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    Custom Hazard Labels – Keeping Kids Safe During the Holidays

    In many homes, December is a month for getting together with the family and exchanging presents - but are the toys and other gifts children receive safe? This is a vital question, and one that manufacturers should ponder when deciding on their labeling strategies. Custom hazard labels can help ensure items aren't used in risky ways, and keep parents and guardians aware of any information they should know.

    December has been set aside as Safe Toys and Gifts Month, a formalized way of acknowledging that brand leaders should keep their customers safe and secure with as much information as possible. This doesn't just mean following the letter of the law when it comes to labeling. Complying with all applicable rules is a baseline that companies can expand from, rather than an endpoint to aspire to.

    Age Ranges, Warnings and More

    Just about any toy can be dangerous if it's picked up by someone too young. Parts that are totally innocuous in the hands of a 10-year-old could be a choking hazard for younger kids, and brands need to be ready to alert parents and guardians as to whether the items they're pondering are right for their children. This is where an important subset of safety labeling, age appropriateness labels, comes in. Safe Toys and Gifts Month serves as a good reminder for brand managers to look over their lines of kids' products to ensure everything has an accurate age range listed on the package.

    Once the age range has been specified, brands can be even more specific in warning of different hazards. Choking risk, potentially toxic substances, sharp edges and more may be worthy of warning labels. Leaders worried that their brands may seem less appealing if they offer more safety information should rest easy - adding warning stickers to packages shows that the company cares about keeping customers' kids safe. This is something any audience buying gifts will care deeply about, and one worth taking seriously.

    Parents and guardians will only get the information they need if labels are well made and tough enough to survive production, shipping and life on store shelves. A safety label that peels off, fades or otherwise becomes illegible is no good to anyone. This is why it's important to work with a top-quality printing partner to launch new warning labels or stickers.

    Lightning Labels Can Help

    Companies pondering their strategies for Safe Toys and Gifts Month can look to Lightning Labels for assistance. Warnings and safety information are hugely important, and that means it's good to release new designs as quickly as possible. Lightning Labels lives up to its name with lightning speed, letting companies get new designs in a matter of days, rather than weeks or months. This is due to an all-digital printing process and the use of domestic facilities rather than outsourcing to faraway plants.

    Whether organizations are massive in scale or just starting out, there is a Lightning Labels offering that can help. All-digital printing is affordable even at small scales, meaning leaders of all sorts of companies can use Lightning Labels as their warning label partner.

  • Add Shine to Your Product Labels with Chrome BOPP

    Eye-Catching and Tough, It's Chrome BOPP

    Product labels today have to look bold to attract attention among fierce competition. If your products have a look that pops off the shelves, you gain an immediate advantage over brands that have more plain packaging. However, there is a catch - if your labels aren't tough enough to survive store shelves, home storage and the use of the products within, they won't make a strong or positive impression. This is where Chrome BOPP labels come in - when you use this material, you get a shiny, distinctive surface along with all the toughness of a BOPP label.

    Advantages of Chrome BOPP

    If you're wondering whether Chrome BOPP is the right material for your next order of custom product labels, consider the following benefits:

    • A look that amazes: The shiny, reflective surface of a Chrome BOPP label is a step up from simply using ink to simulate silver. If your brand leans heavily on silver or chrome imagery, or is going for a futuristic, clean and refined look, Chrome BOPP can deliver the necessary style. Standing out on shelves is a huge objective, and reflective labels can accomplish that feat.

    • Toughness to survive: Items that come into contact with water - or contain oils - are special labeling cases. Standard label materials could weaken and peel off when they get wet, weakening products' appeal in the home and lessening their ability to act as brand advertising over time. Chrome BOPP labels have all the toughness of standard, permanent adhesive BOPP labels and will hold up.

    Possible Product Uses

    There are a few industries that can get particular value out of custom Chrome BOPP labels. If you're in one of these fields, the value is clear.

    • Bath and body: Health and beauty products can make a bold statement with shiny chrome labels. Even when they're stored in a bathroom or frequently exposed to water, bottles will keep their labels due to the toughness of the Chrome BOPP material. This means that once the shampoo, skin cream or any other kind of product runs out, customers will still have your brand's logo shining in front of them to encourage them to buy more.

