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    Designing Labels for Ultimate Success
    When it comes to creating product labels, sellers are being pulled in a million different directions, especially those in the food and beverage industry. It seems like every day there are new regulations being enforced or efforts being made that cause marketers and manufacturers alike to reconsider their approach to packaging and labeling. 

    There is a lot to take into consideration when it comes to designing and creating custom labels. But among the most important elements are the words and phrases used on the package labeling, including health claims, ingredients and nutritional information.

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  • Consumers Skepticism About Product Labeling At this point, it's hard to broach the topic of product labeling without mentioning the increased scrutiny the industry has faced from both consumers and regulation agencies. Over the past year, a handful of relatively high-profile debates have unfolded regarding food companies or manufacturers of consumer packaged goods and their labels. A lot of the ridicule and conversation surrounding the issue has been based on shoppers feeling misled or uninformed about what ingredients and processes are involved in making the products they purchase and consume, as well as loose guidelines and policies set forth by the U.

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  • The Schwartz turns yogurt into tasty vaping treat

    With names like The Upside, The Downside, & Comb the Desert, The Schwartz has helped place the taste of yogurt squarely on the palate of e-liquid aficionados.

    A need to stop smoking caused principal Huy Nguyen to spend months of research and development to create a unique, handcrafted yogurt-based line of e-liquids. In addition to The Upside and The Downside flagship flavors, which are “tasty all-day vapes and fan favorites,” Comb the Desert and a new entry, Ludicrous Speed is more complex and intense, according to Huy.

    Spurred on by popularity generated through personal visits to many shops, positive word-of-mouth and favorable social media reports, The Schwartz decided to expand the selection with two non-yogurt lines featuring combinations of intense fruit flavors, Naked 100 E-Liquid and Unicorn E-Liquid.

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  • Bumper Stickers: Signs That Go Anywhere

    There are a few surefire ways to get your brand logo in front of large amounts of people. And when it comes to methods that take place in physical space instead of an online environment, few methods can compete with bumper stickers. When you convince a customer to put one of your custom bumper stickers on his or her car, you create a mini billboard that will travel all over the area, presenting your logo, name, slogan or other well-chosen piece of iconography.

    Of course, the success of these methods relies on making the customized bumper stickers as attractive and long-lasting as possible.

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  • Brewing Companies Increasing Nutritional Transparency There have been many transformations taking place throughout the food and beverage industry over the past few years, with much of these transitions being fueled by changes to product labeling. And while some of them have been enforced by the United States Food and Drug Administration, such as the recent update to the Nutrition Facts label or mandatory GMO disclosure, other shifts have stemmed from growing demands and expectations of consumers.

    It's no secret that shoppers have started to become generally more conscious about their health and, in turn, have increased their instance on food and beverage companies being more transparent with product labeling.

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  • In a few short weeks, the world's greatest athletes will assemble in Brazil for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. If you're looking for a way to support a hometown favorite athlete - or the whole team in general - custom Team USA stickers may be just the thing to do so. Years elapse between every edition of the Olympics, making the few weeks in which they take place hugely important. Athletic legacies are cemented and dreams are accomplished in that short span, and commemorating the epic efforts of American athletes is a great choice.

    Support the team with Olympic labels

    With the Games set to start soon, it's time for parties, with people getting together to watch American athletes compete on the world stage.

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  • Effectiveness of Labels Can Depend on Environment
    Knowing what information to include on package labels can be difficult for sellers, especially considering the amount of controversy pertaining to consumers' increasing demand for healthier options and more transparency from food companies. Some say that the best approach to grabbing the attention of shoppers and avoiding any confusion they may experience is to place bold, easy-to-see numbers on the front panel, whereas others argue that quantitative information can be manipulated and therefore misunderstood. For example, people may read the amount of calories or sugar that a food item contains and see that it is a low number, failing to take into account that that value represents what is included in a serving size much smaller than what they typically eat in one sitting

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  • Help Your Customers Protect Themselves From The Sun This Year

    July is UV Safety Month, and if your products include sunscreen, lip balm or sunglasses, it's a great time to boost awareness of both the dangers of inadequate UV protection and the part your offerings can play in protecting consumers. The risk of melanoma - skin cancer - is the most well-known problem with prolonged exposure to UV rays but, as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is quick to remind individuals - there are a litany of other ailments to watch out for.

    Products and Cause Work Together

    Employing custom labels on items such as sunscreen, sunglasses and lip balm during July is a double win.

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  • Intense Retail Competition

    No matter the type of product in question, consumers today have a huge amount of choice. This means it's up to you to make sure your item is the most appealing one on the shelves - the visibly obvious choice. The label is the medium of choice to create visual interest, and it's up to you to work with designs and printing methods that are bold and catch the eye immediately. In a world where everything in stores is wrapped in labels, the brand that tries hardest will rise above the pack.

    Some companies will use less sophisticated printing methods for their product labels, leading to simple designs that don't speak to customers.

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  • Draw Eyes To Limited Beer Releases With Custom Bottle Labels

    There's nothing better on a hot summer day than a cold, refreshing beer. If your beer brand is serious about capturing the summertime market, chances are you have limited edition and seasonal products ready to catch consumers' eyes and drum up extra business in this ideal season. There is a limited window to make these short-run brews into successes, which means you should pursue every available strategy to ensure they are memorable and appealing to the public.

    It's important for summer beers to look the part, with attractive custom beer bottle labels that convey both a brand identity and the essence of the season.

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