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    January is National Hobby Month - Label Your Craft Products

    Show Off Your Work This January

    January is National Hobby Month, meaning it's time to salute handmade items and crafts of all kinds. When your hobby becomes a small business, you need great-looking branding to show your pride in your crafting abilities. Whether you make candles, soap, craft beer, preserves, jelly, jam or any other kind of item, custom labels can catch eyes and draw attention.

    You've put in time honing your craft and keeping your project alive over the years. Now it's time to ensure your handiwork earns recognition, whether you sell your products in major stores, at markets and fairs, or just to friends and family. It's never too early or too late to give a fresh, attractive brand identity to your crafts.

    From a Hobby to a Career

    Today, customers crave a handmade touch in their items - the authenticity and care that you put into your crafts may help them take off. Labeling requirements and strategies will vary based on the products in question, but there's no doubt that an attractive branding strategy can help you stand out. The following list is a far-from-exhaustive look at some crafting types that can turn into fruitful careers.

    • Candles: Creating candles is an especially appealing hobby in the winter months, when a candle can provide a sense of light, warmth and wellbeing in the midst of ice and snow. Using custom candle labels, you can play up the comfy nature of your products - while also giving vital safety info to show your customers you're looking out for them. You can even vary your strategy into something less snow-bound to keep going strong into spring.
    • Soap: The variety of textures, scents and colors you can base soaps around is near-limitless. As a hobbyist or small-business owner, you have freedom to produce small batches of soaps with fascinating attributes that will win customers over. Use your custom soap labels to describe exactly what goes into each bar and impress upon your buyers that they're getting an experience they won't be able to replicate working with huge brands.
    • Craft beer: Beer is perhaps the symbol of the craft goods craze of recent years. A taste for unique flavors in small batches has turned huge swaths of the population into beer connoisseurs. Global brands are turning to local breweries for inspiration instead of vice versa. If you're a small-batch beer producer, make sure your custom craft beer labels show off your regional and independent bona fides. Let people know that you're not a pretender - you're a real local brewer.

    Crafts Deserve Great Labels

    Whether you're looking for custom beer labels to draw in curious buyers or searching for a high-impact way to market your candles, Lightning Labels can help. Small producers just starting out don't have to worry about making minimum order cutoffs - because Lightning Labels is an all-digital printer, small batches of labels are affordable. January is getting underway, but it's not too late to act within the month: By using digital processes and working from domestic facilities instead of outsourcing, Lightning Labels is able to turn orders around in days, not weeks or months.

  • Start planning for Valentine's Day with Custom Valentine’s Day Labels

    Custom Valentine's Day Labels Enliven Perfume, Candles and More

    If you produce items that would make a great gift or romantic scene-setter for couples on Valentine's Day, you shouldn't leave it up to chance that people will associate your brand with the holiday. Instead, why not invest in custom Valentine's Day stickers or labels that will make the connection clear? The next few months will see a wave of shoppers taking to stores, faced with the pressure of putting together memorable presents and dates for their significant others. You can give these consumers an easy choice with your labeling strategy.

    Love is in the Air

    You can redefine your products to make them a hit for Valentine's Day. Labels and stickers make all the difference, guiding consumers in the right direction. Branding that mentions Valentine's Day directly could one-up other brands that don't invest in specialized packaging. This may prove especially relevant if you hurry - in February, people will be looking for last-minute presents. In January, you could act as an early reminder and help shoppers get ahead of the game. Imagine how grateful these buyers will be when February rolls around and they already have great presents put aside.

    Perfume is one of the most natural gifts associated with Valentine's Day Custom labels for perfume can increase your brand's appeal. Perfume is a simple but elegant and romantic choice, provided it's packaged in a compelling and attractive way. Custom perfume bottle labels that look great and catch the eye can help you win hearts this Valentine's Day. You can even mention the holiday on a custom sticker that the buyer then peels off along with the price tag before handing the bottle over. The sticker is aimed at the customer and encourages a purchase. The label looks elegant and classy and ensures the gift is appreciated.

    You can also apply holiday branding to items that create a romantic atmosphere. Try applying custom Valentine's Day stickers to your candle products, explaining what a great ambience they create at date-night dinners. This is a canny branding strategy for candle manufacturers, as shoppers may be getting sick of products branded with winter imagery after the holiday season and the beginning of the new year. Glistening snow fields that once seemed so charming now remind them that February and March are on their way. Why not swap out snowflakes and reindeer for a romantic image set? This could keep at least some of your offerings highly relevant for a few months following the holidays.

