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    Earth Day is April 22: Celebrate with Recycled Labels

    Give Customers an Earth-Friendly Option With Recycled Labels

    While there's never a bad time to care about the health of the planet, April 22 is an especially apt moment. This is Earth Day, set aside to celebrate the planet and protect nature whenever and however possible. People will be looking for ways to show they care about keeping the environment healthy, and if your products are wrapped in eco-friendly labels, you'll have a head start on the competition. In the lead-up to Earth Day, you can team up with Lightning Labels to put a more naturally friendly face on your items.

    Recycled Labels Add the Finishing Touch

    Recycled labels made out of responsibly manufactured materials are especially critical for companies that celebrate good causes or promote conservation. If your business stands for protecting the earth, labels that seem to synthetic may create cognitive dissonance. You want every element of your products to be in line with your values, and that extends to the labels. Lightning Labels offers four different eco-friendly materials, so when it's time to place an order for custom recycled labels, consider using one of the following:

    Kraft Labels: These labels give your products an "earthy" feel, as they are made out of paper rather than harsh-seeming polymers. They are produced from 100 percent post-consumer waste for a minimal impact on the environment. Keep in mind that these labels are not laminated - products that have to stand up to oil and water should use another of our materials.

    Vellum Labels: Like Kraft Labels, our Vellum offering is not laminated and is made from 100 percent recycled materials. Between these two options, you can get specific about what you want the texture and feel of your labels to be, while sticking to an all-recycled policy.

    Biostone Labels: These ingenious labels reject both polymers and paper - there are no tree products included in them at all. They are really made out of stone! These labels, like the above, are non-laminated.

    White Earthfirst PLA: When you want a flexible polymer label, but don't want to harm the earth, turn to White Earthfirst PLA. PLA means polylactic acid. This biopolymer comes from corn rather than petroleum-derived chemicals. These labels are versatile and useful, whatever your line of business - they're suitable for all the main uses of our product labels, except for direct application to candle containers.

    Time to Celebrate

    Taking a more earth-friendly approach to your labeling in time for Earth Day may seem like an impossible goal for this year - after all, April 22 is just around the corner. However, when you're working with Lightning Labels, extreme speed is part of the deal. Lightning Labels works from domestic facilities instead of outsourcing its operations and employs all-digital printing methods. This means turnaround times and minimum order sizes are low.

    When your products and image revolve around a love for Mother Earth, having a label that isn't eco-friendly could raise doubts. Put customers' minds at ease while helping the planet by using one of Lightning Labels' four natural label materials. These are the perfect finishing touch for a responsible modern brand.

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  • Custom Cosmetic Labels - Going Beyond FDA Rules to Inform Cosmetics Customers

    Custom Cosmetic Labels Capture the Trust of Your Audience

    When cosmetics are your main product, establishing a trust-based relationship with your customers is an important element of securing your future. After all, customers who abandon your brand after one purchase aren't likely to sustain the company for any significant length of time. You need strong bonds with shoppers, an audience of consumers who feel well-served by your products and will therefore continue using them for years. This is the recipe for reliable revenue, and it can all begin with met expectations.

    Go Beyond FDA Requirements

    While the FDA does regulate some of the elements of cosmetics labeling, there are terms and promises you can employ without the department's approval. Of course, you should still be very careful with your deployment of these descriptors to ensure a bond of trust persists between you and your customers. Someone who feels misled by the promises on a label isn't likely to come back.

    The American Academy of Dermatology recently released a report through Science Daily specifying areas where shoppers may end up feeling deceived by cosmetics manufacturers. Ensuring your brand's bath and body packaging is straightforward and clear in these areas can set you head-and-shoulders above brands that take advantage of the lack of regulation to overuse the terms and deceive shoppers.

