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    LawnAndGardenLeverage Durable Labels in April

    If you manufacture, distribute or sell products used to maintain lawns and gardens, you will have a good opportunity to align your brand name with a major event this month. National Lawn and Garden Month is in April, and acts as a time to bring together homeowners who love their properties and persistently invest in the health of these landscapes.

    Obviously, you will not want your products to have labels, stickers or other packaging materials that cannot stand up to the conditions of the outdoors, as this would likely hinder your brand's image in the eyes of customers.

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  • EarthDayEarth Day Rapidly Approaches

    Eco-consciousness and environmental friendliness have become two of the more important trends facing virtually every industry of late, and the most sustainable companies are often the best positioned to meet the demands and preferences of modern consumers. Studies have shown that consumers will consistently choose eco-friendly businesses over ones that do not have any commitment to the environment, especially shoppers from younger generations who now comprise a growing majority of the market.

    Businesses that manufacture, distribute or sell products should consider using Earth Day labels to show their support for the event, which takes place on Friday, April 22 this year.

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  • The longer a product lasts, the more money a customer is willing to pay for it, research suggests.Consumers Willing to Pay More for Products Build to Last

    Whether selling homemade goods or hand-crafted items as a side job or running a multinational retail company, online businesses must pay attention product labeling and packaging. It isn't just the type or color of the materials used that can influence buying decisions; the wording printed on the item can make or break a sale.

    When it comes to spending money, consumers want to know that they are getting what they pay for. Some have the preconceived notion that "you get what you pay for." They assume that if the product is expensive, it must be of higher quality.

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  • Making all-natural claims on labels has brought controversy to many companies.Green Marketing Tactics Misleading Consumers

    The consumer market is fraught with controversy right now, with much attention being paid to how well a company is (or, in most cases, isn't) using its product labeling to accurately and honestly inform a shopper of the ingredients and sourcing practices used to make the item.

    Much of the scrutiny has been pointed at food and beverage manufacturers. For example, with Vermont soon to be the first state in America to enforce the mandatory labeling of GMOs, the pressure is intensifying for Congress to pass a national standard. However, one of the biggest areas of concern is the seemingly misleading health claims many companies are able to make on packaged products.

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  • More fast food chains are committing to recycled packaging policies.Major Food Chains Agree to Waste Diversion Planning

    For years, businesses have been looking for ways to portray themselves as being environmentally responsible. Many food companies have started using buzzwords such as "organic" and "all-natural" on product labels while others have chosen to use "green" packaging for goods. A lot of the changes have been made by manufacturers of prepackaged items. But now, it seems fast food brands are hopping on the eco-friendly bandwagon as well.

    This week, As You Sow announced that a handful of fast-food chains, including Chipotle, Dunkin' Brands and YUM! Brands, have decided to make a commitment to increase their efforts for recycling and composting the packaging of their food and beverage products.

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  • BumperStickerPromotionBumper Stickers Make a Bang

    Bumper stickers are among the most beloved pieces of art that consumers place on their cars, and evidence to support this idea can be found on every highway, interstate and back road throughout the country. Whether it is to show allegiance to a brand or a political candidate, these items have long been used by car owners as a method to show what they are all about when cruising along the streets to work or on vacation.

    If you're a business owner who wants to get the word out about your brand locally, consider using custom bumper stickers in your brand advertising strategies.

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  • SpringLabelsSpring is Made for Colorful Packaging

    Once the gloom of the winter passes, consumers are often more than ready to partake in outdoor activities and trade their muted colors for lively ones. Companies that manufacture, distribute or sell retail products such as toys, candy, clothing and more should consider leveraging new labels for the season, adding some much needed color to their product packaging through more eye-catching stickers.

    School will be out before long, the warm weather is already beginning to set in across the country and foot traffic in the stores is likely to rise as a result.

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  • NationalPeanutMonthWho Doesn't Love Peanuts?

    March is National Peanut Month, and any business that distributes, manufactures or sells products involving this beloved ingredient should take the opportunity to raise its brand visibility through specialized marketing strategies. Although the most important responsibility of these entities is to ensure that their products are properly and clearly labeled to ensure individuals with allergies do not end up consuming them, this is far from the only task involved in daily operations.

    Rather, peanut products are extremely popular, and subsequently lead to high levels of competition in the marketplace.

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