    Order Now and Get Started

    Your Valentine's Day marketing strategy can begin at any time between now and the holiday. Earlier is likely better, as you don't want to appeal only to last-minute shoppers. It's not too late to get started on a January-focused roll-out for custom labels and stickers, as you have the option of working with Lightning Labels. Lightning Labels ships orders from domestic facilities rather than outsourcing production, and it employs all-digital printing processes that allow customers to get what they're looking for in days, not weeks or months. It's time to start marketing to the lovebirds of the world.

  • What does your business need to be successful in 2017?

    Time to Reflect and Move Forward

    Your company is likely winding down operations for 2016, and plans for 2017 are probably at least being pondered, if not solidified. This means it's a great time to add new tactics that will make the coming year especially fruitful for your business. There are so many approaches to try that it can be intimidating to think about, but launching a new product is perhaps the most reliable way to strike a positive new tone. Releasing an updated or all-new offering promises attention and gives you a chance to get ahead of the competition - just make sure the promotional materials surrounding your innovation are up to the task.

    Drawing the Eye

    A new product should be decked out in appropriate packaging, to let audiences know just what it is, why it's important and that they haven't seen it before. Custom labels that fit in with the strategy your brand has used thus far, but take that imagery in a new direction, can help a newly released item fulfill the dual role of exciting new feature and part of an established grouping. You can even employ custom stickers on your other products so shoppers know about the new launch even when they're buying their old favorites.

    A new product unveiling may also serve as a great chance to refresh the look of your whole line. A bold new color scheme or design aesthetic could elevate your brand relative to competitors or catapult the products into a new market. If you think your offerings should be marketed as luxury items, or should tap into the unfolding craze for handmade, craft items, the new year could be a good time to shift branding accordingly. You can execute such a line-wide change whether you have a new product to promote or not, as such a dramatic shift makes old items look new again.

    Promotion All Over Town

    You don't have to limit your branding and promotional muscle to your packages. A wave of bumper stickers or window decals for your customers can spread your message far and wide. Make these stickers attractive enough and shoppers will have no problems attaching them to their cars, computers and other flat-surfaced objects. If you have a new item in the works for 2017, make sure it's properly represented on these stickers. To get true value for your money, all your stickers should be tough enough to survive for months or years, so your message won't fade from view.

    Time to Order

    The brief respite at the end of the year is a great time to order the labels and stickers that will make your new campaigns pop visually. Lightning Labels stands ready to fulfill your requests in days, rather than weeks or months, no matter how many or few items you order. By working with Lightning Labels, you gain a partner equipped with digital technology that can realize high-quality designs on a variety of tough and versatile materials. With such an ally in your corner, your 2017 branding efforts will begin on a great note.

  • Custom Stickers and Decals for Spring Sports

    Think About Spring

    Stickers and decals can be huge sources of promotion for a sports team. If you work with a school or local team in one of the spring sports - baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse or any other - now is a great time to think about how you're going to keep team spirit high this season. With custom decals and stickers, you can give fans an outlet to pledge their allegiance, and a way to reach out to others. This is a way to make sure your distinctive team colors and logo are seen throughout the community, whether you sell the stickers or give them out for free as a promotional item.

    Decals and Stickers Make a Splash

    A removable window decal is one of the best types of sticker you can choose when you're thinking of ways to promote a team. The fact that these stickers peel off the window with no damage done or lingering residue means people will fearlessly stick them to windows at home, work or on the go. When it's time for the spring season, fans can switch out winter sports logos for custom sports decals full of springtime imagery. Since these decals are such an easy sell, you can print them fearlessly, knowing you'll likely find a willing audience happy to stick them up.

    When it comes to promoting a school sports team, there are many venues to give out custom stickers. Hand them to students or parents at the beginning of the season, pass them out at games, give them as a bonus to anyone who donates to a team fundraiser - the uses are numerous, and can help you get the word out about the team. People with a connection to the team will want to show that allegiance, and you give them a great medium for that pride with your stickers and decals.

