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    Quick and Simple Guide for Choosing a Label Material

    The Importance of Quality in Labeling Adhesives

    When it comes to designing a custom label for product packaging, there are many different factors to take into consideration. Of course, you want to make sure that is it visually appealing and attention-grabbing. But it is also crucial to ensure that the right material and adhesives are used. Failing to do so could result in premature cracking, peeling and deterioration and, ultimately, impact how consumers perceive your item.

    Not all labels are created equal. What looks and performs well on one container may not be the greatest choice for another. But unless you are familiar with the various options available to you, how they are made and what environments they work best in, it can be quite difficult to ensure you have selected the appropriate one for your specific product. Most sellers aren't specialists in this area, which is why we want to provide you with a short yet informative guide on the top label adhesives to use for certain applications.

    Factors to Consider

    Before deciding on which label application is right for your product, there are a few factors you'll want to take into consideration, such as:

    •  Container shape and size: The shape of the package will affect which label makes the most sense. For example, if you are selling round bottles, you may want a wraparound label. The measurements of the container are also important because knowing this information ahead of time can help ensure you design an appropriate fitting label.
    • Application method: A label can be applied in one of two ways - automatically (machine) or manually (hand). It should be noted that, generally, you can have either permanent or removable adhesives. Permanent labels can be used in a wide range of applications and, therefore, are a common and affordable choice. But since a permanent label's removal can damage the package or surface to which its applied, removable adhesives should be used by, for example, those creating sticker labels or window decals.
    • Adhesive properties: The bond of a label adhesive is affected by things like temperature levels and exposure to water or humidity. Therefore, it is essential that you take into account where, how and when your products will be used in to ensure you choose a material that is designed to withstand the intended environment. The type of pressure-sensitive adhesive that is best to use will depend, in large part, on the material of the surface it is being applied to.

    To break it down even further, it might be helpful to learn some of the technical terms and jargon used in the labeling process. Gaining even a broad understanding of common label-related terminology can strengthen the communication between you and your printing company, thereby enhancing the overall experience. Below are the three main layers that make up a label:

    1. Substrate: Also referred to as the stock, this is the external, outermost part that words and images are printed on. It is what shoppers see and comes in a variety of materials, including paper and film.
    2. Adhesive: The next layer is the adhesive, which is the sticky agent that bonds the label to the container or package. The strength of adhesives varies and will affect whether or not a label can easily be removed, etc.
    3. Liner: The liner is the base material that you peel the label from, commonly made from Kraft paper.

    Best Types of Labels Based on Surface Material

    The kind of label adhesive you should use depends on the material of the product container. Generally speaking, if you are selling household, cosmetic or personal care items, you will probably be working with plastic, whereas if you are using the labels for beverage or wine bottles, you might use glass - although this is not always the case. Either way, below are some of the best label options to consider depending on its intended use.


    If you need a label that is water and oil resistant, white BOPP labels are one of the top choices for permanent adhesives. They are a commonly used material that is suitable for most types of applications - including beverages and personal care products. A clear label version is also available that will make it look like it is not even there. For containers that need to be abrasion and water resistant, such as the tubes or bottles commonly used for lotions or cleaning products, squeezable label materials work best because they include a layer of flexible yet durable film.


    When a removable label is needed, for example for window decals and stickers, clear and/or removable BOPP labels offer a suitable product. However, if you're looking to use a paper stock for, say, a wine bottle, classic crest or Estate #9 labels may be the better choice. Both of these options provide a more textured appearance. But, because neither can be laminated, they are not water resistant.

    By taking the guesswork out of the labeling process, you can more carefully plan the design and creation of your product labels. The more information you have, the better the decisions you will make.

  • Use High-Quality Custom Labels for Vape Products!

    Capitalizing On Massive Opportunities

    The vape industry has come out of virtually nowhere to become one of the biggest and fastest-growing in the United States. With a combination of health-conscious smokers and individuals trying to quit standard cigarettes, the market continues to expand beyond the bounds of what most analysts might have expected a few years back. At the same time, while individuals of all ages are vaping today, the biggest portion of users are young.