    For instance, dermatologist Rajani Katta stated in the AAD article that there is a glut of current brands using the term "all-natural." She added that this is not a meaningful descriptor in skin care, as there are plenty of elements that come from nature but don't help the body at all. Furthermore, combining basic ingredients with preservatives is a common practice in the beauty product field. If consumers catch on to brands deceiving them with such labels, they may become jaded. Your options with this label include using it only when it's absolutely truthful or simply avoiding it as overuse saps it of meaning.

    Katta added that when products say they are suitable for sensitive skin, there is no authority forcing them to prove this. In the absence of an FDA rule, your bond with customers should guide your use of such claims. If you place such a promise on a cosmetic product that then goes on to aggravate skin, you could lose the trust of consumers.

    What the FDA Can Regulate

    The fact that there are cosmetics brands taking liberties with labeling is worrying, as it may lessen trust in the bath and body industry as a whole. The agency isn't completely toothless, however. In late 2016, law firm Shook Hardy and Bacon LLP released a Lexology article about a wave of warning letters issued by the FDA to counteract dishonest use of claims on beauty product labels.

    It's interesting to see what types of marketing copy are unacceptable under current guidelines. For instance, the warning letters made a point of targeting brands that boast about the "age defying" nature of their products. Furthermore, items that claim to minimize lines, wrinkles and spots on skin received letters. Medical claims are also shaky ground: Companies that say their offerings can regenerate tissue, produce collagen, act as a surgery alternative or provide other healing and anti-inflammatory benefits have been given warnings.

    The law firm explained that the line between beautifying agents and medical products is the current boundary for the FDA's authority. The agency is becoming aggressive about items that claim to be the latter, with enforcement seemingly more strict than in the past. Companies that walk this line should ensure they aren't overstepping their authority.

    Custom Cosmetic Label Excellence

    When creating bath and body packaging, the content is only one element to think about. You also have to consider the physical quality of the labels, paying heed to resolution, materials and finishes. If you work with substances that aren't strong enough to withstand storage in consumers' bathrooms, your items' packaging may end up worn down, with your carefully designed logo unrecognizable by the time consumers have used up the products and are ready to buy more. The way to avoid this fate, and to combine high-quality imagery with tough and attractive labels, is to work with a third party such as Lightning Labels. Lightning Labels offers a wide variety of waterproof materials and finishes that will keep your accurate and compelling bath and body product labels looking great, no matter where customers store the items.

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  • Get Ready for 420 with Custom Cannabis Labels and Stickers

    Custom Cannabis Labels Maximize Your Brand's Image

    There are few industries younger than the legal recreational cannabis market. That newness is no excuse for shoddy branding, however. Your packaging strategies should be robust already, as your company will certainly have competition from the minute it enters this space. As more states roll back laws on the sale and use of marijuana products, it's worth considering how your branding stacks up. This is where custom cannabis labels come in.

    Legalization Creates New Frontier

    The spread of cannabis products to new states has been swift and transformative. A few years back, the pot-centric holiday April 20 (4/20) may have rated a few winking comments from companies' social media teams. Now, there are businesses that can provide actual cannabis products on that day. These kinds of opportunities are uncharted territory in some ways, but in others they're just old-fashioned marketing occasions. When it's time to launch your brand's 4/20 marketing strategy, there's plenty you can do to jazz up the physical presentation of your business with customized cannabis labels.

    Custom cannabis labels and stickers that give your brand a strong identity within the growing legal cannabis sector are a must, though they come with their own challenges. For instance, the regulatory and labeling situation regarding cannabis product labels is still developing. It's important not to order too many labels at once, to make sure you're not left with unusable stock if regulations change before you use up your supply. This means you should lean toward providers that can offer small orders at affordable rates when purchasing custom marijuana labels.

    New States and Provinces

    This year, states such as Colorado and Washington will have legal cannabis sellers active on 4/20. In a few years, the list could grow considerably. In a cheeky feat of numbering, the Rhode Island State Senate has introduced Bill No. 420, which would allow legal sale of recreational marijuana. As that state's NBC 10 News pointed out, proponents argue that once marijuana goes on sale in neighboring Massachusetts, Rhode Island will lose a potential source of tax revenue. With that sort of logic at play, legalization could creep across the whole country, one state at a time.

