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    Promote Your Ice Cream Products with Custom Labels This Summer

    Ice cream hardly needs a month to promote itself - it remains one of the iconic tastes of summer around the world. That said, every year it gets an extra push from the International Dairy Foods Association's National Ice Cream Month. Throughout July, customers and sellers alike will come together to celebrate their favorite frosty treats. How can you get in on this delicious event and use it to promote your products? One promising answer is to use custom ice cream labels. These can raise awareness of the month's theme while getting browsing customers hungry for ice cream.

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    Despite Growing Skepticism, Study Shows Majority of Shoppers Still Read Food Product Labeling There has been an influx of new product labeling guidelines that have either already been or are currently in the works at the United States Food and Drug Administration. Among the most recent and notable changes is the updated Nutrition Facts panel, which now includes a mandatory "added sugars" portion, as well as a bolder, more prominently displayed text.

    The issue of product labeling requirements has been a topic of interest among consumers over the past year or so, with many advocating for mandatory, uniform policies and more transparency with food companies and product packaging.

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  • Why Use Unique Materials for Labels?

    These days, the store shelves are packed, making it harder for manufacturers and distributors to set their products apart from the crowd. At the same time, as many product manufacturers know all too well, so much of the battle for revenues takes place on the shelves, meaning there needs to be a way to differentiate. Because most products will have labels printed on traditional materials, you might want to consider using more unique materials for yours.

    Satin cloth labels can add a completely new dimension to your products, giving customers a tactile component to the brand experience in the stores and allowing the materials themselves to pop off the packaging.

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