    Thanks to such massive increases in demand, competition has heated up significantly in this space, meaning that marketing efforts are becoming a bit more creative and innovative among manufacturers. Should you wish to appeal to prospects in a more comprehensive and valuable way, you'll need to spruce up your vape labels and packaging strategies. There is perhaps no better and more efficient way to do this than with custom labels for e-juice products, vape accessories and more.

    Vibrant, Custom Vape Labels

    Again, more companies are entering this industry with the passing of each day, crowding the shelves and making it all the more difficult to effectively catch the eyes of consumers in the stores and draw them toward a purchase. However, manufacturers can get the job done properly by simply allowing the unique aspects of their brands and products to shine through within marketing and vape labels. Custom vape product labels can add just the right amount of differentiation to the product packaging, when done right.

    Of course colors will need to be vibrant and stand out on the product package, but the imagery in the foreground should be highly creative, completely defying the more common branding practices of competitors in the field. With custom options and the ability to print on different types of materials, labels will allow designers and marketers to use their full imagination and get those ideas into action on the shelves.

    This does not only go for vape pen manufacturers, either, but those that create juice for users to smoke as well. In fact, vape juice manufacturers might even be facing more competition than their pen counterparts, and should seriously consider taking a new approach to their product packaging strategies as a result. Custom vape juice labels will help to differentiate brands not only in the stores, but in marketing campaigns as well.

    Get Moving

    This market is still growing quickly and will likely be an even greater giant in the coming years, but this does not mean that companies can simply phone it in and watch their revenues build. Rather, they need to be pulling every lever available to give themselves a greater opportunity to thrive in this bustling industry, especially considering the fact that not all vape manufacturers around today will still be competitive in a few years.

    When in need of custom vape labels, consider leveraging the services of Lightning Labels. Lightning Labels offers custom label and sticker products to put the power in your hands, as well as lightning-fast turnaround times on orders.

  • Promote Planting Season with Custom Garden Labels

    Get Your Garden In Gear!

    June is the best time to plant a variety of vegetables, including beets, carrots, corn, beans and more, and many gardeners are looking to take advantage of the warmer months to boost their yields. Manufacturers of seeds and gardening supplies can promote the summer planting season using new custom product labels. This is a highly competitive market that is commonly won or lost on the shelves, and the most unique gardening supply labels will go a long way toward boosting revenues this season.

    Gardening is coming into style for all types of homeowners, including those who live in rural, urban and suburban environments, meaning that the opportunities to capitalize will be vast no matter where the target market might be. Custom garden labels will help you boost your brand image in the eyes of prospects and current clientele, all the while giving your products a better chance of being the best-perceived option on the shelves at retail locations.

    Considerations for Garden Product Labels

    The same old designs will be commonly used by manufacturers and distributors en masse, and you will not be doing your profit margins any favors by sticking to the script with yours. Instead, consider cultivating highly unique and customized approaches to your product label designs and imagery, defying the norm to differentiate your products from those of competitors. This does not mean completely abandoning the imagery that consumers have come to expect, though.

    Your product labels need to clearly represent what the package contains and why it is superior all in one fell swoop, and a cookie-cutter approach to designs will simply not help you achieve this goal. Rather, customizing the labels to properly represent the brand, its place in the industry and the core benefits of purchase entail can boost your garden product sales this summer.

    Get Moving Now!

    The planting season is already underway, and will only last for a couple more months. Make sure you are prioritizing marketing and product management campaigns such as custom labels as soon as possible to capitalize on the opportunities of this season.

    Also, consider ordering with Lightning Labels, which offers lightning-fast turnaround times on custom product labels. Lightning Labels puts the creative control in the hands of your design teams so that you can excel in your market.

  • The Do's and Don'ts of Designing Custom Labels

    Important Guidelines for Successful Product Packaging

    When it comes to the labeling and packaging of your products, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. And while there are certain strategies that can be used for specific labels, there are also a few general rules of thumb that can be applied to virtually all labeling projects. Below are some tips to keep in mind when designing a product label.


