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    There are a lot of factors that contribute to the successful selling of products. Businesses must be strategic about pricing and ensure a certain level of quality. But there are other components that can largely influence whether or not a shopper purchases an item. And for food and beverage goods, one of the most important is the packaging and labeling used.

    It's no secret that the design used on a package can affect how the item is perceived and, therefore, whether or not it catches the eyes of a potential customer or persuades someone to buy it. Focusing on the aesthetic appeal of a product is a crucial aspect of marketing.

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  • SmallBusinessSmall Businesses Fuel the Economy

    National Small Business Week runs from May 1 through May 7, and acts as a great time to celebrate entrepreneurship in the United States. Small businesses contribute disproportionate amounts to employment and gross domestic product compared to their larger counterparts, and the first week of May will act to raise awareness regarding the importance of these firms to the nation as a whole. Entrepreneurs and local communities are encouraged to participate.

    Because one of the toughest parts of running a small business involves brand visibility, the event can be capitalized upon by leveraging special marketing campaigns that raise awareness.

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    Reducing Costs and Increasing Value Through Innovative Printing The packaging and labeling of a product make up a critical aspect of successful marketing. Everything from the type of material to the colors used in the design can influence how a consumer perceives an item. Many sellers rely on their packages and adhesives to set their goods apart from competitors'. But it is not just the physical labels themselves that business owners must pay attention to; they should also prioritize the process used in producing them.

    Today's business environment is fueled by digital tools and technologies.

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  • Leveraging Eco-Friendly Solutions and Materials for Product Labeling 
    Today is Earth Day, a time when individuals and businesses across the globe take a moment to appreciate and celebrate our beautiful planet. And one of the best ways to demonstrate social and environmental responsibility is by increasing eco-friendly and sustainability initiatives.

    Using recyclable materials for product packaging and labeling has been an effective marketing tool for companies across all industries. But the advantages of businesses utilizing "green" practices extend far beyond appealing to consumers. Doing so can not only lead to cost-saving opportunities for companies, but it can also result in a reduced carbon footprint and an overall, safer, healthier environment

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  • Customers Increasing Demand for Responsibility
    Consumer awareness has reached new heights, and it is influencing the way many organizations are choosing to package, label and market their products. Companies are realizing that people are becoming increasingly conscious of their health and diet. Running in tandem with this is the rise of customers choosing to purchase from businesses that demonstrate environmental and social responsibility. It is not just their own safety and well-being they care about; they also want assurance that the items they use, foods they eat and goods they buy are not sourced or produced in a way that causes any damage to the planet or suffering to workers and animals

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  • Personal Care Products Targeted For Misrepresentation
    Product labeling and packaging can be tricky. Sellers are tasked with finding ways to market their goods to appeal to their target audiences. The problem is that some of the most effective strategies can lead to legal ramifications and consumer upset. Examples of this have most recently been highlighted by companies using phrases such as "all natural" in a misleading manner.

    This week the Federal Trade Commission issued a warning to businesses that sell consumer goods about not labeling products as being natural when the items contain artificial ingredients.

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  • WeatherResistantSpring is Here, Summer is Nigh

    With the spring and summer come far more outdoor activities, and your products will need to stand up to the harsh conditions of the seasons. Regardless of whether you manufacture products that are very obviously used for outdoor activities, or others that often make their way out of the home, you can leverage weatherproof labels to contend against heat, humidity and rain through the end of summer.

    Weather-resistant labels will protect all the hard work that went into creating, manufacturing, packaging and marketing your products, but you do not have to strictly choose between function and fashion when making these.

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  • MothersDayThe Big Day is Near

    Mother's Day is right around the corner, and much of the nation will be going out to brunch, offering gifts or showing their love for their moms in some other fashion. Companies that manufacture, distribute or sell popular gifts for Mother's Day should get rolling on projects to include specialized, targeted marketing and product packaging strategies as soon as possible to ensure that their items are the first to fly off the shelves.

    Mother's Day labels need to be deployed and on the packages ahead of the event, which is on May 8 this year, to make a real impact. With custom designs on various types of labels, firms will be able to position their brands alongside a major holiday.

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  • Packaging and labeling strategies adopted by Internet seller giants.Personalized Product Labeling and Packaging Enhances Brand Identity

    Just about anyone can sell online nowadays and the internet has essentially leveled the playing field. But the ones that are most likely to succeed are those who are able to effectively navigate the increasingly crowded digital environment and implement strategies for standing out among competitors and appealing to their target audiences. The ways in which organizations and individuals market themselves are critical, especially today when thousands of other websites and options, if not more, are just a click away.

    Every aspect of a business must operate in a way that is authentic and representative of the brand's identity, and that includes the packaging and shipping components.

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  • StressAwarenessUse Bumper Stickers for Stress Awareness

    Stress impacts all of us, and can lead to more severe mental and physical health issues when not recognized and treated. Awareness has long been held as the most powerful weapon to combat mental health problems, and April is dedicated to generate attention around stress and its full spectrum of consequences.

    If you would like to contribute to Stress Awareness Month, you can use custom bumper stickers to do so. There are few better ways to spread the word about a movement than crafting and distributing a winning bumper sticker, as the imagery will travel down roads and highways, attracting the eyes and minds of others.

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