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    Sabor-Mexicano-Salsa-TradicionalChip and salsa maker opts for massive quality over mass production

    The Sabor Mexicano name traces to 1990, when Jorge Saldana opened the Cancun Sabor Mexicano restaurant in Berkeley. Cancun quickly became popular for cooking authentic Mexican food focused on quality ingredients.

    In 2010, Sabor Mexicano Foods began selling chips and salsas at local farmers’ markets, then used store demos as a primary marketing tool once they began retail store sales in such establishments as Safeway, Whole Foods and other natural-food centers. Notes principal Eric Munguia Saldana, “We realized that when a customer tried our chips and salsa, 80% of the time they

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  • January is National Hobby Month

    Get Moving on those Hobbies

    Hobbies are a wonderful way to pass the time, and individuals from around the country have an eclectic range of proclivities when it comes to keeping busy in their spare time. In many instances, individuals with hobbies will reach a point at which they have too many of the goods in their house, and have honed their skills to the point of feeling comfortable enough to try and sell them on the Web or at craft shows.

    Whether you're making soap or candles, craft beer or jelly preserves, your handiwork deserves high-quality labels and stickers. With all of the work that you've put into the handmade items, and the fact that this is likely your passion outside of normal day-to-day life, the packaging and labeling should have just as much personality.

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  • Study finds healthy foods are assumed to be "less filling," and therefore can help contribute to obesity.

    Experiment Finds Overconsumption of Food Linked to Labeling When setting out to shed a few pounds, most people believe that simply eating healthier will help them achieve that goal. Unfortunately, new findings show that this assumption could have an adverse effect.

    A study conducted at the University of Texas, Austin recently suggested that health-related food labels could actually be contributing to obesity rates.

    The research, which was published in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, was broken up into three experiments. The first segment analyzed the association people make between "healthy" and "filling" foods.

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  • The Value of Custom Political Campaign Stickers

    Custom Campaign Stickers Help You Stand Out

    The past few months have shown just how competitive the political landscape has become, with individuals on the federal level beginning their campaigns more than 18 months ahead of the November 2016 elections. State and municipal politicians are likely readying their campaigns to kick off the new year, and one of the more difficult challenges involved is differentiating one candidate from another given the sheer volume of those electioneering.

    However, custom campaign stickers can help to put a more unique spin on your image and voice, pointing voters who were otherwise on the fence in your direction.

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  • Quality E-Liquid Bottle Labels Make a Difference

    E-Liquid Popularity is Rising

    Trends in consumer demand will come and go, but e-liquid has become somewhat of a powerful movement given how many individuals now purchase items that fall into this novel category. Manufacturers of such products will need to ensure that they understand the importance of durable labels, as standard ones might not make it through distribution, purchases and other activities while in motion.

    By using vape labels and other types of product packaging that will remain resilient even if leaks exist or other common liquid-derived issues arise, business leaders will be safeguarding the items from assuming a poor image in the eyes of consumers.

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  • After investigating Whole Foods' labeling practices, the Department of Consumer Affairs has reached an agreement with the grocery company.

    DCA and Whole Foods Reach Food Labeling Settlement This week, the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs announced a settlement agreement has been reached with Whole Foods Market pertaining to the company's inaccurate labeling practices.

    The DCA conducted an investigation into Whole Foods earlier this year and discovered the grocery giant was overcharging consumers on prepackaged items and using incorrect weight and price labels.

    "Whether it's a bodega in the Bronx or a national grocery store in Manhattan, we believe every business needs to treat its customers fairly and, with this agreement, we hope Whole Foods will deliver on its promise to its customers to correct their mistakes," Julie Menin, the DCA commissioner, said in the statement.

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