    With some states deeply invested in the process of bringing recreational marijuana to market and others making considered steps in that direction, the opportunities for business owners are clear. Next April 20, it's possible we'll look back at this year and remark how far the legalization effort has spread. It's time for those who have considered leaping into this market to make a decision.

    An Ideal Custom Cannabis Labeling Partner

    In a field that is still evolving, you need the help of a company that won't require high-volume orders for your custom cannabis labels. With its all-digital processes, Lightning Labels can fit this role. Compelling and clear printing will also help your products stand out. Even in a market that's just getting off the ground, professionalism is key. Lightning Labels wins on this count, too, capable of creating high-quality and durable custom labels. Combine those facts with the lightning-fast turnaround times that give the company its name, and it's clear: Lightning Labels can help your growing legal cannabis business.

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  • Consecutive Number Labels Keep Track of Everything!

    Consecutive Number Labels Allow For Precise Tracking

    When you order from Lightning Labels, you have the option of receiving consecutive number labels, perfect for a number of tracking functions that any business can harness. Whether you're interested in precisely noting your inventory levels, hope to create a desirable limited-edition product or just want to issue parking permits with their own unique numbers, this kind of printing is for you.

    Investing in bar code labels and other tools for easy internal counting of information will enable you to simplify the storage, transport and stocking of your products. When you're working with partners that require products to be individually traceable, this is a powerful potential solution. While this is a popular use of consecutive number labels, it's not the only one. Passes and permits are more effective - meaning easier to keep track of and harder to falsify - when they are individually numbered.

    Numbering for Products

    When you want to mark individual packages of products - or note items as part of series - consecutive numbering from Lightning Labels is the way to achieve this feat. The numbers can be for your own benefit or meant for customers to see. In the former case, the digits or bar codes are employed by you and any companies you partner with to track inventory levels or movement through the supply chain. The visibility that comes with inventory labels is valuable and helps you keep an eye on stock without exerting great effort.

    You can also aim consecutive numbers at consumers. Letting shoppers know one of your items is part of a limited run - with the individual numbering to prove it - can create an exclusive and premium feel around that product. Maybe it's a bottle of this year's maple syrup harvest, or an object in a seasonal color scheme. Whatever your particular line of items is, you can employ consecutive numbering to make the offerings stand out from other, potentially larger companies' goods.

    Numbering for Passes and Permits

    If it's up to you to issue passes, permits and other credentials that recipients stick onto their car windows or clothes, you can take advantage of Lightning Labels' consecutive numbering offerings. Parking sticker labels with consecutive numbers can be tracked, with each individual sticker corresponding to a single recipient. This aids in your record-keeping and stops forgeries. Furthermore, when you issue these or other permits with consecutive numbers, it's easy to see at a glance how many you've given out and how many remain available.

    Affordable Short-Run Printing

    When you opt for consecutive number labels, you're likely only looking for a limited amount. This could pose problems if you were working with a partner that offers unreasonable rates for short print runs, but that's not how Lightning Labels does business. With all-digital processes in place, even modestly sized orders are affordable. Next time you're looking for an inventory tracking aid, a print run of parking passes or a batch of labels for limited-edition products, you can contact Lightning Labels. There are a variety of uses for consecutive number labels, and it's easy to see how they'll benefit various company types.

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  • What Graphic Elements Are Truly Critical in Food Label Design?

    Building a Better Food Label

    If it's been a while since your most recent food labeling changes, your food or beverage brand may be missing opportunities to appeal to consumers. In the aisles of grocery stores, your items are sitting next to similar offerings by competitors - sometimes these rival organizations will be much larger, with deep pockets and more advertising dollars. If your products don't look good next to these alternatives, it may be hard to win shoppers over. Fortunately, there are a few rules of thumb that can help direct your food label design philosophy.

