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    New Year, New Custom Labels

    The New Year Approaches

    Starting fresh can go a long way in business when the new year arrives, and one of the more straightforward ways to do so is to launch a new packaging and product labeling strategy. Leaders should be asking themselves if their products need a new look for 2016 and, if the answer is yes, look into fresh materials, colors and design schemes for their labels. Although it might not seem like a lot, a novel brand management strategy can go a long way toward pushing revenues higher in the coming months.

    This is not to say that the wheel should be entirely reinvented, as every brand needs to sustain some level of continuity over time, but rather that smaller changes can keep the company relevant and interesting among target markets.

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  • FDA Grants First Approval For Labeling Of Genetically Modified Food From Animals.

    FDA Grants First Approval for Genetically Modified Animals as Food In a press release this week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced new GE labeling guidelines.

    For the first time, the FDA has approved the production of food from an animal that has been genetically modified. The approval request came from AquaBounty Technologies and pertained to the company's AquaAdvantage Salmon, a genetically modified type of Atlantic salmon.

    According to FDA regulations, for a product to be labeled as genetically modified, there must be a "material difference" present. Because the levels of safety and nutrition value in the bioengineered fish remain equal to those of its traditional counterpart, the FDA said it will not require the product to be labeled as having been genetically enginee

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