    • Food and beverage: The supermarket is a crowded place, and many shoppers are undecided about what to buy. Catch their eyes with Chrome BOPP labels on food and drinks. Even if the items end up on ice in a cooler, the tough label material will hold together and stay vibrant and shiny.

    Other Varieties

    Maybe chrome doesn't fit your brand's color scheme or branding strategy. That's no reason to turn down BOPP materials from Lightning Labels, however. You can also work with White BOPP labels, which accommodate any color of ink and let you have your choice of bold imagery, as well as clear BOPP labels, which give you a minimalist look while still letting you present your logo. These labels are available quickly, and in both small and large quantities, depending on the scale of your brand. The advantages of a tough BOPP material are considerable, and the visual flair possible should help you realize your ideas.

  • When selecting a wine, does the wine bottle label design play a role in your choice?

    Wine Selection Can Be Tied To Wine Bottle Label Design

    When selecting a wine, a shopper has a limited field of visual information to go on. There's a glimpse of the color of the wine itself, the shape of the bottle and, most prominently, the wine labels. Think back to times you've searched for a new wine to try. Was your decision influenced by the wine bottle label? From the color of the imagery to the font chosen to the label's material, each part combines to make a whole. Chances are, experiencing the label in person did feed into the decision you made to bring a particular brand and vintage home.

    This points out the importance of vineyards selecting custom wine labels that hang together stylistically and tell a branded story. When it comes down to a direct comparison of wines side by side, customers react to the information presented to them on the packaging.

    All the Right Cues

    A few particular design elements deserve emphasis when designing custom wine bottle labels. These are the factors that convince customers a particular variety is right for the drinker's palate or suitable for the gathering where it's going to be served. With thousands of wines out there, shoppers try new varieties often so the label has to serve as an introduction. Here are different factors designers can focus on:

    • Toughness: Wines that are meant to be enjoyed after significant aging need to have wine bottle labels that are strong enough to look great even after years. Failure to work with materials and techniques specifically meant to be used with wine could lead to labels that peel or fade before the contents of the bottles are ready to be enjoyed.

    • Texture: Vintners can use labels to create a tactile connection with the customer. If the label feels and looks great, it will enforce the perception of the brand as classy and perfect for sophisticated dinners. Vineyards that work with woven cloth materials instead of standard paper can stand out from competing brands.

    • Imagery: Producers that adorn their bottles with photographs gain a chance to show off their branding in a strong and distinctive way. That said, designers have to be careful. Blurry or badly chosen imagery could create doubt in a consumer's mind or make the brand seem cheap. This is why it's vital to work with an experienced printing partner.

    • Uniqueness: When creating a look for a wine brands, it pays to look at what others are doing - and then refuse to chase the trend. Faced with a shelf or similar wine labels, customers may naturally gravitate to a brand that has its own distinct appearance.

    Working with Lightning Labels

    Vineyards that want to ensure their products are compellingly packaged can work with Lightning Labels to get the look they're after. With a range of materials suited to wine bottles and the ability to print in several different sizes, Lightning Labels makes it easy to enhance a brand's appearance. Furthermore, Lightning Labels is an all-digital printer. The lack of plates in the printing process means that even small orders of custom wine labels are economical and simple.

  • Nutraceutical Manufacturers Prepare for New Year Weight Loss Resolutions with Custom Labels

    Make Sure Your Products Stand Out During Times of Demand

    While weight loss is a year-round concern, the steely optimism of New Year's resolutions spurs plenty of extra attention. If your nutraceutical products focus on helping customers maintain a healthy body weight, January is your time to shine. However, competing brands will also be front and center after the New Year. It's up to you to keep your items' packaging as visually arresting as possible to win over curious consumers, and custom labels are an important element of this process.

    Bold Designs Draw Eyes

    Your nutraceutical labels should be clear about the purpose of your products, combining bright imagery and clear text to make a strong case for the items. People who make New Year's resolutions to lose weight may enter stores with an objective in mind, but no brand preference. These shoppers are your potential audience, and the better your products look, the more likely you are to convert them into loyal buyers.

