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    3 Tips for Creating Custom Food Labels

    There are a lot of factors that contribute to the successful selling of products. Businesses must be strategic about pricing and ensure a certain level of quality. But there are other components that can largely influence whether or not a shopper purchases an item. And for food and beverage goods, one of the most important is the packaging and labeling used.

    It's no secret that the design used on a package can affect how the item is perceived and, therefore, whether or not it catches the eyes of a potential customer or persuades someone to buy it. Focusing on the aesthetic appeal of a product is a crucial aspect of marketing. However, it's one thing to understand that an item's label and package play an important role and another to know exactly how to optimize this effect.

    When designing and creating custom food and beverage labels, there are certain strategies sellers can use to make their products more enticing and increase the chances of shoppers purchasing it. Below are just a few.

    1. Tell a Story
    When creating a custom food label, companies have the opportunity to leverage storytelling in a way that is most likely to appeal to the target audience. Natural Products Insider recently highlighted this concept, explaining that research has indicated understanding the background of a business and its transparency is sometimes more important than the nutritional claims that are made on the labels.

    The source added that, for both products that were handcrafted and ones that were mass-produced, it has been found that shoppers are interested in knowing what kind of company the item is coming from. Therefore, sellers should consider what kind of message the details on their labels are sending and how they can be used to give audiences more insight into the organization.

    2. Choose the Right Material
    When it comes to creating custom food and beverage labels, quality matters. The type of material used can have a dramatic effect on how attractive the item appears. It can also reflect a level of professionalism. But it isn't just the visual appeal that needs to be considered; it also matters how durable and long-lasting the label is. It is imperative that businesses take into account the various types of adhesives and finishes available and select the one that makes the most sense for the specific product.

    For example, BOPP labels are an ideal option for beverages or items that need to be kept in the freezer or refrigerator. The reason for this is because the material is resistant to both water and oil, so it won't deteriorate from condensation.

    3. Add Unique Details
    To stand out among competitors, companies must think outside the box. Designing a custom label for food products provides businesses with a wide range of possibilities. For example, sellers could include cooking tips or suggested uses.

    Another approach that most organizations are not taking, but many consumers would likely appreciate, is to include the amount of exercise that would be required to burn off the calories contained in the food. According to Business Insider, the Royal Society for Public Health proposed this idea as a way to combat the rising obesity epidemic. However, with many people becoming increasingly interested in living healthy lifestyles, it could also be used on labels as a way for businesses to attract more consumers.

    Creating custom food labels is a job that can be made significantly easier when working with an affordable yet versatile printing solutions provider. Companies should partner with an organization that offers a wide range of high-quality materials and labeling design capabilities. The more flexibility and options a business has, the easier it will be to make an effective, stylish and informative label.

  • Celebrate National Small Business Week this May

    SmallBusinessSmall Businesses Fuel the Economy

    National Small Business Week runs from May 1 through May 7, and acts as a great time to celebrate entrepreneurship in the United States. Small businesses contribute disproportionate amounts to employment and gross domestic product compared to their larger counterparts, and the first week of May will act to raise awareness regarding the importance of these firms to the nation as a whole. Entrepreneurs and local communities are encouraged to participate.

    Because one of the toughest parts of running a small business involves brand visibility, the event can be capitalized upon by leveraging special marketing campaigns that raise awareness. Especially when operating a brick-and-mortar location in a smaller community, entrepreneurs should jump on the opportunity to increase brand presence.

    Support Small Business Marketing Initiatives

    Now, while local marketing will be more straightforward, small manufacturers should also try to get in on the action. The use of custom labels to indicate not only the contents of the product packages, but the fact that the items were created by an entrepreneurial firm, can certainly help to boost value on the shelves.

    Since a few years ago when American Express first launched Small Business Saturday - a counterpoint to Black Friday - it has become clear consumers want to support early-stage companies. Small Business Saturday has dramatically increased foot traffic and revenue among entrepreneurial firms Thanksgiving weekend, and Small Business Week is similarly effective in driving sales and traffic.

    However, entrepreneurs cannot realize the benefits of that support without making it known that they are indeed operating small businesses, and that the products were crafted in a more careful fashion than their large-enterprise equivalents. Marketing and product packaging can sometimes be expensive, especially when leaders are going through their first startup phase. Options are available - many of them online - to get a more seamless and efficient experience when shopping for marketing materials.