    Assume what works for others will work for you. Just because there are certain marketing and packaging trends you see many well-known brands adopting, that does not automatically mean those are tactics you should use as well. When it comes to creating custom labels, nothing is as important as your target audience's tastes and preferences. For example, if you are trying to market to an older age group, using bar code label technology or modernistic designs may not be the way to go. Just because something is popular does not mean it is effective.

    You also shouldn't try too hard to follow a trend that doesn't work for your product. For example, Natural Product Insider named clean labels as a top trend for 2016, but taking that approach can backfire. Which brings us to our next point...

    Make claims you can't back up. It's no secret that using eco-friendly or green labels on products can enhance their appeal. But it would be a huge mistake to make a health, environment or any other type of claim on your product's labeling if you can't verify the validity of that statement. Consumers and regulators are growing increasingly skeptical of misleading advertising and labeling tactics - cracking down on organizations that are being dishonest in anyway. Don't compromise the reputation or credibility of your brand just because you want to tell consumers what they want to hear.

    Try to fit too much at once. When designing a label, you only have so much room to work with. You want to make the most of the space and, to do that effectively, you need to focus only on what's most important. Keep in mind that this won't be the same for everyone.

    Go with the first company you come across. Once you know what you want your labels to look like, you are going to feel really excited about getting your labels printed. However, don't go with the first business you find. Be careful in choosing a company because it will end up playing a pivotal role in the efficiency and success of the label designing process as well as the finished product.


    Get creative and tell a unique story. Your product packaging is your opportunity to stand out from competitors. One of the best ways you can do this is by including something unique and compelling about your business that sets you apart from others in the industry. Consumers want to know the story and history of companies they work with - so it is a good idea to include a personal touch that can humanize your brand.

    Make sure you know important regulations and policies. As we have seen many times in the news recently, failing to comply with certain industry regulations can have damaging consequences. Just because you are designing your own custom label as an individual seller, that does not mean you shouldn't be well-versed in the safety standards and policies pertinent to the goods you offer. One of the ways you can do this is by checking with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website about the pertinent requirements that apply to the product you're selling specifically. Ensuring you include the appropriate statements and information can significantly enhance the validity of your product and reduce the chances of you running into legal issues down the line.

    Choose the right label material. In addition to the colors, graphics and verbiage used on your label, the type of material can have a powerful effect on its overall appeal. The type of adhesive you use can help set it apart - but choosing the right one is also important because you want to make sure it doesn't prematurely deteriorate.

    Use a printing company that specializes in custom labels. There is no shortage of printing companies you could use, but you will have a much better experience if you work with one that specializes in custom labeling. Not only these providers offer you a larger selection of materials and adhesives to choose from, but you will also be able to leverage best-in-class features and technologies that are specific to product labels. Plus, if you need guidance or help at any point during the process, they will be able to offer the guidance and expertise you need.

  • What the B2B eCommerce Marketer of the Year Award Means to Us

    Honored to Accept, Ready to Progress

    The Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition saw some of the giants of online marketing and retail come together for the Retailer Excellence Awards, and we here at Lightning Labels were proud to be in this prestigious group. Lightning Labels was also recognized as the B2B eCommerce Marketer of the Year at the event in Chicago, Illinois, on June 8, and was honored to accept the award thanks to its immense, unique digital marketing efforts throughout the past several years.

    Lightning Labels leverages a range of digital marketing platforms, channels and more to ensure it is reaching every single prospect and engaging customers through their chosen devices and online preferences. As the award is given to the manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor that had the most exceptional performances in social media network, blog and display tactics, we could not be prouder of our staff and partners for their contributions.

    Making it Happen

    We utilize every available option to best serve our customers, and understand that this really begins with the products and services we provide. In the past year, Lightning Labels has made new products such as custom bumper stickers available, while also putting in the work to streamline the quoting and ordering processes for existing clientele. Our custom labels and stickers have been hot in many areas, including several new industries, as a result.

