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    Redesigning Nutrition Labels For More Transparency
    The details included on product labels play a significant role in the purchasing decisions of consumers, especially when the information pertains to their health.

    An increasing number of customers have demanded more transparency and stricter regulations on food labels. And industry leaders are taking note.

    Earlier this year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration proposed making it mandatory for companies to include the percent daily value of added sugar on the labeling of food products. This proposal was an extension of the one made in March 2014, suggesting an overhaul of the Nutrition Facts label to make calorie and fat content information more noticeable.

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  • December is National Fruitcake Month

    Use Custom Labels to Spruce up Fruitcakes

    Does anything say "the holiday season" quite like fruitcake? Although it might appear to be somewhat of a cliche, it is a cliche for a reason, as individuals have shared fruitcakes during the holidays for decades, making it a delicious tradition of sorts. As such, December is National Fruitcake Month.

    If you manufacture or sell fruitcakes, as well as other items that are popular this time of year, consider leveraging custom holiday stickers to put a festive spin on your cakes, cookies, candies and more, as this will help your products pop off the shelves.

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  • Custom Durable Labels – the Best Way to Combat Harsh Winter Conditions

    Custom Durable Labels Help Prepare Your Business for the Cold and Snow

    Winter weather can be extremely disruptive when it comes to product manufacturing, distribution, transport, sales and more, as many businesses have learned the hard way throughout the past several years. However, regardless of how much precipitation falls this winter, or how extreme the cold becomes, you can ensure that your product packaging remains resilient in the face of harsh elements through the use of customized durable labels made from tougher materials.

    For example, durable vinyl labels tend to be far better-suited to outdoor applications and tough conditions, both in terms of when the products are being distributed and when they eventually make it to their final destination at a customer's abode.

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  • Custom labels can help make holiday shopping more affordable.

    Using Custom Labels to Manage Holiday Spending

    With Christmas quickly approaching, people are beginning to scramble to finish their holiday shopping and think of last minute gift ideas. This time of year can be both stressful and expensive.

    The National Retail Federation recently reported that consumers plan to spend around $800 on items related to the holidays.That's a lot of money, especially for those on a tight budget.

    Furthermore, sometimes people spend a considerable amount of money on presents, even when they aren't entirely sure they are purchasing the right items that their family or loved one will be pleased to receive.

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  • Misinterpreting expiration labels could be contributing to food waste in America.

    Clarifying Expiration Labels May Reduce Food Waste Given the amount of food-related illness outbreaks this year, it's no surprise many consumers are especially cautious about checking the expiration dates listed on food labels.

    Most consumers are becoming more attentive to the foods they eat, not just because they fear food-borne sickness, but also because they want to lead a healthy life, which means purchasing "real," whole foods. However, usually these fresh vegetables and produce have shorter shelf-lives. If a consumer suspects a product has exceed its expiration date, naturally, he throws it away

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  • Making Waves this New Year's Eve

    Personalize New Year's Celebrations

    The time of the year for celebration has arrived, and individuals and businesses from across the country are likely ironing out the details of their plans to ring in 2016 in fun and unique ways. If you manufacture or distribute products that are popular for New Year's festivities, including wine and champagne, you might want to consider the merits of customizing your labels for these items to ensure that they fly off the shelves at the end of December.

    Personalization has been a key to success for businesses of all types in the past few years, and one of the best ways to keep these strategies fresh is to align custom labels with specific events or campaigns, in this case those related to New Year's.

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  • New National Poll Suggests Majority of People Prefer Print GMO Labels Rather Than Electronic.

    GMA Introduces SmartLabel Technology as GMO Labeling Solution The United States Congress has faced a great deal of food industry-related controversy this year, especially pertaining to the labeling laws of products containing genetically modified ingredients.

    On one side of the GMO debate are groups of labeling supporters who believe labeling regulations should operate in a way that reflects complete transparency, disclosure and honesty between producers and consumers, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

    On the other end of the spectrum are those who believe mandatory labeling should be prohibited, and GMO labeling should be an option left to the manufacturer's discretion.

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  • December is Worldwide Food Service Safety Month

    Helping Food Service Industry Professionals

    Each December, an international awareness campaign seeks to ensure individuals in the food service industry are safe and successful. Worldwide Food Service Safety Month can be a great opportunity to launch more personalized product packaging and labeling strategies given the increased attention placed on the matters involved, especially for manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the industry.

    One of the best ways to strike the right chords with these endeavors is to leverage food labels that at once bring attention to Worldwide Food Service Safety Month, include all of the proper information on the packages and align the brand with the campaign.

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  • WTO rules against U.S. in 'dolphin-safe' tuna labeling dispute.

    WTO Declares U.S. Tuna Labeling Regulations 'Unfair' to Mexico For years, Mexico and the United States have been in a trade dispute pertaining to fishing industry trade regulations.

    Last week, The Associated Press announced the World Trade Organization ruled against the U.S. in the U.S.'s use of dolphin-safe tuna labels.

    The AP explained that the WTO reviewed a dispute settlement first made by Mexico in 2009, which argued that the U.S. trade label regulations were unfair to fishermen, restricted trade and violated international trade agreements.

    According to the Dolphin Protection Consumer Information Act, established in 1990, the U.

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  • Nutraceutical Manufacturers are Up

    The new year is coming quickly, and this means a fresh round of major resolutions that will often include matters related to weight loss. Manufacturers of nutraceutical products and other healthy items will have a great opportunity to get the word out about their brands with the help of some fresh marketing and product packaging schemes. For example, nutraceutical labels can be used to ensure that individuals in stores understand the merits of the items for their weight loss goals.

    Although the busiest shopping days of the year are now behind the retail sector, the coming weeks will still be highly opportunity-rich given the continued traffic most stores see through the end of the year.

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