    Custom Food Label Design Best Practices

    Creating aesthetically pleasing food packages should not be an afterthought. This is an important and distinct area of your branding, with major implications and its own unique practices. Food Navigator recently spoke with branding expert Simon Thorneycroft about the guiding factors that can keep brands on track when they redesign their labels.

    The most central point Thorneycroft made is that companies' food labels must convey a brand identity rather than just being easy on the eye. A distinctive look is one that stands out, creates emotions in viewers and is memorable. Creating imagery with all of these traits isn't easy or automatic, but food manufacturers that succeed at these objectives may find themselves picking up sales based solely on their products' distinctive look.

    Losing a connection to a product's real nature is a danger when companies get too caught up in complicated branding, according to the expert. He told Food Navigator that beautiful labels that neglect to actually depict the product within may not be helping their brands close the sale. He compared them to amusing and entertaining commercials that are unclear about what they're selling. Such assets may earn positive reaction but not move any units.

    Combine Many Inputs

    A great package design will appeal to multiple senses at once. Food Dive recently asked the question of what makes an interesting and appealing package. Consultant Alan Moskowitz told the source that the best designs get across a number of different facts, all at once. Rather than one single element of the label striking a chord with shoppers, there should be a unity between all the information displayed. From nutritional claims to color choices, everything matters.

    Moskowitz also noted that there's a technological element behind great packaging today. With the ability to use new materials in labeling print runs, and to contract shorter print runs than ever before, brands have the ability to get creative in ways they haven't before. Even huge brands such as Coca-Cola have had success with short print runs of unique-looking labels, meaning the concept of experimenting and personalizing has been tested and validated at the highest tiers of the mass market.

    Responding to Changes

    Of course, no matter how good your design sense is year-round, you have the potential to increase tour appeal by changing things up even further. A natural extension of the power of customization and short print runs, seasonal promotions can become a calling card for your company. There's always a holiday or special date tied to your product that you can celebrate. From tying a healthy product into an awareness month to showing regional pride with a local-themed design, there are infinite ways to transform your product's look.

    Changing design elements with the seasons while still keeping some iconic branding elements in place can become a winning strategy for food and beverage brands that want to stand out and expand their appeal while not alienating their existing consumer bases. Such an approach would lead to waste and unused labels in an era of high minimum orders, but the age of all-digital printing has changed the basics of production. Companies that want to try on new identities - or keep up with regulatory changes affecting elements such as nutrition facts - have a way to do so.

    Find a Custom Food Labeling Partner

    Working with Lightning Labels is an easy choice for companies that want to embrace great graphic design without being tied to large minimum orders. With high-quality, all-digital printing processes, Lightning Labels can ensure your food or beverage brand's unique logo and colors come through clearly. Combine this with a commitment to customer service and easy, quick shipping from domestic production facilities instead of outsourced factories and it's clear: You can get the custom food and beverage labels you need, no matter what type of strategy you have in mind.

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  • Recycled Labels Help Sell Your Craft Products

    Recycled Labels Are Rustic and Eco-Friendly

    Craft labels have to shoulder a lot of weight. When you turn your crafts into a business, you're entering a marketplace full of established companies. While these big producers tend to have copious marketing budgets, your items' packages are often your main way of getting your message out. You need to make sure your labels are as effective as possible at communicating your brand identity.

    That identity may be aligned with eco-friendliness, responsible consumption and handmade rather than mass-produced goods. If so, earth-friendly recycled labels like those from Lightning Labels make the perfect finishing touch for your craft project's look. Giving this distinctive aesthetic to your items can position them effectively within your particular market, carving out a space to thrive. March is National Craft Month, which means it's an appropriate time to focus in on your homemade items' branding and help them live up to their potential.

    Green Labels Set The Tone

    Authenticity and responsibility can set your small brand of products aside from the corporate giants making similar products. Creating a unique visual style will help enhance your appeal, and recycled labels can accomplish this feat. Working with Lightning Labels, you can get high-quality, durable labels made from one of several post-consumer-goods materials. Some of these have a rough feel that underlines your natural credentials and plays up your items' handmade nature, while others are sleek and versatile, allowing you to pick any messaging style you choose.