    Lightning Labels focuses on critical matters in the B2B space such as customer service, efficient ordering and keeping prices as low as possible. Then, we take those exceptional services and products and put them front and center within our marketing tactics, ensuring a consistent experience regardless of which industry or region a company might be competing in. Thanks to the hard and innovative work of our internal team and our partners, we received this prestigious award, and intend to keep moving in the right direction.

    The Lightning Labels Advantage

    Product labels and stickers are always critical to the overall success of a given brand, and Lightning Labels puts the control into the hands of managers and marketers when they are drawing up their packaging strategies. Lightning Labels offers custom labels and stickers with lightning-fast turnarounds on orders. This ensures that you have everything you need to capitalize on opportunities in your market.

  • Add Some Fun To Your Product Labels this July 4th

    The Fourth of July is Approaching

    In just a few weeks, families from across the country will be shooting off fireworks, grilling burgers, eating ice cream and participating in jovial events to commemorate the birthday of the United States. Celebrations will be held in every city, while different individuals will choose to get involved in their own unique fashions. However, some products and services will be in particular demand in the weeks leading up to the holiday.

    If you manufacture, distribute or sell products that are popular around this time of year, or if you are hosting an event for your family or community, consider using July 4th stickers to inject a little fun and patriotism into the scene.

    Patriotic Stickers

    You do not need to stick to the script when it comes to formulating patriotic designs for your July fourth stickers, as taking a more creative and unique approach will always be a bit more effective. Whether you are trying to make your products stand out from others on the shelves or working to ensure that the attendees to your party will always remember the event, Independence Day stickers will need to be customized and personalized to achieve those goals.

    Consider focusing on the themes of the Fourth of July that speak most to you and your brand, then working in designs that reflect those unique connections. The primary goal should be to honor the holiday, the veterans who defend the country, and the community around you, while also ensuring that your own thoughts and ideas are included in a seamless fashion.

    Custom Fourth of July stickers might be the best option available to excel this holiday, as well as the most affordable, as they can be interchanged and used next Independence Day as well. However, with the holiday right around the corner, the time is now to get moving on these projects.

    Let Lightning Labels Help

    Lightning Labels offers lightning-fast turnaround times on orders, as well as custom sticker and label options that put the control in the hands of product managers, marketing teams and other clientele. Lightning Labels can ensure that your Independence Day labels and stickers are delivered on time and up to specification, allowing you to focus on your other major pursuits that surround the forthcoming national holiday.

    We hope you have a great Fourth of July!

  • Important Pesticide Information to Include on Lawn and Garden Labels

    Guidelines for Labeling Home and Garden Products

    If you make and/or sell your own goods, there are a lot of regulations and guidelines you have to pay attention to. Making sure you adhere to the mandatory requirements is imperative if you want to avoid fines or legal ramifications. But, many times, it is also important for ensuring consumer safety.

    Today, shoppers are going increasingly conscious of the ingredients used in the products they purchase - especially if they consume the goods, like food and beverage items. However, this scenario can be slightly different for products that contain known chemicals and harsh ingredients because they are meant to - as is the case with pesticides.

    In order to get their garden or lawn looking spectacular, many people need to use pesticide and other lawn products. If you are a maker of these goods, it is crucial that you are careful, strategic and aware of the information you are including when printing the product labels.

    According to Broomfield Enterprise columnist and CSU Master Gardener Ann Montague, the United States Environmental Protection Agency regulates pesticides and brands must register each one before selling them - and this process includes the pesticide product labels. The information on the packaging of these items instructs consumers on how to use the formulations. And such guidance shouldn't just be treated as suggestions but, rather, legal requirements.

    What to Print on Pesticide Labels

    The signal words used to indicate its hazardousness or toxicity follow a scale. For example, on pesticide and insecticide product labeling, "warning" means it is marginally toxic, "danger" highly toxic - possibly even corrosive - and "caution" is used when it is moderately dangerous. If it can be severely damaging if it enters the body - either through consumption, inhalation, or exposure to skin or eyes - then it should be labeled "poison." All of these terms should be printed in large font, prominently displayed on the front of packaging.