    This includes custom labels and stickers.

    Make the Brand Pop

    As all entrepreneurs already know, competition can be fierce throughout the year, and failing to differentiate their brands from others' in the market will make it all the more difficult to excel. Going the extra mile to craft and execute a winning product packaging and advertising strategy ahead of Small Business Week can help to inject a little life into the brand ahead of the busy, active summer months.

    Custom labels and stickers are affordable and simple means to the end of boosting recognition through more aesthetically pleasing designs and imagery. What's more, if entrepreneurs get moving now, they can print labels and stickers that also raise awareness of National Small Business Week itself, contributing to the entrepreneurial sector and aligning the brand with the event in one fell swoop.

    Lightning Labels is an industry leader with respect to the speed of order fulfillment and accuracy of printing. The firm also offers a range custom label, sticker and other product packaging materials through easy-to-use online portals.

  • 3 Advantages of Using a Digital Label Print Press

    Reducing Costs and Increasing Value Through Innovative Printing
    The packaging and labeling of a product make up a critical aspect of successful marketing. Everything from the type of material to the colors used in the design can influence how a consumer perceives an item. Many sellers rely on their packages and adhesives to set their goods apart from competitors'. But it is not just the physical labels themselves that business owners must pay attention to; they should also prioritize the process used in producing them.

    Today's business environment is fueled by digital tools and technologies. Automated systems and processes that help streamline workflow and allow organizations to significantly enhance their efficiency and labeling printing are no exception. Packaging World revealed that the use of digital presses for tags and labels is on the rise, with these types of processes expected to grow at a rate of about 18 percent over the next few years.

    Furthermore, International Data Corporation announced that the market for label and packaging, or L&P, pressing is predicted to continue to grow, being fueled, in large part, by the need for customization and on-demand solutions.

    In the press release, Amy Machado, a research analyst, explained, "The growth opportunity for digitally printed labels and packaging is substantial and represents a sure be. L&P will not be impacted by some of the challenges faced by traditional document printing."

    It wasn't too long ago when organizations would have stickers and labels printed from flexographic presses. And it's possible some still do. But there are now innovative solutions that make designing and printing high-quality, custom labels far more easier and cost-effective. Let's explore some of the major benefits of digital presses.

    Advantage #1: It Saves Money
    It doesn't matter whether we're talking about a global enterprise or one-person business; a primary goal is to reduce costs and increase revenue - and every effort invested in achieving this counts. Having custom labels printed by a provider that uses digital presses will give organizations better pricing options because the equipment involved in operating and running these machines is far less than for their traditional, outdated counterparts.

    Sometimes companies find themselves ordering in bulk, far more than what they will realistically use, just to get a unit price. Obviously, this isn't a very effective way to save money, nor is it a necessary one. But digital printing, with its lower pricing structure, can negate the need to purchase more than what's actually needed. Plus, rather than having to create an entirely new plate for an updated label design, digital print providers can just make the changes electronically, which means faster turnaround time as well.

    Advantage #2: It Offers More Flexibility
    The process used by digital presses in creating labels provides customers with far more options, particularly with variable data printing. It doesn't matter how much information needs to be included on the sticker or label because this platform can handle as many different versions and variations as necessary.

    Advantage #3: It Saves Time
    As we already mentioned, the absence of plates translates to faster delivery times. Digital label printers can handle at least three times the amount of jobs that flexographic printing presses can, in half the amount of time. For businesses and sellers, this means that they are getting a bigger bang for their buck by working with a labeling company that uses this technology. In addition to being able to take advantage of lower prices, organizations can also leverage increased capabilities that they would otherwise be unable to access.

    If businesses want to maintain a competitive edge, they must constantly be implementing solutions to reduce costs and increase value. Working with a custom printing provider that can offer both high-quality labels and the best-in-class processes for creating them will allow companies to do just that.

  • Celebrate Earth Day With Eco-Friendly Labels

    Leveraging Eco-Friendly Solutions and Materials for Product Labeling 
    Today is Earth Day, a time when individuals and businesses across the globe take a moment to appreciate and celebrate our beautiful planet. And one of the best ways to demonstrate social and environmental responsibility is by increasing eco-friendly and sustainability initiatives.