    Eco-friendly labels are especially helpful when your brand stands up for green causes publicly. Using sustainable materials in craft product labels shows that you aren't just talking about the issues, but actually following through on your values. This kind of unity of messaging and packaging can give consumers the confidence they need to take a chance on a small, local brand of products. Once you've convinced shoppers to buy an item once, the quality of your products can convince them to stay.

    Saluting the Craft Professionals

    Creating crafts is a passion shared by millions around the world, but not just anybody can turn a hobby into a thriving business. Your decision to make the jump is an admirable demonstration of your confidence in the products. It's great to back this confidence up with ideal packaging solutions which will help ensure your hard work doesn't get lost in the shuffle. During National Craft Month, it's a great time to either launch a new business based on handmade products or revise the labels of your current offerings to maximize their appeal.

    Eco-friendly labels are one way to update an item and make sure it gets noticed. If that doesn't fit your brand's plans, Lightning Labels can still help. The company offers a huge variety of custom label materials and finishes. Even if your products need tough labeling solutions - for instance beauty products stored in wet bathrooms or candles, giving off heat - Lightning Labels is a partner you can turn to. Craft products are an exciting corner of many a market, and if they're labeled well, they can really stand out.

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  • The Importance of 'Not for Kids' Custom Warning Labels on Your Cannabis Products

    Keep Kids Safe With Custom Warning Labels For Cannabis Products

    The founding of a whole new industry is an exciting time. With every business idea seemingly tried, this phenomenon has become very rare. The legal cannabis market is the exception that proves the rule.

    If you're striking into this evolving space, then you already know the importance of staking your place with great products and compelling packaging. However, there are a few important restrictions to keep in mind as you set up your legal cannabis business. For instance, you need to ensure your products sport clear custom warning labels to indicate that they are for adult consumption only.

    Laws Require Labels

    Where legal recreational marijuana goes, related products follow. Cannabis-based snacks are one of the most popular derivatives, and also one of the most likely to be accidentally ingested by kids, mistaking them for regular candy or brownies. As The Observer recently reported, Washington state-based businesses now have to apply "not for kids" warning labels to any edible cannabis products they sell. This includes drinks infused with pot and also covers topical ointments that are applied to the skin instead of eaten.

    The logo is mandated by the state and cannot be changed except to modify its size. That freedom to resize the warning has its limits, too, as it can't be smaller than three-fourths inch by one-half inch. The law in this state appears to be based on actual cases of accidental ingestion, as The Observer reported cases of increased emergency calls related to children eating pot-infused products.

    Of course, the fact that this is a Washington law instead of a national rule shows off one of the peculiarities of the cannabis industry. There is a patchwork of rules and regulations across the country, and it will only expand as more states allow sales. You have to both study the laws on the books for your state and be prepared to change with the times as more restrictions and stipulations pass.

    One potential winning strategy to cope with an evolving legal situation is to get ahead of the curve. Even if your state doesn't mandate "not for kids" warning labels, implementing it willingly could be a great way to show the community that you care about children's health and want to make sure your items are only used by people who are old enough.

    A Partner That Can Evolve

    When you're deeply invested in a young, changing industry, it pays to work with labeling partners that are flexible and agile. Having to order huge quantities of cannabis labels could leave you stuck with stock you can't use due to regulatory changes passed in the interim. Lightning Labels' all-digital processes enable low minimum order sizes and lightning-fast turnaround times, letting you keep up with the torrid pace of the developing legal cannabis market.

    As the industry inevitably changes, with labeling laws evolving from state to state - and potentially at the federal level - you need to keep pace. In matters such as cannabis warning labels, it may even pay to be ahead of the curve. Lightning Labels is the ally you need to take this perspective.