    Weight loss product labels have a brief window in January to shine especially bright. When people are just starting new regimens in the hopes of instituting a healthier lifestyle, your products should be there for them. If you miss this opportunity, shoppers may go with other brands, then stay loyal to them in the following months. If your items' labels catch their eyes, however, you could bring in a significant number of new customers.

    Of course, while focusing on promoting the exciting benefits of your products on your labels, it's important to ensure they meet all industry regulations. Every revision of your designs should coincide with a close check to be certain that nutritional information is in line with applicable laws. When you work with a high-quality labeling partner, it's simple to have clear and legible ingredient and nutrition facts panels with plenty of room left over for bold, appealing branding.

    Time to Order

    Weight loss and other health product labels are at their best in January - and it's right around the corner. In fact, you may believe it's too late to create new designs for your brand's labels and get them on the shelves for the coming New Year crowd. There is still time, however, provided you work with an all-digital printing partner capable of getting high-quality labels on your desk in a matter of days, rather than weeks or months. This is the kind of service Lightning Labels promises. Fast and affordable shipping is a result of Lightning Labels' decision to use all domestic facilities instead of outsourcing orders overseas.

    If you want your nutraceutical items to stand out in times of great demand, there's no better stage to shine on than the New Year's resolution season. Your products can be there with customers all the way as they chase their fitness goals in January and beyond. The battle for brand loyalty will be fought in store aisles, with shoppers picking between many different options. If your item is the most eye-catching version, your nutraceuticals stand a better chance of impressing consumers and becoming part of their regimen in the new year.

  • Get in the Spirit: Promote Your Team, Business or Fundraiser with Spirit Sheets

    A Great Assortment

    When it's time to promote a local sports team, any kind of business or a one-off event, there are lots of different custom sticker options. Instead of picking a single shape or size of stickers, you can select spirit sheets, which combine many different shapes and sizes of stickers. This is an especially good choice if you're responsible for a football team, as Lightning Labels offers a special football spirit sheet option, with ball and helmet-shaped custom stickers.

    Custom spirit sheets are a versatile and affordable way to give out coupons to supporters, alongside stickers that will last a long time, carrying your team or brand's message. You can even give them to team members or employees - team building spirit sheets will let them show their own support or hand the many stickers out to friends and family.

    Many Possible Uses

    When you've got a school or professional sports season coming up, a fundraiser to promote or a company putting on a sale, it's time to consider spirit sheets. These contain between one and three rectangular die-cut stickers, combined with smaller circular options and either a large circle or a mouse pad-sized option, all printed with repositional adhesive in full color. Many different scenarios work well with spirit sheets.

    Professional or scholastic sports teams: When you're marketing tickets for a local sports team, no matter the game in question, a spirit sheet can be handy. You can make one of the small die-cut stickers into a coupon for discounted concessions at the stadium, use the larger ones to display the upcoming schedule or the roster. These applications will make recipients keep the stickers around their houses, stuck to the refrigerator or computer, with your logo always front-and-center. Soccer balls, baseballs, basketballs and hockey pucks are all circular, opening up easy design possibilities for the round stickers. Footballs are an odd shape - but Lightning Labels has you covered, offering a standard option which contains smaller stickers shaped like with footballs and helmets.

    Business events or nonprofit fundraisers: When it's time to promote a company or nonprofit, printing up spirit sheets can help get the word out. Coupons are still a great choice for the smaller die-cut stickers. If the event is for a company, lists of hours or services offered can go on the larger stickers, with logos and contact information on the smaller ones. If your brand's logo is appealing enough, these stickers may end up on home appliances, phones, tablets or computers. If you're running a nonprofit instead of a for-profit company, you can give fundraiser spirit sheets to your donors, giving them many ways to show their support for your organization and keep your contact information close.