    You'll know you've succeeded in your promotional mission when you see your custom sports stickers around town, on business windows, car bumpers, laptops - any flat surface will do! Stickers are such a compelling promotional item because they beg to be shown off and displayed. When team supporters put up a sticker in a visible place, it reminds others in the community that the season is going on. Such a promotional push is an auspicious start for the new year, so it's time to prepare now, even with snow on the ground in many corners of the country.

    Get Ready for Spring

    Printing stickers for the upcoming season early isn't a necessity due to slow printing - in actuality, Lightning Labels turns orders around in days, rather than weeks or months. Rather, you should start planning and ordering now to ensure you have your strategy lined up from before the first game of the new year gets underway. It's time to work with a trusted third party to ensure your team's logo and color scheme translate seamlessly to a high-quality and tough batch of stickers or window decals. With sticker planning out of the way, you can get started on game planning!

  • New Year, New Look for Your Custom Vape Labels

    Ride The Wave of Vaping's Popularity

    Every new trend reaches a moment of truth when it either expands into the mainstream or fades away. The vaping and e-cigarette market is taking the former path, meaning it's time to stake your place among this competitive and vibrant space. If your vape labels have gone some time without a visual overhaul, the new year may be your big chance to make a change and improve their presentation. You can make 2017 the year your products sprint ahead of the competition, powered by an exciting new look.

    Catch Consumers' Eyes

    Vaping is still in its relative youth. Customers may not yet have favorite brands of the related products - and this is a great opportunity for you to make a splash. E-juice labels that combine vibrant imagery with memorable logos and all the relevant information will leap off store shelves, convincing customers to give your brand a try and hopefully converting loyal brand advocates. In such a new, developing space, you're likely to encounter an arms race of brands unveiling bold and colorful designs. You'll need to have high-quality custom vape labels to stand out against this competition.

    An unprofessional or poorly printed label may put your company at a disadvantage - wants to take a chance on a brand that looks amateurish. You need to show how serious you are about the quality of your vaping products through your packaging strategy. As vaping takes off in popularity, a hierarchy of brands will emerge, and you should do your best to ensure you have a place within the top rank.

    To establish a distinctive and appealing branding strategy, pick an aesthetic and stick to it. This means choosing a material carefully. Do you want a shiny, futuristic look? Then try out a Chrome BOPP material that's both strong and eye-catching in its silvery sheen. Or maybe you want your customers to know your brand is responsible and eco-friendly? That calls for 100-percent recycled materials. The main connection between these two design extremes is that they're both available from Lightning Labels, a potential partner in your move up the ranks of the vaping market.

    Time to Order New Labels

    There are changes afoot in the e-juice label space. New regulations calling for notifications on packaging are moving toward implementation, and the competition is heating up. Only by refreshing your labeling strategy frequently and intelligently can you keep up with the many evolutions underway in the industry. This is why Lightning Labels makes a great ally: With its all-digital processes and domestic manufacturing facilities, Lightning Labels can react quickly and power your new strategies as they debut, no matter how quickly you want to pivot.

    Are you a small boutique brand or a rising superpower in the vaping field? It doesn't matter - Lightning Labels can provide order sizes that suit either pole of the market, or any scale in between. An all-digital process means small orders are available at reasonable rates, as there's no need to work with expensive photogravure plates. No matter how many or few labels you need, you can launch your new strategy quickly.

  • Go Team Go! Show Your Team Spirit with Custom Spirit Sheets

    Promoting Your Season

    It's time for another exciting season for your sports team. Whether you're involved with a school team or a local pro or amateur side, you're likely looking for ways to get fans on board and keep them engaged for the whole campaign. This is a job for stickers. Hand out the right mix of promotional stickers and you'll give your fans a reminder that you're out there putting it on the line, and they should be watching and cheering. But how can you work out the materials, shapes and quantities of stickers that will appeal to the audience? Lightning Labels has done some of the work for you by introducing Spirit Sheets.

    Exciting Features

    What makes custom Spirit Sheets better than an average mixture of stickers? Every element of the product has been tuned to help you reach out to fans and followers. That means you can place an order and immediately have a great promotional tool that people will keep through the whole season.

    Great mix of shapes: Spirit Sheets come with a few big stickers, perfect for a print-out of your roster or schedule to stick on the fridge or the back of a laptop. These will stay with fans for months, and they'll always remember to support the team. These large options are accompanied by smaller stickers, perfect for your logo or a design incorporating your sport's equipment of choice - a baseball, soccer ball, hockey puck, basketball - the options are endless.

