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    In October and Beyond, Custom Labels and Stickers Promote Good Causes

    Philanthropy and supporting charity are year-round endeavors, but some months of the calendar are set aside for certain areas of focus. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, among other health-related causes. If you plan to run a fundraising effort, now is the time to think about setting up charitable event stickers and labels. Depending on your own background, there are many different products you can use to spread this charitable effort. Manufacturers and retailers can customize the labels of products while nonprofits can hand out bumper stickers that will last long after the month has ended, keeping awareness high.

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  • What Is Emotional Marketing?

    Digital technologies are changing the game of marketing. With more tools and processes available than ever before, sellers are able to capitalize on a vast array of strategies and solutions for customizing packaging and labeling materials. But when it comes to appealing to their target audiences, few tactics have proved more effective than tapping into their emotions.

    Emotional marketing has been used by some of the biggest and most successful brands across the globe for many years. And with good reason: Consumers tend to base their brand decisions on their emotions, not logical information.

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  • Creepy or Cute, Fun or Frightening, Stickers are Great for Halloween

    Are you planning a party this Halloween? Do you have kids who are going trick-or-treating? Is your company planning to use the holiday as a chance to promote your offerings? If any of those situations apply, you've got a great opportunity to use custom Halloween stickers. These can be bold, colorful and perfectly in tune with the spirit of the holiday. High-quality digital printing can bring the orange and black look of Halloween to life, with classic spooky imagery adding fun to your party.

    Lots of Uses

    When you're wondering whether to order Halloween stickers this year, take a moment to think about the many surfaces crying out for the extra bit of flair that a tough, digitally printed sticker can impart.

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  • Are Your Products Labeled for Safety?

    Some products shouldn't be used around children, and the proper labeling of these items is one of the most important steps in manufacturing and distributing them up to industry standards. Some labeling conventions are required by law, others are extra add-ons that parents will be grateful for. September is a great time to check and make sure your products are as clearly labeled as possible, as it's Baby Safety Month. People with small children want to know right away which items should be kept far away from their little ones, and custom childproof labels are an effective way to tell them.

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  • The Challenge of Hazardous Chemicals It's no news that consumers today want products that are not only healthy and safe, but also good for the environment. For the food and beverage industry, this increased demand for better products has been driven by the desire to make healthier choices and be able to more easily understand what ingredients are contained in the item. And although the industry has recently been fraught with controversy, such as the ongoing debate regarding whether GMO labeling should be mandatory, the premise is relatively simple: Let consumers know exactly what ingredients are used in the product and don't try to deceive them with buzzwords and marketing gimmicks on the packaging and labeling

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  • Spruce up Your Beer Labels with High-Quality Customized Beer Labels

    It's that time of year again: The air is getting crisp, the leaves are getting ready to turn red and yellow, and revelers and brewers are anticipating Oktoberfest. If you're planning on selling a special batch of ale or lager for this annual event, you're in good company. Your challenge is making sure your brew stands out from the many others that will doubtless be available to your customers, no matter how close to or far from Germany you are. This is where high-quality custom beer labels enter the picture, making your brand unmissable.

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  • Custom Political Stickers Can Boost Any Campaign

    With the presidential election coming up on November 8, the news has become saturated with political pitches from Democrats, Republicans and third parties in all 50 states. If you're in charge of promoting a local candidate or working to promote a major party in your area, it's crunch time. Reminding your party's longtime voters to go to the polls and winning over the eyes of undecided masses are tasks that deserve all-out effort. Bumper stickers are one of the tried and true methods you can use to put your candidate's name and party symbols out there.

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  • Promote Your Honey Brand Throughout September

    Honey has many excellent traits - it is a natural sweetener, something people can add to their food when they want great taste without going heavy on sugar or chemicals. Promoting your brand to its highest potential may hinge on reminding customers of this natural goodness. There's no better time to launch such an awareness campaign than right now, because September is National Honey Month. Custom honey jar labels or stickers to complement your year-round designs can boost the perception of your brand and make September a great month to find new customers and re-energize past buyers.

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  • Lightning Labels Scales Up Its On-site Label Production

    To keep up with increasing demand for high-quality custom sticker and label printing, Lightning Labels has added a new digital press to its Denver facility. This means that even as new customers come aboard, turnaround times will remain fast. All the benefits associated with digital label printing, from flexibility to quality and beyond, have powered the market. Companies have found near-unlimited uses for custom labels and stickers over the past few years, and Lightning Labels has been there for them every step of the way. With new equipment in place, the company is ready for the next stage in the market's evolution.

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    Lawsuits Filed Against General Mills As we have learned time and time again from high-profile lawsuits, consumers take the accuracy of product labels very seriously. And this is something that General Mills seems to be learning as well now. According to The Hill, three consumer groups (Beyond Pesticides, Organic Consumers Association and Moms Across America) have filed a lawsuit against the organization for allegedly misleading the public into thinking its Nature Valley granola bar products were made using 'natural' ingredients.

    The claim was filed under the District of Columbia's Consumer Protection Procedures Act with the Richman Law Group, arguing that the product label statements are misleading because it indicates that the item was made entirely with natural whole grain oats

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