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    Make This a Great School Year with Custom Stickers

    Fall's right around the corner, and it's time to think about sending the kids back to school. If you work in the school system or have a child in middle or high school, you may be looking for ways to promote teams, clubs or general spirit this year. One great possible answer is custom printed stickers, which can carry bold imagery and legible logos that stand out and show your pride. With a need to promote organizations within schools and potentially raise funds for them, it's best to think about this avenue of promotion now, while there's still time before classes are in session.

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  • Labeling Adhesives and Materials for Glass Packages

    When it comes to deciding which type of label material to use for your product's packaging, the expansive array of options available to you can be overwhelming. If you don't have much knowledge or experience in custom label printing, you may assume that all stickers are essentially the same. But this couldn't be further from the truth.

    The adhesive properties of the label influence the bond it has with the surface of the package. To ensure it withstands temperature conditions and doesn't prematurely crack, peel or unstick, it is critical that you select one best suited for the material it is being applied to.

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  • Widespread Need Recorded

    Wherever products are being manufactured, in any of a multitude of industries, there will be demand for pressure labels. This means a period of growth is ahead for the worldwide pressure label printing industry, as described by recent MarketsandMarkets research.

    Packaging strategies vary widely depending on what is being manufactured, but a few classic methods remain enduringly popular, and pressure labels are among them. These simple press-on stickers keep jars and bottles looking distinctive on store shelves. When paired with contemporary digital printing techniques, pressure-sensitive labels can carry just about any kind of vibrant brand imagery, from sharply rendered text to colorful and eye-catching pictures.

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  • New Mandatory Labeling Legislation for GMO Products In news that was widely expected but only recently made official, President Obama has signed a bill making it mandatory for food companies to include on product labels the use of GMO ingredients, Deutsche Welle reported. Regulators will be given two years to establish new policies and standards for manufacturers to abide by. The source added that this law requiring GMO labeling makes it so food packages must include text, an image or a digital code that informs shoppers whether or not the product contains genetically modified organisms.

    At the beginning of July, Vermont officially became the first U.

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  • It's Harvest Time – Consider Custom Honey Jar Labels

    When people go to the store or the farmer's market to get a bottle of honey, what are the chances they'll pick your brand? You've worked hard to make your product as delicious as possible, but you need to ensure the label conveys the effort you've put into this natural, wholesome sweetener. Now is the time to think about what you want your packaging to look like going forward - it's harvest time and, as such, it's a great opportunity to lock in designs for your honey labels. Labeling is the way to share the goodness of your honey with the public and inform buying choices.

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