    Special offering for football: But what if you're promoting a football team? Those round stickers seem less useful for this popular sport. That's why Lightning Labels offers a die configuration with small stickers shaped like footballs, helmets and cheer megaphones. Football program administrators can order Spirit Sheets that look tailor-made for their team imagery.

    Repositionable adhesive: When you want your fans to stick up your logo in their homes, give them an item that's easy and convenient to use. Your team Spirit Sheets will come backed with repositionable instead of permanent adhesive, meaning recipients won't think twice about sticking one of your big stickers to a stainless steel appliance or a laptop, even if it only applies to the current season.

    • Quantity of choice: If the team you love represents a small school or plays in a rural location, you may feel it would be overkill to order hundreds of Spirit Sheets. Lightning Labels still has you covered. As an all-digital printer, its services are available even in small quantities. The minimum order size for Spirit Sheets is a mere 50.

    A Bold Look for Your Team

    It's time to step up and promote your next season. Whether you're in the market for school Spirit Sheets or looking to promote a local franchise, there's likely a season just around the corner. It's time to place an order with Lightning Labels and be the first competitor in your division to reach out through the flexible and bold medium of custom stickers. These are little reminders that will stick with fans for months and carry team spirit far and wide.

  • Baby it's Cold Outside! Use Temperature Resistant Labels that Can Stand the Temperatures

    Tough Labels for Rough Weather

    The coldest months of the year loom ahead, and if you make products meant to be displayed outside during the winter, you're going to need to ensure they're made of appropriate materials. There's no value in a label that peels off of its product before it can pass on its marketing message, and that's why it pays to carefully manage your labeling for outdoor goods - or even ones that could conceivably be stored or transported through the cold. Fortunately, you don't have to sacrifice vibrant colors or high-quality imagery to get the temperature sensitive labels you need this winter.

    The Cold Months Are Here

    It's December, which means it's a great time to check on your labeling strategy. Items that are displayed, stored or transported in cold temperatures may be looking worse for wear when they reach their destinations. This is a major problem for your brand because labeling is an important way to perform last-minute marketing and get people excited to purchase the item in question. If the labels' adhesive is giving out, it doesn't matter how long you spent on their graphic design, that part of the presentation is lost. This is where temperature resistant labels come in, staying strong in inclement weather.

    In addition to your main labels, it's possible to add stickers that stay in place during the colder months. These temperature resistant stickers can even impart seasonal information such as the temperatures a product can withstand. The stickers then strengthen the impression that the item works at low temperatures by looking good even when they're displayed in the cold. Stickers are a good addition to a labeling strategy in that their deployment can be flexible. You can add seasonal stickers during the winter, then remove them from unsold items in spring to try a new set of relevant seasonal tactics.

    When deciding whether your labels and stickers have to be strong enough to withstand cold temperatures, don't just think about outside-focused items. Imagine the warehouses where items will be stored and the trucks that will carry them. If any stage of the process will be particularly cold during the winter months, it's best to go with temperature sensitive labels or stickers.

    Time to Order

    Is it too late to launch a new labeling or sticker strategy that will take effect this winter? Not if your company works with Lightning Labels. True to its name, Lightning Labels is able to offer lightning-fast turnaround on orders. You can know that your stickers and labels will be with you in a matter of days, rather than weeks or months, due to Lightning Labels' ongoing commitment to not outsourcing its production and its use of digital printing.

    With many different materials available, you can pick one that will survive the harsh temperatures of winter - or refrigerated environments, if you sell and item that needs to be cold year-round. On top of the added toughness, you don't have to sacrifice your products' appearance. Lightning Labels works with materials that enable high-quality printing of impactful and sharp imagery.

  • There's Still Time: Add Fun and Flair to Holiday Celebrations with Custom Stickers

    Presents, Parties and More Improve with Stickers

    No matter which winter holiday you're celebrating, and whether you're organizing a celebration for your company, a nonprofit or just your own family group, you can make the season a little more festive with custom stickers from Lightning Labels. A huge amount of sizes, shapes and materials are available, and orders come in days, not weeks or months. You know what that means - it's not too late to have festive stickers for your party or presents this year, even though December has already begun.