    Organizations of Any Size can Benefit

    There's no such thing as a company, nonprofit, school or team too large or small to promote itself via spirit sheets from Lightning Labels. With minimum order sizes as low as 50 and quick turnaround times, anyone can get these excellent promotional tools at a reasonable price. Spreading a name and a logo via custom stickers is a powerful branding tool, and spirit sheets contain many different shapes and sizes of stickers, suited to a variety of applications.

  • Labels and Stickers a Worthy Focus During Child Safety and Protection Month

    Are Your Products Properly Labeled?

    When it comes to keeping kids safe, there's never a bad time. However, November is an especially apt month to ask whether brands and individuals are doing all they can. Child Safety and Protection Month is set aside to raise awareness of any places or things that may be putting kids in danger. If you own a brand that produces household items, how is your labeling strategy? Could new custom child safety labels increase the chances of parents and guardians using the products in the correct way? If so, it's time for a change: If your new approach protects even one child, it's been a success.

    Child Safety Labels - Going Beyond the Basics

    Great safety labels aren't just about measuring up to regulations and laws governing product packaging. Complying with such rules is non-negotiable, of course, but Child Safety and Protection Month provides a great chance to go beyond the minimums. Choking hazards, sharp edges, harmful chemicals - all sorts of everyday household goods could be dangerous if they're left unattended or used wrong. It's time to take a long, honest look at your products and ensure everything is properly labeled.

    Items that deserve child safety labels include a wide swath of products. Items designed to protect kids, such as car seats, need accurate information on proper usage. Products that might be present in the kitchen or bathroom, such as cleaning chemicals, should have clear warnings. The people who need to see these labels aren't necessarily the children they're designed to protect. The most vulnerable kids are too young to know what the warnings mean, and their parents or other guardians are the ones who really need to get the message.

    Well-Marked Workplaces and Homes

    Items that might end up in public places and businesses are just as important to label as those designed for the home. Child Safety and Protection Month is a time to ponder whether adults are doing enough to ensure kids don't end up hurt, no matter where they may be. Businesses with equipment or areas that pose a risk to children - from hot surfaces to long drops and everything in between - should ensure they are marked. An order of custom stickers with appropriate warnings can provide the necessary warnings and info.

    Time to Order Child Safety Labels and Stickers

    No matter how you want to label your products or workplace, it's time to take action. While November is already underway, there is time to launch the new initiative before December. Lightning Labels uses all-digital processes and domestic rather than outsourced facilities to ensure that clients get their orders in a matter of days, not weeks or months. You can choose your material, too - tough options may be best for child safety labels and stickers, to ensure they don't fade over time and keep imparting their important messages.

    While you may believe too many warning labels make your products lack appeal for customers, there's no such thing as too much caution. Shoppers will see that your brand or business has their children's safety in mind, and be glad for your preparedness.

  • November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month

    Celebrate Peanut Butter with Custom Food Labels

    There is a time in the calendar set aside to celebrate just about every food you can imagine, but November's a big one. It's National Peanut Butter Lovers Month. This versatile spread is great as part of a meal or snack, and is beloved by millions. If you produce either peanut butter or an item that goes well with it, this month is a great time to draw a little extra attention to your brand.

    Custom product labels will look great on the shelves, helping your offerings stand out from the many other varieties out there. The changes you make could even be the first step in a year-round rebrand that will add appeal in December and beyond.

    Multiple Ways to Draw the Eye

    What kinds of new elements can you add to product labels in addition to nutrition facts, your logo and some descriptive text? The most obvious element for National Peanut Butter Lovers Month is a shout-out to the event itself. A colorful reminder that November is set aside for the appreciation of peanut butter could convince shoppers that this is a great time to eat some. Since your brand is the one that gave the heads-up, chances are that's the jar the buyer will pick.

    Another option involves recipes. Putting a recipe on your brand's labels is a big opportunity to both celebrate the national event and give a highly practical suggestion. The path to purchase becomes clear: Consumers will see the recipe and decide that it sounds delicious - and to take it home, they'll buy your brand of peanut butter. This tactic even works if you don't make peanut butter. As long as your product can be prepared with peanut butter, you can tie it into National Peanut Butter Lovers Month and print the relevant recipe on the label.