    Using recyclable materials for product packaging and labeling has been an effective marketing tool for companies across all industries. But the advantages of businesses utilizing "green" practices extend far beyond appealing to consumers. Doing so can not only lead to cost-saving opportunities for companies, but it can also result in a reduced carbon footprint and an overall, safer, healthier environment.

    Yahoo! Beauty Senior Writer Beth Greenfield recently highlighted the importance of personal care product makers adhering to earth-friendly policies and trustworthy practices on their labels. One way to do this is by ridding the item of any harsh ingredients or toxic chemicals, thereby making sure that any "green" or environmental health claims made on the package are entirely accurate. But it is not just what is printed on the label that matters, but how it was made in the first place.  

    This is why sellers looking to enhance the quality and eco-friendliness of their products are encouraged to switch to digital print providers that offer renewable materials for custom stickers and labels.

    Sustainable Packaging Solutions 
    Of course, the type of green label that is best to use will depend on the type of good being sold. For example, there are certain items that are specifically designed to be water-resistant, making them the perfect solution for wine, beverages and some personal care products, such as shampoos and conditioners. Below are some of high-quality eco-label choices for sellers looking to become more eco-friendly and sustainable.

    • Biostone Labels: This option is made using stone, rather than trees, and fully biodegradable and compostable. And while it has great adhesive properties for ink, it should not be laminated.
    • Earthfirst Polylactic Acid Labels: A more sustainable alternative to White BOPP labels is the White Earthfirst PLA. The biopolymer in this version is constructed from corn instead of petrochemicals. And although it is made from different materials than the traditional BOPP adhesives, it is hard to tell the difference. Because it is both water- and oil-resistant, it can be used for a wide range of label and sticker applications (with the exception of candles).
    • Kraft Labels: Manufactured from post-consumer waste and 100 percent recycled materials, this alternative is categorized as #55 paper and possesses an organic look. The distinct, natural appearance makes it appealing to consumers looking specifically for eco-friendly products. It also should not be laminated, nor is it water- or oil-resistant. Therefore, it is most suitable for paper-based packaging and goods. 

    Using stickers and labels that are eco-friendly adds a layer of quality to an organization. If a seller is unfamiliar with the material options, or has never used them on any of its products or goods, it is highly recommended that that organization work with a digital custom print provider that allows clients to get a free sample of them to test ahead of time.

    Creating EcoLabels to Communicate a Company's Values
    In a recent article for Packaging News, Waqas Qureshi pointed out that it is imperative for companies to consider whether or not the labels used on products accurately reflect the values of the brand. If not, organizations are missing out on the opportunity to appeal to target audiences using clear communication strategies. As we mentioned, there is a way to attract consumers looking for items that have environmentally-verified stamps on the labels.

    But to take the environmental responsibility to the next level, businesses should reassess their process and what materials are used to produce the packaging and labeling adhesives in the first place.

    There is no shortage of ways in which an organization can improve its energy efficiency and sustainability efforts. And what better time to accelerate such initiatives than Earth Day? Every step taken to reduce energy consumption and switch to more renewable and recyclable sources of materials can make a considerable difference - both for a company's success and the safety of our planet.

  • Enhancing Success With Eco-friendly Packing and Labeling

    Customers Increasing Demand for Responsibility
    Consumer awareness has reached new heights, and it is influencing the way many organizations are choosing to package, label and market their products. Companies are realizing that people are becoming increasingly conscious of their health and diet. Running in tandem with this is the rise of customers choosing to purchase from businesses that demonstrate environmental and social responsibility. It is not just their own safety and well-being they care about; they also want assurance that the items they use, foods they eat and goods they buy are not sourced or produced in a way that causes any damage to the planet or suffering to workers and animals.

    Of course, this is a positive shift taking place throughout the consumer market. It provides businesses with opportunities to appeal to audiences by clearly communicating their values. In an ideal world, this eco-friendly trend would make it so that only the organizations that genuinely care about ensuring their entire supply chain adheres to safe, humane practices would be rewarded through increased revenue. And some are. However, there is also an abundance of companies that are manipulating shoppers by strategically marketing their products to appeal to health-conscious customers, even when they are unsure of whether or not every ingredient and process used in production of the item was sustainably sourced.