    Great-looking Presents

    Giving out gifts marked with festive stickers is a great way to show the recipients you care about them. Custom Christmas stickers look especially good when you're giving gifts to several different people. If you're a leader of your team at work, and want to give your employees a little thank-you around the holidays, these stickers will be a great way to give each present a consistent look, while making sure they're attractive.

    Christmas isn't the only holiday that lends itself to festive stickers. Custom Hanukah stickers will give the same kind of sparkle to presents, whether you're representing a company, working with a nonprofit or just making up packages for your family. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and beyond - if you celebrate it, there's a great sticker design just waiting to be created.

    Retail is another arena where gift stickers might make a big impact. If your business sells items that go well as presents, you can hand out stickers to people who specifically buy those products to give. If you offer wrapping services, top each package with a custom sticker and show off your company's dedication to design and detail. This personal touch could confirm for customers that they made the right choice buying from you - and perhaps they'll come back next year. You can even stock stickers for multiple holidays - and non-denominational winter designs - to cover many bases.

    Spruce Up Holiday Parties

    If you're organizing a holiday party, especially if your plan involves gift bags for attendees, custom holiday stickers are a great way to unify its look. People will go home with a reminder of the party, one that can incorporate motifs used in the rest of the decorations. No matter how large or small your gathering is, it may make a great impression with such a carefully planned design. Nonprofits and companies planning holiday festivities can benefit greatly from using stickers as a design element, whether the gatherings are internal or open to the public.

    Time to Order

    It's December - does that mean it's too late to get sticker orders in for the winter holidays? Not if you work with Lightning Labels. True to its name, Lightning Labels is a lightning-fast company, delivering labels and stickers in a hurry through all-digital production processes and all-domestic facilities. High-quality designs in bold colors on a number of different material choices are all par for the course when you work with Lightning Labels. Then, once the holidays are over, it'll be time to think about spring holidays - another great chance to use stickers.

  • December 17 is National Maple Syrup Day - Are you Ready?

    Time to Update Your Labels and Stickers

    Maple syrup brings sweetness to breakfast - or any meal of the day - but it can go under-appreciated. That's why December 17 is set aside to celebrate this champion of condiments. If you produce or bottle syrup, this is a great promotional opportunity. Through custom bottle labels or stickers, you can remind shoppers of the special day or give them some recipes to try. A temporary change in packaging may be just the thing to stir up some business, or convince buyers to pick your brand out of the many on shelves.

    Offer a Recipe

    When it comes to pancakes, waffles and French toast, syrup obviously can't be bettered But what about its role in creative cooking? To draw some attention on and around National Maple Syrup Day, you can employ custom syrup labels that list exciting and delicious recipes. This is an effective tactic because it not only gives people a concrete reason to bring home a new bottle of syrup, but also ensures that they pick your brand, so they can have easy access to the recipe.

    National Maple Syrup Day is one possible event to commemorate with a recipe, but the tactic doesn't have to end with December. Have a look at the calendar of upcoming holidays and other food-specific events, and you'll be sure to find several relevant dates throughout the year. Changing things up with new custom food labels, maybe even launching several different designs at once, can keep drawing new customers to your particular syrup brand.

    Reminder Stickers

    Maybe your labels are already printed and applied to the bottles, but you still want to commemorate National Maple Syrup Day. There's an easy way to accomplish this feat - customized stickers. Going with stickers instead of labels is a low-key way to create visual interest in your syrup. Then, if the special day passes and you still have bottles on the shelves, you can peel off the stickers. If you have unused stickers - and didn't print the year on them - go ahead and stick them on bottles when the event rolls around next year.

    Quick Response

    While there's precious few days until National Maple Syrup Day this year, Lightning Labels is in the business of speedily filling orders. The company, true to its name, is capable of lightning-fast turnaround times on orders, with waits measured in days rather than weeks or months. This is due to the all-digital printing processes Lightning Labels uses, as well as the business's decision to stick with nearby and convenient domestic facilities, instead of outsourcing its printing.

    Getting customized bottles on the shelves for National Maple Syrup Day can prove to be an exciting new promotional avenue, whether you approach the task via stickers or labels. Lightning Labels can help in either case, becoming your partner in improving your brand's visual impact. While maple syrup's delicious taste is incentive enough for shoppers to buy it in most cases, you need to make sure these browsing grocery buyers pick your brand - and that's where bold and exciting labels can really help.

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