    If your items have particularly interesting health benefits, the branding refresh that comes along with National Peanut Butter Lovers Month may also be a great chance to update nutritional labels and make sure shoppers know the advantages they may be getting from buying the items. Is your peanut butter a healthy alternative to other brands? Is it rich in protein? These are the kinds of benefits that can look good on a label.

    Lightning-Fast Orders

    Since November has already begun, you may believe it's too late to create a tie-in to National Peanut Butter Lovers Month this year. If you work with Lightning Labels, however, your window of opportunity is still open. Lightning Labels works with all-digital processes at domestic facilities that can turn your order around in a hurry - a matter of days, rather than weeks or months.

    When your business' success depends on selling particular food products, it can pay to keep an eye on special events and possible promotional opportunities. Dedicated months are a unique sub-set of chances for cross-promotion. If peanut butter is your offering of choice, November is a great time to make an extra push.

  • Custom Candle Labels Add Sparkle to the Holidays

    Brighten Up the Holiday Season with Candles

    Candles bring personality to a room at any time of year, but they gain a little extra sparkle around the holidays. A festive family gathering or a quiet winter night feels that much more special with candles, so if you manufacture or sell these products, don't let the season go by unmentioned. There's plenty of changes you can make to the candle labels that let buyers know how great they'll look around the house this holiday season.

    Market Candles Right on their Labels

    If you just manufacture candles instead of also selling them at retail, using custom candle labels ensures that they'll have a festive feeling no matter where or how they're displayed for sale. Holiday labels can help your brand stick out from others, and this may be a critical differentiator. When customers head into a store to decorate for the holidays, they likely haven't decided on what brand of products to bring home with them. There in the aisles, you have a chance to make a sale through great-looking packaging.

    Custom holiday labels with bold, colorful imagery can give great suggestions about how candles should be displayed around the house - as well as important safety information. When you work with a labeling partner that provides high-quality service, you'll be able to balance attractive pictures, your brand's distinctive logo and all the explanatory and sales text you need. These all-in-one labels are functional and compelling, and can convince undecided shoppers which brand they should buy.

    After the holidays, you'll likely need a slightly different labeling strategy, but this is an opportunity rather than a problem. If you work with an all-digital printer that allows smaller print runs at reasonable prices, you can purchase just what you need for the holidays - and make another order for the items that will go on shelves in January and beyond. Those candles may look best with wintry branding that doesn't include holiday imagery. There are still plenty of cold months ahead once the holidays conclude, and candles that promise to light up and add sparkle to the rest of winter may go over very well on shelves.

    Time to Order

    While the holiday season is some time away for consumers, retailers are already in the full swing of preparation. Whether you work in manufacturing candles or selling them, you're probably already in holiday mode, and may therefore think it's too late to add a holiday packaging strategy to the mix. However, with Lightning Labels, you can change your brand's look in a proverbial heartbeat.

    Lightning Labels uses all-digital printing methods, and produces orders in its own domestic facilities instead of outsourcing. These decisions have made it possible to send out batches of labels and stickers in days, rather than weeks or months. There is still time to get holiday-branded items out the door and have them on shelves for customers to admire. Their homes will be a little brighter around the holidays with the glow of candles, and attractive labels are your big chance to convince them of this fact.

  • Patriotic Stickers Just in Time for Veterans Day

    Send a Patriotic Message with Patriotic Stickers

    This Veterans Day, you can show how much you appreciate service members' contributions and sacrifices through bold, patriotic stickers. Bumper stickers make an especially good choice, as they are tough and highly visible, and can go on just about any hard surface - not just the bumper of a car. Whether you're producing these stickers to hand out to customers who shop with your business or want them for a party put on by a town government, nonprofit or any other kind of group, Lightning Labels can help.

    Great-looking Patriotic Stickers Pay Tribute to Veterans

    Patriotic red, white and blue sends a clear message of support for the nation's veterans, and there are numerous designs that can incorporate motifs saluting the troops' service. Veterans Day stickers given out at a business can contain the company's logo or name in small text next to content and images that salute veterans. Custom stickers that serve as part of a town's parade or other celebration can also name the location and year, so people remember where and how they commemorated the holiday this year..

