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    Growing Demand for More Honest Labels and Healthier Products

    There have been a lot of issues pertaining to health-related claims made on product labeling. Many consumers have argued that companies, thanks, in part, to loose regulation policies, are able to limit the amount of information they include on packaging to shoppers, which impacts their ability to make informed decisions. Some have said that the lack of transparency is resulting in people purchasing products that actually have the opposite effect of what they hope for when they buy them. By urging companies and policymakers to improve their labeling laws and guidelines, people hope that they will be better educated and able to make smarter choices.

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  • BeardVapeSometimes, ideas for company branding are as clear as the nose on one’s face—or, in this case, the beard on one’s face. When brothers Brady and Casey Bates (in tandem with close friend Colbey Pfund) started Beard Vape Co. in the back of Nana’s Vape Shop in Venice, CA during 2014, they brainstormed a name and look that would resonate. They found it with their father, whose nickname was “Beard.” And, both brokers sport beards as well.

    The search for their signature flavors was far more intensive. They made nearly 100 flavors over several months, assigned a number to each, and started testing on vape shop customers.

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  • EasterStickersMake Unique, Colorful Easter Stickers

    Easter is right around the corner, and represents a great time to get moving on spring-themed marketing and branding ventures given the jovial festivities taking place across the country. For Easter, the most popular items are likely those that are sweet, chocolaty and easy to carry around in a basket, and many distributors, manufacturers and retailers that deal in these products are already pushing colorful labels and stickers to make them stick out on the shelves.

    If you compete in these marketplaces, you will need to ensure that your labels and stickers are differentiated from those of your competitors, and that can be a tricky endeavor given the sheer saturation of the market.

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  • US Senate denies bill to stall mandatory GMO labeling efforts.

    Legislation Denies Bill That Would Block Efforts of Mandatory Labeling Advocates

    The ongoing battle between the food industry and regulation agencies about the mandatory labeling of products containing genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, has dominated headlines over the past year.

    Those who are in favor of the policy argue that consumers deserve more transparent labeling practices and that the regulation should be a national standard. Those against it, comprising mainly food manufacturers, say that it should be voluntary and, at the very least, a decision made by individual state

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  • CraftBeerGet Your Craft Beer Ready with High-Quality Custom Labels

    March is a big month for beer, with March Madness, St. Patrick's Day and more falling within the month, and craft brews have been the hottest of all for years now. If you produce craft beers and microbrews, you likely already put a lot of effort into your libations, and you should ensure that the hard work is echoed by the packaging of those items through the use of custom beer labels.

    When consumers enter the liquor store to get a six-pack of fresh brews, they will very often be driven by the labels that adorn the bottles, with the more eye-catching and unique ones being a bit more successful on the shelves.

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  • NationalNutritionMonthModern Consumers Love Nutrition

    March is National Nutrition Month, a time when consumers are encouraged to take a second look at their diets and better understand the ways in which the items they eat and drink impact their health. If you are a food or beverage manufacturer, distributor or retailer, chances are you can make this month a profitable one by launching a special marketing program to ensure your prospects and current clientele understand your commitment to nutrition.

    Custom food labels are among the best options available to these types of firms given the ease with which they can be developed, printed and placed on products in a timely fashion.

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  • Government is being asked to require health warning labels on sugary drinks.

    States Say Sugar Warnings Needed for Consumer Health

    Amidst the growing controversy of fair food and product labeling practices, policymakers are getting another push to update regulations and guidelines, only this time it's not from confused consumers or advocacy groups; it's from scientists, doctors and dentists.

    The hot topic in question pertains to the negative impact sugar-sweetened drinks can have on health and whether or not such products should have a warning label. Bodies of nutritional science research have found a strong correlation between sugar intake and diseases such as type-2 diabetes and obesit

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  • 5WaysToFreshenUpProductsFresh Equals Success

    Business leaders who allow their marketing and branding strategies to become a bit stagnant in the modern era will rarely be able to see the best possible profit margins year in and year out. Today's markets are driven by fresh, unique, constantly changing and always improving campaigns, which is at least partly the product of the massive increases in online advertising and commerce activity driven by consumer preferences for more information in the palms of their hands.

    Now, this does not mean that firms should be aiming to completely overhaul their brand images several times a year, as this would thwart efforts to maintain a consistent and relevant voice, stature and the like among current and prospective clientele.

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    Consumer Groups Advancing Eco-labeling Initiatives While a lot of attention has been paid to creating more transparent labeling on the packaging of food and beverage products, there has been a lack of it on other items used daily in households. However, that may soon change.

    FairWarning reported that the nonprofit Made Safe will launch a safety approval label next year that will be applied to products made without harmful chemicals or ingredients, much like the seal for personal care items released last year by the Environmental Working Group, EWG Verified. Both marks were created to address the issues that are not currently being covered by the United States Food and Drug Administration and Consumer Product Safety regulation

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