month?

    Food manufacturers, growers and sellers have been given many opportunities to boost awareness about their brands throughout the year given the increase in days, weeks and months devoted to one delicacy or another. However, October might be the most advantageous of all, as it is in close proximity to November and December, which tend to be the busiest times of the year for all types of sellers, and recently became Eat Better, Eat Together Month.

    This particular event is meant to build awareness regarding the importance of not only eating healthy, but also sitting down for meals with the whole family to strengthen the ties between relatives. If you are involved in the food industry in one way or another, or simply want to position your brand alongside a good, well-known cause, you might want to consider leveraging specialized food labels in the coming days to get the word out before the event comes to a close.

    Why Custom Food Labels?

    Chances are you already have a plan in place for your general, everyday food labeling strategies that involves core components such as ingredients and nutritional values, as well as what makes your product better than the rest. However, when you are embracing a major event that takes place over only a short time, you will want to think outside of the box and go above and beyond the call of duty with respect to branded messages and packaging.

    Customized food labels will be a bit more personal, helping to draw a connection between your current and prospective clientele and your brand through engaging, thoughtful imagery and verbiage. When you successfully customize your food labels for Eat Better, Eat Together Month, you will ensure that this event, which will take place each year for the foreseeable future, is at once observed by more individuals and associated with your company.

    At the end of the day, health consciousness has been a major trend for years now, and failing to position your business with the general tenets of this movement can render the brand irrelevant or, at the very least, unpopular among the growing majority of consumers.

    Custom Food Stickers for Success

    Again, you should be looking for any opportunity to build awareness around your brand ahead of the busy holiday shopping season. After all, if consumers are ready to choose you over competitors when Thanksgiving comes around, you can be sure that your revenue will be strong in the fourth quarter, and that you will have a good start for 2016.

    Customizing food stickers and labels to ensure your products pop off the shelves in the various stores that sell the items can be a boon to your bottom line, and the time to get moving on these projects is now. By leveraging a service provider like Lightning Labels, you can rest assured that your labels and stickers will be ready to go more quickly.

  • Use Custom Stickers to Create Awareness for Your Fundraising and Charity Events

    Use Custom Stickers to Create Awareness for Your Fundraising and Charity Events

    Boosting Awareness with Custom Stickers

    Philanthropic companies tend to be a bit more successful in the brand management category than those that never embrace certain causes and charities, especially among the younger generation of consumers. As such, many firms have started to become more engaged in fundraising, charities and awareness events in the past few years than ever before, and some marketing techniques can help to boost the visibility of these initiatives more creatively.

    For example, leaders can begin to leverage custom stickers that are meant to not only help to position the brand alongside the charities and fundraising activities taking place, but raise awareness of those causes as well in one fell swoop. With the right approach to design, execution and distribution, these stickers can go a long way toward improving the overall image of the company and contribute more to the philanthropic activities taking place.

    Get on Board with Fundraising Stickers

    When participating in a fundraiser, your company might be doing a number of things to contribute the cause, including opening up your workplace to host participants, offering free products that you sell to donors, or simply putting cash into the pot. In any situation, fundraising stickers can be used to ensure that your name is remembered among participants, and that the cause makes it out of the physical event space following its completion.

    This might in fact be the best function of these custom stickers, in that creative ones will be posted on participants' walls, cars and otherwise, enhancing the pool of prospective followers and contributors for the next iteration of the event. If you are distributing some of your products to be used in the fundraising event, you might want to consider leveraging custom fundraising labels instead, as these will be better suited to packaged items.

    Either way, though, you will need to ensure that the design fits the motif of the fundraiser itself and your brand image, which can be accomplished by using the right custom label provider.

    Charity Labels

    With the holidays right around the corner, many companies will be embarking on plans to support charities that are either focused in their community, on the national circuit or active internationally. Beginning to distribute charity labels now can help to boost awareness ahead of the time when many Americans will be deciding upon which organizations to contribute to, which will likely begin in the beginning of November. Additionally, labels will last through the next few months to keep the name on the minds of recipients.

    As was the case with fundraising activities, businesses might want to consider designing and printing custom charity labels to ensure that they are touching upon the various requirements involved in these endeavors. Working with Lightning Labels, you will be able to establish your labels, stickers, decals and more optimally, then receive the shipments quickly to begin distributing on time for maximum exposure.

  • Fire Awareness Week is 10/4 to 10/10

    Fire Awareness Week is 10/4 to 10/10

    The Importance of Fire Safety

    Fire Awareness Week runs from October 4 through October 10, and companies can ensure that they are observing this event properly by putting an extra effort into educating their employees and customers through engaging strategies. According to the National Fire Protection Association, billions of dollars are lost to fires in the United States annually, and the damages incurred relate back to a range of factors.

    The agency argued that $329 billion dollars in total losses were accrued in 2011 alone, and pointed out that this is more than 2 percent of gross domestic product in the United States. Efforts to raise awareness can go a long way toward reducing individual business and community risks of experiencing large damages from fires, and fire safety labels, stickers and decals can be a strong and affordable option when embarking upon these missions.