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  • Adorn Your Handcrafted Soaps with High Quality Custom Soap Labels

    Handcrafted Soaps Deserve Beautiful Packaging

    When your craft becomes your business, it's important to focus on the little details and ensure your enthusiasm comes across to customers. It's possible to enter the bath and body products sector with handmade soaps, but selling these items may prove challenging without excellent labeling. After all, as a craft producer, you likely don't have the budget for an ad campaign. The way your products appear on store shelves, on your website or at farmers markets will do a lot to determine whether customers are interested.

    Make Your Soap Distinctive

    Selling your soap products means striking a balance between handmade charm and professional production values. Lightning Labels will help you thread that needle, offering tough and waterproof bath and body product labels that express your personality while standing up to condition on store shelves and in customers' homes.

    No matter what size or shape your soap products are, Lightning Labels offers sizes and materials that will help you find the right labels to promote them. From wrappers on individual bars of soap to large, waterproof custom labels that wrap around hand soap dispensers, there's a label for every need. With an all-digital process, Lightning Labels can deliver impressive, quality imagery on materials that are impervious to water and oils. Your brand's name will still be visible and present, even if the packaging is stored by the sink.

    Your choice of materials can also play into your brand's identity. Lightning Labels offers eco-conscious custom soap labels that will impress consumers looking for a more earth-friendly brand. If you have established a green reputation, you can maintain it. If you would like this to become part of your identity, now's the time to start.

    As an independent craft producer, your soap product labels serve as a sort of introduction to the world. While consumers can learn about global conglomerates from TV commercials or other mass-distributed ads, your brand's story will be harder to find. A custom label is a great place to spread information and imagery, letting people know how you create your soaps, where you're based and what values your company stands for.

    Lightning Labels Can Help

    When you're selling a craft product, your unique perspective is what helps sell the item. Lightning Labels, in its vast variety of label styles and materials, is here to help you communicate that outlook, however you think is best. With an all-digital printing process, quality is high and orders are filled quickly. Lighting Labels' use of domestic production facilities instead of outsourcing helps further cut down shipping time and costs.

    When working with a digital printer such as Lightning Labels, rather than a shop that employs photogravure plates, you can order labels in low amounts without breaking the bank. This is vital when the product is handcrafted, as the chances of you producing enough soap to warrant an industrial-sized label order are low. Lightning Labels lets you stand shoulder to shoulder with national companies in the quality and appearance of your soap products, while allowing you to order the amount of labels you need.

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  • Are Cans or Bottles Better for Your Craft Beer? We Can Label Both!

    Craft Beer Producers Have Choices

    Craft beer has been one of the hottest fields for entrepreneurs in recent years. This is a product that can say a lot about your identity, via the ingredients you choose and packaging you employ, yet still reach a mass audience. If brewing is your profession, you have a series of important decisions to make, including whether to ship your beverages out in glass bottles or aluminum cans.

    While making that choice, you can set your mind at ease on one point: No matter which of those options you choose, Lightning Labels is your partner of choice. Lightning Labels offers the ability to print custom beer bottle labels or beer can labels. Opting for labels rather than pre-printed aluminum cans is a way to keep minimum-order sizes low, an absolute money-saver for craft beer brands that don't have the resources available to national macro-breweries.

    Bottle Labels? Can Labels? Both?

    Bringing your beer brand to the masses means using your labeling as a kind of advertisement. Customers choosing between your products and others, both from local breweries and the massive multinational corporations, will get to judge all of those brands side by side. Will your items' look stack up effectively?

    Fortunately, Lightning Labels can help you make that great impression, with high-quality imagery printed on a variety of materials. You gain access to this difference-making visual appeal whether your beer comes in bottles or cans. You can therefore make the choice between custom beer can labels and beer bottle labels safe in the knowledge that Lightning Labels will have an offering to support your selection.