    The great thing about opting for bumper stickers as your vehicle for Veterans Day messaging is that they stay strong and vibrant for a long time - provided you work with a good printing service. Chances are, you'll be seeing your stickers around town on cars, laptops, in store windows and on just about any other hard surface. If you use top-quality materials and processes to print a good design, bumper stickers can endure and let the world know that your brand or organization wants to publicly thank military members for their service.

    There is room to get granular with the designs on Veterans Day stickers. If you want to salute people who served in a particular conflict or branch of the military, there is room to do so. Towns and cities can pay special tribute to the vets from those locations. Veterans charities can promote their activities through stickers, or hand stickers out to those who make contributions. There is no limit to the number of uses businesses, nonprofits and local government bodies can get out of patriotic stickers.

    Order Patriotic Stickers Now

    While the fact that November is underway seems to point to it being too late to order stickers for Veterans Day, the advanced all-digital printing techniques in use at Lightning Labels turn buying stickers from a weeks-long process to one measured in days. Lightning Labels uses all domestic facilities instead of outsourcing print jobs, which cuts additional time and cost off of shipping orders to buyers.

    On top of the speed enhancements enabled by digital printing, this method also makes it cost-effective to work with small batch sizes. Some companies or organizations may not have any reason to order thousands of bumper stickers. That's all right - with Lightning Labels, even limited-scale orders have low per-unit prices. When it's time to salute former military members on Veterans Day or at any time of the year, attractive patriotic stickers will get the message out.

  • Think About Nutrition Labels during American Diabetes Month

    Look at Your Nutritional Labels

    There are many different ways to emphasize nutritional information on food packaging. Every brand starts with the same required nutritional facts and ingredients lists as required by law, but beyond those panels there is ample room to highlight specific facets of your ingredients. One approach you can take is to let potential buyers know when an item fits into a diet appropriate for someone suffering from diabetes.

    Food selection is one of the greatest challenges of living with diabetes, and the more specific information your brand carries on its product labels, the less work shoppers will have to do to see how particular ingredients will suit their needs. There's no better time to make this kind of investigation than during American Diabetes month, which takes place every November. You can use this special event as a reminder to modify your brand's look and provide helpful facts.

    Many Nutrients Affected

    Diet management for people suffering from diabetes involves measuring and regulating a number of different elements of food. The American Diabetes Association urges diabetic shoppers to focus on items that provide calcium, potassium, fiber, magnesium and vitamins C, E and A, the latter as carotenoids. If you produce items containing these nutrients, spotlighting that fact could help guide customers to healthy choices.

    The ADA also gave a more granular picture of foods that help sustain a diabetic diet, such as beans, spinach, collards, kale, sweet potatoes, berries, citrus fruit, tomatoes, whole grains and nuts. Other items are healthy under certain conditions. For instance, fat-free milk and yogurt items contain valuable nutrients for those managing diabetes. Some types of fish, such as salmon, are good choices due to Omega-3 fatty acids. Breaded and deep-fried fish, however, don't apply.

    The above foods and many more could benefit from labeling indicating how and why they are good building blocks of a diet for shoppers with diabetes. While American Diabetes Month is a great time to make these changes to your brand's custom food labels, they will pay off year-round. Becoming a helpful partner to customers is a good way to reassure shoppers that when they are making decisions important for their health, your company will be there to help. Gratitude as a result of this approach could create lifelong loyal customers, the kind that can keep a brand strong over time.

    Time to Order

    When it's time to get new custom product labels covering a whole line of items, you may believe there will inevitably be a long wait. However, with its all-digital process and domestic facilities, Lightning Labels lives up to its name and cuts a huge amount of the wait time out of a branding switch-up. When you place an order with Lightning Labels, you can measure the order in days, rather than weeks or months.

    That kind of speed means it's not too late to announce a new labeling initiative tied into American Diabetes Month, even though November is underway. You can make a splash with helpful new nutritional facts, tips or recipes and create a new style of packaging that will impress shoppers all year.

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