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    Consumers are taking legal action against health claims made on coconut oil labeling.

    Consumers Claim Health-Related Labels Are Misleading The consumers who make up today's market appreciate healthy products. People are more informed on the impact diet has on overall well-being. In addition, individuals are becoming more socially and environmentally responsible, so they look for goods manufactured by companies that align with these values. Marketers know this, which is why so many organizations have used labels and packaging to position themselves as being the better, safer choice.

    Another trend that can be attributed to the growing interest consumers have in making smarter lifestyle decisions is the rising popularity of coconut oil.

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  • Labeling regulations in the food industry causing consumer confusion.

    Flexible Food Packaging Regulations Lead to Shopper Confusion Not everyone takes the time to read the packaging of an item before buying it. However, even those who do may be surprised to learn that the labels indicating a food is healthy may actually mean the complete opposite. In an article for Next Avenue, Rashelle Brown recently revealed that, according to research conducted last year by the Cornell Food and Brand Labs, eating items that they perceived as healthy sometimes caused consumers to gain weight. The study attributed this to people feeling like it was okay to eat more of something if it was "good" for them, as well believing it took more of the food to satisfy them.

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  • StPatricksDayNothing Better than Shamrock Stickers for St. Patrick's Day

    St. Patrick's Day is a beloved holiday in the United States, despite tracing its origins back to ye olde country of Ireland. It is a colorful time in which many cities will host massive parades, revelers will line the streets and fill the pubs, and adorn themselves with virtually anything green and sparkly. This presents firms with a unique opportunity to get the word out about their brands through the development and distribution of stickers for St. Patrick's Day.

    For obvious reasons, shamrock stickers are likely to be the most successful in terms of individuals actually accepting the items and wearing them on their clothing or placing them on cars, backpacks and other possessions.

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  • February is National Wedding Month

    Love is in the air this month, as February hosts both Valentine's Day and National Wedding Month, all within the shortest number of days of the year. If you produce candles, wine, wedding favors or any other products that are a bit more popular during wedding season, which generally falls in the spring and summer months, the time is now to get moving on customized label projects that will let newlyweds-to-be know that you are a good choice for their event.

    In many ways, this month is a great time to build brand awareness through several different types of campaigns, including those that celebrate National Wedding Month and Valentine's Day, directly market relevant services or get the brand name into the minds of individuals planning their weddings for later in the year.

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  • BumperStickersBumper Stickers for Marketing Success

    In the world of branding, companies that find ways to get their names into the minds of their target prospects in creative fashions will tend to be the most successful, and this demands a certain level of channel diversification. Internet marketing has certainly been a revolutionary and transformative trend, but studies indicate that the average consumer is still turning to somewhat traditional mediums to find businesses from which they will purchase products and services.

    When it comes to the physical environments and battlegrounds associated with brand competition, billboards and bumper stickers might be the most prolific and effective, as they will be seen by a high volume of prospects when properly placed.

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  • Properly designing the label and package of products is essential.

    Customizing Product Labels to Appeal to Target Audiences The purchasing behavior of consumers is heavily influenced by the packaging and labeling of products. Businesses must make sure high-quality materials are used that prevent deterioration or damage, but it is also important that the presentation is unique and attention-grabbing.

    There are many factors to consider when designing a package. And it is crucial that businesses understand that each component plays an important role in consumer psychology. In fact, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Miami and the California Institute of Technology found that when a person is shopping for retail items, elements such as color and font can influence whether or not they notice, interact and purchase a product.

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  • DentalHealthMonthCustom Stickers for Dental Health Awareness

    February is National Children's Dental Health Month, acting as a time to ensure that the parents of the country understand how best to teach their children about good tooth and gum hygiene. As many adults already know, failing to practice good dental health practices at a young age will start someone on the road toward costly medical bills, painful visits to surgeons and other undesirable problems in the future.

    And, as many kids know, going to the dentist can be a scary experience, but dental professionals can help to ease their patients' worries and ensure their clientele are taking good care of themselves with the right custom stickers.

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  • CannedFoodMonthFebruary is National Canned Food Month

    Food manufacturers that produce canned foods will have an opportunity to boost the visibility of their products in the eyes of current and prospective clientele, as February is designated as a month to observe the importance of these items. As is the case for virtually all types of major national events, individuals and organizations that have an attachment in one form or the other should work to establish themselves as leaders in the field by riding the increased attention being paid to the marketplace.

    To celebrate, food manufacturers can revamp their labels and packaging strategies to ensure that their items are jumping off the shelves this month and in the time that follows.

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  • AmericanHeartMonthHow Will You Observe American Heart Month?

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 610,000 American citizens pass away due to heart disease each year, accounting for a quarter of all deaths on average annually. This makes the disease the single biggest killer of the population, while the CDC also pointed out that very few people - roughly 27 percent of Americans - are aware of the full range of heart disease's effects, rather than only associating chest pain with the affliction.

    If you are a food manufacturer or distributor, you should consider taking the time this February to observe and support American Heart Month, which is meant to raise awareness of the fundamental facts about the disease among the population.

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  • Customer Spotlight: Smax Custom Vaping Product LabelsSmax foregos fad flavors for classic taste

    That’s probably not a claim that would come to mind immediately in the world of vaping and e-liquids. But, it’s at the heart of the e-liquid manufacturer’s operating philosophy.

    Another differentiating factor is Smax’s e-liquid dispensed in an airless pump. Notes Smax co-founder Tyra Pham, “It was intended to provide convenience in a stylized compact bottle since all e-liquids at the time were contained in Boston round bottles with generic droppers and were messy when applied in moving conditions.”

    She adds, “I was introduced to e-liquids by a few friends who got involved in the vaping industry back in 2014 and randomly met co-founder Roni Nisnisan, a talented e-liquid mixologis

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