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    The Importance of Quality in Labeling Adhesives

    When it comes to designing a custom label for product packaging, there are many different factors to take into consideration. Of course, you want to make sure that is it visually appealing and attention-grabbing. But it is also crucial to ensure that the right material and adhesives are used. Failing to do so could result in premature cracking, peeling and deterioration and, ultimately, impact how consumers perceive your item.

    Not all labels are created equal. What looks and performs well on one container may not be the greatest choice for another.

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  • Capitalizing On Massive Opportunities

    The vape industry has come out of virtually nowhere to become one of the biggest and fastest-growing in the United States. With a combination of health-conscious smokers and individuals trying to quit standard cigarettes, the market continues to expand beyond the bounds of what most analysts might have expected a few years back. At the same time, while individuals of all ages are vaping today, the biggest portion of users are young.

    Thanks to such massive increases in demand, competition has heated up significantly in this space, meaning that marketing efforts are becoming a bit more creative and innovative among manufacturers.

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  • Get Your Garden In Gear!

    June is the best time to plant a variety of vegetables, including beets, carrots, corn, beans and more, and many gardeners are looking to take advantage of the warmer months to boost their yields. Manufacturers of seeds and gardening supplies can promote the summer planting season using new custom product labels. This is a highly competitive market that is commonly won or lost on the shelves, and the most unique gardening supply labels will go a long way toward boosting revenues this season.

    Gardening is coming into style for all types of homeowners, including those who live in rural, urban and suburban environments, meaning that the opportunities to capitalize will be vast no matter where the target market might be.

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  • Important Guidelines for Successful Product Packaging

    When it comes to the labeling and packaging of your products, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. And while there are certain strategies that can be used for specific labels, there are also a few general rules of thumb that can be applied to virtually all labeling projects. Below are some tips to keep in mind when designing a product label.


    Assume what works for others will work for you. Just because there are certain marketing and packaging trends you see many well-known brands adopting, that does not automatically mean those are tactics you should use as well.

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  • Honored to Accept, Ready to Progress

    The Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition saw some of the giants of online marketing and retail come together for the Retailer Excellence Awards, and we here at Lightning Labels were proud to be in this prestigious group. Lightning Labels was also recognized as the B2B eCommerce Marketer of the Year at the event in Chicago, Illinois, on June 8, and was honored to accept the award thanks to its immense, unique digital marketing efforts throughout the past several years.

    Lightning Labels leverages a range of digital marketing platforms, channels and more to ensure it is reaching every single prospect and engaging customers through their chosen devices and online preferences.

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  • The Fourth of July is Approaching

    In just a few weeks, families from across the country will be shooting off fireworks, grilling burgers, eating ice cream and participating in jovial events to commemorate the birthday of the United States. Celebrations will be held in every city, while different individuals will choose to get involved in their own unique fashions. However, some products and services will be in particular demand in the weeks leading up to the holiday.

    If you manufacture, distribute or sell products that are popular around this time of year, or if you are hosting an event for your family or community, consider using July 4th stickers to inject a little fun and patriotism into the scene.

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  • Guidelines for Labeling Home and Garden Products

    If you make and/or sell your own goods, there are a lot of regulations and guidelines you have to pay attention to. Making sure you adhere to the mandatory requirements is imperative if you want to avoid fines or legal ramifications. But, many times, it is also important for ensuring consumer safety.

    Today, shoppers are going increasingly conscious of the ingredients used in the products they purchase - especially if they consume the goods, like food and beverage items. However, this scenario can be slightly different for products that contain known chemicals and harsh ingredients because they are meant to - as is the case with pesticides.

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  • June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

    The nation has become more health conscious with the passing of each year, giving rise to events such as June's National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month. If you grow, distribute or sell fresh fruits and vegetables, this month will be a great opportunity to refresh your product packaging strategies with custom labels and stickers. Custom product labels that celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month while showing the value of your items can go a long way toward boosting summer revenues.

    Farmers market product labels are especially advantageous around this time of year, as so many consumers have begun to purchase their fruits and vegetables in these environments.

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  • Summer is Right Around the Corner

    If you sell nutraceutical products, you're likely preparing for one of the busiest times of the year, as summer will lead many consumers to purchase items that help them boost their health and drop their weight. If you manufacture these products, you should be changing up brand packaging at the end of each season to stay on the same page as your customers and prospects, essentially ensuring that your business always makes sense in their eyes.

    With spring waning and summer on the horizon, now is a great time to update product packaging with custom nutraceutical labels.

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    Marketing Your Products to Generation Y Most businesses understand the pivotal role product packaging and labeling play in marketing. Everything from the colors and fonts to the graphics and wording on an item's container can influence the buying decisions of shoppers. However, when designing labels for goods, it is crucial that the seller takes into account the specific preferences of the target audience.

    The millennial generation, which includes those born between 1981 and 2000, is now the largest demographic in the United States. According to Processor News, these individuals account for more than a quarter of the country's population and, collectively, represent about $200 billion a year in purchasing power - clearly making them an essential group for brands to market toward.

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