    Simple Path Toward Big Results

    One of the best ways to get the word out about this cause is to use fire safety stickers, as this will make it clear to every individual who sees a product that they need to understand what it takes to avoid damages and dangers associated with fires. Labels can range from being informative and educational to engaging and beyond, and it all depends on what companies wish to accomplish with these types of initiatives.

    For example, a firm that worries about fire safety among its own workforce members might want to offer various relevant pieces of advice in different fire safety decals. On the other hand, if there are any flammable risks associated with the products being sold and the firm wants to get the word out to its customers, fire safety labels that list the various hazards clearly on the product will be enough to make a difference.

    Additionally, companies can simply include information regarding where the viewer can find more guidance on fire safety, as well as data related to the awareness week taking place, right on the decals.

    Custom Fire Labels Work Best

    Should the firm want to take a bit more initiative in raising awareness regarding fire dangers and damages, it can use custom labels to ensure that is approach is unique compared to others'. This will be especially beneficial when leaders are trying to kill two birds with one stone - contributing to Fire Awareness Week as an event and positioning their brand as a leader that cares about the community around it.

    If this is the stance taken, design will be an important component, but cannot lessen the attention paid to accuracy of the information printed on the labels themselves. Working with a team, managers can assign various duties such as research, design, development and printing styles to each employee and get the job done a bit more quickly.

    Then, once the labels have been ironed out, leveraging a service provider such as Lightning Labels to get a quick turnaround on the orders will ensure that the business does not miss its goals.

  • Are you ready for Movember? Get your custom labels now!

    Are you ready for Movember? Get your custom labels now!

    Movember's Custom Label Potential

    Movember is a relatively new movement that gained steam in the past few years, and involves the growing of beards among men in the United States - and some abroad - to raise awareness for men's health. Although it might seems strange at first, the melding of masculine facial hair styles and designs in a competition of sorts, and the need for men to get tested for serious afflictions, diseases and viruses, has actually accomplished a lot since the movement began.

    Companies can support these campaigns by leveraging Movember labels that at once align with their brand image and the Prostate Cancer Foundation's general awareness goals in November, and better position their stature in the market as a result. Because this has indeed become a major movement across the nation, business leaders will need to get creative in their designing and execution of Movember stickers to truly make a statement in their marketplaces.

    Movember Decals Work Great

    Decals are often a great approach to use when trying to boost awareness, as the individual who purchases the items will be able to post them on their bumpers, laptops and other assets for all to see. However, they must truly pop off the page to really make a difference, and custom decals can be a great way to ensure a more unique angle on the imagery and phrasing included on the branded labels.

    In these situations, marketers, graphic designers and others within the business should be working together to research the general movement of Movember, and come up with a plan that will really align with their company's goals and values in the process. One idea might be to leverage Movember custom labels that actually include the bearded faces of men participating in the event, even having a contest in which the winner will have his face posted on a decal.

    Should the company want to avoid competition of this kind, it can offer to make custom labels for each individual customer who chooses to both grow a beard for Movember and donate to the cause, specifically in terms of prostate cancer research. In that same vein, businesses might want to donate the proceeds of their labeling campaigns to a men's health-related research group or charity to really bring their brand image up in their market.

    Getting it Done Right

    Since Movember is right around the corner, the time to get moving on these initiatives is now. Although it might seem like it is too late to begin a custom label process, businesses can work with a proven, reliable provider like Lightning Labels to ensure the products are printed and distributed on time for this awareness-focused event. Additionally, Lightning Labels offers a range of different customizable labels, stickers, decals and more, meaning business leaders can find the right products to align with their specific objectives in November. This can be a great way to build brand recognition while contributing to a good cause.

  • Do not forget the importance of style in labels

    The overwhelming majority of news stories related to food and commodity labeling practices have been firmly focused on clear, accurate and responsible information sharing to the consumer marketplace, and for good reason as regulators work to boost safety across industries. However, that is only one of the many aspects that need to be covered when developing a label strategy for products of any kind, as they also need to pop a bit and catch the eyes of target markets. 

    Punchy, colorful and brand-consistent imagery can goes a long way toward boosting the speed with which items leave the shelves, and virtually any company that sells consumer products needs to ensure that its labels are getting the job done in this regard. One of the best places to look for guidance related to label best practices is craft brewing, where smaller entities have to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their products can perform alongside those from major manufacturers. 

    Artistic labels
    The Tampa Bay Times recently explained some of the ways in which brewers in southern Florida are working to make their bottles a bit more eye-catching than competitors', affirming that artwork has been at the forefront of these strategies. Because of how small so many of these microbrewers' operations are, the source pointed out that leaders will often look to their employees for insights and assistance in the development of labels for various bottles. 

    This is almost always going to be a strong approach, regardless of industry, as operations staff and other ground-level employees will know the brand and the target market's preferences as well as anyone else in the business. According to the news provider, one brewer has gone so far as to attribute some of its products' success in the marketplace to the engaging and unique label artwork included on the bottles themselves. 

    All about execution
    Regardless of how much work a firm puts into the design and development of labels, it will need a professional service provider to ensure that the initial efforts yield positive results down the road. When using a high-quality label service provider that can turn around orders quickly and maintain accurate adherence to initial designs, businesses in virtually any industry can begin to better position their products and services for stronger sales. 

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