    It should be noted that, as pointed out by the EPA, this policies are for both inert and active ingredients of the product.

    Obviously, considering the powerful and potentially dangerous effects of these chemicals, it is important that if you sell these home and garden products you also include steps for safety in the event that a person does come into contact with the substance in a way that is not intended. In addition, Montague added that it is critical that lawn and garden labels also include information regarding the time when a consumer should use the product for optimal results and effectiveness. For example, what temperatures are best for applying it to the plant, as well as when it should be reapplied and the conditions in which it should be.

    Furthermore, makers are required to disclose what the exact pest, insect, disease or weed is that the product is used to kill or prevent. To ensure they keep not only their lawn, but home, health, environment and loved ones out of harm's way, users need to make sure they carefully follow all of the instructions labeled on the home and garden product. But in order to help them do that, sellers have a responsibility to make sure they are going above and beyond to provide consumers with the most accurate, detailed and useful information possible.

    Other factors that you should take into consideration when designing custom lawn and garden labels are the quality of images, as well as the packaging materials used. Working with a quality label printing partner to make sure you are maximizing the potential of your products can help streamline operations and significantly improve your bottom line.

  • Fruit and Vegetable Sellers: Capitalize in June with Custom Labels

    June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

    The nation has become more health conscious with the passing of each year, giving rise to events such as June's National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month. If you grow, distribute or sell fresh fruits and vegetables, this month will be a great opportunity to refresh your product packaging strategies with custom labels and stickers. Custom product labels that celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month while showing the value of your items can go a long way toward boosting summer revenues.

    Farmers market product labels are especially advantageous around this time of year, as so many consumers have begun to purchase their fruits and vegetables in these environments. Wherever you sell your products though, you should consider customizing and personalizing your labeling strategies as soon as possible.

    Considerations for Fruit and Vegetable Sellers

    Your product packaging and labels should be at once aligned with your brand image and driven by the preferences of your specific target market. For example, fresh fruits in jars have become more popular ways to buy certain types of products, such as peaches and artichoke hearts. If you sell these items, you'll want to include custom labels for cans that catch the eyes of individuals who are looking for these particular products.

    If you sell fruits and vegetables that are not in any form of packaging, consider using custom stickers that go a bit further than those you see on the average products in a grocery store. You can place stickers that raise awareness regarding National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, as well as how your products contribute to wellness. Make sure that the imagery matches the season, and that the designs pop enough to stand out from competing items on the stands and in the stores. Above all else, focus on health when establishing the label and sticker strategies.

    Time to Act

    Farmers market season is already in action, and National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month will only last a few more weeks. If you need a quick turnaround on your custom label and sticker orders to get them onto your products before the end of the month, consider using Lightning Labels. Lightning Labels offers customized label and sticker options, as well as lightning-fast completion of orders to ensure clients don't miss opportunities to excel in their marketing programs.

  • Update Nutraceutical Product Labels for Summer!

    Summer is Right Around the Corner

    If you sell nutraceutical products, you're likely preparing for one of the busiest times of the year, as summer will lead many consumers to purchase items that help them boost their health and drop their weight. If you manufacture these products, you should be changing up brand packaging at the end of each season to stay on the same page as your customers and prospects, essentially ensuring that your business always makes sense in their eyes.

    With spring waning and summer on the horizon, now is a great time to update product packaging with custom nutraceutical labels. This industry has become increasingly saturated, especially given how much demand there is for these types of items, and product labels will represent a significant battleground. When it comes to competing with other manufacturers on the shelves of stores, nutraceutical labels will play a major factor, and updating yours can make a big difference this season.

    Ideas for Nutraceutical Product Labels

    Now, it is worth mentioning that the product's benefits and nutritional values need to be clearly and accurately represented on the labels. Building off of the characteristics that best differentiate your brand from others will lead to a finished design that represents your company, its product's strong points and the demands of your prospective customers. To adjust for the season, you'll want to adjust the background imagery, color schemes and other aesthetic elements of design to align with the weather and activities.

