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    Spring's Just Around The Corner

    There are few things more exciting than the winter frost receding and letting spring take over. Your company can capitalize on that feeling by promoting products that will help customers with their spring cleaning, gardening and general home improvement needs. To put messages where you know consumers will see them, you can invest in custom home product labels that will add a touch of spring to your branding.

    This strategy can get your customers feeling great about the change of seasons and fired up to start on their personal projects. If you're going to launch such a campaign, however, now's the time to start - spring is right around the corner, meaning it's time to call on a custom label provider and get started.

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  • Upcoming Holidays Call for Custom Stickers

    When a holiday invites celebration and colorful displays, custom stickers are a great choice to spice up your party or workplace. With Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day both approaching quickly, it's time to think about whether an order of custom stickers is a good way to make your products, workplace or party favors seem more colorful, exciting and fun.

    Mardi Gras is On The Way

    February will close with a party this year, as Mardi Gras falls on the 28th. You can celebrate "Fat Tuesday" anywhere in the world - in fact,  people inparts of the country that are still cold and gray in February could probably use the festival more than anyone

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  • Design a Wedding to Remember with Custom Labels

    Do you have a wedding coming up this spring or summer? Maybe the proposal happened on Valentine's Day or around the turn of the new year, and planning is ramping up. You no doubt want to ensure your guests have a wonderful time and take home good memories of the day. One way to ensure the ceremony is visually stunning and memorable involves the use of custom labels for wedding favors. Your guests will be amazed at the professional-quality customized items at their tables or in their gift bags, from candles to bottles of wine or champagne and beyond.

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  • Maple Trees Are Ready

    With the winter nearing its end and maple syrup ready to tap, it's almost time to bottle and sell this sweet, natural product. You have a few weeks left to reflect on your labeling strategy for the year ahead. Unless your maple syrup labels are vibrant enough to catch customers' attention and tough enough to reach stores intact, you have some work to do. There are numerous positive associations you can make with the branding and imagery on your bottle and jar labels, and it's not too late to implement a new look this year.

    Compete for Attention

    When shoppers go to the grocery store or farmer's market for a bottle of maple syrup, they're likely open to picking any of the brands on display.

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  • Consider Making a Statement with Label Materials

    There are many ways to make a product label stand out on the shelves, and when you're competing for customers' attention, it's up to you to try all of them. Your brand's logo makes up a big part of the label's visual profile, along with the colors, fonts and imagery you employ. But what about the material of the label itself? If you're going for a classy, refined look, a smooth texture might not be the ideal choice: This is where satin cloth labels can make a big difference. The look and feel of satin cloth can help build a coherent and appealing image for your products.

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  • Put Your Branding on Lip Balm

    Branded hand-outs are complicated promotions, in that it's easy to get them wrong. If you print your company logo on useless items, people will throw them away. If the products are too expensive, though, you'll end up spending more on materials than the promotion is worth. Then, there's the matter of actually printing the design and ensuring it looks good.

    Fortunately, there are a few great go-to items that can end up presenting your business or event in a great light. Lip balm is such a product - useful, convenient, affordable and with a surface that makes a great canvas for your brand's logo.

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  • Cosmetics that Suit Modern Tastes

    Inertia can harm any company, and in the ever-shifting world of cosmetics and beauty products, this effect is especially prominent. If you haven't adjusted your cosmetic labels to suit millennial tastes, you may be falling behind more responsive and on-trend brands. You have a particular opportunity to reach out to young consumers - a group that makes up a huge segment of the market - if you offer green, earth-friendly and health-conscious cosmetics. Just make sure to mention that fact via custom cosmetic labels, or it may end up ignored by the public.

    Rising Interest in Green Items

    According to Allure, there is data to back up the interest in clean and organically produced makeup.

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  • Eyes on Upcoming Changes

    If you operate in the food manufacturing industry, your product labels change every few years. Even if you decide to stay aesthetically consistent, there are shifting regulations to comply with. In a way, these new rules are a good thing. If you have to switch up the way you list ingredients, nutrition facts and more, these enforced changes serve as great reminders to change other parts of your label designs and keep them fresh. Provided you have a helpful and capable third party handing your labeling needs, making periodic adjustments is a good approach to design.

    Now, with 2017 just underway, it's time to think about which requirements and rules are likely to either change this year or at least move toward new drafts.

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