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    Winter Raises Health Concerns

    Winter can be a tough time of year for health-conscious consumers struggling with everything from the flu to dry skin. However, given the fact that such a high portion of the population is now driven by finding healthier alternatives to traditional products, you can capitalize on the hardships of winter and help your customers out by leveraging health product labels. Ensuring that your clientele understands the contents and benefits of your products can go a long way toward boosting your brand image and sales.

    Considering the fact that the holiday shopping season is underway, now is a great time to iron out the details of custom product labeling initiatives.

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  • New Food Labels for Sugary Products
    Food labels may be facing new regulation by the United States Food and Drug Administration soon, according to Tech Times, as the FDA has announced plans to require labels for added or extra sugar on food products. The proposal is currently under review but was created in hopes of cutting sugar intake levels among consumers, explained the media outlet.

    The proposal doesn't include a strict definition of what exactly constitutes an added sugar, but in the past, FDA guidelines have described it as "a sugar-containing ingredient that is added to the product during processing

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  • Capitalizing on Child Safety & Protection Month

    How Will Your Business Participate?

    November is Child Safety & Protection Month, which is an especially big event for the average product manufacturer who targets younger consumers. Although child safety labels are required on any objects that might present a risk to kids throughout the year, the observance of this awareness month will act as an opportunity for companies to go above and beyond the call of duty to gain more trust from their target markets.

    Because this observance also takes place in the busiest shopping month of the year, manufacturers and retailers will want to get moving on their child safety protection labels as soon as possible to get them out before Black Friday.

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  • New "Responsibly Grown" Food Product Labels Cause Controversy There is considerable controversy surrounding a new food label being rolled out by Whole Foods, reported CNBC. The program behind the Responsibly Grown label was created with the idea of factoring more complex environmental issues into the growing process.

    "We're asking suppliers a series of questions about a range of topics: soil management, pesticide use and pest management, water conservation, energy use and greenhouse gases, topics like farm-worker welfare," Global Produce Coordinator at Whole Foods Matt Rogers explained to the source.

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    Adorn Handmade Holiday Gifts with Festive Stickers

    Make Handmade Products Fly

    Relatively simple, mass-produced products will often have simple decals, stickers and labels on the packaging, and that is fine given the fact that these items are a dime a dozen, so to speak. However, if you produce handmade products and are looking to make some waves this holiday shopping season, you might want to consider looking into festive stickers that will ensure the aesthetic of your items' packaging shows the same care as what is inside.

    Holiday stickers can glam up your handmade products to boost their appeal on the shelves and the Web, all the while ensuring that the custom, carefully crafted items are consistently themed.

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  • A Gluten-Free Food Product Label
    In early October, General Mills announced a mass recall of 1.8 million boxes of Cheerios with the food product label declaring the cereal to be gluten-free, according to Reuters. The recall was due to the revelation that there may have been trace amounts of wheat in these cereals. The recall included both original and honey nut flavored Cheerio products.

    The problem occurred at a General Mills facility in Lodi, California where wheat flour was allegedly added to the oat flour system that was designated to be gluten free. In a company statement President of General Mills' cereal business Jim Murphy claimed that the incident was isolated and largely due to human error, reported Reuters.

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  • Lawsuits Over Food Labeling
    As of late, food and drink companies alike have been quick to remove labeling from their products that make claims about the food being "natural." This is largely due to the string of recent lawsuits over false advertising claims, explained The Daily Meal.

    The Guardian noted that major players like Welch's and Gerber are facing the heat for claiming "all-natural" ingredients on their food labels.

    Welch's faced a lawsuit in September that claimed the company was participating in "deceptive practices in misrepresenting the fruit content and the nutritional and health qualities of Welch's fruit snacks," according to the source.

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    Prepare for Black Friday with Holiday-Themed Product Labels

    Are You Ready for Black Friday?

    The day after Thanksgiving has long been the busiest of the year for big box retailers, and is only a few weeks away. Businesses are granted an opportunity to significantly increase their visibility in the marketplace, inject a revenue boost right at the end of the year and hit the ground running in 2016 by focusing their efforts on strengthening Black Friday sales. Black Friday labels can work to align the brand with the event that most consumers wait for to purchase their holiday gifts.

    First and foremost, labeling strategies should be ironed out every month of the year, as there are always events that can be targeted in a customized marketing program, but this might be the most important time for manufacturers and retailers.

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    Capitalizing on Gluten Free Diet Awareness Month

    Gluten Free Diet Awareness Month

    Although the gluten-free diet was not well-known or commonly discussed only a decade ago, it has grown significantly as a major trend facing the food industry in the time since. Given the fact that more individuals have been diagnosed with Celiac disease, which makes the consumption of certain products containing gluten extremely dangerous and sometimes deadly, this is a serious matter that all food industry businesses must be aware of.

    November is Gluten Free Diet Awareness Month, and you can at once capitalize on the opportunities involved and support a good cause by using custom labels on your products.

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  • Get Serious with Labels
    Each month, several food distributors and manufacturers are called out for improper labeling practices by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety Inspection Service, and are forced to start expensive recalls on the products involved. Although plenty of these alerts deal with adulteration from various food-borne diseases, many are entirely avoidable given the fact that they begin with misbranding or poor accuracy on the labels themselves. 

    Companies can save themselves from a world of trouble, stress and financial loss by ensuring that their labeling strategies are tight, properly monitored and always accurate.

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