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    Mandatory GMO Labeling Controversy Escalates

    GMO Labeling Controversy May Be Missing the Point Over the past year, the United States food industry has been faced with ongoing controversy pertaining to the mandatory labeling of products with genetically modified ingredients, or GMOs. There are two major stances on the issue. On one side there are the advocates who are demanding the Food and Drug Administration update its federal guidelines to require food companies and manufacturers to disclose any and all use of GMOs. On the opposing end is a group comprising mostly food makers and farmers that insists such labels should be volun

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  • Prepare Now for Presidential PrimariesCustom Stickers Popular in Primaries

    Every four years, campaigning hits peak activity, as individuals from various backgrounds vie for the attention and support of the populace in their bids for the White House. With February being a major month in the grand scheme of the primaries, candidates, supporters and others should be thinking about how they will contribute to the campaigning process in the coming months, and custom stickers could be just the answer for most individuals involved.

    The presidential race is heating up significantly, with the past 10 months of announcements, debates and electioneering coming to a head, and election stickers are an affordable option to support the efforts of chosen politicians.

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  • Temperature-Resistant Labels Necessary

    In the wake of one of the more legendary storms to ever strike the East Coast, manufacturers of popular winter products should be evaluating the resilience and durability of their packages and labels. Lip balm and chap stick tend to be far more commonly used around this time of year, and should distributors not properly protect the items against the elements, chances are customers will begin looking elsewhere for more reliable options.

    Lip balm labels need to be able to stand up to tough, harsh winter conditions, and not all stickers will be tested against the cold rain and snow.

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  • Create Fun, Vibrant Stickers for Mardi GrasMardi Gras Is This February 9

    There is perhaps no holiday in the United States more colorful and vibrant than Mardi Gras, especially when one is celebrating this day in the iconic city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Individuals from across the country tend to flock to the Mardi Gras hub each year, while populations in other regions and state will also hold their own events to recognize the event. As a business owner, you can view this as an opportunity to create some fresh, timely marketing collateral.

    And since this holiday brings so many people out into the streets, what better way to do so than create custom Mardi Gras stickers to give out to your customers on the day? This strategy can help you to align your brand image with one of the more beloved holidays of the year in the United States, all the while celebrating your customers who are engaged with the festivities on an annual basis.

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  • Digital printing is rapidly growing in the printing, packaging and labeling industry.

    How Companies Can Leverage Technology and Sustainability to Enhance Products Printing and packaging innovations are constantly being introduced to the market, but a few trends in particular will likely gain popularity and become widely adopted over the next few years. Two movements that seem to be heavily influencing the industry are an increasing reliance on technology and growing interest in environmental and social responsibility.

    Over the past decade, electronic advancements have helped businesses improve operational efficiency, build better relationships with customers and create more accessible means of communication.

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