    • Labels for Bottles: Beer bottles accept a number of labeling styles. You can go for die-cut labels that show off more of the color and shape of your bottle, or larger labels that wrap exciting imagery all the way around. There are many different materials on offer from Lightning Labels, meaning that whether your brand has a hand-crafted and earthy appeal or is slick and futuristic, there's a great choice out there for you.
    • Labels for Cans: When you want to preserve the flavor of your brew and give consumers the option of buying beer in a convenient and easily recyclable package, aluminum cans have your back. While pre-printed cans' minimum order sizes may prove too large for your brewery, you can opt for custom beer can labels from Lightning Labels, turning generic cans into bright representatives of your brand.

    Express Your Brand's Identity

    Whether you choose bottles, cans or a combination of both, Lightning Labels can help you express what your beer brand stands for. Your philosophy, regional pride or unique flavor fixations make for great copy, and you can take advantage of Lightning Labels' high-quality, all-digital processes to print this information in compelling and legible text on your bottle or can labels, alongside all legally required disclosures and warnings.

    In a competitive and popular space such as the world of craft brewing, there is no room to look bland or boring. Consumers are willing to try new brands, but how will they choose? If you make your labels as bold as possible, it's a canny form of advertising. Lightning Labels can help you accomplish this task.

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  • Refresh Product Labels with Logos that Suit Your Brand

    The Value of a Logo

    Can you sum up your brand in one iconic image? If your current logo isn't performing this admittedly tall task, it may be time to go back to the drawing board and work until you come up with something serviceable. Introducing a brand through a bold and recognizable logo is one of the most prominent ways of catching customers' attention, and without such a feature, your product labels aren't living up to their potential.

    You can refresh your packaging strategy by either revamping a current logo into a more visually pleasing form or introducing a new one. Then, you can work with a reliable labeling partner to ensure the shiny new brand mark is printed in great resolution on sturdy and colorful labels that won't fade or smudge on the shelves. This combination of a solid design and well-made labels can help your whole range of items stand out on shelves.

    Logo Lessons from Unlikely Sources

    Forbes contributor AJ Arawal recent explained a surprising place to take influence from when designing your brand's next logo: Warning signs and safety labels. He explained that these two very separate kinds of branding share important traits, and you can learn graphic design lessons from studying caution signs.

    For instance, warning labels tend to use "hot" colors such as red or yellow when they are giving must-see information. "Cool" colors such as blue or green are fine for notices or more detailed instructions. When you pick the colors for your re-brand, you should keep these same color principles in mind. Do you want to trigger an urgent need, such as hunger? Bright red may be good. If calm is what you're after, consider blues and greens.

    Arawal also pointed out that your particular industry may determine whether you take after safety labels and use consistent, easy-to-understand symbols in your logo, or go in a more abstract direction. He noted that when a spontaneous choice is called for, brands often fall back on well-known images that will support snap decisions. Just as a "do not touch" warning sticker tells people to be careful immediately, these logos say "buy now." On the other hand, industries that deal with longer decision-making processes should feel free to embellish their chosen imagery.

    Unorthodox but Successful

    Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and your logo design process may deviate considerably from the logical approach named above. Bon Appetit magazine recently gave an example of this phenomenon in action, profiling the La Croix seltzer can. This is a brand that has become popular and borderline iconic using a logo font and graphic design that professionals find unclear or ugly. This is proof that memorable brand logos sometimes arise from forces other than the clear-cut laws of design, and if something catches on, there's no need to steer away from it.

    Designer Lyle Zimmerman told the news provider that his logo treatment is meant as a marked contrast to the rest of the fizzy beverage market. Where others used clean, blocky lines, this was a brand that leaned into a flowing look, with layers of color underneath that could be changed for different flavors and made distinctive but recognizable. Out of this counter-programming approach, the brand found its winning logo.

    Strive for New Labels

    Once you've made the decision to refresh your brand's logo, it's time to get the new look out into the world via custom product labels. Not all labeling partners are the same, and if you work with the wrong company, your bright new label design may come out looking faded or otherwise wrong. Lightning Labels, with a dual focus on speed and quality, is a partner you can trust to get your products' look just the way you envision it.

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