    The rising demand among consumers and regulators for brands to increase labeling transparency, particularly in the food industry, has only fueled the rate of corporations implementing eco-friendly marketing tactics. That, and they know it is an opportunity to drive revenue. As Food Dive pointed out, taking a sustainable approach actually helps increase profits. Because the United States Food and Drug Administration has flexible policies for product packaging, companies are able to print certain buzzwords, such as "organic" and "natural," on labels, even when the customer will assume it means something entirely different.

    Sustainable Packaging Solutions
    This isn't just frustrating for consumers, who make choices based on misguided information. It is also aggravating for other brands in the market, not just because dishonest companies can cut into their profits, but because they truly care about sustainability.

    Fortunately, there is a way for organizations to enhance the effectiveness of their green marketing initiatives and stand apart from competitors: by using eco-friendly packaging and labeling. This strategy demonstrates a deep level of environmental responsibility because it uses a multi-layer approach. It is not just the product itself that the business is making sure is sustainably sourced, but the materials used to protect and deliver it as well.

    According to a Transparency Market Research report, the global sustainable packaging market is expected to grow as an increasing number of people become interested in purchasing products that are environmentally friendly. And this is a strategy that is being adopted by organizations of all industries and sizes, from small, private firms to large manufacturers and enterprises.

    Benefits Include:

    • Gives businesses a competitive advantage
    • Reduces carbon footprint
    • Lowers costs
    • Delivers high return on investment

    According to the source, the biggest opportunities of this market are "in reducing the operational cost of recycling and collecting the packaging" and "increas[ing] the product categories in different application segments especially in consumer packaging segment."

    Types of Eco-friendly Labels
    To further enhance the eco-friendliness of their products, companies should consider the type of material used for the labels as well. Whereas numerous organizations are primarily concerned with the verbiage and placement of ingredients and other product details, not nearly as many are taking advantage of the opportunity to appeal to target audiences by making the label itself eco-friendly.

    • Vellum: These "green" labels are made from post-consumer waste materials that are 100 percent recycled
    • Kraft: These give products an earthy appeal and are also resourced from recycled items.
    • White Earthfirst PLA: Instead of using White BOPP labeling, companies can choose this sustainable alternative that contains biopolymer produced with corn, not petrochemicals.

    By using materials and adhesives that are recycled and sustainably sourced, companies can elevate the appeal their products have to shoppers. Business owners shouldn't restrict their green marketing initiatives to the fine print of a label because, while these details certainly matter, in a market that is growing increasingly competitive, organizations need to go above and beyond to grasp the attention of consumers. Eco-friendly packaging and labeling can give them just that.

  • FTC Has a Warning for Sellers About Product Labeling

    Personal Care Products Targeted For Misrepresentation
    Product labeling and packaging can be tricky. Sellers are tasked with finding ways to market their goods to appeal to their target audiences. The problem is that some of the most effective strategies can lead to legal ramifications and consumer upset. Examples of this have most recently been highlighted by companies using phrases such as "all natural" in a misleading manner.

    This week the Federal Trade Commission issued a warning to businesses that sell consumer goods about not labeling products as being natural when the items contain artificial ingredients. Five makers of skin and hair products were recently charged by the agency for wrongfully promoting their cosmetics as being 100 percent natural, even though they did contain synthetic chemicals.

    In the statement, the FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection Director Jessica Rich said, "Companies should take a lesson from these cases."

    Four of the accused companies have decided to settle their cases and agreed to modify labels, the source noted, while the fifth is now dealing with a commission complaint charge. The sellers are now required to support any health or environmental claims made on product labels with scientific research and evidence. The FTC also explained that failing to comply with the issued consent order could lead to a penalty fee of as much as $16,000 per violation.

    According to The Wall Street Journal, this is the first time the agency "has targeted the natural claims made by personal-care products" and that the number of companies making such statements on product labels has increased; some organizations will make a natural claim even if only a few ingredients contained in the item are made using botanical sources.

    Dishonest Labels Could Cause Brand Damage
    This event is only one of the many that have emerged across multiple industries recently. Some food companies and manufacturers of household items have come under increased scrutiny for false advertising and misrepresentation.

    Regardless of the size of the business or which market it sells to, no brand is safe from critical observation or inspection. The proliferation of lawsuits related to false labeling highlights the overarching trend of consumers wanting to know exactly what ingredients are used in foods and other products.

