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    Front-of-pack labels are not a good representation of actual nutritional value of food products.

    Labels on Front of Food Packaging May Be Misleading There has been a lot of recent debate concerning what should be included on the labels of food products. For example, how much, or rather how little, detail should be offered to consumers? What requirements should a company have to meet before being allowed to make a certain health claim?

    It is important to many people that they can look at a label and easily find what they are looking for, whether that be the ingredients or amount of sugar an item contains or whether or not it was made using genetically modified organisms. Unfortunately, that's not always the c

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  • PolarCaseStudy


    Polar Bottle® is tasked with creating customized labels and stickers that feature impeccable color-matching and fast turnarounds for organizations and companies engaged in private labeling worldwide. Its high-profile clients include the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), for whom Polar Bottle serves as an official licensee. With typically tight deadlines and strict budget parameters, there’s little room for “do-overs,” so Polar Bottle must do the job right the first time, and deliver it on time.


    Team up with Lightning Labels to handle high-quality custom label jobs —ensuring capacity to meet commitments for timely and cost-effective deliver

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  • Lovers Deserve the Care

    Valentine's Day is one of the first major retail events of the year, and is an exceptionally advantageous time for any company that produces chocolates, sweets, greeting cards, flowers or anything else romantic. Married couples, individuals who are dating and even men and women in the courting process will try to show their love for their significant others, and you can help them do so with the right Valentine's Day gift labels.

    Custom stickers can help to completely change the packaging of your products at a relatively low cost, thus allowing you to put a Valentine's Day theme on the items without breaking the bank.

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  • Capitalize on the Month of Resolutions

    New Year's resolutions will almost always be at a peak in January, especially in terms of how many individuals are actually keeping to their plans to be fitter, happier and more productive. If you manufacture, distribute or sell nutraceutical and supplement products, now would be an ideal time to get moving on fresh marketing and product packaging strategies, as you might not see another month as active as this one until the beginning of 2017.

    As many business leaders know, a major portion of the battle to maximize revenues in a given year relates back to capitalizing on opportunities caused by higher traffic, greater demand and more attention paid to the lines of products.

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  • Digital watermarking codes may eventually replace traditional barcode labeling on product packaging.

    Digital Watermark Labels May Transform Traditional Barcodes Today, the inclusion of barcode labels on product packaging is a normal occurrence. These scannable stickers provide businesses across all industries with a way to significantly improve manufacturing and distribution operations, track and manage inventory faster and more accurately, and enable quicker transaction processing.

    Now, a new innovation is being introduced to the market that has the power to take global supply chain capabilities to a whole different level.

    The Wall Street Journal reported this week that Digimarc Corp.

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  • Elevate Your Business in 2016Custom Stickers Can Boost Your Brand

    Business leaders will always need to find ways to keep their respective brand images fresh, and the new year tends to be the best time of all to get moving on projects related to revised marketing strategies and approaches to customer engagement. When firms are product-focused, they can begin to leverage custom labels and stickers that reflect the company's new look and brand voice, and this can work wonders for revenues throughout the next 12 months.

    On the other hand, when product managers and marketers allow their practices and strategies to become stale, the chances of keeping customers and prospects interested in the business at large will be inherently lower.

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  • Snack food company is petitioning to have FDA update its labeling laws.

    CEO Lubetzky Argues Label Regulations Are Outdated and Counterintuitive Just because a food product isn't labeled as healthy, doesn't mean it isn't good for you. At least that is what snack-bar company KIND, with help of nutrition and health experts, is arguing.

    In December 2015, KIND announced a citizen petition requesting the United States Food and Drug Administration amend labeling laws regarding its definition of "healthy."

    The company insists that the FDA's current guidelines, which were initially developed over 20 years ago, are outdated and fail to coincide with modern scientific findings.

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  • January is National Hot Tea MonthCelebrate Hot Tea Month with Custom Labels

    Is there anything quite as relaxing as a cup of hot tea at the end of a long day's work, or even before setting out to begin the weekday grind? Many Americans appear to think not, and January marks the annual National Hot Tea Month. If you manufacture or distribute hot tea, now is a great time to create high-quality custom labels for your products to engage current and prospective clientele and build a bit more loyalty for your brand.

    Tea labels, much like those that are placed on micro-brewed beers, will often be a major factor in consumer purchasing decisions, and the right designs can go a long way toward differentiating your products from those of competitors.

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  • Campbell Soup Co. announces all genetically modified ingredients will be listed on product labels.

    Soup Maker Announces Full Disclosure of Genetically Engineered Ingredients Over the past year, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the mandatory labeling of genetically modified ingredients on food products. Many major companies in the industry have aggressively fought against United States legislation amending regulatory requirements to include GMO ingredients. Some have argued it would lead to increased costs that are unnecessary and others have suggested it should be governed by state laws.

    However, Campbell Soup Co. recently took a step in the opposite direction.

    This week, the food manufacturer announced it will begin disclosing the use of any and all genetically engineered ingredients on all its product labels, a process that could take anywhere between a year and a year and a half to thoroughly implement.

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  • Order Custom Stickers to Celebrate National Sticker Day!


    January 13 is National Sticker Day

    Who doesn't like a good sticker? Whether it is meant to display a political leaning via a bumper sticker, or show support of a cause on a backpack or other accessory, a well-designed sticker can be a great way to spice up a range of items. Since January 13 is National Sticker Day, the time is now to get moving on projects related to custom stickers that will be distributed to consumers and others ahead of the event, thus boosting brand awareness in the process.

    Aligning the brand with major events - especially those that give clear and definitive opportunities to get the image of a company out into the public - should always be a point of focus for marketers, sales teams and project managers.

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