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    Labels and Packages Can Directly Influence Sales The success of a business largely hinges on the effectiveness of its marketing strategy. The digital landscape of today's world has significantly altered the way many organizations approach advertising and customer interactions. Mobile ads, email campaigns, social media presence - these all play an essential role in a company's outreach initiatives.

    However, it is important that, in their individual journeys to promote a product or service, businesses acknowledge that it is not just the channel they choose to communicate with potential customers on that matters.

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  • Sauce Labels Should Be Fun

    There might be some lovers of the winter months, particularly those who enjoy getting out on a mountain for skiing and snowboarding. For the rest of us, spring and summer are the seasons that produce the most memories and give us the most happiness - especially when we own a grill. May is National Barbeque Month, and any company that produces sauces and other relevant items should take this opportunity to spruce up their labels.

    Much like microbrews, hot sauce and BBQ sauce labels should be fun, unique, creative and artistic, helping the manufacturers to separate themselves from the many competitors now filling up the shelves at local stores.

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  • Important Elements of Custom Labels

    You might have a product to sell that is unlike any other on the market. But the value of your good may not be realized by your target audience unless you succeed in creating quality packaging and labeling for it.

    Many sellers dedicate a significant amount of time, money and energy to their products. However, there is rarely as much focus on the item's presentation. Most business owners are specialists in their field and, therefore, are capable of creating something that their customers will genuinely enjoy and benefit from. The problem, though, is that to effectively sell in today's increasingly competitive retail industry, you must also leverage the best-in-class marketing skills and solutions that help take your commerce initiatives to the next level.

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  • Promote Safety, Celebrate Bikers

    National Bike Month is this May, and acts as a time to celebrate the bicyclists of the United States and abroad. Companies that produce items such as bikes, helmets, pads and others will have a good opportunity to boost their brand image in the coming weeks by deploying a marketing campaign that promotes safety and commends bicyclists in unique and fashionable ways.

    If you produce these items, consider leveraging bike stickers to align your brand with National Bike Month itself, as this will be a relatively affordable and straightforward method of driving recognition, visibility and loyalty.

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  • Legal Action Taken Against False Advertising Labels
    It seems that every week another big-name brand is falling under fire for misleading or deceiving consumers into thinking its products are safer or healthier than they actually are.

    This week, EcoWatch reported that Quaker Oats Company, a brand of PepsiCo Inc., is facing a class action lawsuit accusing it of false advertisement through its use of "100 Percent Natural" label. The suit, which was brought upon the food-maker by consumers across multiple states, including California and New York, explained the complaint that this claim is not true since the oatmeal contains glyphosate, a synthetic biocide used to kill weeds.

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  • Cinco de Mayo Approaches

    One of the more festive holidays of the year in the United States, Cinco de Mayo commemorates a critical battle victory for the Mexican military over that of the French all the way back in 1862 during the Franco-Mexican War. Americans have taken to celebrating Mexican culture on the fifth of May each year, all the while partaking in general revelry and colorful parties across the nation.

    Whether you make craft beer, homemade treats or one of a multitude of other items, you can get creative with custom Cinco de Mayo stickers to align your products with this major event, celebrating Mexico's historic victory in the process.

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  • The Value of Custom Wine Labeling

    Whether you are a global winemaker looking to improve the attractiveness of your products or someone who wants to add a personal touch to a special event you're planning, there are many benefits to designing custom wine labels. Using state-of-the-art printing technologies and high-resolution stickers, you can transform an ordinary bottle into one that is creative, aesthetically appealing and visually engaging. And making sure your product is all of these things is crucial. Because, as much as people know they shouldn't judge a book by it's over, the truth is that most of us do.

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    Customizing Labels and Packages to Consumers Personalized marketing is certainly not a new concept. It has quickly become a staple in effective online advertising campaigns, mainly for retailers and sellers of consumer packaged goods.

    Earlier this month, Business 2 Community Contributor Richard Larson cited presenting consumers with personalized and connected experiences as one of the biggest emerging marketing trends in 2016. He pointed out that as technology evolves, customers' expectations are growing. They expect to have content that is highly relevant to them and tailored specifically to their needs

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