    This is why it is crucial for any seller today to enhance the level of honesty and transparency it has with its audience. Product labeling and packaging can and should be used to clearly communicate with potential customers. When designing a label, businesses must take into account what matters most to shoppers and adamantly avoid making claims solely in hopes that this will make the product more appealing to consumers.

    Sellers don't have a lot of label room to work with, so it is important that every inch is used strategically. Because more people are growing skeptical of products labeled as "natural," it may not be the most effective use of space. Working with a custom print provider can help give companies access to the innovative solutions needed to enhance the design and quality of product packaging.

  • Leverage Weather-Resistant Labels this Season

    WeatherResistantSpring is Here, Summer is Nigh

    With the spring and summer come far more outdoor activities, and your products will need to stand up to the harsh conditions of the seasons. Regardless of whether you manufacture products that are very obviously used for outdoor activities, or others that often make their way out of the home, you can leverage weatherproof labels to contend against heat, humidity and rain through the end of summer.

    Weather-resistant labels will protect all the hard work that went into creating, manufacturing, packaging and marketing your products, but you do not have to strictly choose between function and fashion when making these.

    Durable Labels with Panache

    Custom weather-resistant labels are a great way to have your cake and eat it too when it comes to summertime product packaging. By using durable materials for the labels themselves, and a customization service, you can make these marketing materials just as aesthetically pleasing as they are tough in wet and humid conditions.

    Considering the fact that you will likely be targeting the labels for a specific time of the year - the warmer seasons - you might want to incorporate themes that are especially relevant during these months. This could include spring and summer color themes, designs based on the great outdoors or something similar. Remember, though, that many of your competitors are likely launching similar campaigns to position their products properly this spring and summer.

    The only way to truly differentiate your brand from others on the shelves is to go the extra mile in customization and personalization efforts. Sometimes the safest bet will be to lean heavily on the unique images and mission of the brand, then build the design off of these matters in a way that connects with life in the summertime.

    Use the Right Service Provider

    Because the spring is kicking into high gear across much of the United States and the weather is bound to get balmy before long, you will want to begin work on these projects as soon as possible to hit the ground running. Consider leveraging the services of Lightning Labels, which is an industry leader in speed and accuracy of printing custom stickers, labels and other product marketing and packaging materials.

  • Prepare for Mother's Day with Custom Labels

    MothersDayThe Big Day is Near

    Mother's Day is right around the corner, and much of the nation will be going out to brunch, offering gifts or showing their love for their moms in some other fashion. Companies that manufacture, distribute or sell popular gifts for Mother's Day should get rolling on projects to include specialized, targeted marketing and product packaging strategies as soon as possible to ensure that their items are the first to fly off the shelves.

    Mother's Day labels need to be deployed and on the packages ahead of the event, which is on May 8 this year, to make a real impact. With custom designs on various types of labels, firms will be able to position their brands alongside a major holiday. Certain industries will stand to gain a bit more than others when it comes to Mother's Day sales.

    Common Gifts

    Candles and beauty products are among the most popular Mother's Day gifts around, and manufacturers likely know just how difficult it is to separate their products from those of others. This is especially true for smaller craft businesses and independent artists who are trying to compete with the big names in the industries.

    Custom candle labels that echo the general themes of the brand while celebrating mothers across the nation might be the most successful when it comes to revenue. In that same vein, custom beauty product labels can have a powerful impact on revenue for relevant manufacturers in the coming weeks leading up to Mother's Day, so long as they have been designed and printed properly.

    By focusing on carrying the core messages of Mother's Day in custom cosmetics labels and other branded materials, businesses can generate a bit of buzz around their brands this spring. Given how soon the event is, the time is now to jump on these customized marketing and product packaging initiatives.

    Make it Count

    With all the work that goes into designing and completing custom labels, you will want to be sure that the service provider printing the items is ready to do so in a timely and accurate fashion. Lightning Labels is an industry leader when it comes to custom marketing and product packaging collateral, and is among the fastest in terms of turnaround times on orders. Choose Lightning Labels for your Mother's Day label and sticker needs.