    Remember here that a bland, run-of-the-mill design strategy will simply not get the job done when it comes to attracting new prospects and retaining long-standing clientele. Think outside of the box, and allow your marketing and product management teams to really stretch their legs when establishing summer-themed designs for your nutraceutical labels.

    Customize on the Right Materials

    Custom nutraceutical labels can be an exceptional way to drive brand visibility, but do not lose sight of the environments in which these products will be used this summer - many of which will be outdoors. You can print your custom designs on durable labels that will withstand the elements and keep the packaging looking clean and fresh throughout the season.

    Lightning Labels offers lightning-fast completion of orders, and custom label services that can be printed on more durable and weather-resistant materials.

  • 5 Things Millennials Look for In Product Packaging

    Marketing Your Products to Generation Y
    Most businesses understand the pivotal role product packaging and labeling play in marketing. Everything from the colors and fonts to the graphics and wording on an item's container can influence the buying decisions of shoppers. However, when designing labels for goods, it is crucial that the seller takes into account the specific preferences of the target audience. 

    The millennial generation, which includes those born between 1981 and 2000, is now the largest demographic in the United States. According to Processor News, these individuals account for more than a quarter of the country's population and, collectively, represent about $200 billion a year in purchasing power - clearly making them an essential group for brands to market toward.

    And there are a number of noteworthy differences between millennials and previous generations. For example, they are the first to have grown up in the age of the Internet, which has contributed to their general need for instant gratification and growing expectations of getting the solutions and services they need at lightning speed. It is important that businesses understand that traditional product marketing tactics used on the baby boomer generation, for example, may not be as effective with Gen Y. 

    Below are some of the most important things millennials look for in product packaging and labeling today.

    1. Authenticity
    Given the rapid proliferation of mobile devices, increased channels of communication and instant access to the Web, millennials are more informed and connected than ever before. Therefore, they aren't as likely to take the claims made by a brand at face value. In fact, some would argue that they are especially skeptical about advertisements and promotions. They can research and compare products online and on the go, so it is important that sellers use labels that are a genuine and honest reflection of the organization. 

    In an article for Packaging Digest, Briana Long explained that research has indicated half of millennials between the ages of 18 and 24 feel that the brands they use are representative of the type of person they are. Put simply, companies should use product packaging and labeling to demonstrate their values align with those of Generation Y. 

    2. Sustainability
    Earlier this month, Bdaily pointed out that millennials are especially conscious about the environment and the impact that the products they purchase have on the planet. And, because Generation Y is expected to spend about $65 billion over the next 10 years on consumer packaged goods, it has caused brands to reconsider their approach to packaging. More companies will use eco-friendly labels and materials to attract the rising number of shoppers who value sustainability. 

    3. Personalization
    Another key quality marketers should embrace is customized packaging. Long explained that by personalizing products and labels, companies can increase interest and engagement levels among millennial shoppers. This strategy has been adopted by some of the biggest brand names in the consumer market today, including Coca-Cola and Oreo. Designing custom labels that appeal to this generation also helps businesses stand apart from competitors. 

    4. Compelling Storytelling
    Millennials have a constant stream of digital content and information coming at them across a wide range of channels. Companies need to leverage creative storytelling to entice consumers. As we mentioned above, this generation often seeks brands that are meaningful and posses some degree of value. One of the most effective ways for businesses to spark the interest of shoppers and improve product packaging is by humanizing the brand in a way that lets customers see it as being personable and relatable, rather than rigid.

    5. Innovation
    In this digital era, customers are constantly presented with new, fresh ideas and content. To appeal to millennials, a product's packaging and labeling should reflect the ability of a company to stay up to date and in the know about the latest trends and preferences. For example, as Long also mentioned, using hashtags and quick-response codes is one way for marketers to engage younger audiences and take advantage of technological innovations.

    With Generation Y quickly becoming the dominating force of the consumer market, it is imperative that brands take the time to adapt packaging and labeling to cater to young shoppers' needs and preferences. By considering what catches the attention of millennials, companies will be able to design a more effective and engaging product.

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