  • What Online Sellers can Learn From eBay's New Packaging Strategy

    Packaging and labeling strategies adopted by Internet seller giants.Personalized Product Labeling and Packaging Enhances Brand Identity

    Just about anyone can sell online nowadays and the internet has essentially leveled the playing field. But the ones that are most likely to succeed are those who are able to effectively navigate the increasingly crowded digital environment and implement strategies for standing out among competitors and appealing to their target audiences. The ways in which organizations and individuals market themselves are critical, especially today when thousands of other websites and options, if not more, are just a click away.

    Every aspect of a business must operate in a way that is authentic and representative of the brand's identity, and that includes the packaging and shipping components.

    This week, e-commerce giant eBay Inc. announced that it will soon open a shipping supplies store that will make it possible for just about anyone to purchase its branded boxes and packaging materials. In its statement, eBay said that many sellers have asked the company to launch a platform that would allow them to purchase shipping products and supplies in a way that is more convenient and affordable than existing alternatives. So, the brand complied. It was also revealed that included in the range of items that will be available for purchase, such as mailers and high quality tape, are 10 different sizes of boxes, all of which will be recyclable.

    Developing packaging and shipping products that are labeled with the brand's name is a strategy that leading online seller Amazon Inc. has already implemented. And, given the success of these two companies, it likely won't be long before more e-commerce businesses follow suit.

    Although not all organizations may have the resources or spend to launch their own supply stores, there is a valuable lesson that businesses and sellers of all levels and size can take away from this strategy. Establishing personalized shipping supplies highlights one of the many reasons why online companies should be selective and strategic in their approach to the packaging and labeling of products

    Eco-Friendly Packages Appeal to Consumers It is important to remember that it is not just the actual goods being sold that can influence the purchasing behavior of consumers or help grow revenue. Customized packaging and labeling can result in more brand exposure and also give sellers more credibility. Whether it is a large company or one-person shop, mailing items in packages that are made from high-quality materials and labeled with the organization's brand name and/or logo enhances the legitimacy of the business's image.

    Another takeaway from eBay's latest packaging strategy concerns its decision to use eco-friendly materials. Packaging World recently reported that using environmentally responsible packages is one of the biggest trends emerging in the industry. More people are choosing to do business with companies that have "green" practices. In fact, according to the source, 63 percent of shoppers in the United States have agreed "that reusable and repurposable packaging is a key purchasing driver."

    Regardless of the industry or the kind of products being sold, it is important that online sellers make sure they are taking advantage of every opportunity, at every level, to stand apart from competitors and position themselves as credible and quality businesses. And one of the best ways to do this is through products' packaging and labeling.

  • April is Stress Awareness Month

    StressAwarenessUse Bumper Stickers for Stress Awareness

    Stress impacts all of us, and can lead to more severe mental and physical health issues when not recognized and treated. Awareness has long been held as the most powerful weapon to combat mental health problems, and April is dedicated to generate attention around stress and its full spectrum of consequences.

    If you would like to contribute to Stress Awareness Month, you can use custom bumper stickers to do so. There are few better ways to spread the word about a movement than crafting and distributing a winning bumper sticker, as the imagery will travel down roads and highways, attracting the eyes and minds of others.

    A Righteous Cause

    Stress is carefully monitored by certain groups in efforts to maintain public wellness. In times of change and upheaval, such as the financial crisis nearly a decade ago, stress levels tend to increase across the country. The American Psychological Association reported that 72 percent of Americans felt stressed specifically about money.

    This is only one catalyst for anxiety and stress, and raising awareness of these harsher portions of the human psyche can help to open individuals' minds up to the treatments available. Many people will simply think it is normal, and go about their days with these heavy feelings weighing on their minds and bodies.

    If you are planning on launching a campaign to support Stress Awareness Month this April, consider leveraging bumper stickers and other simpler, more affordable materials. With branded items that bring the facts about stress to light while aligning the event with the company's commitment to serving its clientele, you can also drive your brand reputation in the right direction.

    Cause stickers might seem superfluous but, in raising awareness, they can actually have a tremendous impact on many people.

    Custom Stickers and Bumpers

    Now, simply deciding to take this approach and not paying attention to the details could lead car owners to not display the stickers, or make it so they don't catch the eyes of others on the road. Make sure your marketing and product packaging teams know that they should be focused on crafting the most aesthetically pleasing bumper stickers possible while incorporating information related to Stress Awareness Month.

    If you need these items in a hurry, consider using Lightning Labels, as this firm focuses on quality at scale and speed.

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